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A lovely and meaningful birthday gift !

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 4, 2019


कल मुझे कुछ पलाश के फूल दिर्ष्टिगोचर हुये और स्मृति पटल पर इन पुष्पों से जुडी एक तूलिका का धयान आया——ध्यान आया एक निर्मल सरित का जो अथक प्रवाहित हो कर वैचारिक वाटिकाओं को हरा भरा कर देती थी — उसके राह में आ रहे हेर भू अंश में स्पंदन भर जाता था ——–एक अवधि बीत गयी मुझे संपर्क करे ——–

कहते हैं की ऋतू बदलती रहती हैं और बदलता है समय ——- कभी कभी क्रूर समय का कोप थोड़े समय के लिए नदी के पानी को भी सूखा देता हे। किन्तु सुखी नदी भी नदी ही कहलाती है और जीवन आशा का स्रोत्र बनी रहती है। कुछ ऐसा ही घटित हुआ और कुछ समय के लिए तूलिका की गति ने विश्राम ले लिया। यह भी सच है कि शुष्क सरित के स्थान को खर पतवार घेर लेती हैं। और पानी के आगमन तक उनका आस्तित्व रहता है। और सरित के पहले सैलाब के आते ही उनकी उत्पत्ति नष्ठ हो जाती है।

आज रेवा तुम्हारा जन्मदिवस है, जिसके सुअवसर पर तुम्हारे अग्रज होने के नाते मैं आशीर्वाद स्वरुप तुम्हें लिख रहा हूँ कि गत कुछ माह में दुःखद घटनाएं घटी, उन्होने तुम्हारी गति कुछ समय के लिए रोक सी दी थी। ये समय कुछ लोगों को बहुत अच्छा लगा होगा, क्यूंकि ईर्ष्या से ग्रसित लोग अनहोनी पर आश्रित रहते हैं। किन्तु तुम जब वापस ऊर्जावान हो प्रवाहित होने लगी हो तो ये सब असुरक्षित होकर तुम्हारी निन्दा भी करेंगे ताकि तुम पुनः थम जाओ।

लेकिन तुम प्रबल जलधारा बन पुनः प्रवाहित हो और इस प्रचंड वेग से बहो कि इन् खर पतवारों को भी बहा के ले जाओ। अपने वैचारिक ‘प्रवाह ‘ के चक्र को पुन्हः घूमाओ और चेतना, प्रेरणा एवं उत्साह की दात्री बनो ———

मुझे लेखन की समझ नहीं है परन्तु में जो भी लिखा हूँ वो एक भाव से परिपूर्ण कथन है.

शुभ आशीष के साथ
डॉ विश्वास सक्सेना

Dear Vishwas Bhaiya,

Thank you so much for sending me such a lovely and meaningful gift on this birthday. It shows how much you love and care for me. You have always been a inspiring person to me. Thanks for being a wonderful brother and the kindest person I know.  I am lost for words at the moment and can’t find anything more to say.



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It’s for you Situ Di!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 14, 2019

After a long time, I want to write something from my heart. I feel, I can hear your whispering sitting few miles away from you. I know your inner strength and you are a true fighter which I can’t see in many woman. You are an example for those who really don’t know the worth of a life. Even if you end up finding a way that isn’t the best, at least you stand out as somebody who is brave enough to try. I am writing to you today to remind you of how much I love you, No matter what people talk about you or any other strong woman. You do so many small or big things for others that go unnoticed. I want you to know how much I appreciate you. I may not tell you enough, or show it.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-13 at 5.38.58 PM

Being a strong woman is hard, but necessary! People may break you down and be mean to you, but it’s a lesson to learn from. It shows us how strong we are! Nothing can knock us down. However it is notable that when a strong woman stands up for herself, she is very often judged by crooked minded people. In fact, their gossips and judgments are useless. On the other hand, in most cases, people judge others in order to feel better about themselves, because they are lacking self-acceptance, self -confidence and self-love. Their negative attitude must not kill you. I know, it’s very hard to stay positive if you are surrounded by toxic people who bring a negative energy to you. Such people just don’t fit at your shoes, so throw them out of your life!

Di, Walk your own walk. Just take a breath, and move on. There is always a choice. A choice to walk a path that was previously unwalked. We need to know our worth. We must know we can leave a place, a person or a relationship, that we hate and stay away from it just because it is uncomfortable & unsafe. You are a strong woman and “strong women stand up for themselves.” You don’t need anyone to stand for you.

जुस्तजू हो तो सफ़र ख़त्म कहाँ होता है यूँ तो हर मोड़ पे मंज़िल का ग़ुमाँ होता है” (Life is a journey it goes on. No goal or achievement is final. It’s just an illusion.)

– Ghulam Rabbani Taban

Last but not the least; I just want to tell you, with all my heart, how proud I am of you. You are a beautiful soul who stands out of the crowd. You are full of courage, love and life.

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अहं… !

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 30, 2018

अए हवाएं
उड़ा न ले जाना
भोली रेत के टीले को

माना की तेरी रफ़्तार
बहुत तेज़ है,
ना कर तू गुरूर
अपनी रफ़्तार पर
तुझसे कहीं तेज़
समय की रफ़्तार है!

अगर देखना है
इसके अंदाज़ को,
तो अहं छोड़
इरादे बुलंद कर
बेवक़्त अपनी रुख़ ना बदल!

रेत कभी ना होती
छली, धूर्त या वाचाल
हाँ, कुछ पल के लिए
ख़त्म हो जाता इनका क्षणिक अस्तित्व
किंतु पुनः व्यवस्थ्ति हो
अपने अंतर्मन से
बना ले जाती अपना अस्तित्व!

Written on 23.04.2018

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RIP Jyoti! she has donated her eyes to the world!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 18, 2018

Dear All,

Our beloved sister Jyoti (JNV Vaishali) passed away just an hour back. Its very painful to lose someone. But while leaving us, she left her everlasting impression in our hearts by donating her eyes to the world.

jyoti no more

ज्योति जाते जाते अपनी आखों की ज्योति दे गयी…

We will always remember her for her fighting spirit.  She is the first Navodayan to do this. She has set an example for all of us to live for others. She has truly followed our moto of ‘giving back to the society’.  We now feel more committed to live for our cause and upto the expectation of upcoming Navodayans.

Serving others is “our Culture”, caring for others is in “our Nerves” and living for others is “our Mission!”


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Call for Contributors: Jobs for Navodayans!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 11, 2018

Dear All,

I am writing to introduce you to our newest initiative – AINAA Jobs for Navodayans. The need for such a networking service has been felt for a long time. The overall objective of this service will be to regularly monitor and share job opportunities in companies/ organisations/ networks where Navodayans are working or have a strong hold. It aims to leverage the collective network capital of Navodaya’s Alumni.

To achieve this, we plan to form a core group of contributors from various sectors. We would like to call upon Alumni working in IT, electronics, engineering, management, consulting and advisory firms, e-commerce, human resource management, financial and banking sector, NBFCs, social entrepreneurs, non-profits etc. to come forward and nominate themselves as AINAA Job Contributor. We will get in touch with those who are interested in contributing towards this.

The role of contributors will be to identify job options and subsequently share the same on this group and our WhatsApp Network. An exclusive group for contributors has been formed to ensure smooth coordination and moderation of job postings.

I sincerely believe that such a service will not only strengthen our Alumni network but would also help fresh graduates from Navodaya who are looking for a new job or those who even want a job change. Therefore, let’s build on Navodaya’s collective network capital.

Thanks, and regards

Tej Prakash Yadav
AINAA Jobs Team!

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AINAA: an ethical journey without controversy!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 14, 2018

Dear All

In light of the recent event of circulation of a video made by a fellow Navodayan conveying disappointment about another organisation and its working methods, AINAA wants to clarify that it has not been done on our behalf. We are in no way associated with the making and circulation of the mentioned video. AINAA’s name has been used in the video without permission.

AINAA was formed in 2004 as the first alumni association of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. It was registered in 2009 by the same name. In this journey we have joined hands with alumni from every state, worked on many causes – relating to alumni, current students, teachers and on other social issues. We strictly adhere to our motive of helping students, alumni and teachers. AINAA has never been associated itself with conflicts and controversies. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with integrity even in adverse situations. AINAA’s work speaks for itself and we don’t engage in petty politics, within and outside the organisation.

We have contacted the maker of the video to convey our displeasure over the use of the name AINAA. We take no responsibility for the actions, legal or otherwise, emerging from this video for the maker. We don’t associate ourselves with the views expressed. The name and logo of AINAA are registered properties and the use of the same without affiliation and permission of AINAA can invite consequences for the user.

AINAA was, and always will be open to the dedicated Navodayan who want to contribute in a positive and ethical manner.

On behalf of AINAA Team
Shweta Sharma

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AINAA Get-together @ Delhi/NCR On December 17, 2017

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 13, 2017

Dear Navodayans

Greetings from All India Navodaya Alumni Association (AINAA) of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV).

AINAA is going to organize a Get-together @ Delhi/NCR on 17th December’ 2017. It will be a one-day meet for which the agenda and venue will be declared soon. We will also be posting the names of our Chief Guest and other distinguished guests, who are going to interact with and motivate our alumni on the occasion. This invitation is for Navodayans from all over the country. Think, decide and kindly confirm your availability by November 30, 2017 so that we can PROCEED accordingly.


This meet is another effort towards the fulfillment of our motto: give back to the society. Our little effort can shape the future of our young navodayans and the society as a whole. We request everybody to please feel free to contribute your ideas/views in order to make this event memorable and successful so that we can carry the torch of light of our socially responsible Navodaya alumni and students to the future.

Few points to note for the meet are given below:

  1. The arrangements for the meet will be simple, without any extravaganza, pomp and show.
  2. The participants will arrange for their own travel and stay.
  3. To utilize the time for the meet better, the speakers will need to submit their issues of discussion well in advance to the organizers through mail or Whatsapp. This is meant to avoid any unnecessary or ambiguous talk on the occasion.
  4. Participants active on the ground will be given priority for sharing their views.
  5. The schedule of the day will be published on our website one day in advance though it may be slightly altered subject to availability of our guests.

Last but not the least, volunteers are always invited. For any further query or assistance, please feel free to write to us at: coordinators.ainaa@gmail.com. Or you may kindly call any one of us:

Anand @ 9707504940
Dharmendra @ 9911308352
Prakash @ 9911052310
Alok Ranjan @ 9311566087
Deepak @ 8285978478
Rewa Smriti @ 9650855809

Blog: https://navodayans.wordpress.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ainaa/
Twitter handle: @navodaya

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A kind request, Please donate!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 31, 2017

Dear All,

First of all, A heart-felt thank you to all of you for your kind support and contribution. This brings us back to thanking you all, once again, for the support you have already given us for a social cause. We truly appreciate your support!

Please Contribute for a Small Good Deed!

After seeing the deadly situation, we alumni of Navodaya are trying to do something about it. There are so many ways to help the helpless here. We are thinking of providing shelter, sponsorship for children (at least for a year) and logistics. We may not be able to do this for all, but at least we can do it for a few within our capacity.

We are open to receive the contribution from all the coroners.  No donation is small when it is done with a big heart. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated!

You may donate online or through our many other ways like through Paytm # 9619500732. We have made it easy to help in ways that work for you.

For contribution, the account details are:

Name: Rajkishor Rajak

SBI A/c: 10426086232
SBI Branch Code: 11672
SBI Branch Name: Link Road, Mulund Branch, Mumbai

Email id: raajkishor@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9619500732

Note: Please update by email/call/sms once any amount is transferred, if possible. We will publish details of all such transactions as we have been doing so far.

Please find the details of contribution made till now are given below:

Donation for Flood

We will keep publishing contribution details periodically.


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We think, decide and act together!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 28, 2017

Dear All,

We JNVK alumni are organizing medical camp for flood affected areas in various places of our district Katihar. Our coordinators right from the first batch to the recent batch are involved in this team work. The end to end workflow goes from planning to implementing the programs to fulfill our core objective. However we do keep analysing and evaluating ourselves from time to time in order to improve our team spirit and efficiency.

We work as team  where entire JNVK family is involved in playing an important role in this worst situation. The food packaging is being done by our lovely students under the guidance of our teachers at JNVK campus as advised by DM sir.


Medicines are being donated by our own alumni, Amit Chaudhary bhaiya, Abhinav bhaiya, and Alok bhaiya who are also coordinating with people who can make things possible at ground level. We have received medicines for upcoming 10 camps. We are playing double entry role under the guidance of our BigB Dr. Rahul Bhaiya who is guiding us from Singapore.

Our brothers and sisters on the ground who make things happen positively are to be appreciated more than anything else because it would not have been possible without them. The coordination between us enables smoother movement towards our target. We are trying to cover all the  flood affected areas and its going on well, kudos to our heroes Reza Bhaiya and Ranjeet bhaiya. Seeing us, other organizations have also come to conduct medical camps in the same area the next day. Chauki, kadwa block is one of the example of it, where more than 250 people turned up in a day. Samaili is another example of it.

at chauki

Donations and Funds part is being taken care of by Rajkishor and others. All our recent batch coordinators are spreading the message in social media so that we can get donation from all the corners.

Let’s sing together to show up that Hami Navoday Hon… !

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Let’s Get-Together at JNV Katihar!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 25, 2017

Dear Navodayans,

We are going to organize a Get Together @JNVKatihar, Bihar on 23rd, 24th and 25th in the month of December 2017. This is decided after having the discussion with DM of Katihar.

Most important, this is exclusively for JNVK Alumni. As we all know that we are working/living/studying in various places of India. By hosting this meet at our lovely campus, our aim will be twofold: First, to know each other and propose for future plan through our mutual discussion. Secondly, to make this event a memorable event via our interaction as we know for the development of any action, interaction is very important.

It will be a meet for three days. We will publish the objectives of this meet soon. The chief guests and guests, who are going to interact and motivate the alumni, will not be a surprise this time. All the JNVK alumni are invited for this meeting. Think, Decide and kindly confirm your availability so that we can PROCEED accordingly. We want to know roughly how many of alumni will gather for the event so that we can make better arrangements.

Dear friends, we can’t return what navodaya has given us but at least we can try to give back to the society as much as possible by participating in this event. Our little effort can shape the future of those growing navodayans. We request everybody to please feel free to put your ideas/views in order to make this event memorable and successful and also to carry forward the torch of responsible JNV alumni and students.

For any further query or assistance, please feel free to write us on: jnv.ainaa@gmail.com

Or you may kindly call any one of us:

Pranay Punj[9771162090], Rewa Smriti[9650855809], Ranjeet Jaiswal[8083003800], Rajkishor,[9619500732], Reza [8051347292], Sourabh[9618303034] Abhilesh[8296776624], Gaurav[07070032627]

 Let’s get – together to motivate each others!!!


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