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  1. Surabhi said

    Guys and Gals..

    How about presenting your view on ‘live-in relationships’?

    Going by the trend set by the youngsters who prefer staying together before getting married, live-in relationships have gained momentum. While some see it as a healthy way of knowing your partner before getting married, some see it as an anti-Indian thing.

    Will you be kind enough to let me know whether you second the concept or not? If yes, then why and if not, then why.


  2. Hi Surabhi,

    Thanks for putting such a hot topic here! Hmmm…in my view, I am not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing as I know nothing is good and nothing is bad. But, I personally don’t like it and also I don’t believe in live-in relationship because I don’t find anything good in it.

    However if I talk about our country, India become more modern and progressive in all aspects but yet live-in relationship is not acceptable by our society. Live-in-relationship is quite adoptable in western countries, but the reality in India is quite different.

    What do you say?


  3. Ek Ajnabi said

    quite a hot topic to discuss. Well if u ask me I would never prefer to have live-in relationships. The reason is evident from the fact that we are Indian and we are not grown enough to accept it or otherway around you can say that our society and culture consider it very bad. Since we are social animals, we need to follow the social culture!

    Ek Ajnabi….

  4. Jitender Singh said

    hmmm I agree with the views of rewa and ajnabiji and I would also like to say that I hate the live in relationship. How can we accept these things before marriage. We can not copy western culture alone. Though its not bad to copy others but then we must be strong enough to bear with it…..I mean if we want to copy western culture then why don’t we copy the “western mentality”? Then I will have no objection for live in relationship….

    Jitender Singh

  5. Kamlesh said

    I second the concept. I am in for Live-in Relationship. When two individuals capable of deciding their destiny, they must be let free to shape it their way. If society really cares, it shud warn these individual of its prons and cons, but no way they shud be stopped if they decide to do so.
    By the way, if you don’t go by its stereotypic connotation of the word, is’nt Live-In-Relationship..meaning “living together” irrespective of gender, race etc…is a wonderful idea with a holistic attitude?
    I think if we approve of “living together” why should we oppose Live-In Relationship”, just because
    these two individuals might have more joy and satisfaction, which majority of us are devoid of? This is ridiculous?

    Am ready for slaughter…go ahead.


  6. shivshankar said

    with fast changing life-style,and the downfall towards the western culture….the topic of ‘live in relationship ‘ have been at the top of the list among the young guns discussion forum……
    well…there is something seriouly wrong in that, which we all know and i feel all people ought here are much more aware about this fact…
    ….if there would have been anything sensible in that ..then by now..the india would have been hub of live in relationship….
    according to me this live in relationship does not make much sense…well u can say it is all nonsense….
    and one thing i m proud of my indian culture and would like be within its boundary…hope u all feel the same…

  7. Nidhi said

    I strongly belive that there’s nothing wrong wid live in relationship. in life v cum across things dat happen so fast nd naturally.u r able to live well in the environment wid the differences u r experiencing. I dnt find it wrong as long as no one is harmed against their will.Everything is GREAT. 🙂

  8. @Nidhi,
    Everything is GREAT.
    kya khoob kaha hai. Mohtarma, sabhi chamakti hui vastuyen sona nahi hoti. Ahem Ahem! 😛

  9. Dear Surabhi,

    thanks for bringing such hot and controversial topic for discussion.
    I think most people in india dont believe in live-in relationship because it is totally against indian culture.But I do agree with nidhi’s point.
    I am not against live-in relationship but i dont support to have such a relationship for lifelong.I think that today we are living in such a competitive environment that we are always under a lot of stress and mostly it takes time to reach your goal.So some people dont want to get married before reaching their goal.If you get married then you get a feeling of having some resposibility and this creates extra stress and sometimes it might hamper your way to success but in some cases the live-in relationships inspires people to work seriously to get the goal without creating any stress.Butas nidhi said,people should be able to live well in the environment wid the differences they r experiencing. 😉

  10. shweta said

    everything is gud for those who can handle it.And experiments are made up for those who are ready to face the consqences.but still the norms of society took some thousand of years to be formed so there must be some reasoning behind it all which might skip from our minds but they certainly hold a great value.
    as above said, everything is great, yes it is but only if u have the courage to face what worst future may hold for you.

  11. mamta said

    i feel there is nothing worng with living relationship…as long as both of them pay thr bills fairely…..

    and i dont think if a guy n a gal start living together hamare culture ka lottiya dub jayega…..

    it should be evry body personal values…n i prefer to be alone

  12. Jitender Singh said

    Everything is GREAT. hmmmm how do u know this ji n how you strongly believe ????

    i feel there is nothing worng with living relationship…as long as both of them pay thr bills fairely…
    very funny haha…aapko bill ki jyada chinta kyon hai ji?

    Jitender Singh

  13. mamta said

    kya karu sochna padta hi …..ye log kam bada karwate hi…aur paise hamesha kam pad jate hi
    aur m kisi ke sath free me nahi hi rahungi…isisliye…

  14. Tanu Shree said

    Well Truly speaking …in my view I dont find it wrong , People have their own lives n their own decisions… why should we bother for that? Let them do watever they feel is right! Untll and Unless its harming Our Social Values and Society…. You can’t stop anybody personally !! I really dont believe in peeping up other’s boundary… so I wud not say anything to them who believe in or dont believe in Live -in…Thats what I do feel…

    I am not saying that yes I wud love to go for it..bt I believe in Live n let others live….Life is not as simple as it looks ..sometimes we have to react very opposite to wat we actually believe !! and so being a practical person I dont find it negative unless u r crossing ur limits!! everything is good unless we make it bad …. I mean its us who change the definitions n take out new meanings of any concept.. and try to get beyond wat is actually meant!!

  15. Surabhi said

    Aha..! never thought pple would have such varied thoughts.

    Well, I am with Kamlesh and I too second the idea. I dont think there is any harm in living-in with the person. I totally agree with KK on this concept and opine the same way as he does.

    Btw, the idea of living-in with the person is not to stay unmarried and just keep living together with someone or the other. Its about staying with a person and judging the level of compatibility and mutual inter-dependency. Furthermore, as KK said.. its abt staying together and knowing your partner in a better way.. irrespective of gender, race, color etc.

    Brick-bats are highly welcome.. 🙂


  16. This topic of discussion is based on materialistic approach.I am sure none of them who are favoring it would have courage and moral doing/adopting so.
    Its really an irony that when western culture is at loss of peace they come in India to have some cake of peace but Indians just for the sake of being called modern adopt or at least seems to adopt western culture.
    In western culture there are nude beach culture, nude marathon, nuclear family, ditching moms and pops, orgy and many such acts just in the name of free society .
    My question is ” Are they adoptable ??”.I guess not .But there are a section in India who will say yes.
    These are glamorized materialistic approach having core value of use and throw.

    Now coming to the topic.Its certain that this live-in-relationship is for testing purpose.so that the partner could know each other.But practically its far way from reality.They generally find some differences,use each other and then part away quoting those excuses.There is no certainty of success here too like love marriage.Individual results may vary, of course.When a minor excuse can break a relationship be it of love marriage/live in /arrange marriage then how come live in relationship is preffered.
    Don’t glamorize this use and throw/materialistic approach on Indian society with strong bond/moral value and commitment.
    A few are always there to say bye to my saying.

    Cheers and Regards.

  17. mamta said

    @ bharti ji,

    i dont know why people have worng concept abt westernisation…….

    If u talk abt nude culture or race or wht so ever…lagta hi ap kabhi kumbh ke mele me nahi gaye hen ya fir kabhi tv pe bhi nahi dekha hen……

    have a google n check the kind of pic u get of thoese nude sadhu thoese u call mgsner of god….or ur half nude god poto….

    live-in is just abt living together yar…if i m happy with someone i can stay without a certificate or a sindoor in my head….n if i m not happy with someone there is no use of certificate..it means just a peace of paper if u r not happy….
    at least without certificate u dont have to suffer for longer time….

  18. Aditya said

    Any relationship depends on certain components ….. out of which commitment and trust are most important…………. It hardly matters .. how you define any relationship ….. only it matter how you are committed to it … and how much you have trust on each other.

    In Indian culture may people feel it difficult to accept this …. but if you feel you are happy with this .. and you trust on each other … it does matter how you name this..

  19. Holy~Devil said

    @ Mamta
    kitne sadhuon ko aapne pura nanga dekha hai ya video mein dekha hai..??wahan kitni ladies hoti hai jo puri nude hoti hai..??wahan kitne kids hote hain jinki 3 generation ek sath nude hokar veg berger khati hai..??or ye india mein kahan kahan kab kab or kitni bar hota hai.
    kumbh mein kitne % log pure nude hote hain or kitne kumbh hote hain india mein.
    just reply these questions.

    o ek just fraction of people hai jo sanyasi kahe jate hain
    jo himalaya pe rahte hain jinki koi bibi or bache nahi hote.

    football field par and cricket pitch par nude ladki/ladke ko doudte huye dekhi ho.??ye india mein nahi hota but western countries mein aksar hota hai.

    US mein and western countries mein official nude beaches hain, orgy club hain.search in google, u will find that.
    US mein and western countries mein har sal mein hajar bar hote hain.
    or rahi bat live-in-relationship ki to jitne log yahan likh rahe hain na o sab love marriage to kar nahi sakte live in relationship mein kya khak rahnege ??keval bolne se kuchh nahi hota hai.
    debate is other thing but following your point is a different thing.

    Cheers and Enjoy your relationship, if you really have any ..??
    No Hard feelings please. I discuss with dil and dimag.


  20. Surabhi said

    You have impressed me. 🙂

    Very well said. 🙂

    Rightly said abt the sindoor thing. 🙂

    Your username is an oxymoron..!! cool. I like it. No pun intended, truly.
    I like your points about the sadhus and sanyasis..! But I dont agree with ‘rahi bat live-in-relationship ki to jitne log yahan likh rahe hain na o sab love marriage to kar nahi sakte live in relationship mein kya khak rahnege ??keval bolne se kuchh nahi hota hai.
    debate is other thing but following your point is a different thing.’

    If you cant do something.. that doesnt mean you cant hold an opinion about it. We are talking about opinions and not ‘whether you CAN do it or not’. Those parents who know that their son/daugher cant reach the moon still ask him/her to aim for it.

    I cant do a live-in relnship, not becoz I think its unhealthy for the society but bcoz its a TABOO.. and its a taboo bcoz of so many pple who have put their comments here.. who think if we try to widen our horizons that means, we are trying to westernize.

    I fail to understand why being ‘broad-minded’ and ‘accomodative’ is termed as being ‘westernized’. Indians dont have to cover up everything with a layer called ‘culture’. Culture is as pple do and not as written in books.

    Brick bats are still welcome..!!!

  21. Kamlesh said

    ladies & Gentlemen,
    If we just let our minds open little bit and think beyond the age old established norms (Eastern) of nudity then we will find that there is dichotomy in our believes and actions. We condemn the Burqa system of Islam because its too opressive and yet we do not endorse the free western lifestyle. Who said that we shud not cover our faces and limbs and not open the other body parts (which we symbloize nudity) ? Its all in the mind, nothing wrong with one or the other..its question of how much we can take and to what extend we can scrutinise the norms in the light of current thoughts and knowledge…revolution leads to evolution of a person, society and nation, generally…

  22. Sandy said

    Its one of the most contentious topic,what I noticed here is people are all set to pull their swords against Live-in giving all sort of reason from Indian society,ethics, morality to individuals liking and bla bla.I even noticed someone said there is nothing in Live -in so I don’t like,man take a break,first and foremost why do we all have a notion that Live-in relation means to get in bed with the person,knowing someone before marriage by staying with him prior to any formal commitment don’t you think its important to know whom you are going to spend your life.It appear to me kinda funny when one said nothing in it..your life is dependent on the one decision that with whom you should spend your life?And if you think live-in is not justified i think Living with a person of opposite sex is also not justified ..a marriage can’t justify your stay with a person of opposite sex….

  23. Surabhi said


    That was cool.. 😉


  24. Surabhi said


    I am becoming a fan of your writing.. 😉


  25. Sandy said

    We need somone to say against Live in ..else we have to ASSUME( Ass u and Me) that LIVE-In is in and we all favour this 😀

  26. Surabhi said

    yeah..!! dont worry.. someone will definitely pen his/her thoughts in here.. 😉

  27. @ Surabhi ji

    If you cant do something.. that doesn’t mean you cant hold an opinion about it. We are talking about opinions and not ‘whether you CAN do it or not’. Those parents who know that their son/daugher cant reach the moon still ask him/her to aim for it.

    I truly agree with you.Thats why i said discussions are cool on any damn topic in this world.Live in relationship has never been in India, so i call it “western”.If you have any example against it ,you are most welcome.

    I fail to understand why being ‘broad-minded’ and ‘accomodative’ is termed as being ‘westernized’. Indians dont have to cover up everything with a layer called ‘culture’. Culture is as pple do and not as written in books.

    Its because when ever some one is modernized himself/herself its the western culture that most of the time he/she adopts.Have you ever heard some one following Iranian, Russian culture,Chinese or Japanese’s culture???
    And i agree that culture is some thing that people do but they follow their customs with some change. Indian culture has always been accommodative that doesn’t mean it can metamorphosed.

    I tell you what happens in live in relationship.Two person decide to go for testing their likes and dislikes about each other without having a certificate of marriage/ relationship. They spent 2 or 3 yrs doing everything like regular couple .

    Meanwhile they find something minor which doesn’t click for both and they depart.The same minor thing/excuse might be given in love marriage and arrange marriage ,then why the hell some one go for that against the will of their well wishers and loved ones(read here your family/parents/and general relatives).But I can firmly say that love marriage and live in relationship do not have better success rate than the third category. Additionally you have the blessings/love of your loved ones and parents.

    Again i am repeating ,doing and saying things are mostly difficult to make synchronous.You give a shot to it and you would realize its not only “taboo”,its heart breaking too having long term emotional impact and imbalance.

    Cheers and Regards.

  28. Surabhi said

    Ohh Arun,

    I must tell you that I am in love with Sushi and Sashima (Japanese cuisines) and guess what.. I started eating fish only to eat these. 😉
    Second, Russian culture is 70-80% similar to Indian culture. They also have Swastik just the way we Indians do. Indian market is getting inundated with chinese products. hence, world is going global.. forget east and west now. please.
    If getting modern is called ‘being western’ opening a call centre or chatting or blogging is also equally ‘western’.

    About live-in relationships, I am sorry to say, I think you dont know how it works. Come to west and you will know that people marry only after they live-in for some years. So, eventually, here, live-in ends up in a blissful marriage.

    And Arun, once again.. the debate is not about whether Indian society accepts it or not.. debate is about whether YOU (as in.. an individual)favors it or not.

    As I said in my last post, dont cover up your opinion with a cover called ‘culture’. Culture is as people do.

    Just as an example, India is a HIGH-CONTEXT country..(and even if it is not, it is perceived to be so..) while it is the same country that is supposed to have a saying called ‘parn jaaye par vachan na jaaye’. Indian ancient culture is totally in contrast with Indian present culture.

    Also, about some real examples of live-in in India.. catch me offline sometime.. I can introduce to some people. and trust me, they are normal human beings.. just like you and me or may be even better..!


  29. Holy~Devil said

    Nice to read you.You have knowledge of worldly affairs 🙂 You deserve some praise 🙂

    About live-in relationships, I am sorry to say, I think you dont know how it works. Come to west and you will know that people marry only after they live-in for some years. So, eventually, here, live-in ends up in a blissful marriage.

    It ends up in marriage but how many years they stay..??? If their relationship is made after so much testing and understanding each other then it should survive for long.But as i know, they are not.
    If you do not agree with this then please check statistics.

    Regarding my personal opinion, i would like to have love marriage not live in relationship with my parents approval, of course.

    India is a HIGH-CONTEXT country. I am not scholar enough to understand its underlying meaning.Plese explain .

    you are very senior to me,otherwise this discussion had to be one sided 🙂


  30. @Sandy, It is well known that live-in relationship doesn’t mean only having physical relation.

    I didn’t object the views of anyone, but I gave my personal views that I don’t like it. Yes; I simply don’t like it. And as I said earlier too nothing is bad and nothing is good in this world, it totally depends upon person to person how they take the things!

    Everything is open and it depends on your own decision, if you believe go ahead otherwise leave it…If you ask me personally, I do not believe it! And I feel one can not impose his/her views on others. Manytimes you are not able to understand your partner even after spending ten years together. 😛


  31. Aditya said

    Based on personal experience I would like to put some comment again………..

    First on Aurn’s comment abt relationship and marriage

    I had read some survey on conflict management in personal life and from there I found the most strong marriage (either love or arrange) in the world is chienese one (ofcourse Asian’s are on top) but why ???
    The most common reason was they have opposite approach in solving CONFLICT betwwen them, and the amongst divorced it was found that they have similar approach in solving conflict (mostly have competing approach).
    Again based analysis based on MBTI type profiling, it was found that there are are only few couple who has same MBTI, but they are still happy.
    Some time like and dislike matters in any relationship but has very little LONG TERM impact on life.
    Last month I was in KualaLumpur for some school and in my class we have attendees from more than TEN countries. We found very simlar result in solving several type of problem (personal as well as professional).

    ‘Broad minded’ and ‘Accomodating’ : I don’t know why we are telling them westernise. Again Indians and Chinese considered to be most accomodating people in world.
    It does not mean that If you have “some particular type of relationship”. What I feel this mean is respect person and his live …. than his culture ……. Ofcourse culture and religion are improtant but HUMAN life is on TOP of that….

    So do what who like but…. Also please …… also look the impact on society as long as it does not have negetive effect on society…. Again negetive I stated here in relative term and depend on interpretation …. Some negetive things may be positive for other and vice versa…..

    So….. its realy difficult to conclude which is better relationship…. And … I think this is SITUATIONAL, and SUBJECTIVE…..

    ” I have used some ..word..Psychology..if you find it difficult just google it or let me know.. ”


  32. Tanu said

    Well Well Well… People on both the sides… Why r u trying to impose ur views on others…just be happy wat u feel n believe….

    “”..And I feel one can not impose his/her views on others..”” I wud go wid Rewa Di for this!!

    Yaar intni tension kyu le rahe ho sab… Its a well known fact that on such topic u just cannot change others view!!!

    So just chill…. 😛 But ya keep the discussion on … !!!!


  33. Surabhi said

    Arun aka Holy~Devil..

    Finally, some applause came my way. I am happy. 🙂

    High Context : cultures are categorized as high context and low context. Low context countries are those where pple mean what they say. as in, where pple are very direct and talk to the point things. High context countries are those where mode of communication is indirect. Like in India, if someone asks us ‘am I looking good?’ we would say ‘yes’ (out of politeness, ofcourse) even though the person isnt looking good to us. Most of the Asian countries are high context countries.

    Talking abt statistics, US is suppossed to have some of the highest number of female rapes. Would you agree with it? Atleast, I dont.

    In country like ours, millions of rapes go unnoticed everyday. even if a gal gets raped, her parents dont even report it to the police to avoid further harrassment. Similarly, Indian society, unknowningly, puts a lot of pressure on couples to stay together.

    Dont think that if the rate of divorce is less in India.. its bcoz the marriages are successful. It is bcoz women are not given their due respect if they are divorced. and how many women silently tolerate domestic violence? I personally know atleast 100s of them.

    Didnt get your point of ‘one sided discussion’. Please feel free to put your thoughts forward. I am also a student like you. 🙂

    And guess what, I am in total love with my country. I love India which is why I am dying to get back home. But being in love doesnt mean that we support it blindly. I love India and Indian culture for some of the values like ‘warmth in pple, giving respect to elders, festivals, treating guests, politeness, helping, adjusting and much more’ but at the same I dislike many things like ‘casteism, brutal treatment of women, unequality in almost every form’ etc..


  34. Aditya said

    SURABHI !!!
    It’s not only about supporting / it’s my personal opinion……….

    Marriaige are successful in India bcoz of several reasons like:
    1. Indians are comprimising collabrtive in general..
    2. We respect our culture more than ourself (i will not comment this is good or bad)
    3. Feeling of insecurity in case of divorce
    4. We are fear of public speaking in sense its difficult for us to bring anything (especially bad) infront public.

    If you talk about country like Netherland … which consider to be most liberal country in world (U might be knowing better, as u stay there). this scenario may change … but in most of the ASIAN countries we have similar situation…..

    “Why Uneaqality?” I think its because eduaction only because our constitution gives much more right to woman….. and in my personal opinion woman is “Priority Citizen” of country … The onlything lacking is education and awareness in Woman for herself……….
    Ones she will aware I am sure …….. we will be in better scenario…….
    I will not comment over caste issue … as we might get deviated from topic…

  35. Shubh said

    Any sexual topic will get more comments. Since centuries the humanity has not been able to raise the consciousness above naval. It damps down somewhere between naval and legs.

  36. Holy~Devil said

    With all due respect, I have not compared the divorce rate in India
    and in western countries. I just said that if they get married after
    testing each other for 2-3 yrs in live-in-relationship,then why
    they get divorced after 1/2/3 yrs ?

    Aditya has some points supporting me 🙂

    I have always been sympathetic to this gender called “female”.They get preferential as well as biased treatment.I am very vocal supporter for the cause of females.Some times i go against my friends wished for their cause.
    You can always catch my opinion about them at my blogs and web pages.(if you really wish too :))

    And regarding “one sided discussion” what i meant was that generally when i get in some discussion or debate 95 % time people find very hard to put points against me. You are senior and have been well exposed to the worldly affairs so you are well appreciated. And thanx for the detailed information on “CONTEXT “(though i ca get any damn information through Google 😛 ).

    I will not comment on rape/trauma of females.
    It would create another topic.


  37. @Aditya

    sirji in which articles it has been written that woman have been given more rights in Indian Constitution? Can you tell me the article number? 🙂

  38. Aditya said

    tum pura pado…. to pata chal jayega….

    Example dunga to ladai ho jayegi idhar hi……

  39. Surabhi said


    Cool. Then before saying ‘India is a HIGH-CONTEXT country. I am not scholar enough to understand its underlying meaning.Plese explain.’.. you should have googled..!

    Anyway, nice knowing your views.

    Have a good day.

  40. @Aditya sir,

    Maine aapka comment pura padha…..I couldn’t find any clue. Aap batao, aapne kahan padha hai, I mean kis article aur Indian constitution ke kis page mein likha hai? Jaldi bataiye 🙂


  41. Aditya said

    My apology !! No comments here!!
    Can be a differnt topic.. or contact me personally if yo need one…

  42. You still have not answered my question ” why the divorce rate is so high even after so much testing” ???

    India is a HIGH-CONTEXT country. I am not scholar enough to understand its underlying meaning.Please explain .I meant detailed explanation.And I hope you know the meaning of “scholar”.

    Have nice life ahead.

  43. Sandy said

    Aditya/Arun/Surabhi and everybody else who is trying to give this debatable topic the best possible shape,I am highly impressed by the kind of logics commenst put forth.

    Aditya,I was away for a while so i’ll tka your point first and foremost.you wanna know who in Indian culture have gone ahead in Live-in relation,SO I’ll take a godly example.We all know Krishan bhagwan did raslilaa’s with Radha and gopiyan.What is a raas lila?
    My mom also condem me whn I ask her wht does Raaslila mean,as per my understanding it means Krishan ji was dancing around trees with rivers.We have lots of instance when the God was stealing the clothes and making fun and spending time with gopiyan.My mom firmly belive that it was his aura which was intoxicating the Gopiyan around him and they were blindly following him for his beliefs and preaching.Now here is a twist why were only Gopiyan’s effected by his Aura and no GOPI was ever in picture?Was his Aura gender specific.I think there was something else then Aura stuff..it was a relation which he shared with Radha and as n outcome we pray both of ther idol in our temples religiously and hardly remember who was Krishanji’s wife?How shall we be justifying our belief and culture here.

    ARUN ji..

    You are pretty keen about Divorce rates and not those cases where ppl stay together througout there life starting with live in relation . The divorce rate is high coz ppl here do not think too much ;-)they take life pretty light and do not believe in living together with lots of complexities.Give me one good reason a couple should remain a couple and face all sort of emotional turmoils and tortures which may occur due to incompatibility and difference in beliefs.This happen in India too but we are bought up in an enviroment where we are taught to stay with 1 person forver no doubt what may hapen,but yes a man is free to marry twice 2.Even the more public fig have done this and we don utter a single word in India ,be it Dharmendra,Bonny kappor,Azharuddin and many more.In all these cases it was solely privilage of Male to go ahead and fins someone else why coz females were busy following “JIS GHAR MEIN DOLI AATI HAI US GHAR SE ARTHI NIKALNI CHAHIYE” .In western culture they thankfully do not have any suce belief and hence they are happy to moe out rather than staying like this.

  44. kundan said

    see everything has two aspects…..bt as per changing society i dnt find nything wrong in live in relationship…
    i wld like to say to all those ,who r singing the song of culture
    n society…..the time has passed when v used to get married at d age of 18 n 20…it takes tim to reach our goal n if smone wants to find his life partner without increasing strss over his career…den wats wrong in dat….
    apart 4m dat a person has his physical need like food n air…n if two r fullfilling each others need without ny boundation.rather dan wasting time in thinking abt each other..den nothing wrong in it……in our life watever v do v do 4 our happiness….den y v shd live a big span of our short life unsatisfied….crying 4 d society…
    n 4 dose who r talking abt other wastern culture….den i wld like to tell dat v shuld adopt changes according to our need….if dere is nude beach nywhere den dats bcz dey need sun bath….according to their environment condition…
    actually d thing is dat v r so much attached wid d culture n society from childhood, set by previous generation dat widout thinking practically v just say what is set in our mind…

    ya bt d thing is dat if u r daring 4 it den u shd b aware of other aspect too so dat u shuld not regret in future……..

  45. Holy~Devil said

    @ sandy

    The divorce rate is high coz ppl here do not think too much ;-)they take life pretty light and do not believe in living together with lots of complexities.Give me one good reason a couple should remain a couple and face all sort of emotional turmoils and tortures which may occur due to incompatibility and difference in beliefs.

    If they do not believe in living together with lots of complexities and they face all sort of emotional turmoils and tortures which occurs due to incompatibility and difference in beliefs, even after testing each other during live- in-relationship ??? Then tell me how come its better/preffered than other form of relationships.Same situations occur in them too.So my point is, its not better than other form of relationships as far as results/successes are concerned. Additionally you would be going against many wishes.

    So if you prefer then go, all the best but don’t have belief that you are making a best choice.All relationships are relative when you talk about their success.


  46. Holy~Devil said

    very funny comments coming up. I am very fun loving guy and never take load.But since this is a discussion forum, so i have to defend and put points accordingly.

    1.When someone is taking about adopting western culture do it happily then why the hell you are afraid of consequences. Be brave in your life style and decisions.Say hell to culture and society .After all you are born alone and would go alone 🙂

    2. If fulfilling physical needs is purpose of live in relationship, then is it really a relationship..???Physical needs can be done away in many ways 😛
    3. Is it necessary to be nude for sun bath ??.Is is really necessary to run nude on football/cricket field ??
    4. If practical thinking is materialistic then do hell with that.
    I guess having old age houses are also good for freedom for many. what do u say..???

    Really i m tired now answering so many questions which are so boring. I would only suggest ,go for what you think is right, be brave and confident and comfortable.As long you are comfortable enjoy life and don’t care what people think about you.

    Have respect for your self and your strengths/choices. I must say India and its people have a long way to go before they match in practical approach to so called ” free culture “.

    Thats all from my side.


  47. Holy~Devil said

    Haan lastly ,

    yahan bahut log live in relationship ki bat kar rahe hain..sab uchhal uchhal ke support kar rahe hain. Meri dili khwahish hai ki inmein se koi love marriage bhi kar le to mujhe bulayiyega jarur.mujhe bahut khusi hogi 🙂

    Or live in relationship ke bad yadi koi shadi kare to isse achha practical example kya ho sakta hai ???
    Yahn bahut log honge jinki umar sayad ho gayi hogi ya paar kar rahi hogi.

    Or krishna bhagwan ka example de rahe hain jiska koi scintific proof hi nahi hai. Main ab isko defend karne ke liye kuhch nahi bolunga .jisko jo bolna hai bol le.

    bas bhai ab main chalta hoon.Bahut bahut dhanyavad aap sabka .

  48. shivshankar said

    hats off…. to holy~devil and arun bharti ji…..for quite impressive defence and well…. this is the fact….
    well…. even i believe so….

  49. Nidhi said

    its not alwys abt the sex, there r a variety of reasons nd the sad thing is if smthing happn wrng gal has to suffer so, wht exactly is the right way?
    i can say live in together close relationship is fine bt ‘I DONT DARE TO GO FOR THIS KIND OF RELATIONSHIP’ so if i support it den its not really about my real TALENT. koi rahta hai to use mai galat nahi manti.
    yaar krishan nd gopiyans is nt a relevant exmple,giv som real example.if u read gita u wil knw who is his wife bt mostly peple read abt lov, sex nd abt live in together thn hw thy wd knw who is krishn’s wife?

    yaar bolo sath raho our kathni ko karni mei badlo.tab janu 😛

  50. Sandy said

    This goes out for Nidhi…
    This is FYI..there is nothing mentioned in GITA about Krishan and Radha .GITA is all about the preaching nothing about life of Krishna ..if you really wanna read about Radha and Krishan please refer Mahabharat or Bhagwat Puran.
    Also now about your queries :I do know how many wifes Krishan ji had and also what was the age diffrence b/w him and Radha and what was Radha’s husband name.
    1) 108 and the first wife ws Rukmini.8 of his wifes were chief including Rukmini, Satyabhama and Jambavati..
    2) 16 yrs -She was 32 and Krishan ji was in his teens when rasleela happened
    3) Abhimanyu was the name of Radha’s Husband.

    Now For Holy devil…

    relationships are not about facing complexities always its about happiness…we do not fall into a relationship with a mind set to face complexities,but yes we do adjust and take up with time .Marriage is not a hard core certificate to bear these complexities,if a person is fine with bearing these complexities he can do that even without marriage also,am I wrong?
    I gave Krishan ji’s example coz ppl wanted some Indian ex and this ex is unquestionable ,also please do not bring science in mythology .We do not ask for scientific proof to belive in God and belive in all these beliefs..
    Rahi baat Pyar karke saath reh ke shadi karne ki.U do not need to go out of India Bangalore is a practicle eg please try finding ppl in Livin .u’ll get ample of eg.

  51. Sandy said

    Ppl..after my valuable views 😉 I think I won’t be able to go any further…Bbye for gud…

  52. Nidhi said

    ‘yaar krishan nd gopiyans is nt a relevant exmple,giv som real example.if u read gita u wil knw who is his wife’

    again read my cmnt.mane krishnji key wife key bare main jankari key lie kaha tha radha ya meera key bare main nahi.mujhko maloom hai rukmni krishnji ki wife the.dont want to know more bt dis is nt relevant example chahe ap ramayan kholo ya mahabarat ya gita ya upnishad ya vedas.kuch bi.

  53. mamta said

    okkkk soOOO….



    i just love this guy for whtever he write…he is super…BUT BUT BUT…he always does a mistake…apne point pe chipak jata hi….mmmm

    BHARTI JI, apse ye kisne kah diya ki log test karne ke liye ek sath rahte hi ki weather i can saty with this gal or not for life time…no dear…

    if someone is staying with some body becoz they like each other for THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT OR DAYS OR YEARS…
    isiliye nahi ki test kar ke dekhte hi ki ye rahne layak hi ya nahi…
    Its like jaise tume chicken acha lagta hi to tum chicken khate ho….tume IPL acha lagta hi…Cheer leader ache lagte hi to tum dekhte ho…


    Ye to achi bat hi na ki aap itna safe feel karte ho ki aap khule asman me sabke samne NUDE ghum sakte ho…whts worng in this…
    wrong to isme hi ki m agar salwar duppata dal ke bhi bahar nikalti hu to log mujhe aise dekhte hi ki X-RAY NIKAL rahe hi….
    Bharti ji ek kam karo tum google search chod ke lib me baith ke search maro…System ko dan kar do….Blog karna bhi chod do bahut jayada western ho gaya….

    Ek aur chiz even i cant go for love marriege…coz i love my mom dad…but i m still so different from them…

    Ek simple example de ke samjhti hu LIVE-IN relation ship ko…
    ye kuch aisa hi jaise tume agar IPL dekhne ka man karta hi to tum dekhte ho…khane ka man karta hi to kahte ho…sone ka man karta hi to sote ho….JO TUME ACHA LAGTA HI WO TUM KARTE HO…waise hi jisko jo acha lagta hi jab tak acha lagta hi tab tak wo uske sath rahta hi…nahi lagta to …JUST MOVE ON….

    Payar payar hota hi u cant define it…kuch dikhane se khush hote hi aur kisi ko chupane me maza ata hi…BAS…

  54. hahahhahhahhahhaha

    yahan kuchh jyada hi dimag se paidal logon ki bheed hai.Jo kuchh bhi bak rahe hain.Jinko debate karna nahi aata o o bhi muh utha ke chale aate hain 😛
    real life example dete nahi hain ..bhagwan ki bat karte hain.
    Bhagwan logon par to main comedy ki ek book likh sakta hoon
    .us duniya mein to pata hi nahi chalta hi koun kiska pujniya hai.
    sab ek dusre ki puja kar ke khus hote rahte hain.Dharm ke naam par chhal kapat karte rahte hain.

    @ or mamta
    tumko to bolna thik se aata nahi .likhogi kya/debate kya karogi ??? 😛
    salam namaste koi film nahi hai jo deserve kare mere important 2.30 hrs.
    duniya mein bahut sari cheejn logon ko karne ka man karta hai .lekin sab darte hain. kisi mein himmat nahi hai khud ko respect karne ki.apne decison or man ki bat maane ki.

    bas kahli pilli bahut time kha liya tum log.:(

  55. mamta said

    Jab bharti ji ke pass sab khtam ho jata hi to he speak like this only….

    Real life example kya loge aap kisi se..
    Aur ha dar sabko lagta hi…magar blogs isiliye hote hi taki man ki bat rakhi jaye…


  56. Tanu Shree said


    Thoda chill karo..ye waise hi hot topic hai .. ab ladai karke aur Hot mat banao bhai… 😛 😉 🙂

    Maine pehle hi clear kar diya hai ki “I really dont believe in peeping up other’s boundary… so I wud not say anything to them who believe in or dont believe in Live -in…Thats what I do feel… ” So ,no more comments….

    But u guys cool down a bit !!!

    request kar rahi bhai log maan lena!!!!

    happy discussion !!!

  57. Surabhi said


    When I started this thread, least I had the idea that there would be more tan 50 responses within a such a short span of a few days.

    I hereby thank everyone for their views though I wish the discussion would have been fruitful if people had kept a slight control on their language and had been more polite. But nevertheless, it was a good discussion.

    About the conclusion, I would like to sum it up with a saying that ‘Nothing is good or bad. Your thinking makes it so’.

    A great day ahead to everyone..!!!


  58. Holy~Devil said

    Mogambo khus hua 🙂

    Bahut log dimag chala liye. jao khao piyo aish karo.
    Have nice time

  59. Aditya said

    kya baat kara raha!!!
    Idhar leikhne ke liye dimag ki jarurat hoti kya??????

    Aur dimag hi rahta in logon ke pass to kuchh fruitful activity karte…??


  60. Tanu Shree said

    Dear Adityaa ji ,

    Kya baat kar rahe hain aap… kya ye act fruitful nahi tha..ya i knw sabka view alag alag hone ki wajah se koi direction nahi mil saka is topic ko… Bt still its good that we all said watever we felt …. and thats the main thing …hai na!!

    @ Dear Surabhi,
    Thanks for posting such Topic here …

    I really hope every one here njoyed the disscussion …(bas jinhone baaton ko dil pe na liya ho unhe chor ke)Jiasa ki di ne pehle hi keh diya tha..”I know nothing is good and nothing is bad..” .. I knw u too believe in it n so do i…

    thanks again Suuuuu…….

  61. Aditya said

    TANU JEE !
    Have you seen the way discussion going on……
    Earliar it was going somewhat well but after that…. the words used does not look nice to me… so I stoped putting my opinion…….

    Sorry ! if you are hurted….. I did not have such intention

  62. Tanu Shree said

    Aree nahi aditya ji m not hurt … n ya I do agree some points were there … bt u knw this topic was so Sizzling that …ye to hona hi tha …

    and I feel you r senior to me so plz don’t say sorry to me !!


  63. Holy~Devil said

    I am sorry to everybody who felt hurt by my comments.
    I never meant that.
    In my 2nd last post the person targeted was a girl.I just wrote to irritate her because i love doing so to her 🙂 as she is very good friend of mine.
    As usual i never attack personally and i m fun loving guy.Its just that i was bored.

    Regards and Sorry again.

  64. pankaj said

    Hi All,
    Landed up here through linked list (actually graph) of several blogs and discussion forums.
    A practical topic, so felt like jumping in.
    Let me start with left brain logic.
    1. Gives more time to know each other
    2. Avoids so called commitment restrictions. Freedom
    3. Allows love to mature
    4. Two adults have the right to decide their own fate and they are mature enough to take their own decisions.
    5. Promotes equality of gender unlike traditional marriages

    1. Looks very materialistic
    2. Not coherent with Indian culture where marriage is the only institution for two opposite sex people to share common bedroom. Social Taboo
    3. Since people have not committed fully (otherwise that would have gone for marriage;)), what is the guarantee the relationship will move forward smoothly with unconditional love.
    Without any generalization, I believe this concept has nothing to do with Indian Culture getting diluted with some junk Western immoral 😉 acts. It is a way of living and like many platforms where pluses and minuses both exist, live in can be used in a better way with maturity.
    To sum up, I do support Live in.

  65. Okay. I think that we had enough talk on Live-in relationship. So I am giving a new topic for the discussion.

    Ram abandoned Sita (not to forget that she was 7months pregnant at that time). What are your views friends on this? Do you consider that it was a right action or a wrong action.

  66. Ek Ajnabi said

    This time again somebody has come up with an interesting topic. Well if you ask me, why he did so, I wuld like to say nothing because actually there is no evidence of existence of these people. My be it is all fiction like Chanderkaanta. But, if instead any male does like this with a female at this very weak moment when wife rtequires all support, I will say that he is the culprit……it was a wrong action.

    Ek Ajnabi

  67. Nidhi said

    Very interesting topic.I must say ‘a person who believes in a religion must criticise it.’ He did wrong.by abandoning SITA,he proved he is nothing above man.if he was so wise nd if he really belived her,wouldn’t have done so. why Sita’s “Agni Pariksha”? For this reason i cant respect Ram.how unfairly Sita was treated by society nd even today,in one way or the other,in worse forms the story goes on n on.

  68. mamta said

    PANKAJ i really find ur point very good …..

    see wht i feel is even ram ji was also a human being…n its a human nature to doubt…so nothing wrong..

    yes but i find mistake with sita ji…just to prove herslef she need not to jump in fire…IF SHE HAD A REAL BELIVE ON HERSELF…

    mujhe lagta hi if u rite no need to prove urself in front of anyone….becoz u now u r rite…


  69. rohit said


  70. Hi Everybody,

    As Vijiya said, we had enough talk on Live-in relationship. So lets talk on the topic has been started by Vijaya Smriti for discussion is quoted below.

    Ram abandoned Sita (not to forget that she was 7months pregnant at that time). What are your views friends on this? Do you consider that it was a right action or a wrong action.

  71. Jitender Singh said

    Hi Every one

    In my opinion, the action of Ram was completely wrong as a human being because as a loyal-husband no one can do this with his wife. But I have seen people worshiping RAMA as GOD, whenever I think about this point, I start believing him like all other people. But when I think deeply about this matter, I come to a conclusion that this cannot be possible ? According to our mythology “Whatever God does is right and logical but is beyond the reach of our material mind!”. If I think according to these facts then I infer that Ram is absolutely right even today!

    Your view points and critics are invited. I will try my best to discuss.

    Jitender Singh

  72. Tanu Shree said

    Hi frnz ,

    First of all, Viji Di nice Topic ….

    Well I think that ya Ram ji was wrong here(I am considering that this story was a truth!!)… How could he harmhis own wife… Jisse unhone itne vachano ke saath shaadi ki… agar praja ka dhyan rakhna unka kartavya tha to …apni patn ke baare me socha bhi unka kartavya hi tha…. I knw being a real King he did what was right according to him … but he was actually wrong !! that we all know … Why Ram ji was not asked to pass such any test … He was also there on Vanvaas… Sita ji ne to unpe trust kiya!!! even today we allknow ki ye betuki baatein abhi tak puri tarah se khatam nahi hui hai…kahi na kahi hume aise examples mil hi jaatein hai…. jahan Koi Sita agni parikhsha De rahi hoti hai….

    and yaa as Mamta said :

    Why sita gt agree to giv Agni parikhsha..

    Mai hoti to mai bhi taiyaar ho jaati… ye jante huye ki mai sahi hu… par ye jatane k liye ki dusro ki soch kitni ghatiyaa hai…. mai aisa hi karti jaisa unhone kiyaaa..!!!


  73. I am actually a bit confused about this.i am agreed with jitendra that “Whatever God does is right and logical but is beyond the reach of our material mind!”.

    so somebody says that Vishnu ji was cursed that he wont enjoy his wife’s company in RAMAVATAR.This is the argument given by some elders when i asked them the same question. Even then i cannot say that whatever Ram did to Sita was right. I accept that he loved more than his life but he presented a wrong example to the world. What was Sita’s fault?? Was she wrong in accompanying her husband during Vanvaas? and yes, if sita gave agni pariksha then why didn’t Ram set an example by entering the pyre with her to prove his own purity. ‘RAMRAAJ’ is considered as golden era of Bharatvarsha when each Praja was treated equally. But did Ram did justice to all the section. Wasn’t he unfair to a section,i.e female section. As lovable husband he could have answered that Sita’s purity does not matter to him and he could have tought the same lesson to washerman also.

    When man dont need to answer for their overnight stay outside then woman also should not be questioned for the same. I respect Ram a lot because he did great sacrifices. and definitely he set a lot of good examples. But this one thing puts me in confusion. So ideas are welcome.

  74. See it’s all mythology. There is no proof so far that Ram really appeared. But there is a possibility that some person like Ram whose wife was stolen lived on the earth sometime. And mythology was created on his name. Mythology was created by different people of different mindset at different times. That’s why there are so many contradictions in it. According to mythology, Ram being Vishnu Avtar had power to kill Ram at any point of time. But, he did a long drama to kill him. He would have killed him from Vishnu Loka itslef. But he took human birth and took so much pain. That proves it’s mythology.

    Anyways, treating the mythology as it is – This is the only question being asked about the character of Ram. Mind you Ram is still termed as Maryada Purushottam. Those who gave this title to Ram must have thougt this behaviour of Ram. Although, Ram abandoned Sita but he didn’t marry any other woman Right? So that means he is not a womenzier. Now why did he abandoned sita then? People of Ayodhya were misinterprating Sita’s purity. So, Ram as king was slightly soclicited about his people. So, to please them he abandoned Sita. And it also glorifies Sita. By obeying Ram’s order she became a great woman which whole world still remember. So why can’t Ram be questioned? No he can’t. He cant find a woman in deep forest where he used to live. If Ram had lost his character in the forest, then he can’t kill Ravana. Because, Ravana was very powerful. Since, Ram killed ravana that shows his chastity, penance and austerity he did. Therefore, the probability that Ram was corrupted is very less.

    Ram is still undoubtly Maryada Purushottam, that is, the best amonge males! But, Sita is also eually glorious.

  75. Hi Shubh,

    There is a ‘limit’ of everything and so there could have been such boundary for him also. Right? Why he abandoned her? Was it only the solution? If he was ‘Maryada Purushottam’, where did his ‘Maryada’ went while taking such a worst decision to break the deepest relation on earth?

    You said, “Ram as king was slightly soclicited about his people. So, to please them he abandoned Sita.”

    To please anybody, would a king throw his wife in the jaws of misery? Why he couldn’t use his own mind to judge the truth? If praja had to take all the decisions, what was the use of making a king then? Shame on such a king!

  76. Shubh said

    Decision was taken for Sita. So, let Sita decide what does she think about the decision. Did sita say that Ram’s decision was wrong? Where did she write that Ram’s decision is wrong, he betrayed me? Sita was a Pativrata Naari it was her duty to obey her husband. She doesn’t question on husband’s action. She was not a modern girl. In fact Sita is from Mithila. Even today girls in Mithila are not taught to question on husband’s action. Sita was in satyuga. You cannot expect woman of Satyug to question on husband’s action, that too when husband is Ram himself. I know it’s difficult to conceive but that’s what it is.

    When you say “Shame on such a king!” think thrice please. If Ram were not loving Sita he would have left her with Ravan. Why did he take so much hassle to save her? Because, he loves her a lot. And thats great duty of a husband towards a wife. He was indeed a warrior. He finally got his wife back. But when he came to Ayodhya, praja started talking bad about Sita. It’s not Ram’s fault. If at all you have to blame someone then blame praja of Ayodhya. Not Ram. He had two choice – 1. Sita 2. Praja. Sita is a single human being. Praja comprised of many persons in which there are many Sitas. So he choosed Praja.

    Ram Rajya was the best kingdom that ever happend in India. And even if he did a mistake you cannot say he is a shame as a king. Ram is perhaps most imporantant God in India. Appreciation of Ram is even more than krishna and Shiva. Ramayan is taught in every house. With your logic Krishna was even more worse. So many crap he did. More than Ram. So according to you krishna is even more shame. So both Ram and Krishna is shame? And if you delete Ram and Krishna, there is nothing left as Indian Culture.

  77. Sandhya said

    Decision was taken for Sita. So, let Sita decide what does she think about the decision. Did sita say that Ram’s decision was wrong? …….

    Yes, Sita should say about the Ram’s decision. But sorry friend Sita is not here to comment or discuss. This topic has been posted here on this discussion forum to discuss among us and to know our views not of Sita. 🙂

    Sita was knowing her duty to obey her husband, but what was Ram’s duty as husband for a wife: to leave a life parter who was with him in every condition and situation. Where went the promises taken at the time of marriage in “seven feras”?

    Kya wo sare promises itne kamjor hote hai ki koi bhi insan ke bat pe he abondoned Sita. The decision taken by Ram was not the solution at all. Might he be loving Sita a lot but what is the meaning of love if the person being loved is suffering.

  78. Shubh said

    I see your point. I have following question.

    1. Why did Ram take so much hassle to Save Sita? He would have abondoned her when Ravana abduceted her.

    2. Why did Sita crossed Laxman Rekha?

    Koi bhi cheej ka solution bahot logon ka hit dhyan me rakh kar ke kiya jata hai. Ayodhya ki praja yahi chahti thi ki ram Sita ka tyag karen. Aur Sita bhi ek prakar ki Praja hai. Ram ne apne pati dharm ka palan to kiya hi. Use Ravan ko haatho se chhura ke laya. Agar wo Sita ka tyag nahi karte to is se sita ke bhala hota par Ram ki praaja me vidroh ho jata. Logon ka raaja par se vishwass utha jata. Log hi aise the. Sara Ram rajya toot jata. Agar dosh kisi ka hai to wo praja ka hai. Ram ka koi dosh nahi hai. Ram ke aisa karne se dharma ki sthapna hui. Logon ko satitve ka matlab pata chala. Satitve par vishwaash aur bhi badha. Sita ka bhi Gaurav badha. Sita ka Janam bhi sirf mahlon me rahne ke liye nahi hua tha. Unhe bhi kuchh aadharsh sthapit karna tha. Wo swayam laxmi ki avtaar thin. Agar Ram sita ka tyag na karte to Sita aaj itni sammanit nariyon me nahi gini jaati.

    Btw, What is the solution according to you?

  79. Nidhi said

    Ram ne to galti kya hi tha sita bi galti ki apney husband ke wrong action par question nahi karkey.kintu tabhi ki nari aj ki nari sey jada kamjor the. our kya pata sitaji ne questin ki v hogi lekin ramayan likhne walo ne nahi likha hoga? ramayan is not by woman,its written by man.

    ‘Even today girls in Mithila are not taught to question on husband’s action.’

    U r wrong. if de rnt questioning on husband’s wrong action it means de r dominated by men.

  80. Not really. They have 100% faith on husband. Problem comes when you have partial faith. Women in satyug used to have 100% faith on husband. Because that was satyug. There was hardly any trace of evil. But what you are saying is valid in this age – that is kaliyug. Satyug was the age of truth. In that age most corrupted person used to be like Mahatma Gandhi. You simply cannot understand the purity and truthness of Satyug.

  81. Nidhi said

    yaar kya mithila ki bat kar rahe ho?u dont need to tel me d fact cos i m aware of truth v wel so let’s talk abt ‘INDIAN WOMAN’.

    Ram apne prja ke sath milkar galti kiye the.
    praja’s fault=50%
    ram’s fault=50%
    so to sum them 100%

  82. @subh
    first i would like to comment about the mithila girls.there is nothing like ‘Even today girls in Mithila are not taught to question on husband’s action.’that was an era when women were totally dependent on their husband.So actually they were compelled not to question their husband.the situation have now totally changed and it is always better to take any decision together.We are tought not to creat a scene but we must present our point and then we should decide for the better.
    and please, if you are not sure about anything than dont make a statement like this.

  83. @subh

    1. Why did Ram take so much hassle to Save Sita? He would have abondoned her when Ravana abduceted her.

    I agree with you that ram took much hassle to save Sita.Now you tell me that why did he took agni pariksha at that time.Why didnt he think that if Sita had to stay with ravana, she could have lead a luxurious life in lanka.But she stayed in Lanka waiting for Ram to come and faced all the difficulties.so could you answer me that why Ram took agni pariksha?

    2. Why did Sita crossed Laxman Rekha?
    It was raghukul tradition that no beggar should return empty handed from their door.so to maintain the dignity of her in-laws,she crossed lakshman Rekha.

  84. Shubh said

    Relation between Ram and Sita is not at mundane platform. It’s not the relation you see in hindi movie. Please. They are just playing Drama and reestablishing the lost Dharma. However, if at all there is fault of anyone that’s Ayodhya’s Praja’s fault. Ram has no fault in it. You have no idea of status of Ram. You think Ram is like an ordinary person. He is the King of whole universe. He is “Palanhaar” of whole universe. I dont think any of you is capable to questioning Palanhaar. However, you can do it for your amusement 🙂

    @Vijaya Smriti, Ram took agni pariksha to show the whole world that there is something called Satitva. That increased poples faith in Satitva. If he had not done so, whole Ram Rajya would had become corrupted. Illicit woman keeping would had increased.

    My final message is – There is no possibility of questioning when you have 100% faith in him/her. All questions arise due to partial faith. Sita had 100% faith in Ram and vice versa.

  85. @Vijaya Smriti, Laxman strictly probibited Sita to not cross the line. But, Sita disobeyed Laxman. Sita should not give alms by crossing Laxman Rekha. Sita should understand that why this begger is not receiving alms when she is inside laxman rekha. The rule you said doesn’t apply to her coz they were also living like beggers in the forest. In fact this gives very didactic lesson that one should never cross Laxman Rekha. Seemaon aur maryaadaon ke andhar hi koi kaam karna chahiye. Sita simply paid for disobeying Laxman.

  86. @Nidhi Tab ki nari kamjor nahi thi. Kekaiye ne Dashrath ko Devasur Sangram me saath diya tha. Tab ki naari apne pati par pura bharosa karti thi. Us samay livin nahi hota tha. Tab ki naari Jyada sabhya, susheel aur shant thi. They don’t used to wear low waist Jeans like Today.

  87. मगर तब के पुरुष और आज के पुरुष की नियत में काफी फ़र्क आ गया है. तब के पुरुष एक के जगह कई रानियाँ रखा करते थे. You start counting on your fingers, there are so many examples. You will not be able to count it.

    ‘नारी’ तब भी अच्छी थी, आज भी अच्छी है. अजंता एल्लोरा की मुर्ति को देख लीजिए, नाम मात्र के कपड़े पहनती थी नारियाँ!

    ‘नारी’ कमजोर ना थी, ना है! ‘नारी’ पर कॉमेंट करने के पहले हर एक पुरुष अपनी पुरुष जाति को आईना दिखाए, तब समझ मे आएगा कि “बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा ना मिलिया कोय, जो मन खोजा आपना, मुझ-सा बुरा न कोय!’


  88. Shubh said

    When did I say Nari is bad? They are not unequal. Thay are different. You dont understand what Ajant and alora are saying. They are making love in those statues. Whay would you need clothes at time time love making. These are not depecting comman mass costumes. So you want to say it’s good to wear less clothes? In fact it is. Mahavir vastra nahi pahante the. That’s one reason I rate him greatest saint ever born on the earth.

    What’s your explanation that very few females have achieved enlightenment? Why all the prophets are male?

  89. If you ask me personally about dresscode, Yes; they have to take this blame and they have to take care of it. Also they need to understand that there are the people outside the door jo “हंस(Swan) बने बैठे बाहर से, अंदर से विषधर नाग(Snake)” in all the ways. लेकिन जिनकी नियत में ही खोट हो वो साड़ी, बुर्के ओर सलवार पहनी लड़कियों को भी ग़लत नज़रों से देखते हें.

    If you pay attention to the hisotry, even those days women exploitation was there but lesser than today. In fact that time we didn’t have mini skirt and short top. Aur yeh koun si baat hai raja or mahraja used to keep more than one wife. Why?


  90. iami said

    You all rock:).
    Let’s come out of any Halo or Devil effect.I mean don’t rate a person by generalizing a common fault( that you percieve) and apply it all his/her good deeds.Similarly we need not see everything postive becuase ,we assume his/her certain merit(again we percieve) can be generalized at all his/her acts.
    Why cann’t we see things in totality;) [A Gestald says whole is greater than the sum of parts].
    Now coming to the topic and assuming that the epic was correct,and focusing only on Ram abondoning Sita, can we obejectively look at following points?
    1.Did Ram really doubt Sita’s character?
    For me if it was an act of weeding out some ill feelings from praja and both Ram Sita had faith over each other, then as a matures diplomat the decision was not bad.
    2.Did Sita alone suffer?
    Somehow the discussion has focussed more over the point a woman being oppressed by a typical MCP;).Someone also said that she Sita was expecting when she was abandoned.What I feel is Ram would have also suffered the same with that hard decision and most importantly Sita was his beloved wife and next gen were his own children.
    To sum up ,lets not see evrythng with our own narrow filers but broaden it up to allow other perspective also.

  91. Shubh said

    When society was in it’s initial phase, it was many vs many. That time there was no concept of marriage. Even in animals, it’s many vs many. Have you seen an animal marrying? Only human being marry. Lol. One man – one woman is not the solution. It’s compromisation. It’s difficult to remain attracted to one person whole life long. For example I am attracted to Katrina Kaif. Of course I can’t marry Katrina Kaif. And if my wife (after marriage) come to know about it what will she feel? Of course, I am corrupted per that say. Becuase I felt attracted towards many actress. And that’s sin. It applied to girls also. Don’t say you never feel attracted towards Shahrukh, Hrithik? 😉 And you would be marrying some third guy. So where is purity here? That’s why I say it’s next to impossible to remain attracted to one and only one person. That’s the compromisation society had made so that every body gets at least one. But, since king are powerful person it was relaxed for them. That’s why they have many wife.

    Even today one might feel to marry other woman. But he cannot do that easily. Dont think all these people you see who are married to one women (or vice versa) they never wanted to marry others. They, wanted to, that’s their in their subconsciosuness. But unfortunately you cant see it.

  92. mamta said

    @ SHUBH
    lovelyyyy…maza aagaya padh ke…

    he is totally true..even i get attracted to many guys….infact each time i go to brigade road or forum(in bangalore) i find some nice guy…but sad.. 😦 ….cant do anything for tht.coz at the end of the day i have to get marry whom ever dad says….

    but yes my logic says…har hubsurat chiz ki badai honi chahiye….

  93. Nidhi said

    Naari too ab v sbhya hain. us samay livin ke jgah 10 raniya too mil jatey thhe. jab jo ldki psnd ati the too unhe rani ban lete the.
    kapde uske kal v kum thhe aj v kum hain.rewa is rt aj purush ki niyat khrab ho gayi.
    aj naari jada strong ho gayi hai our aawaaj utha rhi hain too purusho sey pachta nhi hai isliye khisiyaani billi ki trah khamba nochtey hain

    Sitaji key karan Ram ka nam aj exist karta hai.

  94. @Nidhi, Sita and Ram both are complementary. If no Ram then no Sita, and if no Sita then no Ram.

    Sita ke Karaan Raam ka naam exist nahi karta hai, warna Ramayan ke Jagah Sitayan likha jata. Ram is the central character in Ramayan. Other characters Just revolve around him. Aaj bhi Sita Ram ki patni ke roop me jaani jati hai na ki Ram sita ke pati ke roop me.

    According to mythology Ram is lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu created Lord Brahma. Lord brahman created this universe. So indirectly Lord Vishnu is the creater of this is world. He is also Palanhaar of this world. Sita is goddess Laxmi. Who took birth in Samudra Manthan. Laxmi ji hamesha Vishnu ji ka pair dabati rahti hain. Then how come Sita who is incarnation of Laxmi is greater than Ram who is incarnation of Vishnu. I just simply do not understand. I would be happy to know if Sita is greater than Ram because Sita is from Mithila. But how?

  95. @Mamta I also go to forum mall and feel same 😉

  96. @subh.
    When we are discussing about Ram then we are discussing about Ram as a character, as a human being only.We are not discussing a deed of GOD.B’coz God is omething we cannot explain.
    So Ram is considered here nothing but a human being only.

    When you say that he took agnipariksha to show the power of SATITVA,Why didn’t he himself give this Test to show males also to show some power of being Patnivrata??? So i think he did partiality between males and females.He was loyal to his wife but why didn’t he need to show it.
    He took much hassle to save Sita from Ravan:if you think your this argument is enough to show his purity and Sita’s miserable condition was enough to show her purity.

  97. Shubh wrote: “But, since king are powerful person it was relaxed for them. That’s why they have many wife.”

    *It’s not a matter of purity! I am not talking about purity, but my question was, why they were keeping more than one wife!?

    -They used to keep more than one wife just for their entertainment!

  98. About lakshman Rekha.

    A person duty does not change according to his financial status.Ram was also a Vanvaasi only.they were also living like a begggar but hten also Ram killed few Rakshas to save Sages from them because it was his duty to save people as a king(khar dushan,maarich,kabandh and many others)So your point is actually invalid.
    and They were living like beggar but Sita ji was daughter-in-law of Raghukul and it was considered shameful if any beggar returns emply handed from their door.Just think on it and them reply.

  99. subh, you said that all the misery to Sita ji happened because she crossed the strictly prohibited Lakshman.Can i take it other way the all the misery started because she thought of giving company to her husband in difficult times.this was price she had to pay for being a sati(pativrata) naari.

  100. Jitender Singh said

    what’s your explanation that very few females have achieved enlightenment? Why all the prophets are male?

    % how do you know this ?

    Even in animals, it’s many vs many. Have you seen an animal marrying? Only human being marry
    ……………………………………………………………………….They, wanted to, that’s their in their subconsciosuness. But unfortunately you cant see it.

    % First of all since we r human beings (social) we should not copy the animals which are not social at all! And its a matter of marriage which involves attraction no doubt but remember its not only the attraction. Marriage is a big concept that comprises of many more important things than a mere attraction. Therefore, it would be wrong to interpret attraction as a sin.

    They used to keep more than one wife just for entertainment!

    % Yes I agree with your point. The reason is clear, coz at that time usually there were no sources of entertainment other than these “erotica”. You can say that people only used the women as a sole source of entertainment!

    Jitender Singh

  101. Jitender Singh said

    on the one hand u say “Sita and Ram both are complementary. If no Ram then no Sita, and if no Sita then no Ram….” On the other hand you contradict your own statement by writing “Sita ke Karaan Raam ka naam exist nahi karta hai, warna Ramayan ke Jagah Sitayan likha jata. Aaj bhi Sita Ram ki patni ke roop me jaani jati hai na ki Ram sita ke pati ke roop me.”

    Rt? Please make precise thoughts.

    You know whenever their names come the name of Sita always comes first than Ram’s i.e. “Sita-Ram” and not “Ram-Sita” why ? its merely to honour Sita. The one who sacrifices is always great and each time Sita did it without any hesitation.

  102. @Iami,

    2.Did Sita alone suffer?
    Somehow the discussion has focussed more over the point a woman being oppressed by a typical MCP;).Someone also said that she Sita was expecting when she was abandoned.What I feel is Ram would have also suffered the same with that hard decision and most importantly Sita was his beloved wife and next gen were his own children.

    -Ram would have suffered, OK! But that is in no way an excuse as for as suffering of Sita is concern. Don’t forget Ram abandoned sita, but Sita didn’t abandon Ram.

  103. @Vijaya Smriti, Ram forbade Sita to accompany him. Vanvaas was given to only Ram. Ram wanted to go alone. But Sita and laxman prayed him to take them along with him. Since Ram loved them so he took them with him. Excuse me, Ram is considered as human being here? None of his action is like a human being. He broke Parshuram’s Dhanush which ordinary human being couldn’t even lift it up. He gave so many sacrifices. And you are saying he is ordinary human being. None of the ordinary human being can do what Ram did. Ram simply depict divine qualities. When you want to discuss then discuss as a whole. I mean discuss with all the possible parameters. There is no point in discussing partial context just for fun. Partial analysis doesn’t speak truth.

    Ram gave the test by killing Ravan. If he was corrupted he cannot kill Ravan. Becuase, Ravan was very very powerful. He had many blessings from Shiva and Brahma. Ram proved that he is Patnivrat. Because, he saved his wife. That’s what is the duty of Pati. Moreover, Ram lived in the deep forest. He cannot get a women there. Please. Women never goes to forest. Never in the entire history. I guess, Sita was the first woman who ever went to the forest. Even today if you go to Himalayas and forest you’d find many man meditating. But no woman. Women love to live in the house. They are fearful of insects in the forest. Lol.

    “A person duty does not change according to his financial status”
    Really? Wish it was true. That means financial status is of no use. If you have no money in your pocket, how wud you give money to the begger? Sita is supposed to give alms within Laxman Rekha. In general what you are saying is true. But, Laxman Rekha is a special case.

    @Rewa why they were keeping more than one wife!?
    I think, I described this. Firstly, because they have power. They are king. Secondly, in most of the cases those woman also wish to marry a king. Now the power is decentralized. Now, either nobody is powerful or everybody are powerful. Even Today those who are powerful (primarily in terms of money) have relations with many Woman – Bill Clinton. Monika is the example we know. Clinton knows more. So, Rewa what you are saying is applicable even today. If you have power you would the same unless you are not a saintly person like Buddha. Buddha also had power but he didn’t do that. That’s why he became God. And those Kings went to their grave.

    @Jitender, Please name me few female prophets.
    Humans are worst animal. In animal you won’t find jealousy, greedyness, lust, treacherousness, depression etc. These are found only in humans. They are more civilized than us. They do only what is required for their survival. Look at Ant how they work.

  104. Jitender Singh said

    @ Jitender, Please name me few female prophets.
    Humans are worst animal. In animal you won’t find jealousy, greedyness, lust, treacherousness, depression etc. These are found only in humans. They are more civilized than us. They do only what is required for their survival. Look at Ant how they work.

    You didn’t answer my questio. any ways….
    Knowing few names (of females and males!) can not help to conclude this….!
    Yes u r correct at this point that animals are more civilized and that is why we are here discussing about our shortcomings, via the concept in “Sita n Ram”….

    Jitender Singh

  105. @Shubh, “Humans are worst animal.”

    Yes; I 100% agree with you at this point!
    I still remember Bombay blast and Hyderabad blast or many more such incidents, we know most civilized nations(so called) in the world caring human rights but killing thousands of people for their own greed and economic interest.

    If we see history animals are more civilized than human. Human killed millions of people, but not the same case in animals like human!

    Not to repeat, I have already told the bitter truth why they were keeping more than one wife!

  106. Shubh wrote: “Even today if you go to Himalayas and forest you’d find many man meditating. But no woman. Women love to live in the house. They are fearful of insects in the forest. Lol.”

    No, you are wrong at this point! Shubh, have you heared about Shantikunj? It is a gayatri teerth sthan. Also have you ever read a patrika called “AKHAND JYOTI?” You will be surprised to know that one or two yrs back there are more than 24 women went to himalaya to do meditation and they did it successfully! It is 100% correct, Please do go through that patrika, you will get to know the name. Aur woman puja bhi karwati hai proper mantrochcharan ke sath.

    I know, you won’t be able to accept it but it’s 100% true. Haan patrika online bhi available hai, isliye ab yeh kahna bilkul jayaj nahi hai ki ‘no woman and they just love to live life’. 🙂

  107. Nidhi said

    ‘Laxmi ji hamesha Vishnu ji ka pair dabati rahti hain.’

    laxmiji per dbati hain too vishnuji jada mahan nhi ho gae. hw do u knw dis? palanhar? mere nzar main palanhar mere parents our dharti ma hain.ramji nhi.
    dharti ko lakshmi kahaa jata hai our dharti se jnm liya hai sara sansar isliye puji jati hain. dharti sbse jada sacrifice karte hain our isse mahan koi nhi.isliye ab bolo kon phle ati hai? naari ya purush?

  108. Durlabh Darshan said

    “जिनकी नियत में ही खोट हो वो साड़ी, बुर्के ओर सलवार पहनी लड़कियों को भी ग़लत नज़रों से देखते हें.”

    HA HA HA

    Aur jo KISI ladki ko us najar se na dekhe, samjho us ladke me khot hai.. 😛 😛
    waise madamji maine post pura padhna abhi banki hai, kuchh galat likha ho to gusse me daantana mat mujhe, pyar se samjha dena bas.. 😛

  109. @subh
    Killing Ravana was not prove for the purity of Ram.Perhaps you know that Bali has also kept the same Ravan pressed under his Armpit for seven days.But I dont think that he was a Patnivrati or something.He did not let Sugriva’s wife met sugriv.
    As far as women in forest are considered,Rakshiyan used to roam in the forest(for example Surpnakha).Dont forget that Bheem was married to Hidimba who was giantess and she met him in the forest only.

  110. Ram saved sita from Ravana, but what kind of saviour he was who left her again in deep forest on grace even after giving Agnipariksha.And he continued to rule as a King even without giving any test.
    If you have no money in your pocket, how wud you give money to the begger?
    Yes i think that our financial status does not depend on our duty.People fuilfill their duty in other way.When madan mohan malviya went to ask for donation to open the BHU,an old woman,who was a beggar,gave him EK makkai ka dana which was her whole day earning.You visit BHU and then you would know this story.

  111. and if you consider Ram as God and then you find enough proof for that then why dont you consider Sita as a Goddess because even a purna pativrata nari wont come out of pyre without any harm.I know that both were incarnation of vishnu and Laxmi.But htey were creating some example for normal human being.So i told you to consider them as a human being.Because a man can do what a man has done,but a man can’t do what a GOD has done.So if you consider all of their deeds done by GOd only then there is no use of setting these examples.

  112. @Vijaya Smriti, Ok lets assume Ram is a normal human being. Extemely normal. And you must be knowing that every human being does mistakes. So, Ram as an ordinary human being also did mistakes. What’s so wrong about it? I also did mistakes, Mahatma Gandhi also did mistakes, you also must have done some mistakes, so Ram also did. So, what’s the point in discussing only Ram’s mistakes? And shaming on him. I do not think anything extraordinary to be discussed about Ram’s mistake. Because, Ram is an ordinary person. He will commit mistakes. Ther are bigger mistakes people have done. You should discuss that. For example – Rape. Discuss a rapist. Why Ram. The very assumption that Ram is an ordinary human being itself doesn’t allow any further discussion on it. But when you assume Ram as a God, then there is some scope of discussion. Otherwise, there is no scope of discussion.

    But I tell you, you can assume Ram as an ordinary human being. That’s your choice. But, Ram’s appreciation as God is more than any of Indian God. Ram is Maryaada Purushottam. Read Ramcharitmanas, Yog-Vashishta then you would come to know what is Ram.

    Jai Sri Ram

  113. We discussed Ram’s mistake and did not discussed a rapist mistake because people dont admire a rapist but People do admire Ram.
    And its a discussion forum so i thought of discussing this subject that even it is really worth of saying Ram a maryada puroshottam and was it right to abandone Sita just because his subjects wanted.I dont see any point in discussing a rapist or a rape.Your discussion should be sensible.We should not discuss something for the sake of discussing.

  114. And for your kind information mr. subh, I have read Ramcharitmanas but it ends with Ram’s Rajyabhishek.I would suggest you to read Valmiki ramayan if you want to go in depth of this.

  115. Ramcharitmanas is not a true episode of the Ram and Sita, but Valmiki Ramayan is true story. Ramcharitmanas is recently written by Goswami Tulsi Das.

    रामजी को ‘God’ हमने माना है. ‘God’ मानने से पहले वो एक इंसान ही थे, और ‘God’ मानने का मतलब ये नही है कि आप ग़लती भी करेंगे तो सही हें.

    राजा को पालनहार कहा जाता था, और पालनहार से ऐसे expectation भी लोग नही रखते हें, इसलिए बार-बार राम को भगवान बताकर उनके कर्मों को justify करना उचित नही है.

  116. @Vijaya Smriti, Logic has no end. Every logic has a counter logic. What you are sying is a logic. Which has a counterlogic. It’s not truth. Sometimes, logic has power to hide truth – Propaganda. With this, I am out of current discussion 🙂

  117. Choudhariji said

    aay ho, mishraji…
    aapko kya lagta hai ki aap aisaiye kuchh se kuchh bol ke nikal jayenge… aa hum sab dekhte rah jayenge.. 😛
    Pahli baat to hum RAM aur r*pist ka ek hi wakya me tulnatmak aadhar par charcha ka ghor virodh karte hai….. Aapko sharm nahi aata hai, kahte hai ki Ram ko discuss mat karo, R*pe ko karo.. 😮

    Doosri baat aapse aisa kisne kaha ki women sab keede makore ke DARR se meditation karne jungle pahad par nahi jaati hai.. Are bhagwan budhh sab sawal ka jawab to diye lekin apne lugai ke saamne ekke ttho prashn me hil gaye the, jab wo poochhi ki aap jo ghar baar bachha aurat sab ke chhod ke jo seekhe hai wo yahi rahke nahi seekh sakte the kya.. agar haa to aap humko mera din lauta dijiye… aur naturally women ka jo feminine nature hai, aadmi usi balanced swabhao ko paane ke liye meditation karta hai.. kahte to hai ki gautam buddh aur anya sant ka hridaya aurat ke tarah komal hota hai..

    ab dekhiye na…
    Laksmibai mardani bani to laraaku ho gayi.. khoob lari mardani.. 😛
    aur buddh mahavir gandhi, ee sab feminine ho gaye to mahatma ban gaye.. 😛
    ab jo khud unki prakriti hai waisa hone ke liye bhala wo jungle kyo jaane lagi..

    Aur antim baat ki Seeta mata shakti (devyoni) ka roop thi.. wahi jinhone kansh ke haath se chhot kar unke mrityu ki ghoshna ki thi..
    aur Rawan wadh se lekar khudh ke tirohit hone tak ki leela unhone khudde rachi thi..
    bhaiya ram to bas nimitt matra the.. sharva shaktimaan seetaji ne jo chaha so kiya..
    nahi to kya ramji bhagwan the, aur unko atno thho gyan nahi tha ki sone ka bhala kahi harin hota hai.. 😛 Aur lakshmanji ko dekhiye kaise bhagai… boli ” humko pata hai ki tum kyo nahi jaana chahte ho, tumhare man me mere liye kuchh chhupa hai”

    dekhiye to, laxman ji ko kaise pirpira ke laga ki oo bhi chal diye, aur seetaji ka power dekhiye ki jis line ko rawan cross nahi kar pa raha tha usko oo cross kar gayi…

    Aur ektho bat humko bataiye, ki agar soorpnakhaji ko ram lakshman itne hi achhe lag gaye the, to kya badle me unko unka nak kan kaat lena chahiye tha?? koi bhi kisi ko bhi achha lag sakta hai bhai .. tabhi na Rawan ko gussa aaya aur oo seetaji ko aadar sahit kidnap karke le gaye..
    ee to ramji ka dhanya bhag tha ki unko sita ji jaisi patni mili, nai to oo pata nahi kya kya karte..

    Aur ek baat aap gaur kiye ki nahi..
    Dhanush todte time lakshmanji bar bar kahte the ki bhaiya humko mauka dijiye, hum bhi tod sakta hu.. lekin ramji nahi mane, aur Lakshman ji bhi kaha maaane.. banwas tak dono ka saath nahi chhode 😛 waise wo sitaji se itna sharmate the ki kabhi unka face tak nahi dekhe the, bas unke pair ka angoothi bhar dekhe the 😛

  118. mamta said

    Choudhary ji aha kuch besi tamsha geliyae mishr ji par…..

    aur mujhe lagta hi shubh was rite…n read ur article again its looks like u r supporting his point even though u r against him…

    lets talk abt a common human being nature not abt god…bcoz as choudhary said sita mata had done every thing herself…it was pre planned.
    talk abt unpredictable happend in ur life n how u handeled it…

    Any way choudhary ji apka article padh ke maza aa gaya…sahi me mazedar hi….

  119. Thank you friends for putting your views on this topic.i think we had enough discussion on this and the majority of people are against that,what happened to Sita.I discussed Ram and sita just as two characters of a story called Ramayan.I didn’t discuss Ram as a GOD.So I hope that nobody feel offended.
    Ram ji bura mat maniyega ki humne aap per thodi churcha ki.hame pata hai ki aap sita ji se bahut pyar karte the lekin hume phir aapka sitaji ko jungle me chhodna acchha nahi laga tha.isaliye behas ker li.
    So i am concluding this discussion here.New Topics are welcome.
    Jai siyaram.

  120. Jitender Singh said

    Shubhankar Mishra Says:
    May 14, 2008 at 9:47 pm
    @Vijaya Smriti, Logic has no end. Every logic has a counter logic. What you are sying is a logic. Which has a counterlogic. It’s not truth. Sometimes, logic has power to hide truth – Propaganda. With this, I am out of current discussion

    Hey dear people
    I would like to tell you about a Universal truth….the above comment made me to recall a very big theorem in Mathematics that has to do something with our physical world. Do you know in ancient times what u call as “Mantras” were merely some Mathematics Theorems ? Kurt Godel gave a very difficult (but powerful) Theorem as follows:

    Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem:
    “Any System based on AXIOMS (an axiom is a statement which we assume to be true) has ‘truths’ which can never be proved while staying within the axioms of the system!”

    Though it is very difficult theorem but it has a gr8 meaning—–for if you consider “any Discussion” as a system, then there must be many statements which you can not prove by remaing within the system i.e. by remaining within the discussion ! Thus discussion on any topic can never end…….! Thanks to the beautiful theorem by Godel.

    You can even apply this theorem in your routine life or even in “Spiritual Science”…..The Godel’s Theorem will always guide you.

    So dear friends roughly speaking Godel’s Theorem gives a precise meaning to the old saying “Nothing is perfect !”

    Whenever you discuss, some points you will be able to extract but at the same times…..you will surrounded by many other questions, whose answers again require discussion and so on, the process will never end and the “Main Topic of Interest” can never reach at a perfect conclusion.

    This is the beauty of Mathematics that it unfolds the truths ….!

    Happy Discussions…….

    Thanks & Regards
    Jitender Singh

  121. Ek Ajnabi said


    I have come up with the new topic for discussion:

    Give your views on the causes, dangers, and cure of ‘AIDS.’

    Ek Ajnabi

  122. Nidhi said

    wat to write??
    its actually very tough topic.
    I wnt to write bt nthing comes to mind.

  123. Ek Ajnabi said


    See u already know what AIDS (Acquired Immuno Defficiency Syndrom) mean ? Let me repeat, its a big desease caused by the HIV (Human Immune Defficiency Virus)……..This virus destroys the immune system of the sufferer. Till date the only ailment is the awareness about AIDS.

    There are many causes of spreading this desease! Can’t u list a few ? I think surely u can…Then dangers n cure ponints would automatically pop in your mind….now start writing abt it

    Ek Ajnabi

  124. Nidhi said

    i knw dat AIDS causes in many ways bt much of it is passed by sexual relations.
    dis is smething dat can be explned by a medico person.i read dat bt dey can explain it perfectly.

  125. Ek Ajnabi said

    Yes dey can explain it perfectly, but how much aware u are that is the point of discussion over here……got it?

    Ek Ajnabi

  126. Nidhi said

    m aware of it.dese days AIDS a big killer is spreading fast.
    People r geting worse nd worse everyday,some go into the sex trade.
    open attitude peple means no protection.

  127. Anonymous said

    NIDHI its not a tough topic….we all should have a knowladge abt this…

    Any way as a biotech postgraduate..i have lot to tell abt AIDS.

    AIDS is not a dieases its a SYNDROM(i.e. GROUP OF DIEASES.
    In AIDS u dont get one dieases,u get many of them togeather becoz ur immune system gets weak.
    ur immune system is somthing which protect u from outside enviroment like microorganism ,dust or anything foriegn particals.
    Now when a HIV virus enters to ur body,it makes ur immune system weak.
    so tht ur body is not able to fight with anything .not even small pollen grain or a small sand partical.
    like take a example if someone has AIDS n if he gets a simple cold or fever tht will lead to TB or hepatitis.Then slowley slowley person gets many dieases togather.

    Now it can be transfected by many method like…using same neddel,having sex with hiv infected person or with many people without protection.

    Till now they have only 1 FDI approved medicine for AIDS.tht also too costly.
    For further information or clearification u ask me…any time

  128. Jitender Singh said

    AIDS jaankaari hi bachaav hai. Its one of the most difficult problems faced by living beings. Its big challenge for scientists also. I think to minimize AIDS, its important to have the knowledge of how it spreads. The major cause I feel is the illiteracy. In our country, the truck Drivers contribute towards spreading of this desease more than rest….

    I think

    1. teenagers n rest should be made aware of the danger of AIDS

    2. The awareness of this desease should be made in schools via introducing some syllabus related to i at school level.

    3. People must be advised to indulge into safer intercourse.

    4. The couples must be honest to each other.

    n so on……


  129. Aids is a very dangerous disease with no medicine available for it.SO it is always better to be careful.there are many means to spread the Aids.We know some of them but there are some another ways,which spreads AIDS.For example, a school going child was found HV+.He was a healthy child who was not given blood aur any injection for the last 1 year.and his parents were schocked that how the boy got the virus.So the they tried to find the cause.
    Actually,the boy had eaten water melon pieces ,which he bought from some fruit seller.The fruit seller had a cut on his finger and he was found HV+.so the blood comning from the finer was getting served with the fruit. God knows,how many people got the Aids virus that day.So freinds ,be careful.Aids spreads in this way also.

  130. And AIDS spread in this way also :-

    Be careful while sitting in the buses and trains as some people put HIV infected needles on the seat. While sitting you might get pricked by these needles which we always ignore. But it might be carying the most dangerous virus of the world which we would realize after some days.

  131. Tanu Shree said

    AIDS, as everyone have defined the causes…. I dnt need to repeat them here … I wud like to write something else so that u can get a figure of reality ….

    My Jijaji… He is a Surgeon and while he was completing his MS in K.G.M.U., Lucknow ( Lucknow is not a very advanced city or so …) He said about 50% of the patients were HIV+ or victim of AIDS n still they didnt know anything about it… Most of them got confused between AIDS & HIV+ ;

    Its a good suggestion to involve such courses in school or college … but apart from that I think , people from the lower class should also be awaken … They are getting infected in a tremendous way … day by day the graph is rising … and which is obviously not a good sign for our country n then to the world!!


  132. Sreekumar said

    Hi friends
    The topics of discussion here are very important and not to be taken lightly.
    I have a blog of my own

  133. Ek Ajnabi said

    Hi, Thanks Nidhi ji, Anonymous ji, Jitender ji, vijaya smriti ji, Rewa ji, Tanu Shree ji, and Sreekumar ji, for your views. welcome Sreekumar ji. And for rest of the readers: Please, come forward with your views about this very dangerous desease AIDS. Your views are valuable for all.

    Thanks once again

    Ek Ajnabi…..

  134. Bluffmaster said

    There are two dangers for the destruction of humanity.
    One comes from politicians — the nuclear weapons.
    The other comes from religions — the disease called AIDS. Religions have contributed nothing except this great thing, AIDS. AIDS is born out of homosexuality.
    Religions — all the religions of the world — have been teaching celibacy, which is unnatural, unscientific. It is programmed in biology. Just as a woman has to go through her monthly period — she cannot do anything about it, it is part of her biology — in the same way, man, by his food, by his exercise, by his work, goes on creating male sperms. And he has only a small space for them. When the space is full, they want to get out. And it seems to be logical, because they are alive and they want to get out into the world and grow and become beings. If you don’t give them a natural outlet, then they will find some unnatural outlet. If monasteries keep only men, and nunneries keep only women, then naturally men will become homosexuals. Homosexuality is a by-product of the religious stupidity of insisting on celibacy. Unless we prevent celibacy being preached from all the platforms in churches, in temples, in mosques, we cannot get rid of homosexuality. And homosexuality has come to a climax in the disease AIDS, which has no cure. AIDS is simply slow suicide. So politicians have created death, and your religious leaders have created death as well. And it is time to revolt against both. But one can revolt against both only if he goes through an inner revolution which gives strength, stamina, courage, guts and insight. All the religions have their sexual perversion. They have created sex maniacs, they have created rapists, they have created homosexuals, they have created lesbians; and now the ultimate outcome of it all is AIDS. Unless they are removed from the psychology of man, man can never be really natural. And that is one of the fundamentals for his growth.One can only grow by being natural.

  135. Ek Ajnabi said

    Dear Bluffmaster

    I appreciate your views but please elaborate how religion is responsible for all this ?

  136. Bluffmaster said

    hello “Ek Ajnabi”

    see, I thought I have written too much already.. more I right, less are the chances you will notice the point. sorry dost, but I don’t like preaching and you know it 😛

  137. Ek Ajnabi said

    Dear Bluffmaster

    Scientific history says that AIDS originated from African monkeys (they have no religion I presume) who were found HIV positive.

    Religion is as old as the hills. If it could affect much then AIDS could have been spreaded at a much faster rate in the ancient times. However it has not been the case and AIDS is spreading at a fast rate for the last 30 years or so. May be there is a point in your views.

    Anyways, thank you very much for pouring an entirely different view point.

  138. Bluffmaster said

    Dear Ek Ajnabi

    You are true to state that its a common belief or scientific history that it originated from african monkeys to human beings..

    few points to be noted..
    By what means human beings have inherited it from African monkey’s… or from where that african monkey’s got it..may be infected from humen..

    Is it complete truth? It is also belived that it started from church monesteries where young children took oath of celibacy as they were donated to church for the services of God, and got abused by the fellows.. many of them found +ve.. and If its true.. how they inherited it from monkey’s.. And power of vatican was so strong.. that it never got associated with them..

    In overall population of people suffering from AIDS 82 % are belived to be homosexuals.. rest hetrosexuals and lesbians..

    And with so many faithfull husband and wives how come it is spreading so fast despite all the precautions.

  139. Bluffmaster said

    Anyways, as I have staed earlier “all the religions of the world — have been teaching celibacy, which is unnatural, unscientific” and ‘AIDS’ belived to be a sexual disease is the result of sexual suppression, not expression, suppression which results in unnatural flow of sexual energy.
    That’s my point.

  140. Bluffmaster said

    as long as timing is concerned then all tha diseses could have been as old as humanity, is not it so?

  141. Ek Ajnabi said

    @ Bluffmaster

    I am not saying that you are wrong. But the point is we have no alternative other than to believe in “the Scientific history” go through it once again, there all possible causes have been discussed in a very clear way. Yes the one you have mentioned may also be a point but I mean to say is that if religion has contributed to AIDS then the contribution must be very less….because, you can see, whenever there is a desire for sex, no body cares religion or anything else. Actually, it is this state of our conscious that provokes un-natural acts !

    ‘as long as timing is concerned then all tha diseses could have been as old as humanity, is not it so?’

    This does not seem to be sounding. Because disease doen’t take birth in ‘humanity’ only ! Infact disease may originate in a ‘species’ and then it may be transfered to other ‘species’. And ‘AIDS’ is a disease which has no human origin as ‘Science Says’! (though it has affected them most). What do you say at this ? I welcome once again your comments.


    As you are a postgraduate in Bio, please discuss about the history of this disease with us to explore its more causes.

    Ek Ajnabi

  142. Bluffmaster said

    dear EK AJNABI

    If belief in the scientific theory is because we don’t have any other alternative than it’s end of our argument as it may be true after all and we are not witness to it.

    But religious contribution can not be less as it costructs the mindframe of society and we care for it. All these beautiful religions are handled so badly that they want there people to put the first step on the top floor (celibacy).

    “whenever there is a desire for sex, no body cares religion or anything”
    Yes, it’s true but they care for society which has got religious mindframe. A hindu by birth might be an atheist (hope I got the right word) but deep within he never likes cow slaughtering. Also there is one such country where there is no prostitution. Because people get married there for hours and after geting satisfied get divorced within hours.

    And Ajnabi, Men don’t have seasonal sex. Desire is always there, unlike most of the animals and birds and flowers humen being can have any DOB in these 365 days. At least I don’t remember any such species at this very moment. When the season comes they start searching for the sex partners, But in our culture with religious mindset humen beings have to get married. A girl and boy start developing the sense since 13 & 15 probably.
    and that age is not even legal. and religion says it should be atleast 25 years of Brahncharya….bla bla. And No species in the world are so wise to have there army camps for solders, where they are not able to meet opposite sex for quite a long time.No species rates the moral code of conduct, neither they think sex is bad, so almost none of them are homosexuals. and even if the disease have originated from monkeys, how come it is growing so fast in humen beings?

  143. Ek Ajnabi said

    @ Bluffmaster

    Thanks for sharing and discussing your views regarding the big disease AIDS.

  144. Bluffmaster said

    Hi Ek Ajnabi..
    As I can see you have welcomed Mr Shrikumarji in this thread, mujhase kya dushmani hai bhai, hum to abhi abhi aaye hai.. :0 😛

  145. Ek Ajnabi said

    Hey Bluffmaster

    Please don’t be emotional. You and your views are also most welcome… I am sorry to be late in doing so. Thanks for reminding me. And pour more views regarding other means of spreading AIDS.

  146. Bluffmaster said

    A poem by wasi siddiqui

    The world’s deadliest disease is growing rapidly
    Killing millions of people so painfully
    Hard and serious efforts are needed to eliminate the disease
    The disease which is known as HIV
    Despite so much funding and research
    It still posses danger to humanity
    The disease has no boundaries
    And it is spreading thus uncontrollably
    The root-cause is the behavior of people
    They must refrain from extra-marital activity
    They should remain within the ethic boundaries
    It is time to respect sexual relationship with honesty
    Drugs, used needles adding to the epidemic
    This is posing a big threat to our society
    We must take the challenge very seriously
    We have to create awareness as our number one priority
    Time has come up to act with responsibility
    The whole world has to act as a community
    We have to spread the message of hope with dignity
    There is a hope with big support
    There will be a cure, the disease will going to end finally

  147. Sreekumar said

    AIDS spread because of unprotected sex with strangers who carry the disease. So to prevent AID 1. eliminate unprotected sex 2. eliminate sex 3. eliminate sex with strangers. The method for prevention of AIDS could be varied from banning of all sexual activities to liberation of sex with protected sex made compulsory.

    The root cause is sexual instinct of man and woman. Liberalise by allowing controlled sex work so that those deprived by sex need not take it from the wrong person. It is similar to government liquor shops providing good liquor to prevent spurious liquor from damaging public health.

    Or you ban all sex at gun point!


  148. Ek Ajnabi said

    Thank you very much all those who gave their views on the important topic on AIDS. I conclude this topic with a hope that those who will read this discussion will be benifited. Thanks a lot to all once again…

    Ek Ajnabi

  149. We are hearing about the Inflation rate that crossed the 10% mark !! Common man may not understands the meaning of inflation. The only thing they understand is day after day its difficult to cope with rising prices.

    What is inflation ?
    The price of some item is Rs. 100 today. With current rate of inflation of 10% , next year, you have to pay 110 Rs for the same item. So if our earnings don’t increase with the same proportion, we feel that life standards is going down.

    Why we are worried about inflation?
    And the fact is not every one’s income increase with this proportion. And there are large youth who are unemployed or earning just for bread. So we must know about the inflation.

    There are various factors that makes higher rate of inflation :
    1.Erroneous govt monetary policy.
    2.Increasing Oil and commodities prices.
    3.US monetary policy.
    4. Rising Population needs
    5. Rise in Global commodity price.
    6.Lake of economic consciousness among common man.
    7. Wrong export – import policy
    8. Big industrialist (who work closely in sync with govt )
    and so on

    So our topic of discussion is – Who is responsible for this alarming rate of inflation ?

    Is it our increasing needs or our national economic illetracy or our Govt is making fun of poor voters ?

  150. Nidhi said

    Everyone knows de economic data is nt like science,like 1+1=2 without any other answers bt it shud b as accurate as possible.

    Inflation is nt a thing to worry abt for dese peple like Politicians, CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, Presidents of large corporations, many Lawyers, many Judges, many Lobbiests…dey hav plenty of cash to get dem through de tough times. v d middle class peple hav to suffer.

    Ask urself dese questions people…hw much do I pay in taxes every year? Whre does dis money go ? Wat do I get for it ? Who get benefited ? Why is dis happening ? If u can’t produce ur own energy nd grow ur own food as an individual,u’re not going to survive today.the government is nt going to help u,yu have to help urself,our governments r full of liars and thieves.

  151. Amit said

    It is the impact of globalisation. The internationalisation of capital flows, rising inflation and it has changed the market economies.

    Especially the poor are going to suffer because as their income drops.

  152. @Nidhi,
    Nice to see your views. So you mean to say, a particular starta of society is not worried about the inflation and the common man is suffering. And as per you, the govt is also useless.

    Now coming to your another para,almost all the middle class people pay their taxes to the best after savings. Becoming self dependent may not be rightly related with inflation.

    Then where is the root cause of inflation ?

    I wouldn’t agree the poor’s income drops. Take the example of labour cost or rickshaw fare, as the inflation increases their rate of labour also increases. Everyone’s salary has increased. But the cost of things increased faster. And we can’t stop globalization too. Then what is the exact thing that is responsible.

  153. S Vinod said

    kahe itna gariyate ho govt.,upper starta etc. etc. ko …mahagayin barish ki tarah hoti hai jo apne aap tham jati hai….jab tak root cause khodoge mahagayi kam ho jayegi..kahe time barbad karte ho..ek cold drink kam piya karo…Mr. Prem has mentioned sum points..but v can c that when things go wrong same appreciable policies r criticised.At the moment itz global phenomena…it will sooth itz own..no single coutry is capable of correcting it bcoz we have already integrated economies to a higher limit.Although we are in delima—i mention few..1. we want increase in farmers income but dont want commodities to inflate.2.we want more house at any cost pumping black money but dont want inflation 3.we want cheaper petro products but oil is at >$140/barrel.(we import 70% of our petro product).3.Geo-political situations-china’s aggressive policies against India in many areas like petroleum,energy etc 4.specualtion of Israel-Iran Conflict 5.Bio-fuels have substatially eroded agriable land thr’w out the world mainly in europe.This year out of 5 lac tonnes maize increased production in europe 4 lac t used for bio-fuel.6.There is no cheap petroleum oil left..companies have to go offshore in very difficult area at a water column of 2500mtrs drilling is going on..money is needed for all these operation..so every one associated with oil industry wants to c higher crude prices so that petroleum products can be provided to the world for longer time. which in turn causing inflation in all oil importing countries..but all these are necessary evils.this is a complicated problem so..Work for brighter tomorrow and chee up….and gariyao mat..batiyan ne se kuch nahi hota…
    S Vinod

  154. @Vinod,
    Nice to read your views.

    And I have one query – where is the basic aspects of economic forecasting that our ‘great economic thinkers’ like Singh, Chidambaram failed to guess out while they know about the great energy needs…

    On a similar tune…And as per today’s date…does not the current share prices coming to realistic levels…

    At the country where there is wide gap between an Secretary level officer’s earnings and Peon’s… and so does the difference between the Anil Ambani and telephone booth walah..and between a CEO and his office boy… are not they make the situations worst.. would like to get some light thrown on these aspects too – especially in context of India.

    – Prem

  155. Samantha said

    hi, I am from australia and I stumbled across this website because my sister’s name is rewa and I was looking for the meaning (its hard to find and there seems to be more than one) my parents say it is polynesian and means slender. I have also found a meaning ‘flower’. I was very interested to see the meaning of ‘a type of fish’ here, I will tell my little sister, she will find it very interesting too! I like the website.

  156. S Vinod said

    @ Prem
    Itz true…this is how rich-poor divide widens.If u read capitalism Vs Socialism.the evils of capitalism are wat u mentioned.How can v restrict Ambani’s pay.if any attempt is made it will be treated as Indian Govt is again implimenting Licence Raj.These are known as necessary evils of capitalism.
    We can not assume that such intellectual people dont understand simple economics..but there are political decisions.Govt works at Macro level and cannt impliment all gud policies bcoz of various compulsions.
    I tell u one incident..I worked in ONGC for 4 years we bid a major oil block in Iran but wasnt cleared from ministry in time and lost to China.
    Ours is a democratic setup evry party needs votes to be in power.those u cast votes dont understand micro economics bcoz of illiteracy.so inturn govt do the work they understand and sumtime that may not be very fruitful.To rectify it we need a strong civil society that cannt be created within days..it will take time.In USA every1 is educated they understand national interest and votes on the issues rather thn rhetoric slogans.We will take sum time to reach at such a level.Hope i answrd u to sum extent..
    s vinod

  157. nitin said

    hi frds….dis is Nitin

    I wnt u people comment on the new topic which i wnt 2 discusssss..

    Politics or religion…

    The issue is government gave 100 acres of forestland to the Amarnath board,But the issue has given a communal color which makes it worse, Religion in India has always been a sensitive issue and a small spark anywhere always escalates in a big way causing irreparable damage and loss. It’s the common Kashmiri who has been worst-affected by it.The Governor heads the Amarnath board and the chief minister heads the Waqf board in Jammu and Kashmir….Then wht common Kashmiri should dooooooooooo…..

    Should politics keep out of religion?…..

    Wht is d solution on it….

  158. […] Discussion Forum […]

  159. nitin said

    Why he did that????…..

    sharma kaka hamare yaha last dus ya bara salse kam karte hai…..rat ko wo hamare building mai watchmen ka kam karte hai aur subha wo auto chalate hai….unke ghar mai sharma kaki aur unke do bacche rehate hai…..sharma kaki unki choti ladki k janamse he bimar rehti thi….aur pichale bohot se salo se wo bistarpe he hai…ghar ki halat pehele he kuch thik nahe thi uspar kaki ki bimari paise pani ki taraha illajpe beh rahe the….
    Pata nahe kuch dino pehele sunai diya ki sharma kaka ko police pakad k le gai hai, pata chala k sharma kaka ne ek din ek aurat ko auto se sunsan jagaha leke jake rape kar diya aur uske sare jewar churaliye…ham sab to sun k he pagal ho gaye the,aaisa kaise ho sakta hai,building walo ne unko job se nikal diya, ek adami jinke samne mai aur mere sare dost bade huwe, jo adami jo sabako madat karne wala, apne ghar ki care kare wala aise kaise kar sakta hai…

  160. vboouli said

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  161. Hi Nitin,

    Insabka karan shayad poverty hai. Lekin poverty hone ka matlab ye nahi ki is tarah ka galat kadam uthaya jaye. He did a big mistake and for that he must be punished!


  162. Shyam Vinod MeenaIAS said

    hi friends..
    I need ur urgent comments on..”INDIA’S MAOIST DILEMMA”…fOR THE SAME m writing a paragraph…
    maoism is the single biggest internal security challenge being faced by india. Away from the media glaze on Kashmir and the Northeast, slow but sure discontent is spreading across rural India and it is only a matter of time before this insurgency could engulf the entire nation. There is, therefore, a need to tackle the Maoist problem in India with an integrated and focused approach by both the centre and state.The comments may please be aim at throwing up workable and practical solutions for tackling this crisis.please use facts figures, words no limit..
    S vinod IAS,

  163. Namaskar said

    I am reading this blog from last 1 hour ………intresting comments !!! Intresting views from some girls about live-in-relations . I really feeling good seeing that one of girl knows about naga sadhu and western culture both…. !!! Knowing things partially is more dangerous then other. She tried to compare Ganga Ghat to zipolite nude beach ….Disgusting !!!I can write lot of fact why we are better than western but its not the topic here !!! about topic @Live-in-Relationship …..Its just a practice match before final match . Live in relation is not just to live with the opposite sex……but it contains everything which a married couple have. And the live in relation is not just not for unmarried ppls ….it can be between married ppl and married and unmarried couple . So , if u can see your mother live with the other guy ….then you can support it !!!

    I am totally against of it ……..n always protest live in relation ,gay marriage and lesbian marriages in Bharat …..even after ppl call me orthodox. !!!

  164. Hi!
    My name is Jessika!

  165. VaruN said

    hey frnd comment on it

    “Do we Indians really need a change??? n if yes then why???”

    according to me we dont need a change and nor we need to copy or learn anything frm western culture we are better than them in every mean when it comes to culture!!!

    why r we changing???????

  166. VaruN said

    do reply


  167. ishwar said

    varun..saadar naman…..CHANGE/PARIVARTAN…vikas ki dhoori hai …i mean its axel of development ..(IF u take it only in positive sence). pariwartan ki aawashykata kab /kyo/aur kaise aur kitana aawashyak hai( y/wen/how is change is felt)..either u want 2 gain more wat u r getting (in every respect)….2nd thing ..u want change ..only coz ppl r following it …(just 2 copy….wether its suiting 2 u or not)…. yadi aap bharatiy samaj k paripekshy mai soch rahe hai ya aap hamare sanskrati k sambandh mai kah rahe hai to ..mera apana byaktigat vichar hai ki.. GYAN apane mai kabhi bhi SAMPOORN(POORN) /complite nahi hota ..jitane gahraii mai jao ..utana hi manushy ki jigyasa/pyaas aage badhati hi jaati .. aap kisi bhi dharm/sanskriti/riwaj/pratha/sanskaar deshkaal paristhiti k anusaar banaye jaate hai ya tatha unaki suvidhao aur jan hit ko dhyaan mai rakhate hua unaka anusharan kiya jata hai …parantu samay k saath paristhiya badalati jati hai aur logo k soch mai bhi pariwarnan aata jata hai …..atah yadi koi pariwartan jan/samaj aur manushy jaati k hit mai ho to pariwartan aawashyak hai …basarte hamari shoch wa uddeshy sakaratmak ho.ishwar

  168. Ranjeeta said

    I didn’t even notice it. Rewa, can you make this topic one of your blog post?

  169. ravindra swapnil prajapati said

    U r discussion is very close in life… i think… live in relationship, is a necessary for the contemporary world. basically ,

  170. mahendra said

    mai jab conversation karne lagta hu kisise to mere dimag me kuch shabd nahi aate kya karu?
    write now i am doing mba ,so how to take intrest in study?

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  172. avnish said

    I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.

    – Martha Washington

  173. Rene said

    Appreciating the dedication you put into your website and in depth information you offer. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  174. peetam singh said

    everything is inspire in navodaya

  175. Abhilesh said

    Sorry for inconvenience..bt bhut din se soch rha tha ki likhu bt aaj likh rha REWA di hats of to u di…Maine bhuto ko dekh Ainna se judte hue active hote hue,,bhut log add hue left hue,,kuchh yeh keh dete ki unke paas tym ni bt aapko main 2008 se dekh rha wahi ho aur ushi jujbe ke saath ho.. Infact aapki bhi family h , bt still ih find tymm really uh r grt…infact kbhi2 main khud dur rha..bt aapko wahi paya..kitne drama hue,,bhut kuchh suna bhi bt still aap na hili gud diii” uh r gr8″ sorry guys for irrelevnt post..

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