Turning the wheel…

…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..


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Rewa Smriti


19 Responses to “Request”

  1. suvimal said

    pranamm didi
    plz send ur postal address at my email id
    bye didi

  2. nikhil said

    hi Rewaji,
    One suggetion..why dont you put ads on ur blogpage?? It will genrate good revenue for you..you can use it for the goodwill of the community..!!!
    You must be knowing…bt jus felt to share it wid u…www.adsence.com
    M also openin my blogpage..jus lik u…thanx for inspirin me..!!!

  3. Hi Nikhil,

    Thanks for suggesting me. Actualy, I have never given a thought of earning money in this way as of now. In fact few of my friends also suggested me same but I personally feel ki kabhi kabhi kuch cheezon ko money matter se dur rakhna chahiye, nahi to wo taste nahi mil pata hai aur na hi dil ko wo real khushi. But, I will surely think upon the suggestion given by you.

    Once again thanks a lot for your lovely and kind words! Please do keep suggesting and also if possible give me your blog link.

    To add, Writing is one of my most favorite hobbies. I really enjoy and respect it.

    Thanks & Rgds.

  4. Eti said

    mai teri chhootkeeee……..
    mujhe gana gana hai college me…
    batao na kaun sa gaun.choose kar do na..meri pyari diduuuuuuuuuu……


  5. nitin said

    hi rewa dis is nitin, u always talk on senti topic…….y dont u talk on d things which r going on in J&K.

  6. Hi Nitin,

    Hmmm…really thanks for your lovely suggestion. I would like to talk on that. In fact something running about J&K in my mind too. Ok, sure, I will write something on that soon and will have discussion on that. Or if you wish, please do put that topic on discussion forum so that we can discuss on that as well. Here is the link https://rewa.wordpress.com/discussion-forum/


  7. nitin said

    Thanks Re..

  8. nitin said

    hi Re one more request is der, i started one blog, plz i wnt u to write something on tht…
    coz ur the inspiration for me to start new blogpage…..thank u.

  9. ravi tripathi said

    namste mai rewa mp se hoo maine u tube me maa rewa gana dekha usme famous singer hai rewa ka matlab unke video me tha new beginging sanskrit me. maine google me search kiya to ye link mili dono me kafi diff. hai. kya aap bhi rewa mp ki hai. plz agar detail mery id : ravi_rewa@yahoo.co.in to bahut acchha hoga mere liye.

    ravi tripathi

  10. nidhi said

    hi rewa always liked ur bloggs i have thought of writing blogs but i dont know how and where to start from.i would like to share many things which i think in my life and much more than this plzzzzz. suggest me how to head start it…and if u can give ur mail id

  11. Hey ,
    I know this is a pretty stupid reason , but can you please advertise my site http://ultimax.co.nr/ as entertainment site!

  12. nikhil said

    Hey hi Rewa…!!

    Remember me????

    Nothing is happening on ur blog….why so???


  13. @Nikhil,

    Of course I still remember you, welcome back! 🙂


  14. DR.M.SAQUIB said

    hi.. its saquib kyo rewa di ap bhuli to nai nice to see such enthu in our AINAA ..plz mail me ainaa progarms undergoing ……n sector in which aina is going 2 focus in next year if their is objectives,,,,,,,,,,

  15. Nidhi said

    pls break ur silence 😦

  16. DIWAKAR KUMAR said

    i want to contribute my effort in this business. plz contect on my email-id plz boss.im wating ur response.

  17. Biswajeet said

    aapne mujhe bohat baar mail kiye hai..bt I hv jst ignored..sorry for dat…but finally…I saw dis via google search…good work….Appreciated..keep it up didi…
    “my life n carrier built wid novadaya n itz true..it is a very special phase of my life 🙂 🙂 :)”

  18. navodayblog said

    Hello Rewa
    I have admining This blog to bring all of the bloggers and individuals of navodaya together! I have known your blog from Long have been reading it! If you will like to share a bit abt ur self and what Your blog contains and send me via Email. As more novadayans will be able to approch to your blog and eventualy you may get chance to see many navodayn bloggers!
    Actually I was trying to contact you but couldn’t!
    Navoday Blog

  19. peetam singh said

    navodayan spread all around india

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