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Congratulations to our young IAS friends from JNV!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 3, 2013

Heartiest congratulations to all the fellow JNVAlumni for Cracking the UPSC-2012. Undoubtedly, you achieved the milestone by securing good rank in UPSC!

UPSC 2012 from jnv

Wish you all the best in whatever goals you seek.

Navodaya is creating great leaders for tomorrow. We are grateful to all the Novadaya teachers whose support is there 24X7, which never happens in any other school or Gurukuls.

Looking at the state of society today, we have great expectations from you. May you work towards establishing ethical and moral standards among the youth and leaders of today for a better tomorrow!

Friends, please keep adding the names as well if you get to know anyone who cracked UPSC this year from our JNV family!

Dear All,

Please register on http://www.jnvalumni.com/ to connect to JNV alumni network all over India. This will not only give you a chance to serve the society but also an assurance that you will never be alone. Connecting to probably the biggest alumni network in India has its benefits, and with all that navodaya has given us, this is the least we can do. So Come on, join hands…!!!

The list is getting enhanced day by day and I am becoming a puff ball with proud feelings 🙂

Thank you


53 Responses to “Congratulations to our young IAS friends from JNV!”

  1. Congrates u All….. good luck……. thanku for sharing….. we r proud to be navodayan……. really u people make us feel up………

  2. Rajesh kumar said

    Wish u many many congratulations bro..This 1 is the pleasure to jnv families…me 4m jnv unnao..

  3. Ravindra Saini said

    Good Luck,,,,,,,,and Congratulations…..from inner core………

  4. vivek das said

    Congrtzzzzzzzzz u both….. u may listen some more aaddition from BIHAR COMMISSION …….
    keep on HAM HI NAVODAY HO…………

  5. kumardh said

    Ye huyi na baat!!!!!!!!!!!!! proud to be part of such family …

  6. wow…………….. great dude’s………… keep it up.

  7. neetu said

    congrats……. proud to be navodyn…….

  8. mithun said

    congratulation bhaiya………..we proud on u …..and to be navodayan

  9. afzal khan said

    Congrats Brother … u really made us proud … with best wishes….regards

  10. Yashwinder Paul Singh said

    congrats to both and to navodaya family both

  11. Karishma said

    Congratz…. Bhaiya nd i’m proud 2 be part of this navodaya family

  12. Devendra Yadav said

    Congrates dear bro..
    navodaya familly prouds of u…
    jnv hardoi(up)

  13. congrates……….

  14. Rajesh said

    Conrats bro

  15. Rajesh said

    Congrats bro

  16. barnashri larah said

    congrates navodayans…….we proud of u….

  17. kumar saurabh said

    its just a start……. keep it up, guys

  18. sandeep kumar yadav said

    dr vipul chavda from jnv jamnagar gujrat also selected in upsc

  19. zahir ul mohammed said

    Jai JNV.

  20. Mrutyunjay said

    I, Mrutyunjay (JNV Belgaum, 1996-2000), will be glad to add that my wife Suman D Pennekar (JNV Belgaum, 1996-2003) has secured AIR-126th rank in CSE-2012. JNV is in Kothali, Belgaum, Karnataka.

  21. Hi Mrutyunjay,

    Thank you so much for adding your wife Suman’s name in the list… 🙂

    We are proud of navodaya teachers and mentors who nurtured us in a way that makes us capable to leave our mark in all the fields.


  22. I do not know why.. but Suman’s name in this list remind me of the first brave village girl from Navodaya Family who cracked the UPSC exam and got selected for IFS.

    The source of Inspiration “Deepti” was not having colorful childhood but she brought back colors to her sorrowful face. She did schooling from JNV Pedavegi, in West Godavari district and engineering from the Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad.

    Deepti was the first woman from the State to join the IFS.

  23. anil sethi said

    badhaai aur shubhkamnaaye sabhi ko

    sabse aage humi navodaya ho

    jai navodaya

  24. Abhilesh singh said

    Wow its best news for all of us….n congrats u all…u r d inspiring source for us…

  25. vinay kant said

    i am very happy to know this…
    we will rock..

  26. jayraj dabral said


    heartly congratulation to all navodayans for such a splendid display of their potential.

    anuradha pal Air-451 jnv haridwar..
    i dnt hav much info about her though came across this news through a newspaper.

  27. NAVODAYA Murali said

    Congratulations Navodayans…..

  28. @Jayraj,

    Thank you so much for update. We have added her name in the list.


  29. harish dewan said

    many many congratulations to navodayan……

  30. Abhishek said

    Congrates all! your work our proud! 🙂

  31. @Abhishek,

    Well said!!! 🙂

  32. Amit said

    Manay Congratulations. We are proud now, I’m sure one day the nation would be proud.

  33. sapana said

    Congrts!!!! navodiyan…

  34. Narayan said


  35. Ranjeeta said

    Congrats guys on this achievement.

  36. rohit rajput said

    navodayans are always known not only in the country but all over the world for their versatile ,multitalented and cheerful behavior.

  37. rohit rajput said

    hum navodayans zindgi me kuchh bane ya na bane pr ek achchhe insan jaroor banege

  38. Vikramjeet sinha said

    Congrats to all who crack this goal.

  39. Jadumoni said

    Cngratulatns to all … Proud to b a navodyan….

  40. Added one more name Amit Kumar from 1996-2003, JNV Azamgarh, U.P Rank- 266 in UPSC. Thanks Vikram for update.

  41. Nidhi said

    Hi guys nd gals,
    Congratulations to u all……. “Keep on rocking”….. 🙂

  42. vimal said

    congrts bhaiya

  43. Congratulations friends! Navodaya gave us what we never thought of….it’s time to give back to the society!

  44. dev vegar said

    wow……congratulation.. 🙂 .

    Ek din me bhi aap jaisa banuga—promise.. Proud to be navodayan… 🙂

  45. shivam jaiswal said

    congrass to all bhai jees

  46. alok meena said

    congratulations for jnv’ns

  47. JAI ARYA said

    Congrulation dear

  48. Vijai Bajpai said

    my heartiest congrats to proud Navodayan

  49. Vipin said

    Congrts to all… I always proud to be a part of navodaya family….!!

  50. Uday Patil said

    Congratulations from bottom of my heart for all who make Navodaya Proud. I belive you all will going to searve our/ My nation in a good way. Best of luck. god will bless you.

  51. Dear All,

    Added one more name in list by Dinesh Godara…

    PUNEET BIJARANIYA, rank- 813, from JNV Kuchaman, Nagaur, Rajasthan.

    Thanks Dinesh for update.


  52. An Indian said

    1. Many IAS said, they want to serve the country and humanity so they wanted to be an IAS.
    ANS: Don’t say you want to serve the country and humanity if all you want is to serve yourself.

    2. it’s said, “IAS is for people who want to change the country and who have the courage to make a difference.”
    ANS: please name the IAS people who changed the country for better and made a positive difference.
    All majority instances I hear are negative. 🙂

    Today any crimes are possible only because IAS, IPS, IRS etc. babus don’t do their duty, they joined it not because of any concern to serve the people. They just want a red light, full time free servants and lots of money without hard work.
    IAS has no job being good or bad, he has come there by his own choice. He swears that he would serve the country but all he does is a blatant rape of the country….
    He is bound by duty to serve the people..that’s why he is given a red light as a symbol of esteem above common man..he is supposed to lead the people..serve them..

    Politicians and IAS both are filthy idiots….
    The only problem is that these DIRTY IAS are in overwhelming majority….
    Remember politicians and IAS can’t do anything without each other.even if 50% of one of the groups chose to stop corruption it would be achieved in no time.but they WON’T.politicians want intelligent IAS to loot the common people and IAS wants politicians to save them from law as IAS wants nothing but commit numerous crimes.

    This is all about IAS!!!!

  53. deborah said

    yes….. navodayans allways rockzzzz…..proud to be a navodayan…4rm jnv,pedawegi.

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