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Be Inspired

Dear Readers,

This small space is for the success story of people who are exploring their life in different shapes meeting challenges from different corners. And their zeal to go forward inspires me and others to move ahead without giving up in life.

Success is what most of us strive for. “When you aspire for something with passion, all the universe conspires to make it happen.” We all are born with courage—what matters is how we use this courage. Be Inspired! “When you inspire to acquire what you Desire, you shouldn’t Retire, but Refire!!!”

Last but not the least, I will pay tribute to the Clarity and Commitment for the Right Cause as the shaping force for a Successful Life.

उनकी आँखो में चैन कहाँ जो धुन के मतवाले हैं
गति की तृषा और बढ़ती जब पग में पड़ते छालें हैं!!!

Rewa Smriti.


46 Responses to “Be Inspired”

  1. Many people fail because they just give up. He faced many problems since his very childhood time, but this ‘navodayan’ never gave up.

    It is a story of a struggler which will inspire any common person. After listening about his struggle I am inspired. To read more and watch the video, please do click on the link https://rewa.wordpress.com/2009/05/03/blessed-beyond-measure/

    Rewa Smriti.

  2. Santosh said

    Hi Dear
    It is always exciting and motivating to read these kind of story which give me strength to do struggle to win the race of life.First of all I salute all these fighters who not only achieved success for their own lives but also inspire the other to follow the same suit.
    This story is phenomenal and can boost evey youth who are fighting against the problems to achieve their goal.
    I also appreciate the work done by Ms. Rewa for collecting these stories.I admire and always ready to be part of all these iniatives which have the potential to change and shape the life of many .
    At last but not the least I welcome all these endeavors and want to say few words for all the viewers and readers…

    “उनकी आँखो में चैन कहाँ जो धुन के मतवाले हैं
    गति की तृषा और बढ़ती जब पग में पड़ते छालें हैं”


  3. Anupam said

    Its a wonderful video by a wonderful person. I know him very closly and very much aware with his talent and passion for his goal in life. He is a person of quality and dignity.He is really an inspiration to follow not only for his juniors but for class mates too. I congratulate him for this great success and hope he will achieve more and more. The only thing I would like to say that Kamlesh you have accomplished a great milestone … Now begin your journey for the next one with the same passion and dedication. Never Stop!!

    All the Best

  4. Anuranjan said

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

    Coming from a small village to find a place in the universe, this shows his confidence and ability to seize the opportunities. His story really inspired me to take the challenge of moving to goal.Rewa, nice work. i am sure by seeing that struggle anybody can be inspired to work as hard as they could.
    well poem written by santosh.

    Best of luck kamlesh.

  5. Manoj Maurya said

    I saw video of Kamlesh, and I appreciate how he has come through all the odds. Myself being a village guy, I know how difficult the things are. One needs really very very good parents, rather best parents, luck, acumen and hard work to come out of that environment, which is still much behind as of today and still needs a lot of exposure to mingle with the mainstream of the country. And, I appeal to all such guys to do something to bring more talent out in the limelight and help them get more opportunities to persevere, perform and progress.


  6. Ranjan said

    really inspiring and “in the pursuit of happiness” is a movie worth watching..

  7. Varun said

    Hi Rewa,

    I read the story of the success.It is inspirational story.It really a big challenge for Kamlesh to achive his goal.If the person have strong determination to do the work/task,he will definitely achieved it.

    Keep writing.

    God Wishes

  8. kamlesh,

    I have knew about you through this blog and i asked to rewa. she told how you have suffered from problems. i appreciate your mother’s courage who actually made you to be in good position after a long struggle.

    best reagrds from me.

  9. Nidhi said

    No pain no gain.

    I watched with interest nd while watching your video i have been keeping silent.kamlesh your story touched me and i inspired by you. you are the first rate people who do great work.I wish you all the best.

    I know this comment is late, but i also want to say how much this blog has inspired me. You have one of the best blogs nd i always read.

    Thanking you very much.

  10. Kamlesh said

    Rewa di, Santosh, Anupam, Anuranjan,Manoj, Ranjan, Varun, Nishat and Nidhi.
    Thanks for all the appreciation and compliments. Its because of people like you who appreciate, encourage, and inspire to keep our enthusiasm high and journey a pleasure.

    Thanks again.

  11. A True Achiever: ‘Deelip Mhaske’

    Hello Readers,

    To link to this topic and beyond the byline, I am pleased to talk about a proud ‘Navodayan’ cum an ‘IITian’ and a ‘social worker’, ‘Deelip Mhaske’, who belongs to a village and helps less-privileged and needy. I haven’t met this inspirational and motivational personality, but, one fine day, my friend Ashish helped me to talk with him. After talking with him, I have been genuinely inspired by Deelip’s energy and commitment to pay back to the society, giving an exemplary notion of what Navodayans are built of, at the same time, proving that there can not be anybody in the world who has nothing to give.

    Did you ever feel lost in space? Each one of us goes through difficult times in life. The road may be very long, rough and tough but it becomes shorter and easier to tread upon, when we have the love and support from friends and family.

    I took additional pride in talking to fabulous Deelip Mhaske because he belongs to institution of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, which churns out some magnificently molded persons for our society, in terms of capability as well as determination, to do things, which count nothing when thought of, but everything when done. JNV Amarawati and its students and teachers must be proud of him. I wish that more and more people come out of deeds-only-no-actions psychology and self-indulgence to give without expectation and to help without inhibition.


  12. To add more about him I am quoting few lines which I read somewhere.

    Deelip Mhaske (a research scholar from IIT, Mumbai), an activist for the last 10 years, campaigning the rights of children of displaced slum dwellers, the HIV-affected and several other issues, has had a similar experience: I get the best response and most enthusiasm from collegians to 35-year olds. They can work day and night on a project if inspired. Even those who don't have much time, make it a point to do something for others. That support means a lot. Mhaske also observes that many more young people want to make a career in social work today than in earlier generations. If Indian society changes its attitude and accepts that doing something for the larger good is as good as any other profession, then there would be many more people making a difference, he adds. And making a difference is what movies like Rang De Basanti succeeded in. Director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra maintains: The need of the hour is to participate, rather than sitting on the fence and pointing fingers. It's a proactive attitude. It’s about looking inward and finding the inspiration from all walks of life, who have done their share of soul-searching and are now prepared to fight crime and corruption. Says Kaul, In the coming years, this public activism will result in a very big change overall in the Indian system. The fact is that the sleeping majority is waking up and that day isn't far when we will see the real free India.

    Click on the link to read more

    * Pay back to society
    * In the steps of Mahtma
    * Times News Network
    * NDTV
    * A True Achiever

  13. Kamlesh said

    Behind success of an individuals, there are toils of many and behind success of any Navodayan whole India has toiled. Only way to payback, what society has given us, is by indulging ourselves in causes which transcends beyond self. I salute this personality who has resigned the bed of roses and chose to walk on thorns so that he could bring a flicker of smile on faces who has lost their hope to smile.

    Keep it up Dileep. Hats off to you.

  14. mehhekk said

    inspirational readings always through a spark of light of hope in mind,bahut achhe,aisa hi likhti rahein,shivji ki krupa aap par sada bani rahe,shiv ratri ki badhai sahit sadar mehek.

  15. ‘Deepti’ – who bets to be different than other Navodayans!!!

    I am here with a wonderful success story of a Brave village girl from Navodaya Family- The source of Inspiration “DEEPTI”

    The IFS aspirant did her schooling from the Jawhar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Pedavegi, in West Godavari district and engineering from the Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad. Deepti is the first woman from the State to join the IFS after a gap of 25 years.

    Telling the story of the village girl, a determined young girl grown up to become a Navodaya’s success story. She was not having colorful childhood but she brought back colors to her sorrowful face. Her journey to find her goal made her to move beyond the spirit. For a child, mother is everything to share the basic ‘facts of life’ to feel relaxed and confident, but she lost her mother in very teen age. Just think for a moment, how tough the child life is without mother ? Tears burst from eyes when we see a little baby struggling without her mother. How could she grow from childhood to teen, without the love of her mother? Though her life was miserable without her mom, but she was determined and even this could not stop her. She kept on going and all can see and feel proud of her success. I am sure, today if her mother would be alive, she could be feeling proud and happy to see her rising. I know no one can fill the loss of mother but the love and care she got from her grandfather, never let her feel the absence of mother in achieving a landmark.

    Hats off to you ‘Deepti’.

    Deepti’s words to justify her decision quoted below:

    “I decided to pitch for the IFS as it gives me enough scope to project the huge cultural and social richness of the country to the outside world!”

    Friends, click on the link and read about the First IFS girl from Navodaya family!

    It’s not surprising that Deepti’s example has resulted in many women participating not only in the navodaya family, but to the all village girls and guys.

    ख़ुद ही को कर बुलंद इतना, कि हर तक़दीर से पहले,
    ख़ुदा बंदे से खुद पूछे, बता, “तेरी रज़ा क्या है”…?

    Note: Thank you Pranaypunj bhaiya for providing me the link.


  16. Gr8 to know about the success of this brave gal….really she has set an example for all other navodians that nothing is impossible if you are determined. Even after losing the biggest gift of God the mother, she was able to rise at the great heights. Really DEEPTI, you are a light of inspiration for all of us. We, the navodians are proud of you.

    We wish you good luck for your very happy life…

    humi navodaya hoooo

    Jitender Singh

  17. anmmch said

    Really great. . .
    We are proud of you Deepti. You have shown “sky has limit “.
    We people will try to have inspiration from you.

  18. Kamlesh said

    If you are reading this post, accept my heartiest congratulations. You have proved once again that “where there is a will there is a way”. I can understand how tough your journey would have been without your mother.
    My request to you is ,keep the light of your desire to excel, burning and at the same time help those who are in the similar situations and trying to seek their destiny. Your able guidance and words of wisdome will surely be helpful to the needful.


  19. Kamlesh said

    Thanks Di for bringing such inspiring stories to your blog readers.


  20. scientistjha said

    Hi Kamlesh,

    Great watching your video. Things like this will surely help motivating struggling Navodayans. By the way, I also live in Chicago, we can meet up sometime 🙂


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  23. ginnyg said

    My mother is the reason that I ever began to write. I loved to tell stories and she told me to write them down for future use. I did what she said and to date I have hundreds of thousands of files to my dredit.

    I am one of those people who never gives up. I will be writing and rewriting until the day I die. Even if I never get recognition for my writing in my lifetime my children will have material to display long after I am gone. I have so many stories and plays set aside that they will have much to draw upon. I believe in shear hard work and determination to climb the ladders of success. This proves the age old truth that mother’s sacrifice never goes in vain. ‘Mother’ means the whole world to me.

  24. Nihar Ranjan said


  25. TSwain said

    Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

    Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂

  26. LarryLove said

    Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya 🙂

  27. Nice blog you have here. I’ve enjoyed having a good look around 🙂

  28. k@iser said

    hello everyone
    this is kaiser azim is congratulating u all for creating a contact among past present and future of navodayas…….
    really personally when i m thinkin my life without jnv, then i am unable to think that where…bt today i m doing my b.tec ,what standered of edu. ihav got is due to jnv, so thanx jnv

    surely jnv is rockin around the world ……chak de navodaya

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  34. Autumn said

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  35. utube said

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  39. RAJESH KUMAR said

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  40. Ravi Mishra said

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  41. Nicholas said

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  42. San said

    I really liked your post. You touched my heart!

    “The only time you don’t fail is the last time you try anything — and it works.” – William Strong.

    “Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.” -John Wooden

  43. Konnichiwa said

    Konnichiwa from Japan. Forgive me for my not good English. I used Bing’s translator on your blog just to tell you how awesome I think it is! Take Care!

  44. Mayank said

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. It was a great read.

  45. Richa said

    “Great effort springs naturally from great attitude.” – Pat Riley.

  46. peetam singh said

    here life is sucess

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