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Get-Together@JNV Katihar on 30th-31st December 2012!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on October 4, 2012

Dear Friends,

On my previous post, we have received enthusiastic response from our alumni with respect to the month/date of Get-Together@JNV Katihar. Finally, the wait is over! The forthcoming alumni “Get-Together@JNV Katihar, Bihar” is going to be held on 30th and 31st of December 2012!!!

Whatever we become we shall never forget our “Alma Mater”. So, we take pleasure in inviting the alumni from the very first batch, to the latest pass-outs, to come together and participate in meet as it is a great opportunity for idea sharing, bonding and a time to relive fond memories and to create new ones.

A formal agenda will be shared soon. We are currently working to finalize the program and will share that once it’s finalized. Suggestions are always welcome, so we request each and every one of you, please take a moment to share your thoughts/opinions. And if you have any queries, kindly mail us or drop a message here.

Kindly confirm your participation by putting your name for alumni get-together. To confirm your presence for GT@2012, please post your name by writing a message/comment on the post or send us an email to jnvkatihar@gmail.com. Or you may kindly call our following Coordinators: Ranjeet Kumar[08083003800], Ashutosh Kumar[09031379169] to give your name and phone number for confirmation. We would love to see all of you gangs there! 🙂 🙂

Dear Coordinators, let us work together and please forward this message to all your class friends/seniors/juniors.

Please also login to http://www.jnvalumni.com/



57 Responses to “Get-Together@JNV Katihar on 30th-31st December 2012!!!”

  1. I will be really very happy to be there!!


    will be available………..


  3. sukirti said

    I’ll be there di 🙂

  4. Jitendra Kumar said

    “Jiska Mujhe Tha Inteezar Woh Ghari Aa gayi……….. “

  5. Asmit said

    Most probably… will be joining you all

  6. Md Rizwan said

    sure di i will be there..

  7. I’ll be there…………

  8. I’ll be there…………

  9. Srijan said

    I will try my level best to join the meet..

  10. ok i will try to come there …….

  11. Niranjan kumar said

    i will be there…

  12. Vishal Singh said

    100% sure Di i’ll be there….!!!



  14. VICKY DUTTA said


  15. I will try my best

  16. i will try di…..:-)!!!!

  17. Lopa Sarkar said

    Don’t stop, keep moving up on your flank. Great work and Kudos to you and your team!

  18. […] Dear Friends, Finally, the wait is over! The forthcoming alumni “Get-Together@JNV Katihar, Bihar” is going to be held on 30th and 31st of December 2012!!! […]

  19. iamtarunn said

    finaly………… we gona meet.. woooooo hooooooo..

    tarun kumar

  20. Nidhi said

    U n ur team ROCK ny time!!
    keep d beat UP al d time!!!!

  21. ritesh kumar singh said

    ok i wl definetly come………..

  22. kumardh said

    me too …..
    [Dharmendra Kumar]

  23. ashish said

    thnx i’ll try to cm……

  24. Ashutosh Kumar said

    I am confirming my presence…..

  25. Rupam Karunamay said

    I will be der di

  26. suman kumar said

    me try my best di…………….

  27. kundan kumar said

    thank u …..

  28. Please register my name for the get together. I am coming for sure.

  29. chandni said

    i will try to come didi

  30. Priyanka Mishra said

    i will try my level best to come…….it will be fun….thanx di

  31. jyoti sinha said

    i will be there di… nd will welcome u all

  32. dhiraj said

    ha aa raha hu didi

  33. Priyadarshini Kumari said

    most probably i will come.. 🙂 I am excited to see u junta… 🙂

  34. Pranav said

    I will be there.

  35. surly, I will be there …. please register my name…..ashish akela (2001-06)

  36. amitsah said

    I will come and confirming to u di……………………..

  37. Dipanwita Sinha said

    I will sincerely try to come………very eager to meet everybody…………god luck to all of you…………
    school Roll No 71

  38. Dipanwita Sinha said

    *Good luck to all of you.

  39. Aman kumar said

    am excited to meet my seniors and have some suggestion from them about my further better career.

  40. Ranjeeta said

    You’ve got a brilliant team. keep your momentum going!!

  41. sarita singh said


  42. ABHINAV KUMAR said

    i shall be happy to be there my jnv kolasi katihar…

  43. MD JAMI said

    my pleasure to b the part of the gang di…INSHALLAH i will come..

  44. ABHINAV KUMAR said

    jnvk kolasi katihar.
    what is the aim of this meeting?
    there r so many students of my batch and others r student,what is role of them?
    is there any plan for the future?
    we should to do something better for coming generation…

  45. Nahid Iqbal said

    didi i will be there

  46. sourav choubey said

    sure i will come

  47. yes yes yes !!!

  48. BHARTI KUMARI said

    i will really come…..

  49. Quazi Md Naiyyer Alam said

    I m coming to meet every body n refresh my memory n add something new to it.

  50. […] Dear Friends, Finally, the wait is over! The forthcoming alumni “Get-Together@JNV Katihar, Bihar” is going to be held on 30th and 31st of December 2012!!! […]

  51. Sohail Ahmed said

    Obviously i m coming.

  52. noor alam said

    inshallah……i will b dere

  53. Mustayeez said

    i’ll try my best to be there di!

  54. Kusum Kishori said

    i’ll be there….

  55. […] Get-Together@JNV Katihar on 30th-31st December 2012!!! […]

  56. […] Get-Together@JNV Katihar on 30th-31st December 2012!!! […]

  57. […] Get-Together@JNV Katihar on 30th-31st December 2012!!! […]

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