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The great Principal and Motivator, Iqbal Ahmad sir is no more!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 11, 2012

It’s a bad day for entire navodaya family, especially for the alumni, students, teachers and staffs of JNV katihar. It is heart breaking and shocking news for us. We have lost a great soul, our loving principal, Mr. Iqbal Ahmad.  He is expired today around 6:00pm. He met with a road accident while he was going to Ranchi.

The fact success and failure of a school depends upon the principal and he was a vardaan for JNV katihar.  He was not only a good administrator but was also a kind heart person. He taught us biology when we were there and his wife Aarti mam was our English teacher. May god give her enough strength and courage to bear this great irreparable loss and pain.

Iqbal sir was a visionary with a golden heart, was always there for everyone.  He was honored for his dedication to teaching, his inspiring work and so humble in his way.  More than a Principal he was a great teacher, a mentor, a guide and the motivator….We will miss you sir! I can’t write anything more about him now as I am unable to accept that he is no more.

The message quoted below is written by our Ali sir who is also a principal now.

Bhai Iqbal Ahmad Sb; Why did you leave us so early and so quickly?You did not like us to be with you for many a long days to come?You were so dear to us and are still dear to us and will remain dear to us forever. But perhaps you are and definitely you are more dearer to the Almighty Who snatched such a good person , a good colleague, a good friend …..from us and called nearer to Him only.My days with you as competing teachers , as rival Housemasters ,an ideal and successful Organizer, as a caring brother all flashes together in my memory.Your smiling face brings stream of tears in my eyes and my vision gets blurred . I’m failing to concentrate.You promised me only a few days back to visit my Vidyalaya after Principals’ Conference to catch the train from here only, but instead you left for your Heavenly Abode so quickly.I used to enjoy to see you receiving many Prizes for your best achievements only due to your sincerity and dedication.All became a matter of past in a moment and that by an accident only? Oh Almighty! “Tujhse kya shiqayat karen aur kaise karen bas ye elteja sun le ke tu hamare aziz-o- yaar ko Ba hifazat rakhna”(Amen)!

I just got to know that we have lost our PET teacher Madan sir in same incident.

May their souls rest in PEACE…..You will be always remembered in loving memory by all of us. Forever…


99 Responses to “The great Principal and Motivator, Iqbal Ahmad sir is no more!!!”

  1. sukirti said

    i will miss him the most . i cant imagine the campus without him . I don’t wanna go back there di. I m too weak to face this harsh reality .
    every time i came back from college he was the 1st person i used to meet . I guess i will never be able to see him now. that podium where he used to stand to deliver his motivational speeches will look so empty di. School will be a piece of rag with out him . U know last time i called him on his b’day then he told me ” beta jaldi wapas aao then tumahre ghar par party karenge.” i guess ab koi party ho hi ni payegi campus mein. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE. I’ll miss u uncle .

  2. Amit Kumar, School Roll-01, jnvktr said


  3. I just got to know another bad news that PET sir is also expired in same accident now. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. udit said

    too much sad day in my life…………………, may his soul rest in peace

  5. vishal said

    di, i can’t imagine
    mai type bhi nahi kar pa rha hu…

  6. i miss them so much i am already out of school and it has been two from now but i always kept those sweet memories with him and other teachers in a safe corner in my heart.dear PET sir and principal sir we all will miss u both forever.ur footprints in our heart can never be erased.may ur soul rest in peace . i wish i was with varti right now this was the least i could have done.

  7. Akif jilani said

    Are koi to bolie k y bat juthi h…rewa di aap mjak kr rhi hain na….wo Ali sir k sath daily mre room ate…Ali sir mre Rajendra house ka ur wo Gandhi house ka housmastr hua krte the..Ali sir mri kursi m baithte ur wo mre bed pr jst mre krib…vry fst clas m Arti mam ayi ur boli’u boy stand up..aj se tm monitor ho’.sir se mlne jate to mdm darwaja kholti bolti’Iqubal ldke aaye hain…fr unka transfr ho gya..hmlogon n khub roya…hmare nklne k bad principal bnkr aaye…….ya ALLAH y kia ho gya..achhe Insan kun kun? ? ?…..ALLAH unhain Jannat nsib ata krna…

  8. iamtarun said

    PET SIR ALSO??????? :(:(

  9. OMG…. Biggest shock of my life. May God let them live in peace. Iqbal sir was the first and best teacher we have ever had in JNV Katihar. Madan Sir was mine House master and supported me the most in my schooling days. I m feeling so sad for Aarti madam also…. cant say any more. Its a very sad sad sad news.

  10. poojahansda said

    it is a disastrous day for all of us,both of them were like pillars of JNVK. they have shaped futures of so many lives. and now they are gone. still their voices echoes in my mind……………

  11. arshad said

    may their soul rest in peace ….aameen …:'(

  12. varun said

    Irreparable loss!! awestruck 😦 😦

  13. Kundan said

    May their soul rest in peace… and god give mental strength to their family members.

  14. Its much n more shockng n bad news for all d member of jnv..katihar..we hav lost d king of jnv katihar…unable to forgett both of u sir…avi navodaya jaane pe hr kuchh adhura lag rha h…y dis so happns god…i cant……forget…bhut galat kiya god ne..aaj yakin ho rha h dat thr iz no god

  15. sabir rana said

    sach mein abhilesh bhaiya aaj mera bhi dil yahi bol raha hai ki there is no god

  16. Gen p.k. saighal said

    I extend my heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Aarti Singh and the rest of the family. Indeed he was a great man. Though i had never met him, i had heard a lot about him.

    May his soul rest in peace and may the Almighty grant courage to his kith and kin to accept the loss.

    Do let me know if I could help in any way whatsoever.

    General Pramod Saighal.

  17. so sad…May god give rest to his soul and peace to his family.

  18. Piyush, Hannover Germany said

    May his soul rest in PEACE

  19. Amit Sah said

    God Bless his soul…………..We miss him really yesterday was BAD Day for JNV.

  20. Siddharth said

    Too Bad…!

  21. A huge loss to JNV family as well as to Humanity!!! The society mourn if any true human lost………..God bless his soul……………….

  22. It is the saddest day of my life we lost a great person iqbal ahmad.who admire his whole life to make school best in all over in india.we are always inspired by him with his hard working and honesty.his footprints is always in our heart.we never forget him.we always miss him…………….may his soul in rest and peace

  23. It is saddest day of life we lost a great person mr. Iqbal ahmad may his soul rest and pieace

  24. you will always b in our heart sir …may their souls rest in peace …

  25. RIP.. he was our principal when i was in jnv sbg, he was such a wonderfull person.. RIP

  26. Shanker said

    RIP… may god give strength to their family. This is the loss of Navodaya family as well. Sir, Navodaya will remember you for your love, dedication and support you showered on us!

  27. S N ROY said

    it is really shocking, i could not beleive that one of of the best principal of patna region shri iqbal ahmad is no more.we have lost a great human being. this loss is a loss of whole navodaya family.may god give strength to the bereaved family to bear his sad demise.

  28. Nahid Iqbal said

    sorry no words for saying …………………


    A huge loss to JNV family as well as to Humanity!!! The society mourn if any true human lost………..God bless his soul……………….

  30. Rony said

    So sad for this happening…May their souls rest in peace.

  31. HNS Rao said

    Although I cannot vividly recollect Iqbalji as principal,sure I recognise him looking at the pic posted.The obituary that is pouring in from his students, makes me feel very sad at the untimely demise of an illustrious Principal .Happy he has done his wee bit of services excellantly well to his capacity and is living in your hearts.Continue doing good work for the benefit of Humanity at large and be model in whatever sphere you enter and wherever you are.That is the best homage any one could give to the departed souls.
    My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.May their souls rest in peace.–H N S RAO

  32. Abs said

    Being from JNV Purnea I have met him. Such an inspiring person he was. when this mornin i read the news i was in Shock. RIP…

  33. kunal kr. kanchan said

    Its really shocking….. sorry no words for saying…..!!

  34. Its a very shocking News for all of us Because one of the member of our Family has reduced because of unforgettable accident…. We will always miss you Sir,, May god give piece to your Soul..

  35. VICKY DUTTA said

    An ideal person make a path for his follower, to walk on and achieve that position which he wants to achieve. Mr. Iqbal sir and P.E.T sir they are no more but they gives us that ideal path. so we have to follow.

  36. alok said

    Rest In Peace….my condolences with the family of respected sir….

  37. Rintu Prakash said

    Good person always they lived in our heart and their principles helps us to move on right way.

  38. iris said

    shitttttt he was our principal when i was in jnv dumka.he was such a wonderful man.miss u sir.

  39. 😦

  40. hamid mir said

    Innalilahi wa ilaihi rajiun
    I dnt beleive it such an heart breaking news it was me totaly shattered i met iqbal sir in jnv katihar whn we came 3re to migration he was such an kind hearted person and a gud principal may god rest his soul in peace allah unko jannat naseeb kareh
    and madan sir they were to close to us thy cme with us to kashmir as escort we enjy a lot thy wil always be in our hearts

  41. RIP

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  43. my deep condolences…may his soul rest in peace

  44. rajeev kumar said

    oh no……We lost a great and motivator principal.

  45. prakriti said

    Its really a heart-breaking news,……..may his soul rest in peace

  46. siddhant sasmit jnv ranchi said

    so sad…May god give rest to his soul and peace to his family.


    It is really difficult for me and my wife to accept the news of car accident that had snatched our beloved friend, guide & the Principal Mr. Iqbal & Mr. Madan, PET. I have still doubt that Mr. God is befooling us with this false news of their demise. Oh God!!!The words of Iqbal Sir – ‘ Lage Rahiye , Kaam Karte Rahiye, Sab Thik Hoga’ are still vibrating me. I salute you Sir for your great work that is echoing through the walls, buildings, plants & the people of this locality & abroad. This loss is irreparable and no one can substitute you Sir. May Allah/ God grant your soul heavenly peace to shine like a bright star so that we can even see you in the sky. May God grant courage to us as well as your good family to bear this great loss. oh, Sir!!!!!!!……
    Madan ji….. Kahan hain aap? Ab holi, Ramnavami,Diwali me Koun hoga hum sabon ke saath? Maidan me aapki awaz goonj rahi hai. aayiye na….Iswar aapki atma ko shanti den, pariwar ko is dukh ki ghari me sahas, himmat de, yahi hamari kamna hai. Apke saath bitaye pal hamesha hamare saath rahenge.

  48. P. S. Rana said

    Untimely and sad demise of Sri Iqbal Ahmed, Principal, JNV Katihar, Bihar on 11-06-2012 is a great loss to NVS. He was a great motivator to students & staff, highly successful and result oriented. As a man he was highly cooperative & helpful to all his staff members, friends and fellows and above all a very fine human being.He shouldered many additional responsibilities assigned by Regional Office, Patna on different occasions besides performing various duties of his Vidyalaya. Every time he organized different programmes successfully. May almighty put his soul in rest and grant courage enough to his bereaved wife Mrs. Arti Singh and other family members to bear this irreparable loss.

    P. S. Rana
    Girish Chandra

  49. Ranjeeta said

    May their souls rest in peace in heaven.



  51. Amritesh Ranjan said

    The news was very shocking for me & my family. May GOD RESTS his soul in heaven and bless Arti madam so that she faces the condition…..

  52. miksar ahmad said

    it’s shocking.. i am so sad to hear that.. RIP…

  53. H.P.Shamala. said

    Sorry to hear the sad demise of Principal and PET of JNV Katihar.which i used to visit often during my stay in Patna Regional Office. Let God give enough strength to their families to bear this grief. H.P.Shamala


  54. B.D.SINGH said

    Realy difficalt for me and my family to accept the news of car accident that snached our beloved principal shri Iqbal sir and shri madan sir PET. OH GOD, WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. I pray to god, may their soul rest in peace. GOD give mentle strength to Arti madam & family of madan sir. B.D.SINGH & FAMILY

  55. Dipanwita Sinha said

    It is really a sad moment for all of us……..people know him for all his good qualities……….a great teacher…….great person……
    He taught me biology in class 11th and 12th at JNVKolasi……….all these years we all have felt proud about our school………and off course all the good things happened becuase of good leadership…….I just cant express my self more………..may his soul rest in peace……….



    I missed a good friend. There are many things to learn from his personlaity.

  57. Rajeev Rahi said

    सचमुच दुखद..बेहद दुखद ! विश्वास नहीं हो पा रहा बिलकुल. सचमुच यह हम सबके लिए, पूरे नवोदय परिवार के लिए यह एक कभी न पूरा होने वाला नुकसान है.वो मेरे दो बार प्रिंसिपल रहे, साहिबगंज नवोदय और दुमका नवोदय में(जहाँ मैं 10th के बाद मिनी माइग्रेट हुआ था). दोनों बार मुझे उनका प्यार कुछ ज्यादा ही मिला, इसलिए डान्ट भी कुछ ज्यादा ही सुननी पड़ी.बातें तो बहुत सारी हैं…बहरहाल अब तो यही दुआ कर सकते हैं कि आरती मैम इस मुसीबत की घड़ी का सामना पूरे साहस से कर पायें…

  58. some people never die……… PET sir and iqbal sir r one of those. they r still among us. keep them alive by moving on their foot print.

  59. Bimlendu said

    Its a sad moment for all of us.mainly we r are so worried about aarti mam.may god give her full strength to face the new challenges in future.
    At last his SOUL may rest in peace

  60. Carole Andrews said

    It is truly tragic that we have lost such a warm, inspiring and kind hearted person. We will always remember him fondly here at Horningsham School in England; both from his visit to our little school and his fantastic hospitality when I came to India last year.
    My thoughts are also with Arti – your friends overseas are with you in spirit.
    Carole Andrews

  61. S.K.Jha said

    it is a matter of great sorrow that a very close friend of mine is no more with us.. we lost Mr. Iqbal Ahmed and Mr. Madan in a car accident.. it surely is an irreparable loss… may god give unlimited strength to their family to overcome the sadness… may their soul RIP!

  62. A. Roomi, PGT (English), JNV, Begusarai said

    It is a matter of great shock not only to me but for the entire NVS, family. Md. Iqbal Ahmed, Principal JNV, Katihar was such a great personality. In true sense a gentleman of large, May his soul rest in peace.

  63. P.N. Mishra, O.S. JNV, Ranchi said

    Extremely Shocked to know the sudden demise of a young Principal Md. Iqbal Ahmed, JNV, Katihar. He was such a gentleman at large. It is a great loss not only to NVS but for the whole Society. May his soul rest in peace. God may give enough courage to his family and friends to cope up with this irreparable loss.


    A young PET, Mr. Madan Kr. Singh, , JNV, Katihar has left this world. The NVS family extremely Shocked to know his sudden demise. God may give enough courage to his family and friends to cope up with this great loss. May his soul rest in peace.

  64. S.K Sharma said

    The Vidyalaya expresses its grief and sorrow over the tragic demise of Sri Iqbal ahmad and sri Madan PET JNV Katihar .We pray god to give enough strength to their family to bear the tragedy .
    May their soul rest in peace.
    S.K Sharma& all staff
    jnv deoghar

  65. sumit said

    Iqbal Ahmad Sir was very famous & great man in Patna region.

  66. Samuel Sudhir Divakar said

    I remember Iqbal Ahmed vividly, he used to be cheerful, keen to learn, receptive and fun to be with. He was a friendly soul. His untimely demise has shocked me. i was happy to see his most deserving name on the award list.
    May God Almighty give strength to his beloved family.

  67. H.s.mandal,PGT(BIO)&HEMA(PET) said

    really it is a very very shocking for the sad demise of loving principal Md iqbal sir & madan sir.At many instances iqbal sir remained a good guide for me.I can not forget his good gesture & and friendly approach .no doubt his sudden death is a great loss to Nvs.may god bless his almighty soul.

  68. muthukumar said

    So sad for this happening…May their souls rest in peace.

  69. Kishor Wadhe said

    May His soul rest in peace. Sad day for Navodaya family

  70. MD MISBAH said

    Innalilahi wa ilaihi rajiun

  71. moonshine said

    A miss is as good as mile ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, miss u sir

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  73. Quazi Naiyyer said

    V all loved him. He was a great person as well as a great teacher and a great great guide for us to have good and prosperous life. V all wl miss him fr forever.

  74. RANJEET PANDEY(2004-2006) said

    It is very sad news that we have lost our principal and PET sir, MAY GOD GIVE REST TO THEIR SOUL IN HEAVEN as i was in JNV katihr for 2 years 2004-2006, the JNV katihar has given a good platform to my career, this platform was created by our beloved principal Mr. IQBAL AHMAD sir. Sir you are still in the mind and thinking of all students from JNV katihar. we do but inspiration is you.

    Mr. MADAN sir was the most generous person, his motivational thoughts and his smiley face is still in-front of my eyes. He was the most energetic person and kind at heart. The ground of JNV KATIHAR will never let his memories go. Sir we are still maintaining the spirit given by you.

    At last i want to pray to god to give strength to their family and friends to accept this truth and run their life properly.

  75. Shaiyare Kumari said

    Its really painful news for us………. may his soul rest in peace..

  76. sarika singh said

    its really a harsh for entire JNV family,,god bless their family and give them strength to bear all the situation,,v’ll miss u sir.!


    its really shocking news forentire jnv family,i pray to god to give strength to his family ,friends and jnv family to accept this truth .May their(PET SIR & IQBQL SIR) soul rest in peace.we all miss u sir!

  78. Condolences to the JNV family from the NIOS family…

  79. Nidhi said

    May d Almighty rest their noble soul in peace n gives enuff strength 2 their family to bear this irreparable loss.
    i hop ur navodaya family finds enough strength in dis tough period.

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  83. Lopa Sarkar said

    May God rest his soul in Peace and give strength to the family in this time of grief.

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  85. Sudemsa Goyari said

    …..may his soul rest in peace…..

  86. Shekhar Bhushan Sharma(SUPW Teacher,J N V Hansdiha,Dumka) said

    badi dukh ke sath kahena hai ki aaj Iqbal Sir hamere sath nahi hai lekin unki neek salah aur bahut sari yaadie hamesha sath hai aur rahegi……..hamesha bippati me vicharo se help karne wale aap jaise vakyati ki kami khalti rahegi…….bhagwan apki aatma ko shanti de aur arti madam ko iss sadma ko sahene ke sakhti bhagwan pradan kare…….hum aapke aabhari the aur rahenge,,,,,,,,,,,

  87. Vishal kumar roy said

    i love him to much.i don’t think he is no more with us.He is in my heart i can’t forget him all my life.He was as my family member.he can’t died.sir is always with me.

  88. Kiran Chandra said

    Mr. Iqbal Ahmed was one of the noblest human beings.He was committed to his work, and was imbued with the determination to bring out the potential of his students.This is why he did not make distinctions and treated his students with utmost courtesy, elevating them all to the same state of life he had……that of a humane, kind and gentle human being. He was one with his students, school and colleagues , and an educationist par excellence.
    I saw him shortly before he passed away. He was visiting NVS Headquarters. We talked of many things, including his wish to be posted together with his wife at the same station. He had been initially reluctant to take on the assignment at Katihar, but having done so, he turned the school around, making it one of the finest schools in the Navodaya set up.
    I had hoped to see Mr. Iqbal Ahmed reach even more glorious heights, but fate willed otherwise.
    I still remember the softly smiling face of Mr. Iqbal Ahmed
    .I send my deepest condolences to his wife and family, and to his beloved students, who have poured out their hearts in sorrow.
    He was a great teacher, a wonderful human being.He will be missed by one and all.

  89. It is really a great loss. I can still remember those days of JNV Hansdiha, Dumka where Iqubal sir used to teach us biology. He was the great person.
    May God give peace to his soul.

  90. A Great Loss,
    I did share a weekk with Mr Iqbal in Delhi in a training Program. I think the above photo was taken in DPS Delhi. He was an extreemly imaginative, bold and a nice person. There is no exageration in any of the above tributes. I pray that his family gets the strength to bear the loss.
    A N Ramachandra, Registrar, IIITB

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  94. Abul Walid said

    Innalilahi wa ilaihi rajiun

    I dont konw what to say.
    I was one of the few guys who was so lucky to get blessed by you two times in life.
    In JNV Sahibgunj you are the prime and only few among all who motivated me and valued my creativity above procedural report cards.
    Again I was lucky to get you as principal when got admitted to JNV Dumka for +2.
    As before you again motivated and given me all opportunity to show my skill to the world.
    Because of you I got chance to showcase my self in Intel Science fare in Kolkata and won.
    You did everything in Patna to send me to IIT Delhi for Intel’s National meet.
    What ever I did at that time showed fruits after so many years and Now I am a Creative Engineer trying to change the world.
    You have a big share in my life and what ever I am today.

    I tried to contact you and meet you several time after I left JNV but never able to make it.
    Almighty never gave me that opportunity.

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  96. DR.MD MURUL HASAN said

    ALLAH ta-alah magfirat nashib ata farmae,iqbal sir ko mene unhe kabhi dekha nahi tha bas unki tareef suni thi,unki wife Aarti mam humlogon ki housemam thi 2004 me(jnv dumka),Mai aarti mam ko ye kahna chahunga ki wo is taqdeer ke faisle se sabra kare ,besak allah sabra karne walo k sath hai

  97. mahi rao said

    Greetings! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx!
    Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic job!

  98. Chandan kumar bharti said

    Really we all jnv family are missing principal sir.

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