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AINAA Get-together @ Delhi/NCR On December 17, 2017

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 13, 2017

Dear Navodayans

Greetings from All India Navodaya Alumni Association (AINAA) of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV).

AINAA is going to organize a Get-together @ Delhi/NCR on 17th December’ 2017. It will be a one-day meet for which the agenda and venue will be declared soon. We will also be posting the names of our Chief Guest and other distinguished guests, who are going to interact with and motivate our alumni on the occasion. This invitation is for Navodayans from all over the country. Think, decide and kindly confirm your availability by November 30, 2017 so that we can PROCEED accordingly.


This meet is another effort towards the fulfillment of our motto: give back to the society. Our little effort can shape the future of our young navodayans and the society as a whole. We request everybody to please feel free to contribute your ideas/views in order to make this event memorable and successful so that we can carry the torch of light of our socially responsible Navodaya alumni and students to the future.

Few points to note for the meet are given below:

  1. The arrangements for the meet will be simple, without any extravaganza, pomp and show.
  2. The participants will arrange for their own travel and stay.
  3. To utilize the time for the meet better, the speakers will need to submit their issues of discussion well in advance to the organizers through mail or Whatsapp. This is meant to avoid any unnecessary or ambiguous talk on the occasion.
  4. Participants active on the ground will be given priority for sharing their views.
  5. The schedule of the day will be published on our website one day in advance though it may be slightly altered subject to availability of our guests.

Last but not the least, volunteers are always invited. For any further query or assistance, please feel free to write to us at: coordinators.ainaa@gmail.com. Or you may kindly call any one of us:

Anand @ 9707504940
Dharmendra @ 9911308352
Prakash @ 9911052310
Alok Ranjan @ 9311566087
Deepak @ 8285978478
Rewa Smriti @ 9650855809

Blog: https://navodayans.wordpress.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ainaa/
Twitter handle: @navodaya


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Our Sincere Thanks to All!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 14, 2017

Dear All,

We are speechless and falling short of words to express our feelings to see the overwhelming response to stand for each other. Few days back we had sought for contributions for our fellow Narasimha and we are happy to share that the contributions received by now are much more than our expectation.

Your small contribution can save life of Narasimha!

As you all know, our brother Narsimha, a fellow Navodayan from JNV Medak (1991-98), met with tragic accident two years ago which resulted in amputation of his leg and an infection in kidneys, lungs and spinal cord. He is from poor, agriculture dependent family and is father of three kids. His brother died recently in another unfortunate incident who was the sole earner and financial supporter of his family.

The minimum need for treatment of Narsimha as told to us was Rs. 5 lacs, and we had set this amount as our target for collection of contribution. But we are very happy to share that this target was achieved by May 30 only, and still the contributions kept flowing. We continued with this on the advice of some of our fellow alumni, and we kept collecting till 5th of June. Now we request not to send any more contributions.

Please find the details of contribution made till now are given below:

We are thankful from the bottom of our heart for every single contribution we received from all the corners for our brother Narasimha. We couldn’t have done it without you! Your kind spirit to help made it possible to achieve the goal within no time, which is really commendable and beyond our imagination. This moment is making us to shout out loud “Hami Navoday hon“!!!

At the end, we appreciate the dedication of all our coordinators, the credit definitely goes to their round the clock efforts to make it possible and once again it is proved that together we can make a difference!


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I can’t be silent to those who are searching for me…

Posted by Rewa Smriti on September 5, 2015

Dear Friends,

Its been long time since I wrote something on my blog ‘Turning the wheel’. Few of my close friends, brothers and sisters who keep reading the blog called me and told, “aapne bahut dino se kuchh nahi likha hai blog par“.  Akhand, “Di..jab se aap group se gayi hai group dull sa ho gya hai”...Some of them wrote me on FB asking that where are you my ‘universal didi’? Shubham, Ahha…I love this word which gives me an immense feeling of enthusiasm. My friend Borkar bizarre’s peculiar style  where were u madam??’ I liked it. 🙂 Umesh, I am thankful to you as you made me start writing again. Mini, your Mishti wants to meet you! Ashish Sarkar, sorry, I am back mere gulabjamun. 😉 Sudhir Teotia, You are simply awesome who kept the flag flying: ‘Hami Navodaya Hon’. I hope you understand what I mean to say.  Satyajeet, tumhara kuchh khoya tha, mila kya? Tumhare aanshu agar tham gaye hon to aage badhen? 😛

Let me start by recalling something. Today is teachers day so I picked up the phone and wished some of my loving teachers and my dear mother who had dedicated herself to this profession on this occassion. When I speak of my revered teachers I am transported back to my school days where we used to sing this sing this prayer “Lab pe aati hai dua banke tamanna meri. Zindagi shamma ki surat ho khuda ya meri….”

Honestly, I don’t know why but this prayer is coming alive to me since morning and I can’t put it to rest. I believe this is even sung during the morning assembly in various schools in India. It was written by a freedom fighter Dr. Iqbal.

I love all kinds of music but you know some days you just want to hear things you grew up listening to. It soothes the soul, calms the mind and reminds me of lost days. This soulful nasheed has been sung by melodious but a little unheard singer — Siza. And I have started humming it now…I have been sitting at my desk and gathering my thoughts. One question that is not leaving my mind is – what next? I cannot escape myself. There is no escaping, there is no explaining; your voice is unheard and you are silent to those who are searching for you…..

गुमनाम रास्ते,
गुनगुन सी आहट,
फिर साथ में लिए
एक नया अंदाज़,
यूँ ही उड़ती हुई ,
बादलों को छूती हुई,
पास मेरे आती है!

फिर अचानक,
पल भर में,
कहाँ गुम हो गयी??
मेरे कानो को छेड़कर,
वही शोख चंचल,
मीठी सी,
मदहोश करने वाली,
गुनगुनी आवाज़!


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Golden Glow!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 30, 2014

A few months ago I was going to my home town. I was looking out of the window sitting on the lower berth in my compartment. It was a little dark in the afternoon with rain falling. I could see the beautiful sceneries that were visible from the window. I looked at those lively glowing crops. At a glance, I grasped, the way crops were heavily influenced to dance with wind on the rhythm of the breeze, as if they are trained by rain.

A few moments later, the feeling was enormous and my thoughts were being reflected in the beautiful song played by somebody, “मिट्टी की है जो ख़ुश्बू, तू कैसे भुलायेगा ….” sounds floated on the breeze. It took me on a short drive to my memory land. My heart was chirping in a tremendous way. It isn’t often that we look at certain places, listen to certain tunes and certain rhythms as belonging to a certain time to remember those moments. Sometimes nature is just trying to teach us, if we would only listen. Yes, sometimes it is!

The seven long years in school hostel…pump-pa-pump! 🙂 The school campus has boundary walls on all four sides, surrounded by green trees and the green banana plants. One can see the beautiful sceneries next to boundary wall especially in spring. A little further behind, the wheat crop turns from green to golden yellow in color. It seems like the slow wind revealing the secrets, and eventually a little movement of leaf trying to convey something to me. For a few periods the difference on color was an act in response on recognizing them. All it captured my attention exactly like how the law of attraction works. Nevertheless, it was a full practical understanding of the Law of Attraction!

Life is full of change. From one year to the next and often from one day to the next. I remembered how I occasionally used to sit there on the roof of the hostel building with my friends and watching the lovely village behind the school in winters. Yet every morning, the long grass offered an unexpected surprise especially in December, in the midst of wintry weather and when we friends even couldn’t see each other due to fog.  Being up early, we could see the dew covered ground all across the grassy carpet as if millions of diamonds were thrown onto the ground to welcome us. An exquisite beauty lies hidden between the grass and dewdrops if we could only take the time to notice.  It’s indeed, a gift and a delightful kiss of winter waves for an early riser…!

It was the treasured phase of my life. The best part was the oneness with nature. I loved seeing sunrise and sunset there every morning and evening, standing there in the vast field and watching sun retiring behind the trees; it was simply beautiful to look at.  It was like thousands of butterflies flying around me, especially, in the evening in the playground during sunset.  It was then, with some sense of excitement, its real life, real love, make me feel like I am special every day! If there is any way to ‘know’ love – any sort of way to describe or define it. Love, at least to me, includes so many things that I don’t even know where or how to begin. At that time, I never felt the real meaning of serenity.

Everything that has flashed in my mind does not find expressions in words. That phase of my life has given me so much inspiration throughout the years of my stay there. Time and again, it taught me how to improve my life by driving me to be kinder and more understanding, changing the way I see myself and the world; making me question and even strengthen my will power and values.  And to add, the waves of emotions, they kept on telling me that “Always trust yourself and your own feelings. Life is yours; you live it your way…!” Honestly, it taught me more about myself than any other person did and in return I can only say that I will always love that intimacy with the nature…

Coming back to the present from the memory lane, a few minutes later, realizing that now the years have passed.  It will always be there in my memories.  Life has taught me so much where I have come across all emotions, in shaping the person I am today. It is almost 15 years now…still those memories are fresh in the mind and bring tear to my eyes that keep rolling silently and speak a thousand unsaid words…

वक़्त का ये परिंदा रुका है कहाँ, मैं था पागल जो इसको बुलाता रहा

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With a moist heart…

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 12, 2013

No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why!- Author Unknown

It’s been one year now since Iqbal sir and Madan sir left us forever.  It was the evening of 11th June’12, that our revered Sir bade us final goodbye without saying anything. There are no words to describe the grief felt by his near and dear ones – such was the demise. We have all their vivid memories.

Iqbal Sir was a great teacher, a mentor, a counselor and a friend for his students. His competence showed in everything he undertook. His Dedication keeps our heart moist. When the heart is moist, your life brings everything back.

Iqbal sir

He was such a support system for students that they always confided in him; his support was not only restricted to good academics, but much beyond the numbers. He had an aura that anybody, any time could approach him for guidance, to speak his heart out. He was connected with his students much above his stature as a principal.

Iqbal sir on Teachers day 2010

When asked for help, he NEVER said no. He always went out of his way to make sure that his students knew he loved them, that he was proud of his students. He always boosted the morale of his students and always gave them strength to face life. He taught his students to be gracious in victory and to learn from defeat but to NEVER give up.  Sir, you were a tower of strength to all of us.

Today all we have are silent and precious memories. People like Iqbal Sir may die physically but they never die in spirit. Their presence is always felt in thoughts.  Writing this just brought tears in my eyes.

जो घनीभूत पीड़ा थी

मस्तक में स्मृति-सी छायी,

दुर्दिन में आँसू बनकर

वह आज बरसने आयी।

  – जयशंकर प्रसाद (आँसू)

I would like to say that no one else would have the same relationship you had with your students Sir. We will always miss you! You were a tower of strength to all of us!

This post is an attempt to compile as many memories related to Iqbal sir as possible. We are going to make a book. Feel free to add your own feelings in the comments or send an email at jnvkatihar@gmail.com

[written on 11/06/2012]


The great Principal and Motivator, Iqbal Ahmad sir is no more!!!

He is still “alive”…..in us!!!

A letter to Almighty from JNV Katihar Family!

खो दिया हमने…!!!


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Even Freedom has Rules!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 7, 2013

It’s sad news which I received from Ashish Sarkar. As school is closed for summer vacation, students usually enjoy their vacations in their own ways. They were four friends from class 12th of JNV Murshidabad went to take bath in Bhagirathi (Ganga) River. The names of the students are: Golam Mostafa, Horijoti, Sajjad, Subhadip Sarkar.

Only Golam Mostafa knew swimming. While taking bath they went into deep water and started drowning. Golam Mostafa tried, but could save only Sajjad, he tried his level best to save Subhadip, but unfortunately by the time he reached him, Subhadip went into deep water and died. May his soul rest in peace.

Guys… I agree that in teenage, people are filled with enthusiasm, but channelizing that enthusiasm in the right direction, is our own responsibility. You might be driven by peer pressure, but everybody has their own thought process regarding any decision. ALWAYS think before taking any decision, life is not driven by this kind of enthusiasm or a kind of heroism. It is always driven by responsibility. There are different levels of responsibility. The more you grow, the more responsibility is expected from you.

Being free does not mean you can do WHATEVER you want. Freedom always has its own rules, they need to be followed, if you don’t, you do not have any RIGHT to be free!

You have made it very clear now as to WHY restrictions are implemented and WHY taking permission from Warden/Teachers/Parents are necessary. This has become a trend now that people think whatever happened to others, will never happen to them. Every year we listen that some or the other student has died in the river or met with an accident. Even then we do not learn our lesson. How can you learn from your teachers, if you do not learn from LIFE???

Life is very precious, it gives us only one chance to live freely, but that does not mean we misuse the freedom. Use your freedom, DO NOT EVER misuse it. If you do, more rules will be implemented, more restrictions will be there and again you will long for that freedom which you already had.

As I have already mentioned, there are different levels of maturity. Our teachers and parents are much more mature than you are. In fact the maturity levels cannot be compared. SO BETTER LISTEN TO THEM, if they say something that is for your own betterment, not for any others.

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Congratulations to our young IAS friends from JNV!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 3, 2013

Heartiest congratulations to all the fellow JNVAlumni for Cracking the UPSC-2012. Undoubtedly, you achieved the milestone by securing good rank in UPSC!

UPSC 2012 from jnv

Wish you all the best in whatever goals you seek.

Navodaya is creating great leaders for tomorrow. We are grateful to all the Novadaya teachers whose support is there 24X7, which never happens in any other school or Gurukuls.

Looking at the state of society today, we have great expectations from you. May you work towards establishing ethical and moral standards among the youth and leaders of today for a better tomorrow!

Friends, please keep adding the names as well if you get to know anyone who cracked UPSC this year from our JNV family!

Dear All,

Please register on http://www.jnvalumni.com/ to connect to JNV alumni network all over India. This will not only give you a chance to serve the society but also an assurance that you will never be alone. Connecting to probably the biggest alumni network in India has its benefits, and with all that navodaya has given us, this is the least we can do. So Come on, join hands…!!!

The list is getting enhanced day by day and I am becoming a puff ball with proud feelings 🙂

Thank you

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Thank you all…!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 22, 2013

Dear All,

Please be informed that today (April 22, 2013), an amount of INR 20,000 (Rupees Twenty Thousand) has been transferred to SOPAN ROY‘s bank account through online banking using NEFT facility. Same has been confirmed by Sopan over phone that he has received the amount. Please find attached the details of donations received till now. Just to present complete details, we have mentioned the donors‘ names as well after seeking the permission of the donors.

donation details for Sopan

Total Contribution
Total Donation credited to Sopan’s a/c is 47530 (Transferred 40,000+7,530 direct deposited).

I thank our Library madam(Mrs.Sunita Ghosh) from the bottom of my heart for making the timely contribution. She has always stood by us in the times of need. Thank you for always being there for us and for your unconditional love…

I have no words to appreciate our little brothers and sisters at JNV Katihar who shared their savings from pocket expenses to help Sopan though we never asked them to donate. Love you All…!

And we are grateful to everyone else who felt for Sopan, and helped him at this juncture of his life…We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm to offer your help in this moment of urgency, particularly to Jharna who contributed even though she is not from JNV. Thank You all!  May God bless each and every one of you.

We all wish Sopan recovers soon!

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Let’s join hands, and serve the mankind!!!

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Rights in democracy!…Is it the ‘Right Time’…?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 14, 2013

We were taught in the school the definition of democracy: – “government of the people, by the people, for the people” and we keep listening about our rights. In today’s world people are well aware of their rights. Gone are the days when adjustments were made to accept “wrong” things, but now we see many examples where in people express what they want and they stand for it.

The teaching and non-teaching staff of over 590 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNV) in the country is on an indefinite strike since Wednesday.  And more than 3000 JNVians are there at Jantar Mantar today.

I appreciate our teachers for standing up for their rights, and I believe it would inspire the students of Navodaya to learn more about democracy and at times the NEED to question the authority. We value our teachers, just as they value the education of all the students. We, the JNV Alumni, always honor and respect our teachers for the extraordinary work they do to build our future.

I support that teachers have the right to raise their voice and bring up their genuine concerns as before being a teacher, they are people having responsibility of their families. I understand that the teachers went on a strike for their genuine reasons, which I myself respect.  School is important, so are teachers’ rights and these rights should not be denied to anyone.

However, I would say that this is not the right time to go on a strike as 12th class students have their board exams and their future depends on it. This is the time they need their teachers’ support and guidance more. I would request them to understand that while they are on strike, students are at great loss, which in turn is denying students their right to education. My point is that this strike might not solve everything, but would leave a lot of anger, grievances and disappointment for both, teachers as well as students.

Notably, if we speak in numbers, it would be more than 4000 class 12th students who would be affected by this strike. With due respect, I would request all my teachers to find a solution as soon as possible as somebody is waiting for their support and guidance to build future.

On a positive note I got the information in the morning that class 12th students wouldn’t get affected by any means. All the required arrangements have been made for them.

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Glimpses of the GT @ JNV Katihar : Part II

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 28, 2013

Report of GET-TOGETHER 2012(Alumni Meet)

We organized the Alumni Meet at JNV Katihar on 30th-31st Dec 2012. The dates of this Get-Together were declared in the month of July itself and hence the news spread far and wide. Coordinators played a vital role in contacting the alumni. There was a special spirit of enthusiasm in alumni from various batches.

Most of them were visiting their Alma Mater for the first time since their schooling, and naturally were thrilled to be back in the campus again. “Sweet sweet morning” “cold cold climate” “hot hot tea” “A little little heart beat” “Very very Good Morning”…. and  thus started the first event of the day (30th dec. 2012).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Report of 30th Dec 2012:

The day started with Yoga session which was administered by the group of Alumni. Various other interesting and fruitful events followed.

For the very first time, a Girls cricket tournament was held within a campus of JNV. The event was full of excitement and enthusiasm. The cricket series was named after Late Madan Kumar Singh sir as ‘M K Singh Cricket Tournament’. The test match was inaugurated by Assistant Commissioner, Mr A K Tiwari on 28th Dec’12. The final test match of the Girls’ Cricket was played between England (UDAYGIRI) vs. New Zealand (NILGIRI) 🙂 in the center ground of JNV Katihar. As “NILGIRI” house won the toss, it chose batting first and hence made the optimum level of score. It is noteworthy that they performed really well in batting as well as fielding. However, “UDAYGIRI” made a strong start to 2nd inning of final match and defeated “NILGIRI” by four wickets. Alumni and Student played the role of umpire in this match. Tarun, Abhilesh and Jitendra were the commentators for this series while Niraj bhaiya and Ashutosh bhaiya were the coaches of the respective teams.

Another very interesting and exciting match was played between Alumni v/s Teachers of JNV Katihar. The Teachers’ Team won the match!

In the post lunch session, the alumni took their respective classes for Career Counselling- it was one of the major parts of GT-2012. The alumni had the opportunity to motivate the young minds in achieving their overall objectives. The base line of the counselling was to help prospective generation to understand their hidden talent in a scientific way through an interactive counselling session. An open house over the question session was organized where the JNV Alumni from diversified and sought after professions guided the current students soothingly. Such counselling programs have always been appreciated for leveraging the education and foundation of students. It promotes development of students at an intellectual, social, and moral level. Hence the Counsellor’s team received full appreciation for their effort, time, patience and contribution.

The evening was devoted to late Iqbal Sir through the wave of cultural event (Sur-Sargam). The first evening started with “The Antakshari- Full Rhythm Round”. Antakshari consisted of several rounds such as Word Round, Situation Round, Dhun Round, Rapid Fire Round, etc. However the highlight of the Antakshari was the round dedicating a song to Iqbal sir. There was full participation from both the Alumni as well as the Teachers.  The judges for the ‘Antakshri- the great challenge’ were A K Trvedi Sir, Ashutosh bhaiya, Ravi bhaiya, Aditya bhaiya and Rashmi  Anand.

The event ended with a sentimental tribute to the Late “IQBAL” sir & “MADAN” sir….. It was presented by students with the song………….

चिट्ठी कोई संदेश, जाने वो कौन सा देश

जहाँ तुम चले गए

इस दिल पे लगाके ठेस, जाने वो कौन सा देश

जहाँ तुम चले गए

इक आंह भरी होगी, हमने सुनी होगी

जातेजाते तुमने, आवाज़ तो दी होगी….

हर वक्त यही है ग़म, उस वक्त कहाँ थे हम

कहाँ तुम चले गए

The Audience was overwhelmed by the song. Their eyes were misted by the tears. I think, I even overheard “The tears fall, they’re so easy to wipe off onto my sleeve, but how do I erase the stain from my heart?”

The discussions on MoM/Agenda shall be updated in near future by Rewa di. Feel free to drop a comment below, and keep your eyes open as we will be sharing more detailed news and updates as soon as we can.

Thank you
Tarun Kumar

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