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JNV Katihar: A Call for Coordinators!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 22, 2012

Dear Alumni of JNVKatihar,

We are sure each one of us has learnt a lot and must have lived life to the fullest when we were in JNV Katihar. While some of the alumni are still in the midst of completing their studies, rest of them must be doing well in their respective fields. I know that if given a chance, all of us would be willing to go back to the same nest – our JNV Katihar. Just give it a thought and recollect the golden memories of golden days!

I know that at present we are all very depressed due to the death of our beloved Iqbal sir, but we must not forget his honest, selfless and sincere service to JNV Katihar. We all love him and “Love cannot remain by itself — it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is SERVICE,”  Mother Teresa said. This is the time for us to initiate our services to give back to the same society from which we have achieved so much, may be not only financially, but also in many other ways.

We cordially invite alumni of JNV Katihar from each batch to act as coordinators for our beloved JNV and its students. If you believe that you have something to offer – be it ideas, suggestions, guidance, leadership, management skills, mentoring students, helping school and its management, we welcome you! However, we must not forget that social service should not be by force, but by willingness, desire and commitment. And unquestionably, well behaved, humble and knowledgeable should be the key qualities of a Navodayan to take this responsibility.

Those who want to take the responsibility of representing their class/batch, please let us know. Two/Three persons from each class will be ideal to coordinate with their class friends. This will enable the continuity of the activities in case any coordinator is unable to make himself/herself available to fulfill the responsibilities. Also, there are different kinds of tasks; however, each coordinator will have an option to take the responsibility as per their area of expertise. Last but not the least, we strongly encourage girls’ representation from each batch!

Below are some of the responsibilities to start with:

1. The alumni (referred as coordinators from here on) representing their class will coordinate between (a) class friends of the school (b) the present students & (c) Teachers & staffs of the JNV Katihar, and are expected to undertake the responsibility of coordinating with other alumni of their batch for the events and meets organized by the alumni from time to time.

2. Coordinators are requested to visit their school regularly at least twice in a year and keep others updated about the school progress. In case the coordinators are unable to go, they may inform us well in advance so that we can send other representatives who are well aware of the requirements there.

3. Coordinators must be willing to establish a good network and healthy relations with the School management. It will help in managing counselling sessions, medical camps and other events.

4. Coordinators must be willing to give 2 hours/week of their quality time in interacting with their class/batch mates in person or through internet/social networking or phone calls.

5. Coordinators are requested to raise funds on behalf of their batches in case of genuine needs. In case of severe necessity, they may collect some small amount for the welfare of the students of JNV Katihar.

6. We will also ‘Adopt-a-village’ and plan to send the alumni, counselors and doctors, who will provide free medical check-ups, guide the students, train the people and organize workshops for villagers. Coordinators will be responsible for coordinating and communicating with respective participants.

These initiatives are dedicated to our beloved Iqbal sir and Madan sir. We will have monthly conferences to review the status of all our efforts and plan further progress accordingly.

Note that we are starting it with JNV Katihar in Patna Cluster/Region on a trial basis, but we will eventually expand it to other clusters/regions. We have definite plans to expand our activities towards navodaya family and village development and hence we surely need each others helping hands. For any further information, questions or if you have any doubts about the description, please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you! You may kindly mention your name, your batch with the year you joined the school here or mail to us.



61 Responses to “JNV Katihar: A Call for Coordinators!”

  1. jitendra kumar said

    BATCH: 2003-10
    ROLL NO: 1227

  2. PRANAV RISU said

    BATCH: 2000-2005
    ROLL NO- 994

  3. Abhilesh singh said

    Batch 2004-2011.. Roll nr:-L-24

  4. tarun said

    hi di
    nice move
    well sooooooo strongly encourage girls. n boys??????????????
    tarun kumar
    roll no. 1082

  5. there are thousands of schools and alumini all over the India including mine of mighty St Anselms Ajmer.But the type of dedication and commitement shown by JNV creed is worth appreciable.Keep it up and keep on going.Best of luck.
    Dr Vishwas Saxena

  6. Asmit said

    Good initiative..


    Batch 98-05

  7. Pragati said

    Good initiative
    m alwys der 🙂

  8. Pragati said

    batch 2005 – Xth

  9. sudhanshu shekhar said

    The idea is quite noble . Responsibly assigned are immense . i have slight reservation about the way we have proposing to selecting it by just voluntarily . i mean let the coordinator have to earn this covert post . why not u all ( who ever is core team ) choose someone from that batch on the basis of acceptability among batch mate and others criteria which ever fits ur bill . in this way he will feel empowered and motivated

  10. amitsah said

    Amit Sah
    Passing Year-2000
    Roll No-392

  11. Arshad said

    Arshad Reza
    batch 2001-08
    roll no 1066

  12. Nahid Iqbal said

    nice didi really i want to Coordinates such type of movement
    Nahid Iqbal
    Roll No-1030

  13. SRIJAN said

    Batch- 2004-2011
    Roll- D.S.14

  14. SHRINKHALA said

    Batch- 2003-2010
    Roll- D.S.12


    nice kick start
    Batch- 2001-2008
    Ropll no- 1054

  16. Akif jilani said

    Ofcourse a grt idea di! I think a emergency meeting of alumunis should organise in honour of Iqubal sir nd madan sir in our school so aj we coud give SARDHANJALI nd also can tak furthr step of our plans…….Akif jilani passd out 2k….

  17. nice didi

  18. awesome effort di………….

  19. shweta said

    A grt idea di…m always wit u..

  20. shweta said

    batch 99-2006

  21. Pravesh kumar said

    1st Batch, school roll- 4

  22. jayant kumar said

    jayant kuamr

    batch 2000 05

  23. Ilesh kumar said

    Ilesh kumar
    batch : 2004-2011

  24. shiwani... said

    nice move di….

  25. karishma said

    nice di….!!!

  26. Pratibha Jaiswal said

    Pratibha Jaiswal
    Batch 1991

  27. Aparajita Singh said

    I am Aparajita. 1992 Batch. roll. no. 324. I will always remember those 5 golden years of my life spent in JNVK. I love my school and would love to do something if I can to help. My sincere thanks and appreciation to you for taking such initiative.
    Count me in.


  28. Rohit Ranjan said

    i m rohit ranjan.roll no 1239 batch 2003-2010.i alwys miss my navodaya,s day,thou for invitation
    anking y

  29. karishma said

    karishma parween
    batch: 2004-11

  30. Dear All,

    Nice to see you all here. We are overwhelmed by the response from girls…love you all my so sweet and loving sisters. 🙂

    @Tarun, yahan to ulta ho raha hai 😉

    @Sudhanshu, indeed a nice idea! But we want to see the wonderful willingness of people too. Please discuss same with your class friends and put their names. You can put more than three too, that’s not an issue as we have so many tasks to do. Otherwise ham dal denge tumsabke names… 🙂


  31. Ashish Akela
    Roll no:-1088

  32. niharika said

    kumari Niharika
    batch 2001-08

  33. naina said


  34. rupam karunamay said

    Its a great idea di i am alwys der.
    Rupam karunamay

  35. rupam karunamay said

    Its a great idea di i am alwys der.
    Rupam karunamay
    roll no-1211

  36. Good initiative though it requires strong network and well determined people.

  37. Dr. Q.M.Naiyyer Alam. said

    thanks didi for remembering.
    i want to inform u that it will take around 6 months to involve in such a thing which i wanted to do from my bottom of heart. i wl volunteer all ophthalmologocal consultation and if needed as a general consultant too. i wl b happy to b a part of this.

  38. Nyc move di,go ahead, we will alwz follow u

  39. Nyc move di,go ahead, we will alwz follow u BATCH-2003-2010 s.roll-1240

  40. Rohit Kumar said

    nice one….

  41. Vishal Singh said

    Vishal Singh

  42. We have received the name from 2nd batch 1989-96:
    1. Pranaypunj
    2. Chandrakant
    3. Ranjeet Kumar

    Thank you so much bhaiya for coming forward and join hands together.


  43. Here is the name of coordinators we have received for 1st and 3rd batch.

    From 1988-95 batch:
    1. Dr. Gautam Singh
    2. Major Sujeet Kumar
    3. Pravesh Kumar

    Thank you bhaiya for coming forward.

    From batch 1990-97.

    1. Ashutosh Kumar
    2. Niraj Kumar
    3. Rewa Smriti

  44. sukirti said

    di. here i am
    bacth: 2002-07

  45. sudhanshu shekhar said

    personally i owe so much to this school … such a good foundation of acadmic on which a reasonable successful career i have made or will make . School which gave me friends which are still my friends after a decade . senior who genuinely guided me and many fond memories which have not faded a bit . attened many college school and made many friends
    .. but navoday school and navoday friends are and will remain special .. definitively it is impossible to repay what i have received and i am also not thinking . but will love support any initiative in any capacity( coordinator or anything else ) to make that place more conductive to success of present student . i sincerely believe some alumni are really committed in this direction. after all great educational institutions have been made great by strong alumni base . lets join hands for this noble course . formally i offer my self un conditioned in any way i am deemed to be fit .

  46. Right initiative. we need to continue the activities……
    JNV BASTI UP-1993-2000 batch

  47. animesh kumar said

    Name:- Animesh kumar
    Batch:- 2003-10
    Roll:- L-20

  48. sukirti said

    dear Friends , as we are getting lots & lots of nominations, so I have a suggetsion that co-ordinatorship can be given to the 1st 3-4 nominations from each batch and rest can be given some other useful work that is needed to be done in our Navodaya and adopted village. if u agree with this , then plz leave ur opinion here and if u have got some better suggestion then you are most welcome to comment here.

  49. ABHINAV KUMAR said

    ROLL NO:-1151

  50. Quazi Naiyyer said

    Friends from my batch, please take responsibily to coordinate, especially at the initial phase. Actually i can do that after sometime. Its really a nice thing. Batch: 1991-96.

  51. Rajkishor said

    JNV Katihar
    Batch – 1995-2002
    1. Sudhanshu Shekhar
    2. Rajkishor Rajak

    Guys plz come forward …tia

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  53. Darakhshan said

    Darakhshan jawed

  54. Darakhshan said

    Darakhshan jawed

  55. Ranjeeta said

    Good going guys! I just wanted to say keep up the good work, JNV team. You can be a great example to others!!

  56. […] JNV Katihar: A Call for Coordinators! […]

  57. Kumari Priyanka Mishra said

    Hi friends,myself Kumari Priyanka Mishra,Roll No.-445,Batch 1993-2000,……those were the golden days of my life which i can never forget,i miss Navodaya and Navodayans…….Navodayans rock……and i will be very pleased to be in touch with u all and to do something for my school……

  58. sarita singh said

    sarita singh

  59. […] JNV Katihar: A Call for Coordinators! […]

  60. Sabir Alam said

    Di. I just went through your article. It’s well articulate and powerful.
    It drives our point in the most polite way possible.

    Though i personally don’t know anything about the incumbent principal , neither have i met him, through your article and feedbacks from my friends and Juniors i am compelled to believe the person must be terribly selfish and incompetent for such a prestigious and influential position.

    I hope the NVS takes the matter as serious as it really is as the career and future of a the current and batches would be greatly influenced by the person leading them. It’s necessary to oust people like these from such vital posts.

    • Md Sabir Alam said

      Sorry, this reply was for the other article named “What kind of education can be imparted by a person who cannot even watch his own behavior?”, it mistakenly got posted here. 🙂

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