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Navodayans Get-Together@Bangalore on 20th January 2013…!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on October 30, 2012

Dear Navodayans,

We have come up with an idea of holding a Get-Together @ Bangalore on 20th January 2013 in upcoming month of next year! 😯

As we all know that Bangalore is the central place where many navodayans are studying/working/living from various places of India. By hosting this meet, our aim will be twofold: First, to know each other and propose for future plan through our mutual discussion. Secondly, to make this event a memorable event via our interaction as we know for the development of any action, interaction is very important and to build a network of JNVians who are living in Bangalore or nearby Bangalore.

It will be a meet for a day. We will mention the name of venue soon. The chief guests and guests, who are going to interact and motivate the alumni, will be a surprise on this occasion. 🙄 All the alumni who are in Bangalore or nearby Bangalore are invited for this meeting. If any alumni from other states/regions want to attend this gathering, they are also most welcome. Kindly confirm your availability so that we can proceed accordingly. We want to know roughly how many of alumni will gather for the event so that we can make better arrangements.

Dear friends, we can’t return what navodaya has given us but at least we can try to give back to the society as much as possible by participating in this event. Our little effort can shape the future of those growing navodyans. We would love your thoughts and ideas in order to make this event a special, memorable and successful to carry forward the torch of responsible JNV alumni and students. So, please drop your comments and share your ideas! Kindly also register yourself on the platform JNVAlumni.com by following the link http://www.jnvalumni.com/register.php

For any further query or assistance, please post your message/comment here or feel free to write us on: rewasmriti@gmail.com, vinayc12@gmail.com, anandreddyk@yahoo.com, sumitkb@gmail.com, kumarvatv@gmail.com, preeyasarkar@gmail.com

Or  to give your name for confirmation, you may kindly call anyone of our following Co-ordinators:

Preeya[7382452850],Manoj R[9731299699]

Let’s Get Together…!!!



17 Responses to “Navodayans Get-Together@Bangalore on 20th January 2013…!!!”

  1. i will be there in the meet di….

  2. Vikas said

    I will try my best to attend this..

  3. Suman Kumar said

    i’ll b there wd my frnds..

  4. yes!! its great oppurnity.. i will suerly come..

  5. Minakshi said

    Hey it’ll be vry fun attending ths GT 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Im IN 🙂 🙂

  6. […] we know for the development of any action, interaction is very important and to build a network of JNVians who are living in Bangalore or nearby […]

  7. shreekanth said

    i will definetly attend i am thank full to all the organisers

  8. khalid akhtar said

    i will be thr


    I will be there

  10. prashant chand said

    prashant kumar chand:.. i will be there…..

  11. preeya sarkar said

    i will be there…

  12. Sanjay Sonar said

    i m in… Thnx a lot

  13. Keshava Murthy said


  14. keshav said

    To love

  15. Praveen said

    I am IN…

  16. Brindaban Mahto said

    i will be there..

  17. Dear All,

    It is with great regret that we have to announce that, due to PRE Board exam, we are postponing the Get Together scheduled for 20th January 2013.

    Today, as discussed with principal sir(JNV Rural), the Pre Board Exam is going to start from 17th, so we have to postpone it for the time being because we have chosen the venue for this event is JNV Rural, Bangalore.

    It is an immediate announcement and we will be announcing the future date soon.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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