Turning the wheel…

…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

About Me

Hello World!

I am Rewa Smriti, a “Maharani of Kuch Nahin (Queen of Nothing)!” Going by my name, I mark a ‘new beginning’ of a ‘flowing life’. I just concentrate on what I am doing and to make sure that I put in the best of my abilities. I have a ‘fully functional’ brain and heart. I know, sky is certainly the limit for those who have rock-hard determination. I wish to go with life as it goes and match my steps with time. I am a continuous fighter and don’t give up without a tough fight! And needless to mention, I feel, I flow and I exist! 

– क्यों कहते हैं कि जीने का अंदाज़ बदल दे; और है ही क्या इस अपने अंदाज़ के सिवा….! (Why should I be asked to change my style? I stand by my style and am proud of it!)

Note: You may click on the link to know the meaning of my name. And why I have called this blog as Turning the wheel??

I love these lines….

“यह अरण्य, झुरमुट जो काटे अपनी राह बना ले,
क्रीतदास यह नहीं किसी का जो चाहे अपना ले!
जीवन उनका नहीं युधिष्ठिर ! जो उससे डरते हैं,
वह उनका जो चरण रोप निर्भय होकर लड़ते हैं!!!”

~रामधारी सिंह दिनकर

Thank You.

About the Blog:

Many people ask me why I have called this blog as “Turning the Wheel”.

Wheel signifies progress. Life is livable only when it is progressive, and not when it is stagnant. We all are continuously active to make our life better, i.e. to keep the wheel of our life turning. I started this forum as I wanted to contribute towards making the journey of each one of us happier through the meagre thoughts that occur to me. I want to share my feelings through this blog as I keep moving in my life.

I wish each word in this blog helps us appreciate and value every moment of our life no matter what we are faced with. Life is a journey full of twists and turns. At times, you may be moving in the dark, not clear as to which way to go, and you get headed in the wrong direction. Sometimes, life can go ‘off the tracks’ as well. But, remember, time gives us new avenues and U-turns to reshape our lives. And then we have to recall our strengths, self-introspect, revitalize our energies, make our vision clear and get our life back to its tracks. In such situations, we need to learn from everything that comes our way, and this little lamp intends to be a lighthouse by the shore.

We need to remember that we all have a “free” will. Let’s acknowledge honestly and honor it. We have the will to actualize what we want from our life, and it will be done through sincere efforts. Empower yourself so that your true soul value is visible to the world. If you want to live life to the fullest, you have to realize that YOU are the driver of your life and you have to drive. So, let’s get into the driver’s seat of our life and DRIVE!

‘Turning the wheel’ lets you explore what life holds in it for you, and to feel the power in your wings to head your way amidst the turbulent winds. You are always welcome to put your thoughts on this blog. It may sometimes, disapprove of what you say, but it will defend till the last breath your right to say it!

I thank all the readers and contributors of this blog to help this small platform meet its objective.



96 Responses to “About Me”

  1. soumya said

    this head strong, hard working,full of inspiration, cooperating, dedicated personalty is one and unique among all i do know. I cherished all the moments spend with her, all the feelings we shared with each other…..she is a person whose friendship is ever desired as a treasure………..words are not enough to explain…..

  2. Dheeraj said

    You can think..
    If someone’s words are this much powerfull n confident
    then how much confident is she…
    really rewa di never steps back….

  3. Hemant Verma said

    Rewa is my best friend and today I have decided to leave my words for her. She is extreemly helpful. Being a software guy I did not hesitate to take her help to build my own site like Rewa’s site. Thanks a lot Rewa for helping me to join this internet world. I am happy to have a friend like you.

  4. i am very impressed by rewa,
    i like her attitude, passion
    no more words to explain……….

  5. Anjan said

    I Have not met her, but had communicated on phone and on chat… common between us start from we are from same family of schools, and second we share the same interest in kind of difference we want to make to people.. well mine is the sub set of what she does I suppose.. she really get the josh back in people she interact with…I will not write much before we meet. I am fortune to get you along in net and I feel a great support from u.. rewa, nice to have u around…

  6. veerendra said

    REWA SMRITI….. hmm name suna hua lag raha hai 🙂

  7. sushil said

    Very wonderfully constructed lines with powerful words….
    They all belongs to different areas, and she tried to paint them with each color of life she could.
    Lots of them are nostalgic, but that is the best time everyone wants in to be!
    So Rewa, just try to discover more colors and you will find more!!!

  8. Aditya said

    Smirti/Rewa !!! I would like to describe your quality with few words like “straight forward”, “daring” and “Principle Wali” Girl ……….very popular among JNV community….rather I would say only popular girl among JNV community….. She has a clean heart and “dimag” some takes decision on emotion and principle ………
    Rewa !!!! I consider you as one of my good friend and junior……… May God Bless you !!!

  9. Kamlesh said

    Very Rarely we meet people with whom we just get connected right at the moment. For me it has been just couple of months since we talked first (haven’t met yet), but I feel that I know her since ages. Her elderly advices, affection and sometimes childlike behaviour has made me believe that I have an elder sister, whom I can call my own DIDI with all rights and respect.

    Thanks Di for adopting me as Babu (as she fondly calls me).


  10. Rajeev Kumar said

    Bhale hi main aapse kabhi nahi mila…par aapki baaton se main kafi impress hu…aapki statement mere dil ko chhu gayi…

  11. MOHAN PANDIT said

    Rewa jee,
    you are doing good for the society.
    but there is the time to do something for the uneducated mass who has nothing to do with your internet messages.
    You r intelligent enough to catch up my feelings.

  12. Nilesh said

    Couple of months back, i joined navodaya.net
    and den i came across a person who write passionately
    about NAvodaya….
    not only jnv but abt JNVians and abt society
    i never meet this person in my life….
    but i saw her dedication towards the work, she undertook….
    An exellent writer and i suppose workaholic
    i dont want to write a testimonial here so i would like to stop 🙂

    Hi di,
    really impressed by ur work and writing:)

  13. Dharmendra said

    ye meri cute si achhi si didi hai..
    inke baare mein kuchh kehna ya likhna bilkul galat hoga..
    she is great in the greatest one……….
    thank you didi mujhe itni help dene k liye……..
    i will not forget you whole life.

  14. karthik said

    A well managed blog is filled with quality content, links and frequently updated.

  15. swapnil said

    rewa ji

    aap to kavita me hit hain…

    maine aapki kavita al prajapati k madhayam se padi thi.

    mere pass aapka blog nahi hai

    send address

    and i want to publish yr poem in nov bharat… ok

  16. swapnil said

    oh sorry blog hai……ha …ha…kabhi kabhi esa hota hia

  17. suruchi said

    hello rewa,
    actually,my friends name is smriti and once i was searching about her research papers i found ur blog.there, i read ur poems.some of them r really very good.what is ur profession.i want to know about u.

  18. kundan said

    in ds wrld we meet so many ppl n several times but sm leave everlasting impression in only one meet…she is one of those..
    really u will feel… she knows u 4m ages…
    her name ‘SMRITI’ reveals ds, once u meet her she wll b in ur smriti(memory)4 ever…
    very few ppl like her;think 4 others..
    she is born to lead…u can follow her wid closed eye…
    words r less to describe ds daring lady…but i wll tell u sm which u will notice….her INNOCENT SMILE….FUN LOVING…INSPIRING…..FRNDLY N SUPPORTIVE…HELPING N CARING….n….. n……..
    d wrk dn by her at jnv katihar impressed m alot…
    smply hats off to u…
    smtime i think it would hv been so nice if i were ur classmate…
    newaz i wish ur life be full of joy n achivements…

  19. Tanu Shree said

    Di ur words are so expessive n real that they highly reflect n points toward the topic … U say everything so magically di …that even if one is not interested in that field will surely read it out n comment on that too…

    N about u wat can i say is simply that u r so very diff frm the ppl around ….. Remain same forever ….atleast for me(yes i m being selfish here!)…hehehehe…

    LOTS of LUV n LUCK!

  20. Tanu Shree said

    aapke liye-

    dil ka rishta kaisa hota hai ??
    chanchal mann jaisa
    ya bholi aankhon jaisa!!
    nahi jaanti is sawalo ke jawaab
    par haan ye jaanti hu
    dil ka rishta aisa hi hota hai
    jaisa humara rishta hai!!

    frm ur sis

  21. mehhekk said

    wish u happy womens day.

  22. Tanu Shree said

    Happy Women’s Day..di

  23. एक रेवा कार आई
    स्‍मृति साकार आई
    करो मित्रो विचार
    यह उर्जा भरी नार

  24. Tanu Shree said

    di dont know wat attachment i m having wid u …. thanks fr coming in my life!!di i really mean it…

    yu hi saath rahiyega didi…missing u … n luv u !! 😛

  25. Ek Ajnabi said

    Nice to know about you …Keep on expressing yourself so that the people may have some inspirations by reading the blog.

    Ek Ajnabi

  26. ami said

    Oh ho… chaliye koi nahi Belated Fools day hi sahi 🙂

    Waise aap kaam kaha karti hai

    I m working for TCS, hyderabad.

  27. ami jha said

    hi rewa di
    i enjoyed seeing your navodaya pictures and also of orkut ones

  28. ami said

    Aapne bilkul sahi kaha rewa di, Vaio laptop is lookwise too good hai ki aap uski snap rakh kar bhi enjoy kar sakti hai.. no need to buy it that much costly, as we can get the same configuration in good and simple price. Example is Dell.

  29. suvimal said

    pranamm didi

    u r really my best didi i always miss u

  30. ami said

    I love this rhythm alot

    वहाँ कौन है तेरा मुसाफिर तू जाएगा कहाँ…..!

  31. ami said

    Dear Rewa di,

    Please mail me on ami.jha@tatatel.co.in

    Need some help from you.

  32. ami said

    Didi i sent the mail to you. aap ko koi idea aaye to batana zarror se. Jab bhi aaye tab batana 🙂

  33. anmmch said

    Nice rewa jee…
    To see your creation i had to think more. Now result is our college has our own site. Thanks you are my inspiration.

  34. Tanu Shree said

    Dear Di kahan hai aaj aap…Missing u badlyy…plz jaldi se aa jaiyee…

  35. Nishath said

    Rewa is smart, truthful girl. She talks straight forward and i like her name very much. she cooks nice and i ate her makes. i like her very much. don’t forget me when you get married. Always live happily.

    love you rewa.

  36. Tanu Shree said

    Rula kar chal diye ek dinn
    hansi ban kar jo aaye the…
    Chaman ro ro ke kehta hai
    kabhi gul muskuraye the…

    agar dil ke zubaan hoti
    ye gam kuch kam to ho jata
    udhar wo chup
    idhar seene me hum toofan chupaye hain…

    Luv u my Rewa Di !!

  37. Tanu Shree said

    Di talk to me naa… whr r u ?

    missing u badly .. really di

  38. anmmch said

    Hi Rewa jee,
    Before the time cross. . . I would like to catch it from ahead to say “happy birth day to you “.To that girl who is full of qualities. . .
    May god bring chariot of goodness for her to lighten the society and the world.

    Happy B’Day to you. .
    Dr.Abhay Kr.

  39. ami said

    this is for u di,

    coorg snaps


  40. बहोत बढिया। रेवास्म्रिती जी, लिखते रहीए।आपको पढने में बडा मज़ा आता है.

  41. Amrit said

    Interesting … very interesting!!

  42. Jai said

    Hi Rewa,

    I am full of pride and glory to see personalities you from navodaya,who try to make this world better, anyways I am in your Orkut list too. but at that time I was not really knowing this much about you. But here by reading your ideas, I can smell your personality. I am not praising you, I am telling what I feel. I am not going to come here again and read the reply. but I hope, the youngsters, who will see you, at least take a lesson and would try to support this kind of work further. Keep it up…..

  43. You have been quoted on my web page मेरे गीत ! at my blog.
    please visit !

  44. Rajesh Ranjan said

    being a Bihari I want to thank 4 ur efforts on floods situation in Bihar. U have got sympathtical heart with brain …so keep it on…..

  45. Amrit Vishal said

    Hi Rewa, Beautiful blog! Your words are quite impressive. You are doing great job. keep it up.

  46. Hello Rewa jee,

    My hearthest congratulation to you and your blog to cross the 100000 hits. Within this short duration many of the people and bloggers shared the opinion, Got benefitted. . . . . Its your appreciable effort . And hope this wheel will turn till the last breath.
    Wishing a bright future ahead.

    With Regard,

  47. khetesh said

    good luck..

  48. Rajat said

    hi rewa..

    ur blog is vry gud..

    can u let me knw vat exactly u do .. ?

    I mean after blogging..


    Rajat Jain

  49. Happy NEW YEAR to you too. . . . .

    Oh my Dear,
    Forget ur Fear,
    Let ur Dreams be Clear, Please Hear,I want to tell
    One thing in ur Ear . . .
    Happy NEW YEAR. . .

  50. ami said

    long time no news
    busy very much
    I send u marriage invitaion
    did u check that


  51. Rosezy said

    I love your site! 🙂

  52. आपकी रचनायें अंतर्मन को उत्प्रेरकता देती हुई एक सकारात्मक दिशा की ओर उन्मत करती हैं, जब कभी मैं आपकी रचनाओं को आत्मसात कर रहा होता हूँ तब अनायास आपका व्यक्तित्व विचारों में तैरने लगता है, संवेदना और आवश्यकता की परिधि में झूलती परिस्थति की वेदना का तार…., अपने सामर्थ्य को कैसे और कितना मुखरित करेगी इस बात की दक्षता आपकी हर रचना प्रमाणित करती है|
    हम जैसे होते हैं ठीक वैसा ही लिखते भी हैं …..और इसके अलावा कुछ लिख भी नहीं सकते….और न कभी लिख पाएंगें..!
    यही कलमकार की सही परिभाषा है….जिससे आप चित्रित हैं|

  53. dr vishwas saxena said

    “यह अरण्य झुरमुट जो काटे, अपनी राह बना ले
    कृत दास यह नही किसी का जो चाहे अपना ले
    जीवन उनका नही युधिष्ठीर जो उससे डरते हैं
    वह उनका जो चरण रोप निर्भय होकर लड़ते हैं!”

    good but again I evoke you to be at the warfront of changing rather fast fading values of this world .Get armed with tender human messages suggesting solutions to daily problems of comman man,make him ready to dream,innovate,advocate and hit your poems in the bull’s eye——-!convert karuna into singhnad!
    –and if you are able to do it,it would be best honour of your feelings and poems!
    —and beleive me i am not a critic but myself a fighting soldier of the social warfront

  54. Ananthalakshmy said

    I am Just A Butterfly,
    A little little Butterfly.
    I just fly and fly light,
    Spreading around the colours blue and bright.

    I jump from flower to flower,
    Relishing the sweet nectar in it.
    As I carry colourful wings, people look at me
    And I can make them happy a bit.

    My life is small,
    So what much can I do.
    I just keep moving around
    And if you please…
    You may join me too.

    I am just a butterfly,
    A cute little butterfly!!


    Knowingly or unknowingly you have been my inspiration to write this poem.So i want to dedicate this to you…Its wonderful to have known a person like you.

  55. sweta said

    wo Ganga ka paani, wo ken ki ravaani,
    wo sarsoon ke phool, wo gehoon ki phaslein,

    wo sone ka sooraj, wo chandi ka chanda,
    wo sawan ki masti, wo jhoolon ka fanda,

    wo chamakte sitare, wo bhatakte se mor,
    wo akhade ke dangal, wo patangon ki dor,

    wo jado ki thandak, wo garmi ki loo,
    wo bimari ka daur, wo haiza wo flu,

    wo bhainson ka doodh, wo bailon ki ghanti,
    wo sankare se raste, wo patli si pagdandi,

    wo pepal ka ped, wo bargad ki chhaon,
    wo mitti ki khusboo, wo purkhoon ka gaaon,

    wo tyohaaro ka mausam, wo saadi ka rasam,
    wo mitti ki khusboo, woh chidiyon ki pehelgam,

    wo bhola sa bachpan, wo allhad si jawani,
    wo jindagani Kahan gayi woh jindgani.

    rewadi kaisa hai batayega… aur Best wishes for ur birthday aur kuch dino mein hone wale saadi ke liye …

  56. Diksha said

    Today your blog is a part of the Inspiration Room!

  57. Alka said

    nice efforts !

  58. Alka said

    very good. keep it up.

  59. MicheFete said

    I highly enjoyed reading your article, keep up writing such exciting posts!!

  60. Alka said

    kya koi hai iss dunia main ki sub jisy ACCHA kahayen ?????? Yes………………………….. vo ap ho.

  61. Ashish Kumar Mishra said

    Dear Rewa,

    How are you and where?

    Wt are you doing in these days….happy new year 2010.

    today i saw yor link….replying the same…

    wts new programe in this year..

    Ashish Mshra
    JNV Sitapur
    1995 batch.

  62. Blogging its like game more you play like it more.

  63. Do you have any advice for when I do use this?

  64. sanjay Kumar Sah said

    Dear Reva,

    by chance I clicked your orkut profile on my home orkut page. and from there I came on your website.

    I can say in 2 simple words: great effort!

    keep it up. I am in office. so could not surf your site much but understood it pretty well that “It’s extraordinary……..”

    alumni: Jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya Maranga, Purnea 86-94 batch.

  65. अखंड प्रवाहिनी!
    तू मौन है क्यूँ?
    किसने पूछा कि,
    कौन है तू?

    तेरा परिचय..
    तू निर्मित है!
    मुखरित है!

    तेरा हर क्षण,
    निर्माण लिये|
    जीवन में नया,
    विधान लिये|
    तेरी करूणा के,
    आँचल में|
    जीवन खिलता,
    मुस्कान लिये!

    मन का संबल,
    तू कर अविचल|
    तू पर्वत है, तू ही राई!
    तेरा जीवन! नहीं है तेरा..
    तू है हमसब की परछाई..!

    उपहार तुझे यह भी कम है.
    अपनी सांसें अर्पण कर दूँ!
    तेरी इच्छा पूर्ण हो पहले..
    सोच,.समस्त समर्पण कर दूँ!

    तेरी किलकारी से देखो..
    मौन धरा भी इठलाई!
    करूणा, ममता, प्रेमझरा-सी..
    तेरी आँचल जब लहराई…!

    मृदु पलकों पर,
    “आभा-सी” मुस्कान भरे !
    जीवन की जीवटता का,
    संधान धरे!
    तुम्हें देख,
    मन का अंतस है हरा-भरा!
    सच बोलूं! तो तू है,
    जग की “स्नेह-झरा!”

  66. न सत्य, संभव मिटना तेरा,
    कल उमड़ी थी,
    उमड़ फिर आज चली|
    पुन: सत्य कहता तुमसे,
    तेरा परिचय इतिहास नहीं|
    जब तू ही नहीं तो व्यर्थ धरा,
    संभव रचना इतिहास नहीं|

  67. sarita said

    Lagta he kafi famous ho app madam. its good to see a girl of the same origin I belong to rock on. keep up, get going is an attitude god has given to all but….some has realised that, as just you have , and many more yet to.

    good to see you

  68. shruti said

    hi, i m shruti sandhya from manihari at katihar batch 1990-97 at jnv kolasi katihar

  69. Mukul said

    Hey, nice blog you have here! Keep up the excellent work. I will keep visiting this blog very often. You seem like a very positive person, and you write well, very clear, and very inspiring.

  70. Satvinder said

    I would like to admit that all of your articles appears to be so helpful since they bestow good advices. Wishing u all the best for your upcoming writings and hope to see your blog with some unique content.

  71. Nipun said

    Such a beautiful blog…amazing. It is very nice to see your excellent work and I like your article.

  72. Ritendra said

    Hey, interesting blog. All I can say is “wow”, this is an awesome blog. You are an example of women who have constructively impact on today’s society.

  73. Rewa city said

    Shaheb Salam !

    Nice to see this blog !
    Do u belong From rewa City MP


  74. Hey, I am Vivek, 2006 batch J.N.V.Katihar. I am currently in 3rd year of my five year law course at National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. One of my junior just gave me the link of your blog. Nice blog, I must say. I really liked it.
    I also have a blog. U can check it out, if interested.

  75. Just desire to say your article is as astounding. The clearness in your post is just nice and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the enjoyable work.

  76. nidhi said

    वो खुद ही तय करते हैं मंजिल आसमानों की

    परिंदों को नहीं दी जाती तालीम उड़ानों की।

    रखता है जो हौसला आसमान छूने का

    उसे नहीं होती परवाह गिर जाने की।।

  77. avnish kuamr said


  78. Hey Rewa,

    Who told u u r “Queen for nothing”U r the best real queen in this world just u have to know urself.

    Plan your progress carefully; hour-by hour, day-by-day, month-by-month.
    Organized activity and maintained enthusiasm are the wellsprings of your power.

    Have a nice day

  79. Raji said

    Hey Rewa,

    When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.


  80. Ena said

    I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the responses that this is working for you as well. My kindest regards, Ena.

  81. martha said

    I am speechless. This is a superb web site as well as somewhat engaging too.

  82. Hi,

    So Rewa meets Rewa 🙂 how interesting.

  83. blog said

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  84. satish said

    about you 🙂 short time me mai jitna janata hu .. very social, high patriotic, deep thinker 🙂 very caring !!, kaise improve kare ?? jyada time is ek line pe spend karte ho 🙂 very friendly and sensible person. emotional and feelful …. anyways words may not describe you ,….. ppl come to know about you only when they spend time with you 🙂 chalo thats Rewaji 🙂

  85. RINKU KUMAR said

    hi Rewa didi aapko is tarah active dekhta hun to bahut achha lagta hai …u r really a stong bond for navodayans….. bhagwaan aapko hamesha isi tarah energetic rakhe….

  86. Dr.Rohit said

    Your place is valuable for me. There are no words that can really express what I feel about you. It was really nice to talk to you. Thanks!
    Your posts are well thought provoking. I admire you. You are a gutsy lady of twenty-first century….you are a woman of strength….It may not be visible to some people but, in some, it is clearly visible. When you find your path, you must not be afraid of anything..You have that spark of potential and you are not alone. I see so much light in your eyes, so much laughter in your soul. People may take you for granted and have unrealistic expectations of you, just ignore them, the way they do to you. You know what I mean. You are here to make an impact for a worthy cause. Keep it up.

  87. Navnit said

    Hello!! After reading your blog I was immediatly reminded of “When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” — Napoleon Hill

    You are an inspiration! Your blog, it is a constant source of inspiration to me. It has inspired me to do something for others, so thanks. Continue in this way.

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    I really like your writing style, nice Posts!! Great stuff!! Superb,you’re hilarious. thank you for putting up :D.

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    Nice looking forward to more interaction

  95. Rakesh Kumar said

    Dear Rewa,

    I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a marvelous post and a all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/name), I have read so many of your posts. I liked it. You’re pretty intelligent and beautiful mind. Forgive those who insult you, attack you, belittle you or take you for granted. Just move on. You are a courageous and an inspiring woman who have different personality and you might have noticed this for yourself. Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination. Please do keep up the fantastic work.

  96. Jubita said

    You are a flowing river and people can’t stop your waves. Keep flowing on your own ways.

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