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Why can’t we chant gayatri mantra?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 14, 2009

The story I am about to tell you is true. Actually my office time is 6:30am since I work according to Korea time. Sometimes I listen bhajan in office using my headphone. One day, one of my colleagues came to me as she had to see some documents. She asked me that “Rewa, what song you are listening right now?” She put my headphone on her ear…but suddenly, she kept the headphone on my desk. I asked her, what happend? She told me that “girls are not supposed to listen this!” She said, “we shouldn’t chant this mantra”. She also said that in her family ladies are not allowed to chant this. I was shocked at that time.

Gayatri Mantra…

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्॥ – Meaning of mantra

I was listening Gayatri Mantra! Then I asked her, “who told you that we should not listen this?” She replied me saying “we girls are not allowed to listen this mantra.” She also added “only guys are allowed to chant and listen the gayatri mantra”! I asked her that could you please tell me “why girls are not allowed to chant the Gayatri Mantra?” She said, “the Gayatri Mantra has the power and it may create some problem for others! Her statement made me to think that why people even is forbidden from chanting gayatri mantra? Why can’t women chant “Gayatri Mantra or all Vaidik Mantras”?

However, I always follow my heart and mind, so I didn’t stop listening it. She again asked me, “Didn’t anybody stop you?” I replied her, in my home since childhood we use to do pujas and chant Gayatri Mantras, and nobody stopped us. I also said that as I remembered when I was a child, “we all sisters and brothers have been taught to have breakfast only after taking bath and performing prayer (chanting gayatri mantra and surya mantra) at our home.” And I still try my best to follow the same routine. This time she was surprised!

After coming from office I discussed the same with one of my friend on chat and we reached to the conclusion “भगवान सबके लिए एक बराबर हैं, इसलिए सभी को अपनी इच्छानुसार पूजा व मंत्रोच्चारण करनी चाहिए!” By the way, anybody can chant Gayatri mantra as it is considered a very powerful Mantra!


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  1. Shashwat said

    There are few restrictions imposed by Dharma, but we should see it with an open mind, these restrictions are not to suppress women.

    Regarding Gayatri mantra, there is no restriction at all!! Rather it is said, only “ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः” is enough for them, it is having same effect, as of full mantra!!

  2. Vinod said

    You are definitely right. All can chant Gayathri Mantra irrespective of gender or creed. But to notice is we should have a clean body and mind before reciting these mantras,and there are certain times as well for reciting these mantras.And I believe you dont take non veg food, which should be strictly avoided by any one who recites these powerful mantras daily.

    • Pranav said

      you are correct and it should be noted that ancient brahmanas only allowed to chant this mantra with whole heated and purified thoughts but now it has been playing in calling bells, mobile ringtones where some people scares others in bad words this prayer also playing, definitely this would led the world to destruction i am so sorry if i hurt anybody, but it should be noted that it is a secret mantra , the mantras had been stolen by other and they create wonders owners of all of them still saying dis beliefs and feels for the stupid loss of welfare(gold and arnaments) of our nation

  3. mehek said

    aare sabhi ko pur hak hai mantra ucharan ka,ab jara thandi ho jayiye aur palash par pyar bhari kavita likhiye,bahut dino se milwaya nahi aapne palash se,ishq ke mausam mein ye jhagdewali post naaaaaahiiiiiiii:(,

  4. Nidhi said

    ny person,watver his/her caste,creed or colour cn chant nd listen d Gayatri mantra.
    woman cn bcome a Priest too.

  5. Vijay Sastri said

    Can ladies chant the Gayatri Mantra???? Since it is a prayer seeking stimulation for higher mental power, the answer is definitely “yes”. There should not be any doubt about it. But to be more effective they should be first initiated to chant but fortunately or unfortunately during the post Vedic period, ladies were deprived of having upanayanams and thereby they have lost for ever the right to receive the mantra. Still it is better if they know what this mantra stands for. In the upanayanam ceremony the Mother has a very big role to play as she is preparing her son to go to gurukula to receive the formal education when she herself was the first teacher to the child after the birth. Therefore she has every right to know what the child is going to learn. Then at least for two valid reasons the ladies are entitled to know the mantra. Firstly a married lady will sit as a partner of her husband during all the religious ceremonies except the ones associated with the funeral rites and rituals. Secondly, they as custodians of our culture can inspire the children to chant that mantra of mantras Gayatri, if they know its significance.

  6. Nidhi said

    i eat non veg bt i chnt gayatri mantra evrydy.i thnk many peple doing so.

  7. Ranjeeta said

    Anyone can chant gayatri mantra. I think for simply being vegearian or non vegetarian doesn’t necessarily make a person spiritual.

  8. Kiran said

    There are many rules and regulations. You would have seen and heard people have habits of eating non-vegetarian food but they do chant gayatri mantra.

    No matter how simple or complex,if she wish she would make a place vegeterian version.if anyone want to be a vegetarian you can make an appointment with her.Rewa wil be proud and happy for that. 🙂

  9. vinod said

    hey nidhi
    you have totally got wrong on this.
    Dont think i am advising you but its true that you should avoid non veg food totally if you chant mantras daily.Mantras makes certain vibrations in our body and generates power in our body.But if v dont live the right way ,surely the opposite will happen.There are people who have gone mad by not living the right way while chanting mantras.

    We all can pray god when ever v want or who ever v are no probs.But mantras are only for people who lead a strict life.
    I m not saying that people who recite mantras are the only spiritual heroes but its meant only for those people….

    and ranjeeta, forget abt spirituality, no merciful pearson can eat an animal’s flesh.No one can avoid meat so all say that its not a prob.Review your policies!

  10. I have never heard in my life from any quarters that Gayatri Mantra or any other mantra is for men only. Since your friend has disclosed this prohibition in her home, it must be some personal whim of some of her elders/forefathers. This reminded me of a story which goes like this: A child asked her mother as to why she cut the head and the tail of fish while preparing the dish. Mother told that her own mother used to do like this. The child asked her nanny the same question and got the same answer. By chance, the child had her grand nanny also living. When she visited her in summer vacations, she posed the same question to her too. The grand nanny replied, “The pan in my kitchen was small and therefore I had to cut the head and the tail of the fish!”

    This story tells us how we follow ways of doing things from our parents without even examining the logic behind them. Some archic ways of doing things continue sine die just because we do not care to examine their relevance today.

    Anyone interested should read the book “I’m OK. You’re OK.” by Thomas A. Harris, M.D.

  11. As regards veg. and non-veg. debate, even though I am an orthodox vegetarian and can’t even think of taking something non-veg. but it is just a matter of chance because I was born to vegetarian parents. Had I been born in a butcher’s family, I might have been selling meat with same easiness that a fruit-seller sells fruits!

    My son visited U.K. three-four months before and he found it easier to survive there in -5 degree celcius temperature by taking non-veg. food which his colleagues-cum-roommates were cooking in the kitchen. I don’t find the fact of my son taking non-veg food or my younger son dissecting human bodies as a medical student appalling. It has nothing to do with spirituality or religion. Circumstances decide what is wrong and what is right.

    Sushant Singhal

  12. Nidhi said

    “There are people who have gone mad by not living the right way while chanting mantras.”

    i dnt blive dis.

    ur cmnt is gud.i dnt criticize it.
    i dnt thnk non vegetarian fud hav ny rlation wid gaytri mantra.cn u explain me wts d relation to d mantra?

    i agree wid mr.Sushant Singhal views.

  13. Vinod said

    Agree with Sushant partly.You said that you cant even think of taking non-veg food because you being born to parents who don’t take non-veg food and you goes on saying that “Circumstances decide what is wrong and what is right”.Then why your son ate meat even if his father is a vegetarian.Circumstanced didn’t let him do so.It was his wish to have meat.The point is we have the right to choose our way of life.Circumstances will have influences upon us but to choose right from the wrong depends on us and it leads to success.

  14. Vinod said

    There are some people that don’t even bother the problems associated with taking non-veg food,some criticize vegetarians, some know its not fair but they are not willing to suppress the taste of non-veg foods.Forget about mantras,tantras and divinity,think before you eat a piece of meat, that its from an animal that has been struggled,strangulated and horrendously butchered till its death just to become a meal before you.Try to perceive the pain the animal could have experienced, try to understand its mental feelings,its also has father,mother and children.Common,we are not animals right! We have the ability to think that animals don’t have.

    “Leave non-veg food, let animals live”.They too have equal right to live in this world as we have,and try to understand that animals are not created for us to eat.

  15. Ranjeeta said

    hi People

    Happy Holi.

    It’s important to eat only that food which suits the body, thats the religion of food. However, veg food is a good habit by which physical and mental conditions remain healthy and excellent.

  16. Shahrukh KHan said

    Why can’t we chant gayatri mantra?

    ….However, veg food is a good habit by which physical and mental conditions remain healthy and excellent.


  17. Ranjeeta said

    Shahrukh KHan

    It’s just personal observations based on medical viewpoint. I think one can chant mantra that is not related with food.


    Even still, ‘Bali pratha’ strongly related to the culture and traditions of the Hindu religion? Does the Hindu religion permit this?

  18. vinod said

    Bali or killing animals as offerings to god is strictly against “satvik” rituals.Its a different kind of ritual that still exist on all parts of India.I personally is completely against killing animals as offerings to god even if it would bring good things for me.
    And why should we keep on finding bad things in a society.There are lots of good things in Hinduism to find and follow.

  19. Shahrukh KHan said

    ..And why should we keep on finding bad things in a society??
    (from above post)

    Good Question…!!

  20. ramachandran said

    Dear Ladies,

    The aim of restricting you to chant this mantra is..
    – Basically This mantra will increase the blood flow, heat inside the body.so chanting regularly will create some heat diseases & women related problems..

    So our elders had restricted ladies to chant this mantra.

    • Milan P Jani said

      so then, increased heat can be a problem even for men I suppose. Please guide.
      Thank You

  21. mike said

    I literally have no idea what you are talking about. Have you ever heard of Two Tigers Looking at Each Other? That is my mantra!!!

  22. @Mr. Ramachandran,

    This is something to be verified. If this is the case then this should be affecting the body of children even more. Isn’t it? Do we chant this mantra for our body or for our mind that is “I”??… and “I” is the same for men and women. So for the benifit of “I” this mantra should be equally valuable to men, women and child. I think the main purpose of gayatri mantra is to benifit the “I” not the body, which is even conveyed by its meaning.

    If you have any doubt you can share.


  23. @Vinod,

    I do agree with you. If you ask me I will not ask for sacrifice of any animals for my wellbeing or for the wellbeing of anybody else. And I hope gods have much more virtues and qualities than me. If it is not acceptable to me, how can gods and goddess accept such things?


  24. Ranjeeta said

    Dear ramachandran

    In the early vedic age however, women did not have the right to study the Vedas. I suppose the men did not want women to chant or even hear the gayatri Mantra. Now this mantra can be chanted by men and women of all castes and creeds.

  25. Hindu Religion said

    It is a tradition that when reciting gayatri mantra one should be in topless body. That is why women are not allowed to recite this. Hence there is no question of any discrimination.

  26. Lucky said

    ==> i eat non veg bt i chnt gayatri mantra evrydy.i thnk many peple doing so.

    Really ??? Y dont u try to make “Prasadam ” of chicken Masala ……I think it will be an exciting stuff 😉

  27. Lucky said

    ==>I think for simply being vegearian or non vegetarian doesn’t necessarily make a person spiritual.

    Ravan bhi spiritual tha madam ….Bhagwan Ram aiwe hi mar diye usne ……. 😉

  28. Nidhi said

    I m back!! 🙂

    hey lucky,hv u evr tasted it?wil try to make it dis sat at hom nd wil let u knw.it wil b an amazing experience 🙂

  29. Lucky said



    Being a brahmin …….its a constraint !!! But I can share if it is prepared by u 😉

  30. Nidhi said

    it dsn’t matter to me at al whether one is brahmin or non brahmin.i hav seen mny brahmins eating non veg.nobdy is frcing me nt to eat non-veg fud.its my choice nd my preference.

    come to d topic y sud women nt chant Gayatri Mantra.

  31. Lucky said


    Those who eat….let them eat!! I m not against them …ppl are eating human meat also ….. Nothing matters for me !!! I was talking for myself …..


    Mantras need to be chanted by common people(including women) in an extremely careful manner so that they do not get harmed by the high level of energy generated in the process of chanting them………..Women by their very nature get impure for some period every month and remain under its influence for quite some time thereafter. Further their nature clashes with the properties of certain mantras. Our aim in life is to achieve Moksha and not chanting mantras. So whatever are the rules according to Varna and ashram of an individual he must follow them and do so sadhana also.
    women are already symbol of shakti …So we men dont want to acheive them more energy 😉 ……. plz dont chant Gayatri Mantra ….

  32. Nidhi said

    Simple and Effective daily practice of Gayatri

    Gayatri-Upasana can be performed mentally at any time in any circumstance. It is doubtlessly beneficial in every condition. Nevertheless, performing it regularly and religiously has greater significance and spiritual impact. Any experiment or task if conducted systematically with due concentration and punctuality assures completion and comprehensive output. The same is true of devotional practices. The rituals associated with the daily upasana of Gayatri are devised to help desired mental and emotional conditioning of the sadhaka. These are simple and could be practised by every one. It should be noted that these are not mere customs or mechanical acts. Rather, these are derived from in-depth understanding of the spiritual nature of human self. For adept performance of daily upasana it is important to note the implications and sentiments associated with them as highlighted below.


  33. Nidhi said

    Women’s right to do gayatri sadhana


  34. Nidhi said

    God does not discriminate between a son and a daughter. Only persons of crude mentality do so. Women should refuse to listen to the biased views of any person who says that women have no right to do Gayatri Sadhana. They can worship it and also perform Yagya.

    Regular Jap should be suspended during the period of menses. Mental Jap can, however, be performed in all circumstances. Women who put on Yagyopaveet should replace it by a new one after the period of menstruation.


  35. Nidhi said

    Women have the same right as men in respect of worship of Vedmata Gayatri. To convert inertia into momentum two objects of opposite qualities which attract each other are required. Electricity is generated by attraction and repulsion of negative and positive currents. Electrons and protons of an atom get activated on account of their mutual give and take. This conscious creation has been divided into male and female forms to make the eternal animate creation alive, otherwise this universe would have remained enveloped in inconscience. Union of rayi and Pran energies results in chaitanya. If there is no union of male and female elements, consciousness, pleasure, pulsation, speed, activity, growth etc. will all disappear and inconscience will reign supreme in the Universe.

    Special Sadhanas for women – http://gayatri.awgp.org/?GayatriSadhana/SpecialSadhanasforwomen/

    thankuji fr providing such links to me.links r gr8.

  36. Lucky said


    Taken some lines from the source u provided ……..

    The effect of this influx of righteousness (satogun) in the body and mind is amazing. This is not visible to the naked eye nor can it be understood from purely physical point of view. But those who are endowed with the occult knowledge of the working of the inner being know it well that decrease in the elements of tam and raj and increase in sat.

    Should I tell that wat things increases the Tamogun( If u want refer Geeta’s 9 chapter) …..This is the answer that why non-vegy r not supposed to do Gayatri mantra ….one side u r inhancing tamogun by eating meat and otherside u want to decrese it by doing Gayatri Mantra…total waste of time ..leave it .

  37. Ranjeeta said


    Thanks for the information you have provided. Very well! So it is clear that both men and women have equal rights to chant gayatri mantra.

    The problem comes when people interpreting the Gita incorrectly, because they are filled with so many wrong desires.

  38. Lucky said

    I dont care the comments of ppl who giv comments just to criticize !!!

    n I dont have any proude abt my knowledge on Bhagvad Geeta …. n I m not here to force u ppl to accept my idology …..plz make a distance !!!

  39. Ranjeeta said

    Who cares?

    Was the above comment(on my comment) useful to you? Why didn’t you post a comment on Rewa’s post? Before posting your comment, be sure that you post a comment on the topic rather than criticising others. Not all criticism is valid, but we can still learn something.

  40. PK said

    How can anybody be deprived of chanting the mantra?

    Gayatri is known as mother and again mother is for everyone, therefore Gayatri is for every child of God.

  41. Dear all ,
    Happy Ramnavami to all of you. . . . .
    May almighty fulfill all your desires. . . . .

  42. Maya said

    I wonder whether mr.ramachandran’s views written on 27th March is true or false? Any answers?

  43. Rishibala said

    Hi all
    i just wanna say that i belong to gayatri pariwar n from my childhood i recite gayatri manrta.nobody has prevented me from saying it. also there’s a slogan of gayatri pariwaar that “nar aur nari ek samaan(equal), aaj ki shakti naari shaktietc. “. wen this institution itself says that women are equal then who else can prevent women from chanting this mantra. moreover wen gayatri maa ( the goddess)is herself a women then hw can she prevent her daughter from chanting her mane or mantra.

  44. S.Muthiah said

    Do you have to be a Vegetarian to recide Gayathri Mantra?

  45. Neri said

    Can the all powerfull Gayatri help heal man woman relationship?

    and by wanting to heal relationship does it take away my devotion
    to God?

  46. nihar said

    I agree fully with Rishibala as Maa Gayatri is herself a woman and then how she can let other women be deprived of the Gayatri Mantra. Its as simple as that. There is no discrimination at all for chanting the all powerful Gayatri Mantra and girls can recite it without any issues.

    @ Muthiah- There is no compulsion of being a vegetarian to recite the Mantra. You can chant it absolutely without any problem.
    The only thing is that the Mantra is more effective in case of a vegatarian. But nonetheless you will see the results of chanting the mantra, your life will be better than it is now.

    @ Neri- Offcourse the Mantra can heal relationships and in no way your devotion to God will decrease. Moreover your devotion to God will increase as you are trying to mend a relationship which is like doing a service to God of spreading love and happiness in each others lives. Good going Neri, just recite the Mantra with full faith and belief and you will see the results for yourself.

    The All powerful Mantra can be recited for the well being of others also.

    You can visit the website for further info-

    I am also a member of the All World Gayatri Parivar(AWGP) and for any other queries or discussions, please reach out to me at-

  47. nihar said

    Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayath

    The essence of the Mantra can be stated as follows – ‘Oh God! Thou art the Giver of Life, Remover of pain and sorrow, The Bestower of happiness, Oh! Creator of the Universe, May we receive thy supreme sin-destroying light, May Thou guide our intellect in the right direction.’

    The Gâyatrî Mantra is first recorded in the Rig Veda (iii, 62, 10) which was written in Sanskrit about 2500 to 3500 years ago, and by some reports, the mantra may have been chanted for many generations before that.
    This Mantra can be chanted by anyone irrespective of their religion, caste, creed etc. It is one of the oldest mantras, and generally thought of as being amongst the highest and most powerful mantras of all. This mantra is therefore often referred to as “the Mother of the Vedas”. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna had proclaimed to Arjuna – “Among all the mantras, I am the Gayatri”.
    Sathya Sai Baba teaches that- The Gayatri Mantra will protect you from harm wherever you are, make your intellect shine, improve your power of speech and dispel the darkness of ignorance.
    Considered to be the essence of the Vedas, Gayatri Mantra fosters and hones the knowledge-yielding faculty of a person.
    The Upanisads of Hinduism contain several references to the Gayatri Mantra.
    Chandogya Upanisad 4.17.1-6 (Origin of Bhur Bhuvah Svah)
    Brahadaranyaka Upanisad 5.14.4 (Gayatri as the Protector) :
    The Gayatri Mantra is based on truth. For truth is based on strength. Strength is breath, and is based on breath. So, Gayatri protects (tra) the wealth (gaya) (the breath!) of those who speak it with earnestness and devotion. When one recites Gayatri on behalf of someone, it protects that person’s breath too!

    The individual words and characters of the Mantra have a meaning of their own than can be defined as follows:
    Om: The primeval sound that represents God,
    Bhur: The physical world that embodies the vital spiritual energy or ‘Pran’,
    Bhuvah: The mental world and destroyer of all sufferings,
    Swaha: The celestial and spiritual world that embodies happiness,
    Tat: That or God, referring to transcendental Paramatma (Ultimate Spirit),
    Savithur: The Bright Sun or the Creator and Preserver of World,
    Varenyam: Best or most adorable,
    Bhargo: Destroyer of all sins,
    Devasya: Divine Deity or Supreme Lord,
    Dheemahi: We meditate upon and take in,
    Dhiyo: The Intellect,
    Yo: The Light,
    Nah: Our,
    Prachodayath: Inspire or Enlighten.

    It is said to have power to protect one from any possible harm. Even the science-minded Westerners have found that the correct recitation of Gayatri Mantra in the right accent as described in the Vedas produce certain vibrations that make the surrounding atmosphere visibly illumined, which is described as the ‘Brahmaprakasha’ or Effulgence of the Divine by more staunch believers. As prescribed by the Vedas, Gayatri mantra must be chanted at least three times a day. However, it is best to recite Gayatri period during the ‘Satwik’ or ‘pure and serene’ period during the day from 4 am to 8 am and 4 pm to 8 pm. The Gayatri Mantra should be recited while meditating upon the fact that everything is within oneself and thus, we should keep and develop confidence in the Self.

  48. Kiran said


    Thanks for putting all the facts down. It’s a very male dominated religion. The bias in religion is the woman is not allowed to perform any rites or cermonies by herself. I think people now can understand the role of woman in hindu religion.

  49. Ami Jha said

    ye sab pata nahi kin logo ne bana diya hai ki gayatri mantra aurat nahi bol sakte. Khud gayatri devi ek maa ka roop hai, phir uski vandana istri kyun nahi kar sakti….
    I chant everyday this mantra and feel peace and calmness in mind and heart.

  50. Venkat said

    It is widely believed that some of the Vedic Versus vibrations are so powerful in nature. Once a woman starts chanting these versus regularly, she is likely to lose her female-hood character and get manly tendencies developed in physical appearance . In majority of cases, it might cause hormone disturbances in the body’s physical mechanism and disturb their menstrual cycle. In rare cases, a woman who chants these slokhas and versus frequently, even develops masculine character which allows growth of hair in their face & mustache! Imagine, if every woman developed such growth!

    It is a fact that to keep women in their natural glory and beauty, the ancient scholars did not allow them to chant or recite these versus. They knew precisely all the effects and side effects of what they did. However, they were allowed to do so once they cross their menopause stage, then the chances of disturbances in their body mechanism were minimal. Also the Gland functional in their body stops, at certain age – any further physical growth is minimal. Certainly it was not for any discriminations but purely on the aforesaid reasons and points.

    I hope that this clarification stands valid even in this scientifically developed age. Every ritual and practice of this Great Hindu religion has a valuable hidden meaning. Unfortunately these were not carried on to the next generation that caused some imbalances in the society. Had it been given in full meaning, we very well could have avoided fanatics & half learnt scholars who now dictate and discriminate women on so many counts

    I this this may be the reason.

  51. satyavir said

    Anyone can chant Gayatri Mantra. Male and female all are equal to God.

  52. Venkat said


    This is just a case of cultural difference………

    The only two main organizations which started to give Gayatri mantra deeksha to women in modern times are the Arya Samaj and Gayatri pariwar….Both of them are based in North India…..

    Before about say 50-60 yrs ago (before Gayatri Pariwar) only male Brahmins , Kshatriyas and Vaishyas after Upnayan used to chant Gayatri mantra…….usually……(I am not talking about Vedic Period)

    In South India, especially Brahmins are more orthodox, therefore Women in South Indian Brahmin families are more resistant to break the custom and chant Veda mantras……I bet your friend was a South Indian Brahmin gal……its just a cultural issue !!!….But girls and boys in DAV School in Chennai do !!( As it is founded by Arya Samaj)!!

  53. Kumar said

    Any mantra is to be initiated by a Guru . In sanskrit just by pronouncing wrongly we may not get the desired result.Ladies since getting periods not giventhe sacred thread and initiation. Any one can possess gun and the one who is trained only can shoot properly.It is clubbed with breath control ( Pranayama) Everyones inhaling and exhaling style varies . It is better to get it properly initiated thro a guru and then practice.When you chant “Manasa” it gives 9 times more than the one uttered openly.

  54. YAJNAVALKYA said

    Please chant the mantra. But ask yourself some questions of the following genre:
    1.Do I know what the Vedas are and their significance?
    2.Am I honest, merciful and feel unity with the world?
    3.Is it that I want to chant it out of rebellion spirit?
    4.Have I read basic books of Indian philosophy?

    More questions will crop up in your intellect. If you have the answers- go ahead.

    Remember all the Vedas or Upanishads teach is FEARLESSNESS.

  55. Kiran said

    Do all priests know the vedas by heart? Most people do not know what hinduism is. Is all Indian philosophy analytic? Everything depends on MEN and their willingness to do their part and it fails only because men are not willing to do their part.

    Read the links posted by Nidhi.

  56. umesh said

    what rubbish people say that ladies cannot chant gayatri mantra.
    who says that ladies cannt chant gayatri mantra
    Does soul is a male or a female ?
    Is only male have monopoly of becoming enlightened?
    Is Ma gayatri who is a personification of allmighty God in female form will ever like the distinction between male and female”
    have we not read Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s word that Ladies have full freedom in chanting vedic hymns and particulry gayatri mantra?
    Dont we know about Sri Ram Sharma acharya whose whole life was dedicated in doing reasech of Gayatri Mantra and who founded All vishwa Gayatri Pariwar and Shantikunj.His said on many occasion that woman are ful;ly eligible to chant Gayatri mantra and their worship is acceted more eaisliy because they devot themself more truly,more honestly.
    Dont anyone read vedic hymns which are named after women rishis like maitreye,gargi and many more.
    Havent we heard that In a house where women are praised ,there lies God,Then How can we even think of such old mediveal orthodox thing.Rather i will call it a Talibani thinking of not allowing women to cahnt The Gayatri Mantra
    We all take birth from our mother who bears pain for nine months
    and for whole life she sacrifices for us.Then How can we restrict her from attaining God in a manner she likes.Really its shame on us that we have put restriction on her

  57. umesh said

    what rubbish people say that ladies cannot chant gayatri mantra.
    who says that ladies cannt chant gayatri mantra
    Does soul is a male or a female ?
    Is only male have monopoly of becoming enlightened?
    Is Ma gayatri who is a personification of allmighty God in female form will ever like the distinction between male and female”
    have we not read Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s word that Ladies have full freedom in chanting vedic hymns and particulry gayatri mantra?
    Dont we know about Sri Ram Sharma acharya whose whole life was dedicated in doing reasech of Gayatri Mantra and who founded All vishwa Gayatri Pariwar and Shantikunj.His said on many occasion that woman are ful;ly eligible to chant Gayatri mantra and their worship is acceted more eaisliy because they devot themself more truly,more honestly.
    Dont anyone read vedic hymns which are named after women rishis like maitreye,gargi and many more.
    Havent we heard that In a house where women are praised ,there lies God,Then How can we even think of such old mediveal orthodox thing.Rather i will call it a Talibani thinking of not allowing women to cahnt The Gayatri Mantra
    We all take birth from our mother who bears pain for nine months
    and for whole life she sacrifices for us.Then How can we restrict her from attaining God in a manner she likes.Really its shame on us that we have put restriction on her

  58. Yajnavalkya said

    Dayanand Saraswati is not an absolute auth on this. He was defeated in Kashi in Shastrartha on vedic interpretation.

  59. SANTHANAM said



    • akshay said

      No restrictions are there for non brahmins only restriction is that you should chant the mantras with clear and proper pronunciations

  60. Ranjeeta said

    The Gayatri Mantra and any other mantra can be chanted by anyone, without restriction.

  61. M Venugopal said

    Purity of body is just symbolic but purity of interior and soul is more vital.

  62. hari said

    This is an oft debated topic. Gayatri is Agnimukhi. It can make a tremendous amount of heat generated in your body. You should remember that mantras are words with power. This power works in various ways, which were experiemented with by the Rishis, before they revealed the mantras. Traditionally, women are not advised to chant Gayatri mantra or any Surya mantra because the Rishis have found out that the excess heat will result in certain adverse results with respect to breast milk and vaginal fluid. So extreme caution is advised, and mantras certainly are not meant to be treated as a word like ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’. Of course, ladies are certainly advised to chant the Gayatri mantra as many number of times as possible, IF they are SANNYASINIS. Householder Ladies who still do not believe this, may AT THEIR OWN RISK experiment chanting the Gayatri mantra for 4-5 hours or more continuously, for about a month. When you do that intensively, the results will be more pronounced immediately, and you will easily see the effects I mentioned above. Also, the Gayatri is actually a chandas, the mantra you refer to has it’s deity Savitru who is not a female deity. Not that it makes any big difference, as all God forms ultimately lead to the same, just thought of clarifying this common misconception.
    Best wishes,

  63. hari said

    @ Vinod,
    Non-veg is not forbidden, if you chant the Gayatri mantra first and sincerely offer the food to God, before partaking it as prasadam. Nevertheless, it’s always always better to eat veg food, if you aim for spiritual upliftment.

    @Vijay Shastri,
    Your contention that, since it is a prayer seeking stimulation of mental powers, it could be chanted by all, is incorrect. That is just a modern half-understood conception. There are ample Puranic mantras with the same meaning, which could be chanted by Ladies.

    You hear many people doing many things. In the Gita, Lord Sri Krishna mentions about 2 kinds of worship. The Sattvika worship is by following the Sastras and done with a sense of duty without attachment to results, while Tamasic worship is in utter disregard of the injunctions of the Sastras, and in doing something just because ‘you feel like doing so and nowadays, it’s your right to do anything’. Both kinds of worship will give their own results in time.

    @Sushant Singhal,
    If you see a missile, depending on your knowledge, you would believe it to be a piece of metal or a sophisticated weapon. If you chant mantras, it must mean you have a certain belief in their efficacy, their powers. Now if you are planning to chant mantras, having such great powers as the Gayatri, it’s advisable to put in some effort to learn about the injunctions concerned with the mantra. That will help you in not getting yourself blown up by the mantra-missile.

    @Rewa Smriti,
    The body is called Sthuula Sharira and the mind, the sookshma Sharira. Essentially the mantra work on both aspects. I will tell you this, if you do regular sadhana of the Gayatri mantra for several hours daily, and be regular in the practice for a few months at least, and simultaneously, to the maximum extent possible, follow the Yama, Niyama rules established by Patanjali Rishis in Yoga Sutras, there would be a great change in your body. It will be shining. It is true and YOU can go ahead and practise what I say, BUT be prepared to live the life of a Sannyasini for the reasons mentioned above.

    @ Nidhi,
    “God does not discriminate between a son and a daughter”

    If I may say so, you are perceiving an imaginary enemy. The injunctions of the Sastras are only for your own benefit. Whether you follow it or not, you will get appropriate results (happiness or hell) in this world. All this is given clearly in Bhagavad Gita. Your contention does not apply to reason also. Do you think God created his son and daughter alike? There are certain things that are meant for man, and certain other things for women. Man’s generative and other organs are built so as to maintain the heat of the mantra while it’s the opposite for women. There are certain other mantras ideally suited for women, but should not be chanted by men unless they need to do ‘kama Jaya’ and take to spiritual path. Does this mean, God discriminates against men w.r.t these mantras?

    The deity of Gayatri mantra is Savita and not a Maa Gayatri. That is a later Tantric interpretation. The source of the Gayatri mantra is the Vedas which also talk extensively about who Savita is.

    @ Umesh,
    To say that it is a ‘Talibanic’ thinking to advise women not to chant Gayatri mantra is extreme hyperbole. Probably an ignorance both of what the Taliban really did to their women and an ignorance of what our pure-hearted Rishis advised for the benefit of our flowers.

  64. Partha said

    Hi Folks
    The goddess Gāyatrī is considered the veda mata(Female), the mother of all Vedas and also the personification of the all-pervading Parabrahman, the ultimate unchanging reality that lies behind all phenomena. Gayatri Veda Mata is seen by many Hindus to be not just a Goddess, but a portrayal of Brahman himself, in the feminine form. Essentially, the Goddess is seen to combine all the phenomenal attributes of Brahman, including Past, Present and Future as well as the three realms of existence.

    I think, each and every soul (reflection of Almighty God or Goddess) has the right/ super natural power to chant the Gāyatrī mantra regardless of male and female…..

  65. nidhi said

    today my grandfather told me dat nowhre in d vedas,it is said dat women cnt chant gaytri mantra nor ny other mantra.u said dat it causes too much heat in d body,bt ur answers r unacceptable.wat u said is al abt brahmanvad.women cnt chant d gayatri mantra is totally baseless.i hav to say dat dis rstriction is mostly propagated by a handful of priests nd brahmin pandits.

    i hav also givn d links 4 reference.if u cn find d time,u better try 2 go through d links.

  66. nidhi said

    today my grandfather told me dat nowhre in d vedas,it is said dat women cnt chant gaytri mantra nor ny other mantra.u said dat it causes too much heat in d body,bt ur answers r unacceptable.wat u said is al abt brahmanvad.women cnt chant d gayatri mantra is totally baseless.i hav to say dat dis rstriction is mostly propagated by a handful of priests nd brahmin pandits.

    i hav also givn d links 4 reference.if u cn find d time,u better try 2 go through d links.

  67. hari said

    What is brahmanvad? This is the first time I’m hearing the Bhagavad Gita equated with brahmanvad. With due respects to your grandfather, the Savitru Gayatri is in 3 Vedas in 3 different forms, and nowhere in the Vedas proper is anything mentioned about chanting the mantra, how the Swaras have to be pronounced, or which one form or whether all three forms are suited for chanting, or for that matter any other instruction on how/when to chant. The Vedas are just meant to be a collection of hymns. Saama Gayatri is meant for singing outloud which is not the same as the Yajurveda Gayatri. Where do you find such details? In the Rig Vidhanam and other related works. There you find the other instructions too. Anyway, that’s all beside the point. I never said that women cannot chant Gayatri mantra. I just pointed out some of the likely effects so you are better aware of what you are going into. All the best 🙂

    PS. I am aware of the links you gave and I deeply respect the saint who is behind the Gayatri Pariwar. I don’t find anything in the links that is contradictory to what I mentioned.

  68. Ranjeeta said


    It is highly likely that this rule about women not being allowed to chant gayatri mantra was created to preserve male dominance in the brahminical priesthood traditions. Rules such as this were made more to preserve the political and honored status of brahmins in hindu society and have nothing to do with the gayatri mantra. Stop putting all these rules for women.

  69. nidhi said

    “nowhere in the Vedas proper is anything mentioned about chanting the mantra, how the Swaras have to be pronounced, or which one form or whether all three forms are suited for chanting, or for that matter any other instruction on how/when to chant.”

    den y r u making so mny rules?who r u peple to make d rules fr women?koi janm se sikh ke nai aya hai.hw is it again dan d gaytri mantra cn’t b chanted by women?makes no sense.dre is just no logical nd religious reason dat cn support ur myth.

  70. Shashwat said

    Bhaiya Hari,

    Can you please quote references to support your view. Where its written that Gayatri Mantra is forbidden for women.

  71. hari said

    @ Shashwat & Nidhi,

    Request you to please re-read my messages once again.

    @ Ranjeeta,
    There are 2 thoughts in your message. 1) Preservation of the political and honored status of brahmins in hindu society 2) Male dominance within the brahminical priesthood ie (1).
    Historically, there’s some truth in both your ideas. But the question is how much relevant they are with respect to the matter under discussion. Now ponder on these four other ideas
    1) Historically, everyone who wore the sacred thread, belonging to all castes, used to chant the Gayatri mantra.
    2) A majority of the chanters of the Gayatri mantra were/are ordinary householders, NOT priests.
    3) The Gayatri mantra is traditionally passed from father to son (not from a priest to a householder)
    4) Not all brahmins (not even a majority) are priests.
    If you have any doubts on the above ideas, let me know.

  72. nidhi said

    “Householder Ladies who still do not believe this, may AT THEIR OWN RISK experiment chanting the Gayatri mantra for 4-5 hours or more continuously, for about a month.”

    u can’t fool d public.wat u hav said is totaly wrong.ur thughts sud b sensible.if v look deeply into d past v see dat discrimination oftn plys a role.

  73. Yajnavalkya said

    Dear Hari,

    I sincerely agree and admire your thoughts. Nevertheless I wish to know the source of the ‘risks’ involved with chanting by householder ladies.

    Also such debates (b/w you and Nidhi) are endless, for a logical debate is only possible between equally informed opponents.

  74. Kiran said


    This is the most ridiculous. What do you think? Does it make sense to keep women out because of meaningless reason in this day and age? Don’t assume that you know everything and whatever you say is all right. If men can be grandly welcomed to chant gayatri mantra, why can’t women? However, it need not be a “must do” kind of thing. What grounds do the men say no to devotees when the Goddess gayatri herself hasn’t said anything on such matter?

    I think, not just women,anybody who wishes to chant gayatri mantra they can chant. Goddess gayatri will be with all the women wherever and whenever they chant.

  75. hari said

    @ Kiran,
    I hope, in addition to writing in English, you can also read what’s written in English. Kindly spend some time to patiently read what I have written above.

    @ Yajnavalkya,
    in fact, I was replying to several people, not anyone in particular 🙂 But this will be my last post as this is merely a blog. I don’t want to further a discussion in which the blog owner himself/herself does not participate.

    @ those who think it’s all a Brahminical conspiracy,
    Here is the actual conspiracy. Even Rig Veda by itself contains over 10,000 verses. But the Brahmins, for their devious aims, have conspired together to project only the Savitru Gayatri. By this, they have successfully diverted popular attention from all those other 9999+ Rigvedic verses, right! I am a south Indian belonging to the Brahmin caste. So I have inside information. I am planning to write a book soon a la Dan Brown to expose the truth. Wait till then.

  76. nidhi said

    it is an age old misconcept nw.
    BRAHMAN- no one,im sure.according to d vedas d whole human socity is lacking nw a brahman.

  77. kiran said

    “You hear many people doing many things. In the Gita, Lord Sri Krishna mentions about 2 kinds of worship. The Sattvika worship is by following the Sastras and done with a sense of duty without attachment to results, while Tamasic worship is in utter disregard of the injunctions of the Sastras, and in doing something just because ‘you feel like doing so and nowadays, it’s your right to do anything’. Both kinds of worship will give their own results in time.”


    Do yourself a favor and just take the time to read what you have written.

    Women have never been permitted to chant the gayatri mantra because of hindu traditions and priests. Men and women from all walks of life should chant the Gayatri Mantra.

  78. Dilesh said

    Replying to Sushant Singhal’s comment about his son coming to the UK and eating non-veg food because the circumstances required so (being cold), such reasoning is ridiculous and flawed.

    I agree with Vinod that ‘Circumstanced didn’t let him do so. It was his wish to have meat’. This is very true. I was born and brought up in the UK and my family is strict vegetarian. Furthermore, there are many students who come to the UK for further study and live here fore years but circumstances don’t requires them to consume animal flesh.

    It is a matter of choice. But often what happens is that people do what they want and try to console themselves by saying …oh…circumstances made me. Circumstances influence…but ultimately…it is a matter of choice. Thousands of people live in the UK, many born here and many from countries like India live very healthy lives while at the same time maintaining a strict vegetarian diet (including myself).

    As Vinod commented…we have the ability to think rationally that animals don’t have…the ability to distinguish wrong from right. But some people, like Sushant Singhal make it sound like were are at mercy to our circumstances (circumstances stated are often untrue and exaggerated)and that one cannot think.

    Man to an extent has free will…almost everything we do is influenced by circumstances and the choice we make in those circumstances. It is not that circumstances of coming to UK meant it was absolutely essential to eat meat…and even if it was (hypothetically)…there are people who would resist such circumsatnces or if it such circumstances’ could not be resisted… would chose to die but not consumer animal flesh.

    Done forget that in the vast majority of cases…CUMSTANCES DO NOT TAKE AWAY CHOICE! Your son CHOCE to eat meat.

  79. Dilesh said

    Sushant Singha say eating animal flesh has nothing to do with religion and spitituality.

    Killing another animal, putting it through so much paint…taking away a life and the pleasures of man. How can you reconcile eating meat and true religion and spatiality. Sushant must live on another planet.

    Vinod put it perfectly:

    Think before you eat a piece of meat, that its from an animal that has been struggled, strangulated and horrendously butchered till its death just to become a meal before you. Try to perceive the pain the animal could have experienced, try to understand its mental feelings, its also has father, mother and children.

    And there is people like Sushant who says…eating animal flesh has nothing to do with religion and spirituality.

    I don’t mean to say people who do not eat animal flesh and are strict vegetarians are necessarily religious and spiritual. But I fail to understand how those who consume animal flesh can consider themselves religious or spiritual. Eating animals is inhuman….religion and spatiality is humane.

  80. Dilesh said

    I don’t believe that one must be pure vegetarian to chant any mantra. After all, it is the mantra that may of course influence and convince them though inspiration to give up meat.

  81. vinod said

    Hi all,
    Its been quite a while since I wrote here last.I am really pleased that there are still people who thinks spiritually in this tech age.

    Mantras are helpful for purification of our mind and body.But we should not just chant mantra, we should go to the next level of understanding ourselves and the cosmic reality.Vedas,mantras,purana etc.can help only for the purification of mind and body,but until the TRUTH is not know material longing will never end and will end up as looser and eventually will die without fulfilling ones desires.Scriptures says that our thoughts at the very moment of death determine the next life.So right thinking and right knowledge from young age is essential to achieve a peaceful mind.

    Knowing the “absolute” is the only thing that can make endless happiness.Money,fame,possessions,girlfriend,etc will go one day.And if we think deeper all possessions that we have are completely filled with sadness.

  82. Do you have an opinion of the film Bhoothnath? I really liked it when it first was in the theaters last summer. Based on what you’ve written on this site, I think you would like Bhootnath. Click here if you’d like to check out my site. Cheers!

  83. This article is actually the most poignant on this noteworthy topic. I absolutely feel the same way with your points of view and will eagerly look forward to your approaching updates. Saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the great clarity in your writing. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay up to date of any updates. Good work and much success in your writing!

  84. Jyotsna kumari said

    I don’t know much about the does and don’t of hindu dharma but I think I have heard this thing for the first time. Whenever I feel afraid of anything I chant gayatri mantra because in the first day of my school, that too in a girls hostel I was taught gayatri mantra and all the girls were supposed to write it in one particular copy five times before starting their evening studies. I continued to do it for 7 long years. Amazingly my house warden used to check this copy by sudden inspection and see if the dates are in sequence or not. either she was far away from the real world or their are no such things at all. still today I dont know the meaning of this mantra but I know that if I say it five times in my heart I get all the strength to overcome anything. Its like the all izz well thing for me. So I think it was never banned for women in the society.

  85. AmitG said

    Chanting of the Gayatri Mantra is strictly forbidden for women and non-brahmins in general! And even if a male is born in a “Brahmin” family that does not make them a real brahmin qualified to recite the Gayatri Mantra! A real brahmin is someone who can qualify as such and follow the many rules and regulations including not drinking alcohol, not eating animal products or meat etc. They must also receive a special initiation for the Gayatri, from a qualified guru who is in a legitimate parampara lineage. If you do not meet these requirements, then chanting this mantra will have bad consequences. The strange idea that anyone can suddenly chant the Gayatri mantra on some whim, without any qualification, is completely WRONG.

  86. krishna said

    Hi Rewa,
    There is nothing wrong in women chanting gayathri. In fact the manthra itself is personified as a Divine mother with enormous Shakthi.
    However, Please take the following measures to reap maximum benefits and avoid any accidents.
    It is avdisable to learn this mantra from Guru if possible becos proper pronounciation and faith on gayathri mathra is very important.

    Doing pranayaman (regulating prana-breath) before chanting this manthra will yeld maximum benefits.

    This manthra when repeated correctly is associated with agna chakra activation which is really powerful. so this demands physical as well as mental fitness(for bearing the illumination produced). so make sure you do normal exercise like walking and also meditae on different chakra to strengthen the mind.Chakra meditation and chanting Gayathri can happen in parellel.

    Finally, ensure you remain clean outside as well as inside.

    Outside- By taking bath and other external cleansing measures like washing hands etc.

    Inside- always try to have good thoughts.

    P.S:- Regarding being vegeterian or not doesn’t really matter. But correct chanting of the manthra will make you loose interest in external senses and distractions like food(I bet chicken tastes better than Dhal)sex,ego,jealousy,fear and make you think more on self realization and illumination towards higher consiousness(God)
    So if you are loosing interest on external sensuality like taste ..then it is a good sign that you are moving nearer to Realization

  87. Manat said

    hey sis no need to worried.. b’coz krishna ji alwyz wid u.. u jst cnstrt on ur chant and be happy… HARIBOL

  88. Rishi said

    Dear all what i think is Gyatri Mantra is most powerful. All u hav to do is that u have to chant it correctly and repeatdly whenever u r free, for eg in Locals trains, Buses etc.
    I started practising this mantra when i was only 16 yr old. And i have see the difference i my own life after it. My brain in now much sharper,i donot forget things, even i after reading 16 pages newspaper i can tell that this article is writing on which no, whether it is on Left or right corner, in the middle etc. My drawing improved drastically, even my faculty didnt beleive me that i hav designed this software program when i was in my High Shool. I saw a Bus conductor broken hand in Delhi, and when i was saw him again abt 2 yrs i remembered him and i told him that yr hand was broken na. He was astonished when he listen this.
    So i would request you all that pls recite this mantra as many times as u can and feel the difference.

  89. muthiah said

    Dear Friend,
    Do you have be a vegetarian to recite gyatri mantra?
    Thank you

  90. karan said

    haven’t got time to go thro’ entire comments text…

    i m living in india, we have Tribals Gods like most others, we have peace with whatever vedic culture is around, and Gods keep overlapping so do concepts…

    Our culture happens to be Hunters and laters mixed with Warriors caste whatever u call it; we eat Non-veg.

    now i just want to pray to Super-power God, language does not matter, neither do the religion.

    If you are not goin to allow me to offer my prayers to God, and stamp me as a im-moral person and give me guilty feeling for my entire life, I would just find it easy to convert in Islam or Christan and come around to dominate you, now I can live my life with free mind towards God and everyone…

    Stop this veg good, non-veg bad argument on spiritual discussions, and stop giving complex to non-vegiterian people. 75% of world’s population eats it and for centuries. Please take this issue in medical sciences… wht are u goin to eat in alaska if u don’t eat fish. what are u goin to eat on hills where there is no plain land for plenty of rice, wheat or even for cattle & hence milk, you are goin to supplement fruits, green veg food with lamb and birds.

    Excess of anything is always Bad, balance is better.

    everyone is equal and to find peace of mind has nothing to do with food.

  91. pratiksha said

    it is good that i came in this web site . somebody told me couple of years ago that i cannot chant GAYATRI MAA MANTRA. only during my prayer time in the morning. i was very sad.

  92. First of all, Thanks a lot to each one of this blog readers, who visited the blog, encouraged me to write more. Thank you for your openness and honest comment over here.


    Thank you so much for coming and putting your views here!

    We women can chant Gayatri Mantra anywhere at any time. Gayatri Mantra is called ‘Veda Mantra’, means the mother of the Vedas and Goddess Gayatri is considered the mother of vedas so is also called “Veda-Mata”.

    It is one of the oldest and most powerful of Sanskrit Mantras. Do chant it wholeheartedly at any time!


  93. muthiah said

    Dear Rewa Smriti,
    Do you have to be a vegetrian to chant this great mantras?
    Thank you.

  94. @Muthiah,

    It’s now absolutely up to you! You need to evaluate it what do you want. Thank you for asking.


  95. Uma said

    Any one can chant Gayatri Mantra but in the right form and with right pronunciation of all the anudatta and udatta swaras which are to be initiated from a GURU.

    Even ladies can do the chanting, and for best results one should always have a clean body, to be seated on a dharbasana or on any peetam not any part of our body touching ground which would neutralize the power obtained. On chanting the mantra after some time electromagnetic field is formed around the person and that field wakes up power of the mind and utilizes it in the best way(through brain and body) towards what ever the individual is trying to achieve.

    Actually on chanting the Gayatri Mantra continuously or for that case any mantra or say just two words(Rama) one can achieve very high levels of will power, concentration, determination and a very neat life style(provided he practices every day that too in the early hours of the day before or while sun is rising).

    These religious hymns or mantras are the most elite threads through which one can attain the ultimate stage of identification of oneness of mind, soul and body,through which again, the will of the practitioner is fulfilled without fail.

    So it can be said that one can perform this chanting of mantra at anytime, but if it is with proper pronunciation it yield best results in terms of enhanced personality, and will power.

  96. pragyan ojha said

    Hi Rewa
    You have hit the mark. It is very excellent thought. I completely agree with you.

  97. Neeraj said

    Hello Everyone,

    I came upon this link by chance and found interesting conversation about women chanting mantras. Please allow me share my thinking about this issue which is currently going on around the world.

    First of all, chanting Gayatri Mantra or for that matter any mantra, is a serious business which needs complete involvement and attention of the individual. Only very mantras and stotras are allowed to be chanted at any time and any place without any restriction. Some of them are the powerful Rama nama, Hare Krishna mantra, most of the nama mantras and so on.

    Now coming to the point of Gayatri Mantra, there are very strict injunctions for chanting the mantra. First, only first 3 varnas are allowed to chant Gayatri (and vedas) with proper initiation and daily custom. EATING MEAT AND THE LIKE ARE TO BE STRICTLY AVOIDED. This is called anadhyaaya. Adhyaaya means to chant/study/recite and anadhyaaya is to refrain from chanting. One of the big list of anandhyaaya is that one should not chant any veda mantras (including gayatri) when one has eating meat (including eggs), when one has just come back from a journey, when one is wearing the same dress with which one had sex, should not wear old clothes, should have bath or wash legs, hands & face, when there is a storm/quake or any other abnormal natural happening and so on and on and on….. above all the MOST IMPORTANT RITE FOR CHANTING GAYATRI (including vedas) IS ONE SHOULD HAVE UPAKARMA/UPANAYANA/SACRED THREAD. Without that one falls outside of the 3 varnas and the eligibility to do any vaideeka karma is barred. These laws are enjoined by every manu during the start of the manvantara. Please refer to Manu Smriti, Apastamba smriti, Bodhayana smriti and the like for the rules to be followed. THIS IS NOT ANY KIND OF CONSPIRACY OR THE KIND OF nonsense framed by our ancestors.

    I (& others) can provide ample evidences of what a women should do and should live a life successfully such that even gods will be amazed by that women’s success and character and siddhi. All these mordern crap about chanting mantras, doing yoga, pranayama will not come to the 16th part of the real thing that a woman should follow. It is called Pati bhakti. Without that even if you achieve siddhi in any mantra you will not be famed nor amazed nor respected like a pati vrata.

    There is one popular Tamil poem written 2000 years ago about a power a pati-vrata woman holds.

    Theivam thozha aal kozhunan thozhuthezhuvaal
    peyyana peyyum mazhai KURAL:55
    She who does not worship God,but who, on rising, worships her husband, if she says let it rain, it will rain

    And for single women:
    chanting mantras lakhs of times, bathing in tirthas 100s of times, and many more will not even come to 1/16th of the punya which you will get by worshipping Mother and Father. Please follow Lord Ganapati in this respect of how he showed that Mother & Father is the whole world, nay the whole universe.

    There is much to be a Hindu than debating what to chant and what not to chant. Being a Hindu is a way of living and NOT A WAY OF CHANTING.

    And if you all still persist in saying that anyone and everyone can chant anything, I can still refer to our scripture which every King/Khatriya followed to keep the order in the country. Please refer to the last chapter of Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, where greatest maharishi of all times Sri Sri Sri Veda Vyaasa mahaa muni, in whom Sri Gayatri Devi is always present as knowledge, who is very God himself in human form has confirmed that whom should recite the Devi Bhagavatam purana and whom should not. Only Dvija’s with Guru’s permission is allowed to chant the Purana and Women and Shudras are strictly forbidden to do so. But they can hear from a professional chanter and hear from the lips of a guru or a brahmana.

    If this is the case for Devi Bhagavata purana I can imaging what would be the case for mantras and vedas.

    I can only hope that Veda maataa Sri Gaayatri devi show pity on us and take us on the right path.

    I am only a speck of dust when compared to those great avataara purushaas and muni shreshtas. I have no knowledge nor shraddha nor bhakti better enough to point out what is right and what is wrong. But if my reply has helped even a single person then my effort is successful.

    Sri Devi Gaayatri paraashakti paada sharaNam mama


  98. Neeraj said

    And among the great women that walked the surface of earth, few are mentioned in the Mahabharatha. Draupadi-Satyabhama samvada parva – Draupadi explains how a woman should behave and live a life,

    the famous saavitri-satyavaan parva – a must for every woman born to read this episode.

    shalya parva – story daughter of Kuni-Garga and how though she has achieved greatest of yoga powers but it will not help her attain any blessed region after death because she has not fulfilled her stri-dharma, a wedded life – something which I believe is more important than the issue of Chanting or not Chanting.

    Nalopakhyaana – Damayanti, one of the great pati-vrata, is able to burn the hunter who approached her lustfully due to the pati bhakti she had…It will take years or even births to achieve siddhi in mantra, but pati bhakti is different. That woman will have power over pancha bhutas.

    Again another episode in Vana parva, a rishi Kausika, gets advice from a chaste wife who considers her husband as the highest among all the gods and due to that she has obtained siddhis [ which I believe will take decades to get siddhi from chanting mantras ]

    Finally I would like to tell something – If there is an elevator to go up the building will any take stairs to climb 20 floors. Only a very strong energetic person or a fool will do that. Nature has selected few things to be done for a man and few for a woman. Going against natural law will only bring natural disaster and calamity all over and not otherwise. It is not surprising though so many chant mantras and stotras for selfish purposes but rarely a very few help the poor, feed the needy and be compassionate. Pointing to the recent past about how Hindus were living is not the end, if you look further back things will be more clearer.

    All those historians and recent novelists write about India as though from a foreign point of view. Very rarely one writes from an Indian point of view. Indians are in a such pity state that they study & know about India from others.

    There is a shloka in Yaksha-prashna, Mahabharata, where the Yaksha asks Yudhishthira – Kah panthaha? – What is the way? i.e., what is the way for a layman to follow in this life to reach the ultimate,

    Yudhisthira Answers: tarko ‘pratishthah shrutayo vibhinna nasau munir yasya matam na bhinnam,dharmasya tattvam nihitam guhayam Mahajano yena gatah sa panthah.

    If you argue, there is no conclusion. The argument will go on. You have to follow great
    personalities.The secret of religious process is lying in the cave or within the heart. So how to
    realize it? Mahajano yena gatah sa panthah – You have to follow great personalities, forefathers who have already trodden the path and reached the ultimate. There will posts, lights, and marks on that same path to reach the ultimate. That is the best way – SA PANTHAAHA 🙂

    Again, as Dharma putra has put it, there is no end to arguing and so the best way is to follow what your mothers and grand mothers who achieved heights in spirituality and be happy.

    Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu
    Sarvejana Sukhino Bhavantu
    Hari: Om Tat sat


  99. chinchin85 said

    Hi all,

    As far as I know gayatri mantra can be chanted by both men and women…Women were restricted in earlier days from chanting this but now many saints and sages propound that it can be chanted by one and all….I dont whether others know abt this fact or not….Gayatri Mantra is locked(keelit)by sages like Vishwamitra,Shukracharya,Vashishtha and Lord Brahma.This is done bcoz in Kaliyuga…people have lower consciousness and may misuse this powerful mantra…so in order to get full benefits of this mantra one should do a Vidhivat puja with this mantra…else some people claim that chanting it will be futile…It amounts to chanting Shaap Vimochana mantras of the 3 sages and Lord Brahma….and it also involves some tantrik vidhi…i am not giving the details here…but if someone wants to know the details i can help him(email)…. Also necessary conditions for chanting this mantra are as follows…

    -Be bodily pure(bathing)and sit in a quiet,cool and insect free place to chant this mantra
    -Preferable time:Before Sunrise(3:30 am to 6:30)(ie. the purva sandhi-kaal)
    At noon(11:30 am to 12:30 pm)(ie. madhyaan kaal)
    Before Sunset(6:00 pm to 7:30 pm)(ie. paschim sandhi-kaal)

    -Some say ,gayatri cant be chanted in night…but some sages opine that there is no time one cannot chant God’s name…so one can chant it during night time also…
    -Strict Abstinence,celibacy,avoiding alcoholic drinks,tamasic and rajasic foods like non-veg food,onions,garlics,spicy and hot food,sour food(including lemons,oranges and other sour fruits)
    -talking less/avoiding talk in those days when one is doing sadhana…
    -avoiding movies,film songs and any such kind of exciting entertainment
    -take sattwic food(buttermilk-rice,non-sour non-overripe fruits(bananas,apples etc.))

    Why all this??Gayatri generates immense power in one’s consciousness and the abv mentioned tamasic and rajasic foodstuff and activities lead to the loss(drain) of that power….so avoidance and basically changing our lifestyle altogether can as well lead to a more peaceful existence…

    Chanting Gayatri Mantra everyday for 3200 times for 40 days makes a total of about 1.25 lakhs repetitions in 40 days(madhyama anushthan)….this leads to siddhi of the gayatri mantra…Other ways of chanting it are-Chant for 24000 times in 9 days(laghu anushthan)
    -Chant for 1.25 lakh times in 40 days(madhyama anushthan)
    -chant for 24,00,000(24 lakh times) in the span of 1 year(uchcha anushthan)

    But really serious sadhaks can also do Gayatri Purascharan…whose details I do not furnish here…

    So let us all chant this powerful mantra and sanctify our lives….Let us utilize our human birth for our upliftment and not for sheer materialistic pursuits….Materialism is not the answer….whatever may be the question…may goddess Gayatri blessus all with divine intellect….

  100. chinchin85 said

    Hi all,

    My email address is chinchin85@gmail.com

  101. Sachin said

    Who the hell do we hindus think we are?

    I think not to chant Gayatri Mantra is pure speculation created by us.

    If anybody wants to chant the Gayatri, go ahead. There is no gender/religion/caste bar. Some believe that only brahmins have the right to chant Gayatri Mantra. All the rules and regulations were laid to keep boundaries secured by brahmins and could be amended as times change. We have to live life on our own opinions.

  102. venu said

    Guys i was just surfing for the power of G.Mantra and i found this old thread…hope ppl do reply to my question 😀

    Shld we do sandhyavandahana and proceed to chant gayatri mantra…if so y??? cant we just sit in silent place and recite the mantra rather then going with sandhyavandahana???

    I saw things like vibrations and all in the above topics…My question is shld we say mantra loudly or shld we do silently inside mind???

    I heard that kundalini awakening will be done with G.mantra reciting…but thing is there is different meditation related to kundalini awakening….then y coupling G.Mantra and kundalini meditation to one????

    Are there any terms/conditions like this many time i shld do to activate myself to next level of what i am now :D?????

    Hope my queries are not too long….plzz plz do reply thank you 🙂

  103. I agree! anyone can chant this mantra. As long as you believe in it, I see no reason to stop chanting the gayatri mantra.

  104. Sidhu said

    Less of the article and more of Conversation here…!
    It’s always there….You vs Me…! If vs But….!

    You can run a 2-wheeler/4-wheeler using Kerosene/Petrol/Diesel…. You determine what efficiency you want from your 2-wheeler?
    Kerosene = More smoke & engine life is less
    Petrol = Optimal & longer engine life
    Diesel= Optimal again & more pollution

    You simply can’t use Engine oil as Fuel (even though it burns..!)

    Likewise the food intake has a control over body and our thoughts…Even a Non-Veggie/veggie can chat this mantra…but the veggie one will realize it’s full effects quicker than the non-veggie…People here….Please don’t keep on asking proof to substantiate…There’s no proof that you were born to the same father if your mother lies..!

  105. […] 2) https://rewa.wordpress.com/2009/02/14/why-cant-we-chant-gayatri-mantra/ […]

  106. min said

    To the person who talked about the excruciatingly proper ways which must be observed in order to chant mantras, I will say this; before the Manu Smriti came into existence, women during the Vedic Ages were allowed to perform all the rituals that men could. And as to which varnas are ‘allowed’ to chant mantras, the caste system, when it came into existence, was based mainly on occupation. It is mentioned in the Upanishads that a person from a certain varna could move to another varna, providing he or she gave up the activities associated with their varna and followed the activities of the varna to which they aspire to join. It is to an extent true that the consumption of meat will deter one’s spiritual progress though. This is because when one eats non veg, he or she consumes what is left of another creature, and therefore are responsible, even though indirectly, for its death. The negative karma associated with the killing of another creature is what acts as a block to one’s spiritual progress. The long standing argument that vegetarians, by killing plants / crops for their food, are also subject to the same rule is not quite true, for this simple reason. It is the difference in the level of awareness between plants and animals that makes the difference. Animals have a higher level of awareness than plants, which is why killing them causes the generation of much greater negative karma than that created by the cutting down of plants. For instance, most people who consume non veg would be absolutely revolted at the thought of consuming human flesh, even though, technically, human beings are just another species in the animal kingdom. The killing of a man and consuming his flesh would disgust a person who wouldn’t think twice about consuming pork or ham or beef. This is because, we instinctively know that human beings are more evolved than other animal species. If we extent that principle to include all animals, and refrain from eating meat, it would save the lives of countless animals, which in turn would stop a lot of negative karma from being generated. The absence of negative karma thus allows one to grow spiritually. This is the main reason behind advocating vegetarianism to grow closer to God. This does not mean that a person who eats meat should not chant mantras, it just means that such a person would take a longer time to overcome the limitations caused by negative karma. As to the original topic, anyone can chant the Gayatri mantra. I find it amusing that men would presume to dictate to women in this matter, when Gayatri Devi is Herself a female deity. I chant the mantra everyday, and it keeps me calm and centred, and has definitely made me more spiritual than I was before I started chanting it. We women are just as deserving of moksha as men. Men just haven’t started waking up to that fact yet 😉

    Peace and light.

  107. keyur said

    hi all……………….

  108. nilay said

    The very basic and effective gayatri mantra can/must be recited by every human being………………….it provides a way for us to be merged our soul in dear god……………kindly note that whatever religion you follow after the end of one’s life the soul will realize that in entire universe there is only one GOD……..whom we called PARAMATMA……………may god bless every soul……………….


    I found these discissions very interesting and I would like to share my views with you all. Let me begin by saying that the current scientific world is busy, striving hard relentlessly to improve our living standards. This is part of the materialistic approach of life. Coming to the spiritual aspect, there are certain common practices in all the religions that ultimately aim at elevating the humanity to divinity. I am sure that all of us are aware of the fact that, that would never happen without discipline, devotion, committment, perseverance and constant practice in a right manner. In the ancient times this aspect of elevating the humanity through materialisrtic practices such as rituals and recitals of sacred and powerful sounds that today we call “The Manthras” were developed through sincere and scientific research by our great “Rishis”. They had stipulated the specific purpose and methods for every manthra and the rituals. But, over time, the real truth regarding the purpose of certain of the impositions became obscure,unknown or atleast, I could say that we are least informed. Simply, because you do or don’t believe some thing or follow certain of the rules and restrictions is not going to change the facts. It is always better that you follow these guidelines, at least to not to invite the adverse conscquences that might ensue your ignorant and hasty acts.Who, at this moment of uncertainity of the consequences of chanting a powerful Manthra could guarantee you of either the good or bad, to any one else. That too, of chanting Gayathri Manthra at any time in any place in any manner at any habbit. I will not hesitate to caution you on this point of Chanting or not chanting the Gayathri Manthra either by woman or men just because you believe or don’t believe what was scriptured.Baseless and immature suggestions and personal illutions and assumptions could cause trauma and ruin your precious lives. There is great need for applying the modern scientific methods to conduct proper research and inform people about these nuiances. Be careful and not experiment with issues that you don’t know about.You can’t be decisive on these sensitive matters until and unless the credibility and procedure of chanting the manthras is evaluated and reestablished. Unfortunately, we may need another 200 or more years to focus on these matters as we haven’t yet at least finished attending to the basic human needs in terms of research.Please, exhibit your wisdom and if you still feel that you have time and resources and competence,you may spend your life in experimenting with manthras and provide the world with information about the rationality in either perimenting or not permitting any one form chanting a Manthra.

  110. Rain said

    Doubt, a tool of evil….

  111. sanjukta said

    In gita lord krishna said among all mantras ‘I’means he is gayatri the greatest mantra.and who ever chants the gayatri mantra wud b worshiping me only.nw whoevr means no distinction!al ths distintions r simply man made.keep chanting and b a boon to the world.god bles u!

  112. vishal said

    Hi, According to vedas, the only brahmin or who wears yagyopavitam(thread) only can chant the powerful gayatri mantra according to traditional scale…u may surprised that the real gayatri mantra contains some more words…
    the gayatri mantra which we know..its incomplete…the complete gayatri mantra only known by the sadhaka or brahmin male….

  113. madhavalata dd said

    The mantra helps us to do away with the aparadhas, offenses…it is unintelligent to chant Gayatri without following the rules and regulations. It will only increase the offenses. Chanting any vedic mantra not under a discipline of Guru bears no results. Why when come to science everyone wants to follow the rules and when we come to the higher science of God in Vedas we want act whimsically ? Beside that Gayatri mantra should never be chanted aloud. The mantras that start with the syllable OM and do not end with NAMAH cannot be chanted aloud, only Guru can whisper it into the ear of the qualified student/disciple. Please do not take cheaply this great and unique tradition.

  114. Voice 365 said

    From all of the teachers I have had, I have never heard such a thing, that women can’t chant the Gayatri.
    This is however an important lesson to us all.
    When we hear such information like this it should always be challenged and comprehensive reasons why for such restrictions should be given.

  115. V3n3sh said

    Why would we use Gayathri Mantra, why not a normal prayer do the same thing? So there must be something special in it right.?
    Those days did we ever find people singing mantras of varthali,kali,durga,thripurasundari,balamugi, or take any god. They only sing bajans ,praising the god not mantra.Now it is business singing mantras and selling to people.

    #eating non-veg like meat,-the animal when dying will produce a substance(i forgot the name) in their blood, which is quite harmful for people doing yogic or meditation purpose.

    Bloggers who told details, know what a mantra can do. what is the potential of a mantra.That is why they told to be careful while doing.Mantras are passed orally to next generations,there may be twist and turns now-days.
    “Never try ,Never know”. Do it with proper pronunciation, and prove it is wrong.

    Some say we must not say gayathri without getting it from father, but some say it wont do any effect without proper pronunciation.
    It is the same mantra ,when recited in high pitch will provoke Bhrama-astram and you have to learn how to draw it back.

    Gayathri mantra.:-
    om bhuh, om bhuvah,om svah,om mahah,om janah,om taph,om satyam.
    om tat savitur varenyam,bhargo,devasya dhimahi,dhiyo yo nah ,prachodayat.
    om apo jyotih rasoamritam brahma,bhur bhuvas svar om.
    Rishi, Chandas and Devata should be properly done ,with thinking of that idol.

    You should understanding what is a mantra and what benefits it will give ,
    what is difference between mantra and normal prayers.
    what are the procedure for saying a mantra.i am not here to argue.

    i would tell my little experience.
    i have great interest in mantras. At age 11 or 12 i used to give bali to Kali killing small animals,taking their heart and giving to Kali.building small temples,siting in meditation at our jungle like compound. .hmm now i feel it was cruel.
    Once i did Hanuman Sadhana,i wanted to cure my aunty’s illness.it was not properly done(without guidance). after some days, i started to get disturbance(bad dreams,when doing the ritual i feel someone standing behind me,when i close my eyes a tree is shaking,but when i open my eyes -not a leave is moving(repeated 3 ,4 times. till i left the place),it was funny for me that a human cant shake a tree like that.)
    ,and finally a big quarrel started in my home about me,that i stole about 45,000RS. i dont know anything about it,or any money in that place. Everyone knows that ,i dont steal a thing(till today i holding to it). But surprisingly everyone in the house turned against me.
    i was so humiliated, i went to pooja room and threw everything,and scolded god ,that u didn’t protect me ,for a mistake which i didn’t do.i didnt complete my ritual. I left home,next day aunty called me told me that they got the money………….

    But i didnt come up in my life well,my education was ruined,my life was ruined to mud.(with many incidents which i cant tell).
    **recently my cousin took me to an old astrologer , after checking my planet’s effect…… ,later he told me i got a problem with hanuman,and should go to hanuman temple(my cousin doesn’t know anything of it-it was secret ritual).So i just went to temple and told sorry for using mantra without doing it properly.
    After that i left everything.–i dont know if it co-incident or it was meant to be like that.
    But mantra is something like a nuclear bomb,should be handled with care and instructions.

    Nowdays just for relaxation i listen to chants.which will create clam environment while working .(still got great urge to do sadhanas)
    __Aum iti etat__

  116. When you choose not to forgive, you are harming yourself while preventing yourself from growing emotionally as well as spiritually.

    Just as I wouldn’t dream of thinking I had to be authorized by First Church of Christ, Scientist in order to understand divine Science and experience its healing power. Mikao Usui with his helpers took his healing to the area and as a result of his work became very famous.

  117. anand said

    veg ? non veg? in old time when humans didn’t knew what to eat , what is rice , what is wheat , what is fruit? What is dharma & rules? who made it? human or god?

  118. Anand said

    my intention was not to hurt anybody. i am very sorry if anybody feel bad. non veg is not good while chanting mantras because mantra creates energy, your body becomes hot if u take non veg , non veg creates anger .
    lot of rules are made by humans. but one must follow the rules because they came by experience.

  119. I absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your post’s to be precisely what I’m looking for.
    Do you offer guest writers to write content to suit your
    needs? I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on many of the subjects you write concerning here. Again, awesome web site!

  120. Haridas said

    So many comments here are not vedic (vaidik) actually. If you ask any orthodox learned brahman pandit in any authorised vaidik lineage, he will tell you definitely that gayatri mantra cannot be chanted not only by ladies, but also by men who are not properly initiated into vaidik diksha or pancharatrik diksha. But if you ask laymen – they will tell, ‘No problem, you can do anything’. Even Indians ‘hindu’ say like this nowadays. You say you are hindu and claim such things? So what if you say only that you are hindu? Many of hindus do as they like nowadays, not reading satvata shastra properly, not following rules of Sanatana Dharma properly. For western money and so called western lifestyle they are ready to sell their brahminical culture and principles. Even starting to eat cow flesh, which is strictly forbidden by Veda shastra, and without any hesitation eating any kind of non shastrik garbage food (mamsa – animal flesh, bird flesh, fishes, eggs, and still considering themselves great followers of sacred Veda. What knowledge of shastra do they have to pass comments about what is proper and what is not proper, regarding Sanatana Dharma (Bhagavata Dharma)? Brahma-gayatri was given in the beginning of creation to those bona fide males who were able to perform sacred yagya, therefore they are brahmans – those who serve the Absolute God – and therefore they are invested with the sacred thread. Not the females and not the unfit persons. Everyone is eternal soul, but there are certain differences which are obvious, according to qualification and disqualification. The Names of God (Krishna, Govinda, Hari, Jagannath) can be chanted by anyone! And they are not less powerful! They bring atma to bhakti and ultimate liberation. And the great preachers of bhakti in the past have never restricted the Name of God to be chanted by anyone!! But the certain confidential mantras like Brahma-gayatri cannot be chanted by anyone. You have to be qualified in many ways (not only veg!) and get diksha from pure brahman to regularly do japa of this mantra silently, and also to follow the certain rules which go along with this. Otherwise it is illegal and offensive. This is only the symptom of Kali-yuga progressing more and more that people who think they follow vaidik tradition claim such things that gayatri can be chanted loudly and by anyone. Out of mantras like gayatri so many people have tried to make trading nowadays. Very pitiful it is. Very shameful situation. Please read Manu samhita, Pancharatra, Smriti shastra under the guidance of real brahman pandit and you will see that such notions are totally wrong and are simply the features of modern fallen age. Don’t make circus or trade out of holy Vedic scriptures. Hari Om Tat Sat

  121. I agree wid some ppl dat gayatri Mantra we r given 2day is keelit or incomplete since vedic has oral tradition. Gayatri mantra is actually made for savitr the dawn god (sunrise) , der is no gayatri term in the prayer its (tat savitr ) but later it was turned into savitri or gayatri in tantric traditions. The original Rig- vedic gods were vasus, aditi, indra,varuna,mitra,aryaman,savitr and rudra . And if u r planning to chant the mantra the most effective time is during sunrise. Nowhere in Santana Dharma and vedic religion women r derived of spirituality.Becoz the root of vedic was nature worship and nature don’t differentiate man and woman but things messed up in medieval periods.But since its a powerful mantra and lot of energy is created one must b careful since we loses tremendous amount of energy due to the formulation. . Mantras are not kirtan or just a PRAYER it is has a definite formulas (just lik algebra and deferential equations) with utter most purpose and energy. Even in Buddhism dey r strict about practicing mantras. Whether a man or woman or a brahmin every human shuld b careful wid powerful mantras since it more scientifically based for higher -consciousness. Mantras are fascinating but kirtans and bhajans r safer in nature. 🙂 🙂

    About non-veg the kashmiri brahmins have traditional vedic roots dan any other state of india. and dey consume non-veg and der shaivatic mystism is famous. So der shuldnt b any prob.

    Thank you.

  122. Haridas said

    Shri Gurubhyo namah | No one is saying that women should be deprived of spirituality just because they have different bodies. Indian culture is famous for the protection of women, in terms of spirituality first of all. At least in the real Indian culture as it had been before the mad times of Kali-yuga started not so long ago. But there are certain things that distinguish men as men and women as women. Men cannot give birth to children from their wombs, and women don’t have beard and also cannot do certain things that men can do better or even exclusively. Ancient ‘Manu samhita’ defined all those things for human civilization. For this reason yagyopavita (the sacred thread of brahmins) was never given to women in Vedic civilization, as well as Brahma-gayatri mantra, because originally it was intended for men by The Creator. Can anyone say that sacred thread was given to all women as well as any men in the Vedic times? No. And believe me in the past people in India were much more advanced spiritually than in these times now, with all that crazy feminization stuff, from which you the most sad results – rampant divorcing, women unprotected, orhpans, lack of family values, spiritual education and culture, etc. Shri Bhagavan said everything about this in the nutshell in the 1st Chapter of Gita, if you study it. What happened from feminization on the planet? Nothing good. Women are the first losers by this process. Men also have lost a lot by this. Everyone has to follow his dharma – men as men and women as women. Trying to mix everything into one is not spirituality, it’s not intelligent and of course it’s not pure Vedic tradition. If at all we are going to speak anything about Vedic tradition. Jai Janardana! Jai Shri Hari!

  123. Haridas…
    No body is asking for feminization or masculization (dont knw wat word i can use). Here we are talking about can women chant gayartri mantra. And since Rig veda has no illustration about it i think its perfectly fine. Nature need a perfect balance and for century its quite imperfect since men are dominating the societies .Calling women loser. I guess how can u tell dat. Look wat man dominated society gave us.. Power exercising on women, Wars the biggest contribute of male ego and greed, Lack of sensitive give birth to crimes. Des are contribution by masculization. Many people say Mahabharat was waged becoz of Draupadi but lil dey knew dat it was becoz of two jealous men hating and taking revenge after revenge frm each other. Drona and Drupad. Calling Feminization failure is showing the lack of insecurity man’s possess. Anyways Mistakes can b equally made by man or woman, Society need voice of both man and woman equally.Mixing should be made in perfect blend not one less nor one more. And don’t forget woman represent the higher consciousness everywhere even among gods.

  124. Vedic Tradition is far most feminized in nature. To be honest Vedic is highly illustrated by feminist power and beauty. Adi shakti word is derived from Aditi the 1st goddesss and the mother of 12 Adityas. Later she is knw has parvati , durga and in many form.
    Vedic women contributed vastly in the composition of Vedas. Some women challenged the philosophies of gr8 sages. One episode is between Gargi and rishi yajnavalkya about atma. Women challenging the gods well der r many many stories. When the power of all gods failed Ma Durga came. So honestly Hindusim has talked a lot of feminism. And honestly nowhere we found dis women loser. But den again in the nature of women dey dont want to be leaders , dey are not power hunger or narcissistic. Dey look 4 true companion who can lead, treat dem equally and dats y she is the higher conscious unlik wat u r trying to potray.

  125. sanjeev said

    Hi, We are chanting the mantra and that is divine persons have always given skewed responses to suit their thoughts, but it is good that you should keep on listening and if possible give it some time when you are back from office to meditate on the supreme consciousness and feel one with the universe. There is no harm in focusing ones own mind to the creative forces in the universe. The ideal time is early in the morning before sunrise and in the evening. But with the hectic life each one of us follow, can always take some time off and relax or hear it whenever you get some time on hand.Believe me you will be drawn to it…and you will feel great.

  126. JAYATEERTH K P said

    ladies or girls don wan chant Veda mantras or oommm kara nada as per Veda and all, and the thing men or boys are going to have karmas or sanskars means it will be upanayana or other until it happn boys also not supposed to chant veda mantras and there are many mantras made for gals or ladies they can chant those things so plz follow the thing wat elders said, and avoid chanting veda mantras (for gals or ladies) it will be very good for u and also for all….. loka kalyano bhramha priyaha!!!!!! for loka kalyana gals and ladies avoid chanting veda mantras other wise it going to happn the tsunami and all again and again…..

  127. Gayatri Mantra is a most powerful mantra, any one can chant any time. Woman also human being and they have everything like male in fact without woman there is no world no universe no creed no caste nothing. Woman they are like a God to everyone but modern woman collapsed the wellness of the gender.

  128. Gayatri Mantra vibrations are most powerful than any other mantra

  129. asha said

    Gayatri mantra is declared as the producer of immense kinetic energy. The sound vibration causes some changes in the mind and body. Some of the Vedic chanting are very powerful and causes hormonal changes. Since women are having weak body constitution and are having a effect on the uterus while they chant frequently they are restricted to recite this mantra. The Mantras with strong vibration is having direct effect in the glands and hormones, which causes anomalies, and abnormalities in the body of the even fittest women. Just to keep the women folk in their glory the chanting is restricted. As for as Vedic recital is concerned there is no gender bias. Ancient Scholars allowed Women to chant the Vedic mantras once they crossed certain age. Women who crossed their fertile age and women underwent menopause can chant as this chanting have not disturbed their fertility capacity.

  130. Mayukh said

    Women’s should not be pronunce “om”in the sme place they pronounce “Nama”
    Bcoz “Om” is the power of all universe .our all organs , all nerves.biologicaly females organs & nerves are not support “om”.

  131. Tgr Sbu said

    Gayatri mantra is gender-neutral. For example, the following explanation of the gayatri mantra makes it clear — it is for the benefit of all humanity (women and men).


  132. Baldevbhai Panchal said


  133. Kaushal Dave said

    There are some mantras and tantras which directs the flow of your internal chakras. e.g. we all do only clockwise circulation and never do anti clockwise.
    Gayatri mantra should never be chanted by anyone. it should only be readin mind i.e. “Maansik Jap”. it should be chanted in mind and not by toung.

  134. Hema said

    Please dont mis-assume as “restrictions are made by Dharma”;
    Gayatri mantra is POWERFUL; To pronouncing each letter of Gayatri mantra needs inner enegry from your body.
    Women’s should not chant Gayatri mantra loudly because women has less resistance power(which lesser the chance of getting pregant hence our poorana said “women should not chant Gayatri mantra loudly they can chant inside without pronouncing it ” ).

    each and very restrictions which are made in Dharma/religious as valid scientific reasons.

  135. I wish that Hindu Vedic rituals are not to treated as an object of Fun by at least born hindus. The Vedic mantras including the Gayatri and Pranava requires adhikara for chanting. It has to be chanted by Brahmin males only after initiation to Upanayanam ceremeny and none else. To certain extent some mantras can be chanted by dvijas (twice born castes). Nowadays due to western education, hindu scriptures are being treated with little or no respect. The western educated hindus think they become superior by acquiring Engineering/medical degrees and they can do anything they like. They don’t understand that hindu religion is profound and contains higher knowledge relating to the Atman which therefore is superior to mundane knowledge of western education and values of life taught or imposed by westerners which is unfortunate. This is the reason for such actions as breaking of scriptural injunctions with impunity. As mentioned in the scriptures these are the effects of Kali yuga. As ordinary people are unable to see beyond senses, they will not realise that the bad effects of such prohibited deeds are slowly taking over us. In the entire discussion above, I think only Mr Haridas has rightly pointed out the Dharmic aspects of chanting gayatri mantra as he knows what the sastras say in this regard. To know the correct position one should study the commentaries of our great Acharyas who had renounced the world and become realised souls and not take the opinion of self styled fake gurus and swamis of this age. I hope people resort to deeper understanding and acquire wisdom enough to keep away from sins for their own and the world’s well being.

  136. HARSH AGRAWAL said

    Actually chanting of gayantri mantras not allowed for women not somethng you should take that has hurt their pride .Actually all these mantras are very high level of scientific sounds that were derived in the vedic periods when we were a thousand times more advanced then we today are.This gayatri mantra is for men only because it has the kind of energy generated which is not fit for women and thats why it is said that it should not be chanted by girls.

  137. This is what I’ve read about the the of Gayatri mantra, in the context of this discussion thread let me brief this, Women may not necessarily have to chant the Gayatri mantra because they are already considered an epitome source of energy and the creators of life, for the existence of this universe. However, in this yuga, a soul has no gender and hence why Gayatri can be equally recited by both genders to pray and attain ultimate consciousness.

  138. In hinduism the worst thing to happen was writing of puranas. They are all concotted theories by evil minds who wanted to rule over women.
    There is a Rishi who came from heavens to clear all this Rishi Dayanand Saraswati who rejected these Puranas and gave equal rights to women to chant Gayatri mantra and vedas. My wife after her upanayanam now chants Gayatri mantra regularly. Gayatri or Savita is a Goddess I mhyself got her darshan on my upanayanam sanskar so how can she not allow women to chant the mantra rubbish. You should get this deeksha from a qualified brahman only then Gayatri gets jagrit otherwise she gives bad energies due to shap. If u need deeksha apply on kaverisrividya.com it is free.

  139. akshay said

    The only reason why women r nt allowed to recite or listen vedic mantras is because the vibrations created by reciting those mantras are not suitable to female body and nothing else…..
    The vibrations created are called as naad …

    • Akshay has any research been done that when Women recite Gayatri Mantra it gives bad vibrations to female body? How can a Goddess Mantra which imbibes the perfect qualities of Divine Mother Gayatri the Supreme Feminine Power give bad effect to a woman’s body? Such stupid brahmins who tell chanting Gayatri Mantra will give you mentally retarded Children and ill-concieving of birth etc. etc.

      In my household my Mother and my Wife were given Gayatri Deeksha and they have chanted the mantra ever since. Both are happy and no harm to their bodies for more than 40 years now??

      Gayatri Mantra has given them Healthy Relationships, Healthy Children, Wealth, Happiness all around.
      Disgusting attitude like this has created a wretched society of Spiritual Criminals who want to control Women.

      My mission as a Yogi and Spiritual Master is to rid the society of such dangerous attitudes.

  140. Mahesh Pandit said

    Please read the opinion of Sri Ram Sharma Acharya (Gurudev) of Gayatri parivar who has performed Gayatri Sadhana for 24 years, who says that all can chant Gayatri Mantra. Also refer to their book for perfect answer.

  141. Goddess Gayatri is a Feminine Power who is known as Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. Those people are fools who restrict women from chanting Gayatri Mantra when by chanting it we are to attain her that is Divine Mother Gayatri, Does she discriminate and say I will not give benefit to Women only men if they chant my Mantra where in any Veda or Puran it is written that Women cannot attain Goddess Gayatri?

    All Modern day Brahmins are Shakti Upasak since they worship Goddess Gayatri and they should learn to respect the Women who are true representation of the Divine Mother. Restricting them from not chanting the Feminine Mantra Power is the biggest spiritual crime one can do towards that Divine Force.

  142. Goddess Gayatri is a Feminine Power who is known as Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. Those people are fools who restrict women from chanting Gayatri Mantra when by chanting it we are to attain her that is Divine Mother Gayatri, Does she discriminate and say I will not give benefit to Women only men if they chant my Mantra where in any Veda or Puran it is written that Women cannot attain Goddess Gayatri?

    All Modern day Brahmins are Shakti Upasak since they worship Goddess Gayatri and they should learn to respect the Women who are true representation of the Divine Mother. Restricting them from not chanting the Feminine Mantra Power is the biggest spiritual crime one can do towards that Divine Force. STOP SPIRITUAL CRIME INCLUDE WOMEN.

  143. Junie said

    Loved ur article dear!👍. U r absolutely right. God is for everybody. So anybody can chant gayatri or any other mantra. Be it male or female. Not only gayatri mantra, but each and every sanskrit mantra has its own vibration and energy. Yes, people who are spiritually very weak needs to be cautious. Atleast a person should be doing some sort of everyday sadhna like chanting mantras and meditating. Once you are physically,mentally nd spiritually strong u can go on with gayatri mantra sadhna as it is said that gayatri mantra is the most powerful mantra of all mantras. Make sure you are fit enough to handle so much energy.

  144. Pure Brahmin said

    As a Brahmin man, I’d like to offer some clarification on the issue of chanting Mantras. We’re living in Kali Yuga, an age dominated by Sudras where these powerful mantras have long since lost their effect. Sure they can offer you peace of mind even today, but a bunch of learned Brahmin males reciting the mantras together in a room has the divine effect which cannot be recreated by women or Sudras. It’s the state of mind we’re in. Women and Sudras are governed by base desires and consumed by lust, passion, treachery and other impure thoughts. That’s their very nature.

    Sure, you all can continue to undermine the authority of learned Brahmins. This would only drag the country, and the world by extension, to an irreversible decay. Don’t expect pure Brahmins like me to support the demise of our traditions and culture. We’d rather stay silent than join your assault on Vedic norms.

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