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Don’t try to criminalize working Mothers!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 11, 2017

“How can I convince my wife to leave her job to raise our child?”

The above question is asked by somebody in Quora and I liked the response shared by  Shweta Sharma an alumnus of JNV Jojawar. I am quoting her reply below:

Here is how, Don’t!

There is a possibility she might already have considered it, analysed the scenario at her work place and decided against it for some valid reasons. Getting back to workforce is not as easy as sounds. If one of you can get extended leaves, great. If not, try seeking family support if possible. I agree that leaving an infant with nanny does not sound like the perfect solution. But try thinking this from her perspective. Now you have not mentioned what industry she works in, but at some work places the competition is cut throat. I have spend good one year out of the work force and I know the toll it takes on your confidence and skills. Unless she expresses the desire to quit her job for sometime herself, try not making things difficult for her.

I am not a mother yet, but I have seen working mothers very closely. I cant even express the guilt they carry all the time. The guilt for not being a good wife, for not being there when the kid needed them, for not spending every waking second with the kid! Chances are, she is already having post partum depression. It is important to get the support system robust for the time being. I agree that the kid needs much attention, but as selfish as it sounds, you guys were spouses first and parents later. Listen to her. She might have good reasons to continue to work. She might have insecurities about leaving work which she cant voice. In any case, this decision should come from her. Ideally this is something couples discuss before the situation arises. But now that you are already on the field, don’t lose that team spirit. God knows you will need it when the kid will be a teenager. Both of you will have to put in efforts to raise the kid and both of you will have to support each other.

Most of the days, on my way to work I see a woman with her baby. The baby girl is around 6-7 months old. The mum takes the baby with her, drops it in day care and on her way back, gets the baby along. It is such a lovely sight! It helps that it is a happy baby! She keeps all of us engaged, waves around to everyone, blows kisses, keeps giggling. But most of all, the baby and the mum, they just seem so happy to see each other! It just melts our hearts every time we see them. Once I had to change my route and catch the train at the stop where they start. The kid just could not stop kissing her mum, and the mum reciprocated. Of course, the kid cooled down in some time and her attention was shifted to showing her mum all things interesting, like her fingers or the hoarding or a passing train! That is the kind of relationship you want with your kid! Not one where a dissatisfied human being hoovers over the kids’ heads to prove to be a good parent.

Take your time to understand this new situation, give your wife sometime too. Be really careful about this nanny thing, take all steps necessary to ensure the person you are leaving your kid with is reliable.

There is a pearl of wisdom I got from one of my previous managers, “when you will be a parent don’t forget to be a wife. remember he was there first, and he will be around when the kid spreads it’s wings. Never abandon this friendship. Because it is what gives you strength.” Now you don’t need to be a wife, that advice was custom made for me, but rest of it can be true for you.

Well, so here it goes my stand! 🙂

I would say “No”, please don’t. It should be her choice! I would say it should be her decision to work or stay home with the kids, and most important is she ‘must‘ do what will make her most happy, not what ‘should‘ make her happy. You don’t need to convince her for which she is not ready to sacrifice. I have seen mostly women leave their job to sacrifice their career in the name of marriage and child. Though they are highly educated and can stand on their own feet, but they find no option but to give up their careers for the sake of their family. Why should it be only a father who would do a job in order to earn money? Why don’t a man find him worthy enough to take care of his child? Let me tell you honestly, a mother loves her children more than her own life. It is a mother who sees that her children’s needs are fulfilled before her own.  And being a mother she must have thought something and planned well to take such decision. If you convince her that would anyways have a bad effect on your relationship with her. So, you don’t need to convince or force her. Instead convince yourself that it’s her life, her choices, and it’s all about her decision! Respect it!!!

I think, there is a dividing line between ‘CHOICE’ and ‘SACRIFICE’!!! One must understand it. I would like to get answers for same question from all the corners as well. Let me see what others say about it.


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Circumstances!… A very touching poem written by Suhani!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on July 30, 2014

This below poem is sent by Vishwas bhaiya. A very touching poem written by Suhani, who is a school going girl and a lovely daughter of Vishwas Saxena bhaiya. Please go through the emotions projected and exempt her from grammar—reading this I have some questions for existing education system . A consideration is needed. Anyway read the tender emotions of a fairy and feel her agony!



Every good thing comes to an end!
That is true when my grandmother become sick
And to cure her there was no trick.

Some say organ failure,
Some say paralysis
But we don’t know what the exact crisis

When we were fighting tooth and nail
They told me you school fees was going in vain

When I took leave to curb her loneliness
They said me your attendance was less
Yet they gave me speech topic “old age or
Loneliness who was responsible”
I think its school!!!!!!

When my brother was sacrificing his boards,
My mother ignoring her lectures which she never did
And my father who thrashed the government rules
Came from country far off
Just see her well of
That time their attitude showed off.

When I get myself medicine trained
They told you can be detained!

When I was stealing time to sleep
They told wake up this is not time to creep.

But in the mean time she was sinking and
Your homework is not complete they were shrieking.

When told the reason they said this
Excuse for this season.

She is their but quiet what
To do I cried
I took her my priority
Goons of school shed their superiority.

Than come my final exams
Sitting in intensive care unit
I am finishing mu maths unit
Eight days passed their
She came home as she is here

I passed my exams with self satisfactory Marks
And on myself they leave no scars

Now they threat me this is boards
When we are fighting with black society crowds.
Who can consider daughter but not daughter in law
And for this there is no law.

Than they ordered to take a game
And at home we are playing game of blame

She had big! Big! bed sours
On which everyday compounders knife and sizzer throws
And she and we use to roar.

In this calamity of
Howling of society…………..
Trespassed rules……………..
And chasing a college………
We don’t have time to curb our fatigued
They told these chapters you have to read.

Now came a deadly day
When her hemoglobin come to
And doctor advised for blood transplant
My mother did it for her.

Pure blood matched legendary blood!
But alas! The organ fails
And from the world she sails
She departed and we parted!!

Now I say that in student’s life
There are some circumstances
Which led to odd instances

So kindly be kind to them
Otherwise you can face the same.

Written by Srijna Saxena (Suhani)

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Watch this video, it will make you speechless!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 19, 2014

A short film on Edmund Thomas Clint was an Indian child prodigy who was born in the town of Kochi in Kerala. Even though he died at the age of 7, due to a kidney failure, he is known for having drawn more than 25,000 pictures  in just 2522 days that he lived.


Normally, it would take years of analytic study and training to draw such paintings. But Clint started drawing at 2 and had painted some of his best works by the time he died. It is documented that at the age of 5, he secured first place in a competition held for painters below the age of 18. Watch this video, you will be speechless.


God’s own child from God’s own Country!

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A Regional Cultural Meet & Art Exhibition’10!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 10, 2010

Dear All

I feel great pleasure to announce the event of Regional Cultural Meet & Art Exhibition 2010. After discussion with R.Sreenivasan sir, Asst. Commissioner (Acad.) over phone, on behalf of the Navodaya family, we invite all the Alumni, who stay in or around Chennai for the event that will be held at KAMARAJ ARANGAM, 492, ANNA SALAI, THENAMPET, CHENNAI-6 on 15th & 16th November, 2010 from 6pm to 10pm. A formal invitation letter with a final program was sent to us by deputy commissioner ‘K. Sadagopan’ sir from NVS Hyderabad region which I am appending here.

Cultural programme comprises of a rocking and an unforgettable performances of the school boarders. We alumni and seniors shall be tapping our feet on the beats of “dil to bachcha hai jee…”, while recalling our own school days over the performances.

An art exhibition will be held during the event. The exhibition will include spot painting, landscape painting, modern art and sculpture. The motive behind is to enhance the inner qualities of the young minds of Navodaya, or say, to see their inner beautiful thoughts take shape in form of art.

Let us get together to support and bring out the essence of this learning kernelled inside the shell of fun and entertainment. The presence of each participant and guest shall be of our utmost importance.

Let us back to the rhythm…!

Thank You.

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Institution expectations vs Individual aspirations!?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on October 30, 2010

I was discussing with Sarita di about an incident that happened in a Navodaya Vidyalaya few months ago. She said, ‘this is trans-cultural shocks!’

A 13 year school boy was burnt to death in a fire at school! It’s difficult for me to believe. This was a total shock to all of us. I do not know whether it’s a suicide or a murder. As I got to know that he was in class 7th, so I guess he might have spent a maximum of 8 months in JNV. What compelled a child to do so? I have no explanation for it. It’s worrisome and a point of concern for all of us, despite the fact that we may or  may not have spent our childhood in a residential school called Navodaya.

Can anyone really explain Why this nightmare scenario actually happens? Why such kind of incident are occurring, of course without a warning bell? Why there is such fluctuations in system performance? I doubt whether they really worried about students at all? Why is the students behavior changing toward each other that causes someone’s death? Why would anyone let it happen? What could be the cause behind it? The strong feeling of stress, confusion, lack of concentration, peer pressure, self-doubt, competition and pressure to succeed, or influence of the so called modern technological toy such as a cell phone etc…???

Are we able to create a good relationship between hostel inmates? The reasons behind his suicide/murder can be complex but many of us are simply clueless as to what the real scenario behind would have. I think it is better to understand the complexities of the child mindset that can lead them to the worst situation. We do need to develop new ways of co-relating to students at all levels and understand their deep rooted psychology.

I invite a healthy discussion here to sound out your opinions…

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Asking for babies’ names!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 8, 2010

Well, my friends keep asking me for babies’ names. As I forget to send the names, so few of them have now started threatening me. Last week my youngest sister was looking for name for her friend’s niece. Today one of my friends was asking for a name for a baby girl! So, I thought of putting a post here asking for the same.

Every parent wants to give the best name for the baby girl or boy. These days parents are looking for the unique yet meaningful babies’ names. The names should be those that parents and grandparents love, particularly grandparents. The name should sound like an Indian name and try to say something about the child’s individuality.

I am asking for a soft help. If you have come across some nice names, please leave some names for babies along with their meaning here. Or if you have a name you would like to share with others, please share!

Well, my friends keep asking me for babies’ names.

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JNV Alumni organize GT@JNV Aurangabad!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on December 17, 2008

I take immense pleasure in informing the navodayans about the Get-Together@JNV Aurangabad from 24th Jan to 26th Jan’09. For further details please check on to the following link jnvalumni.com.

Dear Navodayans,

Spend time where you spent time….!!! Catchup with your old friends and see what can be done for your juniors…both counselling as well as masti. Also I request all navodaya friends to login to our lovely website www.jnvalumni.com.

Thank you for your interest, and if you have any questions, please do write here without any hesitation!

Dear Blog Readers,

Although the link may not relate to Non navodayans, but as the students’ issues are common everywhere, I would like to know the best possible ways in which the navodaya alumni can contribute to their students and teachers. Successful education begins with positive relationship between teachers and students. These days what we do not find is the sweetness in relationship between teachers and students. How should it be improved? How to improve the environment of the school? How to develop their career? How to contribute towards health and nutrition of the students? Furthermore, What kind of things would you like to see the ourselves doing in the campus, that would benefit the students? Or anything you would like to suggest us for students, you are most welcome to comment here. Your valuable opinion in this regard will be highly appreciated!

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Bachche man ke sachche…?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 14, 2008

Well, it was friday evening and I was listening old hindi songs. And then a very beautiful song was played. You all know that “बच्चे मन के सच्चे…” I enjoyed it but then the song made me think about the present children psychology. Are they still same ‘मन के सच्चे बच्चे’ or they are loosing their ‘innocence’?

Childhood is all about fun, entertainment and crazy things. Today if you ask children they will say that they want to be like Salman khan or better than Hirthik or like Kareena or Aishwarya etc bla bla and also they will say, they don’t want to be like their mom and dad! Perhaps that’s what first comes in their mind, when it comes to going to the school. Also they want to go to the gym because they want to play the role like ‘Shaktiman’ in real life!

I tell you a true story. When I was in gradutaion, one of my class friend used to teach a student. She was a student of class 4th in DPS. It was Feb and valentines day was about to come. When my friend was about to give her home work then she promptly said…”Teacher, day after tomorrow is valentine’s day and I will be busy with making cards or purchasing some gift for my boy friend, so I want leave tomorrow!” My friend was very curious of knowing about her boy friend so she asked the girl about her boy friend. Then my friend asked her to get permission from her mom. And after that she called her mom and said same thing. Her mom just smiled and told her that they would go for shopping in evening and asked my friend to grant leave on the next day!

My friend came back to hostel and shared that episode with us. For the first time I was shocked, but later I found now days it’s common in metro cities! If you see in metro cities, these school going girls and boys are having boy friend and girl friend from the first day of their life in the school.

It’s fine, but the worst part is where and on what way our children are going? Do they really study? If do not study, then what? In fact they are loosing their family values! Can’t we do something to change the situation? Of course we can do. We just need some patience, time, a friendly attitude towards them. Most important, we need to show “how much we care for them.” There are a lot among us who know how to turn a ‘no‘ into a ‘yes‘, because after all “बच्चे मन के सच्चे, उन्हें हम जिस साँचे में ढालेंगे वो ढल जाएँगे!”

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Child Labour : A pathetic practice…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 19, 2007

Continuation of previous post: https://rewa.wordpress.com/2007/04/14/child-labour-compromising-tomorrow-for-today/

Before going ahead I should inform all of you that I am not a great philospher or a thinker. All I can say that it just came to my mind so I thought of putting here!

1.  We celebrate Children’s day in India – but for what purpose and why?

2.  Most of the professionals and so called intellectuals employ girls as housemaids to take care of their babies, we know its wrong but we do the same, why?

3.  I do not know whom to blame and who to feel more sorry for- the children who are depressed of the golden years of childhood or the parents of 21st century who look for money all the way through any possible sources so that the whole family can stay alive?

4.  Nowhere in the world does such an ugly discrimination against certain working class happen as it does in India. Why?

5.  Would it not be better if we identify child labours and do needful for them instead of organizing ‘bal mela’ on children’s day?

Note: To continue reading this topic fully just click on Society section in Categories.

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Child Labour: Compromising tomorrow for today…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 14, 2007

Few days back, I was going through one of my friend’s blog and there was a post written on “Boot Polish boy“.  According to the writer, he and other person helped that boy with Re. 1 or whatever.  Actually, he used a tag word ‘gentleman‘ in his post for that person who helped the boot polish boy, which is not digestible for me.  Anyway, when I read it there I felt bad, it’s really disgusting the way they helped him. They didn’t help the boy in any sense but it was a way of showing sympathy. I mean “daya dikhana.” But how far?

We still look our history and feel proud… but why!?  Why one should feel proud of it if beggars are roaming on the road with empty plates?  Why one should feel proud of his/her country, where child labour exists?  Does it make sense in our so-called well-educated developing society?

Nevertheless, I too feel proud of my Country, but instead of helping him with rs. 1 or 2 or whatever, I would prefer to force him to go for study, bcos sometimes even advice doesnt work. Yes, I know people may say….”yeh uske roji roti ka sawal hai“(its a matter of his survival)….but I think if today he gets money by doing such work then tomorrow he might not be getting his future bright.

Presently his small hands may be working hard to maintain the family but what about tomorrow? What about his next generation? Again his next generation would prefer to choose the same easy way of earning money where one can not fill even his own stomach? Will his family stay a boot polish family forever? Will they not become doctors, engineers, CA or even a clerk? Probably they can, if they are given a chance!

Few questions came to my mind which have posted in my next post. Continuation of this post are here: https://rewa.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/child-labour-a-pathetic-practice/

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