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In love with…..!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 7, 2008

In the cab, I was looking out of the window, if you were there. I saw the birds flying around the green coconut trees under the clear blue sky, the sea with beautiful sceneries; the air was heavy with emotions and so was my heart. Suddenly, I noticed that red gulmohar flowers are blooming on both sides of the roadway. However, I couldn’t see what I was looking for. So I decided to give a rest to windows for a while.I remember, I went to Delhi last year during holi festival. I visited JNU campus and we met after a small gap.  The campus was full of flora at bloom. It’s strange that I never noticed you for so many years, but then when I met you I couldn’t help but love you. I admit, all these years, I have never stopped thinking about you.


Sitting in the cab was listening a ghazal ‘अपनी मर्ज़ी से कहाँ अपने सफ़र के हम हैं, रुख हवाओं का जिधर का है उधर के हम हैं…’  I was totally lost in song and all of the sudden song that I have known for years have a whole new meaning. It took me 14yrs back to my school days when we met for the first time. I remember the first time I saw you and fell in love with you. I didn’t tell anything about the feelings and affection I had for you. This love I have for you – it’s hard to describe, yet easy to feel. I forget everything when you come into my mind. I remember, school days was about to over, my eyes were with full of tears, heart feeling sad and thinking whether I will be getting chance to meet you again in future life. Having ABSOLUTELY NO idea or no clue what the time is.

Fortunately, I noticed you there in JNU; felt so much happy. One day, I saw you many times on the way to class and library, in midway of Godavari and kaveri hostel at JNU.  Standing proudly and glowing with the energy of your own color and own angel way, just right side of the street. Very few can look at you there but I simply love you. I looked up and you winked and blew a kiss at me. And all I could think about was how you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I admire you. I am so in love, every time I look at you my soul gets dizzy.

When I was in my PG, I thought this was the right time to express my feelings to you and I expressed it so did you. Now I feel, we both were in love with each other since our school days itself, but I couldn’t realize it in that short period. The love I have for you that will be there in my heart forever. We used to meet every day and I kept you very safely in my diary. Unexpectedly, one fine day you got disappeared somewhere that pained me a lot but it was not the end of my love for you. No! Separation is not the end of love; it creates love!

As I remember to express my love I never used three words that ‘I love you’ because I feel if only words could express the love then there are not the crises of people who use these words to express their feelings. My love for you is not just a composition one can easily learn. It’s not the solo in the middle, not the beginning or the end. A promise is what I give to you. I promise, my love for you, will never ever die! You make my life perfect!

All of a sudden, my friends asked me what are you thinking about, get down from the cab. I didn’t say anything, but just gave them a smile in return! I thought, if you ever been in love, you have probably identified and realized the feelings. Anyway, when stepping outside, the eyes are still looking for you…. Being completely honest, trying hard to find out you here, but truly saying I am not tired of waiting for my love! There is so much I could write down of how much I feel for you.

My dear readers, Guess?… for whom I always love to wait…??

Hmmm……  there is not much to think about it. It is none other than my love, my favourite beautiful flower Palash! Trust me! 🙂



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  1. Jitender Singh said

    As I remember to express my love I never used three words that ‘I love you’ because I feel if only words could express the love then there is not the crises of people who use this line.

    hmmm nice thought Bossss…

    Silsila ye pyar ka chalta rahega…..

    pehle jab main padh raha tha to kuch aur hi lag raha tha …ye to end mein clear hua ki Rewa ko phool pattion se mohabbat hai …junglee cheezon se …hehe


    Jitender Singh

  2. @Jitender, sonu how dare you? Tumne mere Palash ko junglee kaise kah diya? Just now take your word back otherwise I will kick you out from India! Got it?

  3. hahhahhahahhhaha….
    so funny..
    except last 2 lines rest was so romantic.But last 2 lines make it suspense love story :)..nice way of writing.

    Arun Bharti

  4. Tanu Shree said

    @ Rewa di Apke pyar ki khushbu sada yuhi khilti rahe aur mehekti rahe….. Aap jahan bhi jaaye waha apne pyar ki parchayi se mulakat ho….. Love to u n for ur true Love..PALASH!!!

    @ Mr Jitender ji ..Ye kya baat hai..aapne aise kaise kaha …haan??

  5. Anupam Jha said

    Palash jee ka blog address kya hai?? likh te honge kuch na kuch,natural..so close to u n cudnt write,impossible.by the way,this post is sending out a message that love is alive still in this world.Nice post.write like that,if possible.

  6. Surabhi said

    this is an awesome post Rewa.. 🙂 bahut mast hai.. 🙂

  7. mehhekk said

    rews what a superb way ful of fowling emotions to express r feelings of love,bahut khubsurat post hai,ek dam palash ki tarah.humko bhi pehle thodi galat fehmi ho gayi:0:),lastly palash ka naam dekh kar bahut sukun hua,aapka palash ke saath sang sada bana rahe.

  8. Jyothsna said

    hi rewa…wow dats a great narration wid full of suspense…..really u r a great creative writer..hats off….

  9. … kehte hain pyaar ka rishta hai janam ka rishta
    hai janam ka jo ye rishta to badalta kyoon hai ???

  10. Seems you have got someone special, now you don’t want to tell sudden so making such stories. is it?? 😉

    Wish this to be true…coz, hamein to bhoj khana hai didiya. 😀

  11. Tumhare loves bhi bade ajib kism ke hain.. Kabhi padha ki ek koi hai jo Lap par rehta hai..and you pass your most time with him.. Naam pucha to kaha – ki He is your sweetlappy (Laptop) 🙂

    Ab ek kahani khatam nahi hui ki dusri chalu….fir ab padha…dusre bechare ke baare mein… woh bechara to ped par hi latka rahta hai 😛 .. Waise Utar kar gale laga lo use.. warna Viru ke tarah per se kudkar jaan de dega… Kidding..:)

    Nice to read..Funny 😀

  12. Post a picture of your love too, if possible. We can see him too. 🙂

  13. Tanu said

    do lafzn ki hai kahni
    ya hai mohobbat
    ya hai jawaani….

    dil ki baaton ka matlab na pucho
    kuch aur humse bas ab na pucho
    jiske liye hai duniya diwaani
    ya hai mohhobat ya …..

    wo kashti wala kya gaa raha tha
    koi ise bhi yaad aa raha tha
    kisse purane yaadein purani
    ya hai mohhobat ya……

    do lafzon ki hai dil ki kahani
    ya hai mohobbat
    ya hai jawaani……


  14. Amit said

    This is a very beautiful deeply moving love story. An excellent way of expressing feelings.there is everthing in this and once again i got lost while reading.it is just out of my imagination. mai too paddhta jaa raha tha ye sochkar ke koun hai woh.

    Na umra ki seema ho na janam ka ho bandhan,jab pyaar kare koi to dekhe keval mun.

  15. Ek Ajnabi said

    ‘प्यार मुझसे जो किया तुमने तो क्या पाओगे…’
    nice ghazal..

    I remembered, last year during holi I went to Delhi and we saw each other while I visited JNU…achi memories hain author ki unke luv ke saath:

    jo kuch bhi bacha tha jeevan mein wo maine tere naam kiya…

    ye ishq nahin asan……

    Keep Smiling Always

    Ek Ajnabi

  16. @Arun, thank you so much for your lovely words. Hope you got the answer what you asked me on gtalk. 🙂

    @Tanu, shukriya dear for your best wishes! Hmmm….waise main jahan jahan chalungi palash mere sath chalega 😛 aur…Yun hi kat jayega safar sath chalane se, ki manzil aayegi nazar sath chalane se…! 🙂

    @Anupam, hehehe…actually Palash is very happy to read my blog so not willing to create it now. But I asked to create a new blog and soon that will be coming….so wait and watch! 🙂 Yes, undoubtly love is exit and sure I will try my best to write this way. Thanx alot.

    @Surabhi, happy to read your words and thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂

  17. rohit said

    waaha wahah wahahah whahaha .. yahi sabdh they pahle baar….
    jaur ka jhatka dheere se diya….kiya rewa likha hai, really har line me laga ki dil nikaal ker rakh diya ho…palash ke phool DD per kabhi serial bhi aata tha . tab pahle baar dhyaan gaya tha palash ke phool per..tum palash ke phool le aana ……badia hai …tum kaam ho, maan gaye aaj…….ek baar phir wahh waha wahaha…..dil bharr aaya yaar

  18. rohit said

    rewa ji
    phihaal 5000 km or 14 din ki yatar per jaa rahah hu…net se door rahna padega….puri ummid hai ke wapsi per apake kalam se aise hi kaamal ki chize nikalti rahngei

  19. :) said

    bhawana ko shabdo par kaise rakhate hai .. khoob janti ho… he bhagwaan .. kya to mujhe Palash bana sakta hai ? abhi … isi waqt ?

  20. goya ki jagjeet singh is bhari dophar me yaad aa gaye…..

  21. @Mehek, thanks for your sweet comments and aapki Duaon or best wishes ke sath khoobsurat taareef ke liye bhi shukriya.

    @Jyothsna, thanks for your lovely appreciating comments and thanks for visiting my blog. It’s my pleasure!

    @Satinder, bahut Shukriya for your lovely words. Waise ishq hota nahin sabhi ke liye, ye bana hai…ye bana hai Kisi kisi ke liye.

    @Sumit, babuwa bahut he zabardast thanks for commenting and for wrong guess. mujhe pura vishwas hai holi ke bhaang ka asar abhi tak nahi utra hai. Kyun itna pite ho mere bhai 😉 Haan, bhoj to pakka khane ko milega.

    @Prem sir, dil ka mamla hai 😉 Palash is my childhood love, haan my sweet lappy is also my love but main kuch nahi kar sakti. Aapne mere Palash ko bechara kaise bol diya ? Hadd hai. Jise jo dil mein aa raha hai bolte ja rahen hein. Mera palash koi filmi hero nahi, use pata hai mere pyar ke bare mein ishliye jaan dene ki noubat nahi aayegi. Pic dal dungi jab aap bechara word wapas loge warna aapko uske darshan se vanchit rakha jayega. 😛

  22. Jitender Singh said

    Rewa said: @Jitender, sonu how dare you? Tumne mere Palash ko junglee kaise kah diya? Just now take your word back otherwise I will kick you out from India! Got it?

    @#1 mere pyare mitr Rewa junglee kya bure hote hain? koi nahi hum apne shabd wapis lete hain per aap humen kick mat maarna humen bahut dard hoga…

    Tanu Said: @ Mr Jitender ji ..Ye kya baat hai..aapne aise kaise kaha …haan??

    @#2 Hi Miss Tanu ji yehi baat hai ..maine aisa isliye likha coz meri soch ke mutabik “original n paak” cheezen ab jungle mein hi bachi hain baaki sab to ek damm “fraud n artificial” hain …per fir bhi aapke mann ki shanti ke liye hum apne shabd apni pocket mein wapis daalte hain…..ab khushhh???


    Jitender Singh

  23. Shubh said

    Love with a flower!!! Great going…

  24. hmmmm…at one hand, it’s not true and on another Bhoj khane ko milega? How come you are ready for Bhoj? Daal mein kala, peela, neela, etc dikh raha hai. 😉

  25. do tarfa ishq bhale hi naa bana ho sabhi liye, par ek tarfa ishq par to duniya jeeti hai… arz kiya hai:

    jidhar dekho udhar ishq ke bimar baithe hain
    hazaroon mar chuke sainkdon tyyar baithe hai.

  26. Suraj said

    This was really nice……….But I doubt if it is really a Palash…..(?)

  27. Nidhi said

    SUBHAN ALLAH……kya love story hai, bepanah pyar jhalak raha hai. 😛
    He is so lucky Bhagwan palash ke sath aapki jodi salamat rakhe our palash gae bachpan ki mohabbat ko dil se na juda karna,jab yaad meri aae milne ki dua karna. when is your next meeting with palash? 😉

  28. Ami said

    kya baat hai aapne to suru se aanth tak suspense ko banaye rakha

    maan gaye aapko 🙂

  29. @Amit, ab tak to pata chal gaya koun hai woh. hehehe…achhi song hai…shukriya for putting lovely comment.

    @Ek ajnabi, i know its nice ghazal thatsy I was totally lost with it. Yes, meri memory bus palash ke liye hi achhi hai aur sada rahegi.

    @Rohit, yes, there was a serial but Papa hame bachpan mein bahut kam TV dekhne diya karte the but yeh song hamne suna hai so I do remember it….wo aise tha ‘jab jab tum mere ghar aana phool palash ke le aana.’ Anyway, shukriya for appreciating the post and all the best for happy journey.

    Hi smily sign, thnx a lot for your comment. Agar bhagwanji aapko palash bana dete to I am pretty sure yeh love story yahan hergiz na hota.

    @Anurag Arya, hmmm shukriya for commenting here. Chaliye mera palash aapko jagjeet singh yaad dila gaya.

    @Jitender, junglee ka to pata nahi kaise hote hein but mere Palash ki apni identity hai. Right sir? Bahut samajhdar ho jo jaldi hi apne shabd wapas le liye. Bahut Shukriya and “badi Meherbaani” for your explanation and lively comment!

    @Shubh, yea its true, thanx a lot.


  30. :) said

    ye lo 🙂

    ab main main nahin hoon …. main to hoon hi nahi … ab bas Palash hai.

    to kya kuchh bhi kam hoga ? nahin na ?

  31. mayz said

    adding you to my blogroll

  32. @Suraj, shukriya for commenting here. hmmm….its my real palash!

    @Nidhi, thanks dear for your lovely words and Palash ke taraf se jo song tumne likha hai wo yaad rakhungi. hmmm…pata nahi but I have to plan for next meeting.

    @Ami, ending is so important and my favorite part. Thank you for your lovely words but I don’t take the credit so all credit goes to Palash!

    @Mayz, thank you for adding my bog link to your blogroll, I will add your blog link on my blog.


  33. Kamlesh said

    Where does Palash live. I want to meet him. What he is doing? Why din’t he follow you.
    I want to meet you Palash Jiju….

  34. @Kamlesh, bhai mere tune palash ko jiju kyun kaha? Ohho abhi usse meri shadi nahi hui hai. Waise bhi Babu Palash US jaise chote desh mein nahi rahta hai….samjhe kya? 😆

  35. Kamlesh said

    aap ek baar address to de do fir dekho main chala jaunga usase milane ke liye, Main chhote desh se bade desh me milne to ja sakta hoo na…
    see u soon palash jiju…

  36. Jitender Singh said

    hahahaha….. Rewa tumhari shaadi kab hui palash se? yaar humen bulaya tak nehi? chlo koi nahi ab apne palash se mila to do baba….


    Jitender Singh

  37. Nidhi said

    Palash se shadi Kab kiya?na khabar na koi chiththee. theek hai mail na sahi phon he kar kar diya hota.itni kanzusi 😆 😆 😆
    hume bhi nahi bulaya….so sad.dhokha dosti main bhe dhokha. 😦

  38. Jitender Singh said

    hehe Rewa kamm se kamm itna to bata do kitne din ho gaye palash se tumhari shadi ko hue ?


    Jitender Singh

  39. @Jitender, Tumhe maan gaye ustad, tum ho ulloo ke sartaaz. Tum to peeche hi per gaye ho, tumhe comment#34 nahi dikh raha? Read above comment. Hadd karte ho!

    @Nidhi, ohho tu bhi na tumhe to bus mouke ki talash hoti hai. Missji padho comment#34 aur gao gao gate jao…teri dosti mera pyar. 🙂

    @Smily sign, thnx for putting the pic of Palash. Yes, bus Palash hai aur rahega.

    @Satinder, hmmm…baat to aapne sahi kaha hai. Mast sher farmaya hai aapne. kitne mar gaye fir bhi marne ki number log lagaye baithe hein.hehehe. 😆

  40. vijaya smriti said

    Is baar main chhuttiyon me ghar gayee thi.subah subah papa ke saath morning walk ke liye nikali.Raaste me hame wo mile.bahut hi khoobsurat.Uncha lamba kad, aur rang bilkul laal.baaki sab kuchh to normal tha per laali kuchh jyada thi, so maine poochh diya ki ye aap achanak se chehare per itani lalima kaise aa gayee.Unhone sharmate hue keha , “ab kya bataun!aapko pata nai”. maine poochha ki aise kaun si baat hai jo hame pata nahi hai aur jisne aapka rang surkh laal ker diya.atayant hi sankoch se unhone uttar diya ,”aapki REWA JI ne hamare chori chhipe pyar ka khullam khulla elan ker diya hai.Bas isi se hum laal ho gaye.ab aap hamara sandesh un tak pahuncha dijiye.Hamara unke bina ji nahi lagta hai.hum unke paas nahi jaa skate per wo to hame apane paas la sakati hain na!humse ye virah ki bela aur bardasht nahi ho reha.hamara ye paigam un tak pahuncha dijiye”.
    to Rewa didi, to ye sandesh tha PALASH jiju ka apake liye. 😉

  41. Jitender Singh said

    Ye lo milo apne hamdam se online:



    Jitender Singh

  42. Nidhi said

    Apko bina dowry ka palash mil gaya.ab mujhko bi kisi se pyar karna parega.aaj jake gulmohar ko propose karti hun 😛

  43. Akhilesh Kumar said

    Nice post.
    But I suspect whether flowers are lovable, they may be appreciated for there beauty. Human beings are the best creature of GOD, anyone should express love for them 🙂

  44. sandhya said

    Anupam Jha Says:
    Palash jee ka blog address kya hai??

    Really nice comment…….. 😉

  45. Tanu Shree said

    hmmmmm to di bohot ho gayi meri shrafat..ab mai bhi thodi masti kar hi lu………..!!!!!!!!!

    Di waise lagta to mujhe bhi hai…koi to hai bhai…Mr.Palash…ab naam dusra bhi ho sakta hai bt aapne to pyar se yahi naam de diya hai…. pyar to pyar hai di..kisi bhi nam se bulao….

    Ab aur intzaar nahi hota …plz ab jaldi jaldi milaiye humare Jiju se …..

    atleast unka naam to bata hi dijiye , 😛 …acha thodi hint hi de dijiye…. hum tasalli kar lenge….. !!!!

    Haan pata ahi aap yahi kahengi read comment # 34, padh liya.. to kya hua shadi se pehle hi hum Jiju bula rahe hai… ab naam to nahi lenge na !!! n US me nahi hai to acha hai na Indian ka hi address de dijiye.. Hum bhi to mile!!!!!


    Luv u di!!!

  46. @Viji, kya mast story banaya hai…mujhe paigam pahunchane ke liye bahut bahut shukriya! Mujhe to dar lag raha hai, ab garmi badh raha hai or bechara mera palash to jhulas jayega…koi nahi rewa ke name per itna sahna hi parega. Really lovely story, I liked it. 🙂

    @Akhilesh, of course flowers are very much lovable. God created a reality in which everything exists. Everything created by God in whatever form is lovable. That’s why I am in love with Palash! 🙂

    @Jitender, thank you for putting link here.

    @Sandhya, hmmm…yes; he always writes mast and funny comment. Thanku dear for visiting my blog.

  47. Hussain said

    good writeup 🙂 keep going…

    hm… aap ka pyar (i mean Mr Palash) sada mehafooz rehe 😉

  48. @Hussain,

    Thank you so much for appreciating my writeup. It’s a real feelings for my Palash in few words! 🙂 Shukriya agar aapki duwa hai to mera pyar sada mahafooz rahega.


  49. Nishath said

    Keep going and wish u a sucessful love with your partner (PALASH). Though i live next to her but i have not seen her PALASH. she didn’t introduce me with palash.

    how are your palash look like and why you hide palash with your palloo ? 😉 😛

  50. @Tanu, haanji betu ji dekh li aapki sharafat! Chor hamesha jore se bolta hai akhir wo sharafat jo hota hai 😉 Plz, koi nahi baba…tum bhi na kitni shaitan hoti ja rahi hai…kiska asar ho raha hai? You know, aajkal garmi mein mera Palash thoda jhulash gaya hai. 🙂

    @Nishath, hehehe…my palash is fine and doing well, but I don’t have palloo with me now so can’t hide anything.

  51. Rakesh Shrivastav said

    Heyy All,

    Can any one help me out with the lyrics or complete Song Abt the OLD TV Serial “Palash ke Phool”

    “Jab Jab mere Ghar Aana Tum,
    Phool Palash ke le aana…”

    Mano Bachpan inhi lines me Chhupa hua hai mera..

    Kindly help me out…


  52. Harish said

    Its been wonderful to read such..good creation…some people has been send to the earth..for..putting the example..Rewa di z one of them.@rewa di..aap aise hi likhte rahiye


  53. @Rakesh, welcome you and your kind words here. I too have searched a lot it but couldn’t find this song till now. If anybody know this song please do let us know.

    Dear Harish, thanks for your lovely and inspiring words. All credit goes to you readers and commentators for whatever I am writing here. Your lovely words and encouragement made me to write here. So, I would like to thank all the readers and commentators.


  54. rohit said

    yaar rewa abhi to nahi mila…..ha jarroor dunga is gane ka detail….. try kia hai..site se haata liya gaya tah yeh song…
    hir Wohi Talaash was directed by Lekh Tandon.. The heroine was not Neelima Aazim, she played supporting actress in the serial… Heroine’s name was probably poonam? (malhotra?)

    Hero was… Ashwini Kumar was first featured in Hum Log (as the husband of Badkee).. title song ko gaya tha Chandan Das ne or music this tha Anil Biswas..ne
    rohit..write koi Mr Anpum they….koshi hai ki mil jaye woh serial ka record hi…jaldi kahbar karoonga …. yueh gaana hamare hi nahi kai logo ka favt hai yaar

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  56. Vishal said


  57. Dr. Subhash said

    It is not at all simple to sit and pen down your feelings. Reading your words, is like hearing myself speak.

  58. nidhi said

    nice story.its true love needs no words but two hearts to understand the feelings….

  59. Nidhi said

    hey v both got d same name. 🙂
    dis name is v common nd so many girls hav d same name.

    true,v dnt need wrds to expres our feelings bt v need to undrstnd it.

  60. Rewa jee,
    Chalie. . . . . Mana khub pyar hai aapko apne palas se. . . . Jaise Baba bharti ko apne ghode se tha. . . . Man lia. . . . Par bhulna mat is palas ko ,dusre ko pakar. . . . . Aur is bhid me khokar ! Ye na kahe palas, ek dhokebaj thi wo mere upwan ki. . . . .

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  62. RANJIT said

    Hiii,mujhe ye luv story bahut achha laga lekin aaj ke jamane me sacha pyar milna bahut muskil hai kyunki main jise apne jaan se jyada pyar kartahun ushne mera sath chhoddiya or ab mujhe pyar se nafrat honelaga hai.

  63. taru said

    u r superb di……… n ur article………… outstading 🙂 wt a feeling n emotion !!!!!!!!

    love u di..

  64. @Tarun,

    Thanku Thanku! Love you always mere bhai! 🙂

  65. That was an ending that I did not quiet expect 😀

  66. Amitesh Shukla said

    A true, touching love story. I love your posts. They are very, very good. I love your blog.!

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful unconditional love story.

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  68. Dr. Siddhartha said

    Just lovely. Love is the greatest feeling!
    I think we can all relate to the feelings expressed. Our feelings can express so much when written and expressed through words.

  69. Karunesh said

    I am loving it!! I always loved your style of writing. lovely writing 🙂 Thanks

  70. Lopa Sarkar said

    Wow! what a lovely story! Beautiful and a timeless expression of love. I see your love blooming like your favourite flower.

  71. Shikhar said

    If I could ‘LIKE’ this post more than 100 times, I would. Awesome!

  72. Lopa Sarkar said

    You are as unique as your love! May your love bloom forever!!

  73. Shashank Baranwal said

    Rewa di aapne shuru kiya Gulmohar se par khatm kiya Palaash par.
    I love both but Palaash mujhe jyada apna sa lagta hai.
    ye mujhe tab se pasand hai jab maine ese dekha bhi nahi tha.
    Shayad 9-10 saal ka raha hounga jab pahli baar ye song suna tha school ki khidki se aawaz aa rahi thi,
    “Jab jab mere ghar aana tum phool palash ke le aana tum”
    us aawaz mai jane kya tha ki main kho gaya kahin apne aap mai, aur etni daant khayi miss ji se ki puchhiye mat, jab bhi ye song sunta tha sab bhul kar nazare khidki se bahar, ant mai unhone khidki ke paas baithna tak band karwa diya tha mera…

    Pasand to bahut si hain par jo 5 sabse jyada pasand hain wo Meri bike, nadi ka kinara, pahadiyan & Palaash k phool & 5th nahi bataunga…
    luck by chance ye charon cheeje mujhe Dindori mai mil gayi, meri bike nadi ka kinara pahadi & Palaash ka phool…
    yaad hi nahi ki kitni shaamen maine Nadi k kinare Palaash k ped k niche baith 5ve ko miss karte hue bita di…
    abhi gaya tha kuch din pahle main dindori to gaya tha apne purane dost se milne nadi k kinare aur waisa hi paya use.

    आज अरसे बाद देखा मैंने पलाश को,
    कुछ महका महका सा लगा पलाश,
    फ़िर लगा नहीं ये तो बहका बहका सा है।
    वनों उपवनों में आज भी जिन्दा है पलाश,
    स्वयं सुलगता और धधकता आज भी वैसा ही है पलाश
    अपनों में बेगाना सा खड़ा, आज भी अकेला है पलाश॥
    अपने अंतस में एक पलाश को महसूस करता हूँ मैं…
    शहरों में तो नहीं दीखता है ये अब ज्यादातर पर आज भी मेरा ये दोस्त जंगलों और पहाड़ों में बहुतायत से मिलते है,

  74. Ritesh Ranjan said

    A very impressive heart touching story. I hope I too get someone who will love me truly. 🙂

  75. Kapil said

    It’s quite a good read. Your writing style is an asset that sets you apart from other bloggers. Without Makeup. Keep rocking the world with your mind blowing style! Thank you.

  76. Pankaj said

    Your sweet feeling of love make me realize the feeling love again even I lost my love. I love it..words really touch my heart..Thanks for a marvelous posting.

  77. Roshni said

    Fantastic post.

  78. Marilyn said

    Thnks for onhes marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author. I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will come back very soon. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great posts, have a nice holiday weekend!

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