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Suggest the month for Get Together@JNV Katihar in 2012!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on July 9, 2012

Dear All,

The Navodaya story needs no introduction. Neither does one need to quantify the extraordinary efforts that this institution has been putting to provide a platform of growth for innumerable rural youth across India. Those who have had the fortune of transiting from childhood to adolescence in this cradle, cherish the time spent there as one of the best years of their life. Time unfolds another year but memories keep you ever near…

Many times it’s our actions, not just our words that really speak what our heart feels.  I am sure many of us fondly call Navodaya as our second family. Let us not forget our responsibilities and duties towards this family.  It’s high time we put in efforts to contribute to its betterment, so that many more like us can cherish similar or better experiences, for many more years to come.

Many of us have already been giving so much back to the Navodaya family and have been contributing in various ways to this society. Furthering the same efforts, we are planning for a Get-Together at JNV Katihar, Bihar. It is being planned as a two day event. We need each one of you, so we request everybody to come forward and kindly suggest months /dates for Get-Together so that we can ensure maximum turnaround.

Let us all brainstorm to zero down a best set activities to be conducted in two days to ensure that we have sufficient interaction with the administration/students to understand the challenges that they face and discuss among ourselves to dwell on how and where can we make ourselves useful for them. While, doing all this, let’s also keep scope for ourselves to live those lovely days once again.

We would appreciate if you could all pour your ideas regarding anything and everything about this event. Let us spend enough time and chalk out the most effective plan. We value your opinion and would appreciate your kind feedback and support in whatever form.

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28 Responses to “Suggest the month for Get Together@JNV Katihar in 2012!”

  1. jitendra kumar said

    O WOW!!!! mai kab se wait kar raha hu…….. 😀
    no doubt DEC will be f9.

  2. Dear Rewa
    Although i do not belong to JNV Fraternity but my best wishes are with you all.May God bestow you roaring success in all your endeavours.With my love and blessings to you and all the JNV aluminii.
    Dr Vishwas

  3. Vishal kumar roy said

    this is my final year of eco(hons.) so please ise aap next year rakho to mai bhi aap sab se mil paonga july me sahi hai

  4. tarun said

    wow nice di 🙂
    really we gona meet :):):):):) yessssssssssssssssssssssssss.
    as soon as possible. m always ready 🙂

  5. ashish said

    de dec. sahi rahega

  6. jayant kumar said

    i also wanna to get it.
    and dec will be right option .

  7. saurav anand said

    i also wanna to get it.
    and dec will be right option .

  8. Rohit Ranjan said

    decide the month of meeting……

  9. shruti sandhya said

    i m ready for joining get-together at any time or any day (exept November)

  10. Akif jilani said

    Di…i’m jelously wating for dt vry moment…maxm mind 4 dec…bt as far me or medicos of bihar is concrnd all hv final xam by dec-jan….so my opinion is eithr before nov. or aftr jan……..

  11. tarun said

    probbly mid of dec or last week of dec.:)

  12. Dear All,

    See, we can not make it in July because school opens in July. And also we can not have it during(DP, Diwali,chath) as school will be closed, so exclude these months too. Rest we have left with very few months for this year (Aug, September, half Nov and December).


  13. @Akif,

    I think those who are studying in Bihar, can manage with any weekends, but lets see. ‘Tumsabke bina kuchh hoga bhi nahi’…so we would want you all there. 🙂

  14. Aparajita Singh said

    Hi. How about we have this event during the last two days before winter break. If winter break is about to start on 15th Dec, lets have this event on 13th & 14th Dec. 2012. We can have get together party, cultural event, one to one interaction, classroom visit, a lot many other activities. It will be a good end to a sem and a great beginning for the winter break.

  15. Saket Devraj said

    ya december will be the best month for this

  16. ankush said

    no doubt it shoud in dec

  17. ankush said

    in the month of dec

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  19. Darakhshan said


  20. Darakhshan said

    Evry1 is sayng dec:)

  21. suman kumar said

    I think DEC…………?/

  22. Srijan said

    Dec will be the best option… but it should be in mid of December considering pre-board exams of class 12th…

  23. Pragya said

    🙂 lets have it in dec. most of us are agree for dec.

  24. dec will b grt …

  25. Rajeev Raj said

    will be the best month..

  26. piyush kumar said

    it would be better if this is organised in christmas week(around 25 dec.)..

  27. […] Suggest the month for Get Together@JNV Katihar in 2012! […]

  28. […] Suggest the month for Get Together@JNV Katihar in 2012! […]

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