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Bol – Break the silence!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on September 21, 2011

Yesterday night, I watched a nice, thought provoking movie ‘BOL’ which is directed by Shoaib Mansoor.  Like ‘Dor’ and ‘Pinjar’ the story of the movie ‘Bol’ is based on the real life of women which touched my heart and really made me cry. It left me speechless. The story starts with Zainub a young woman who has been sentenced to death. Her last wish is to speak about her life story with the media people and the world just before being sentenced. She tells the media that ‘Main sirf katil hun, gunahgar nahi’ and the story goes  into flashback.

Zainub’s father Hakim (an herbal medicine doctor), wishing for a son ended up with seven daughters one after another. His eighth born is a transgender so he wants to kill the child but his wife does not let him.  Saifi, who is kept in home, grows up tenderly under the love of all his sisters and mother but is disliked by the father! Later, his father Hakim kills him and in order to get away from the murder charges, he bribes the police, using the money that the Masjid Committee has entrusted upon him.

In the flashback, Zainub reveals that she gets married but she soon gets divorced because she refuses to have child due to poor financial conditions.  The eldest daughter in the family, after divorce, returns home, where her mother keeps getting pregnant. She takes her mother to get contraceptive operation done in the absence of her father, in order to prevent repeated pregnancies in future. Hakim while finding out about the surgery, he gets angry, abuses and slaps her. She replies Mard hain na, jahan lajawab huye wahan hath chalne lage. Kash main khuda hoti, main her mard se ek bachcha janwati!

The second daughter, Ayesha forced by her father to marry a man who is quite aged and not of her choice. Her mother objects her father on the age of the person, but he shuts her up. Ayesha is not willing to go with his father’s choice and says to her mother, ‘insan paida kiya hai ammi, dawaiyon ki botalen nahi ki jise chahe de denge, jahan chah rakh denge’.  The mother is helpless. However, Zainub goes to the extent of getting her younger sister married to the boy she loves.

Masjid committee asks Hakim to return the money. Hakim left with no other option, makes a deal with Saqa, a brothel owner, to marry Meena, Saqa’s daughter, for procreation of baby girl. Saqa would  keep the child only if its baby girl.  He agrees on it and marries with Meena. She gives birth to a baby girl but Hakim doesn’t want Saqa to turn the baby into a prostitute , thus he urges her to hand him the baby so he can save her. However, Saqa kicks Hakim out of the house.

The so called religious fundamentalist and the head of family, Hakim always gives the reason that ‘uparwalah will take care of them’. He feels, he knows everything, and he always does is the right thing. Before taking any decision, he blindly opens and plays with the holy book ‘Kuran’ but his each and every step has been a wrong decision for entire family. He believes, and says ‘Halat sudharne ke liye hi to beta chahiye tha’, and on the other hand, Zainub argues ‘hamne to jid nahi ki thee paida hone ke liye’.


One night, Meena comes to Hakim’s place to give him her baby. When truth reveals, the fight begins between Hakim and his wife. He beats up his wife when she breaks her silence. Realizing about her father’s mistakes, Zainub asks her father to bring back his second wife to home and she will leave the city with her mother and sisters. And later when Shaqa arrives to take the baby girl, the father tries to kill the baby. While saving the baby’s life she kills her father.

Zainub is the one who dares to speak out- ‘Bol’.  She opposes her father at every juncture. She is being hanged but she leaves people with a few questions. The most pressing question she asks, Maarna hi julm kyun hai, paida karna kyun nahi?‘ She emphasize to think that ‘Jayaj bachche paida karke unki zindagiyan haram kar dena, ye julm kyun nahi hai’? And in the last scenes, especially the one in the end when Zainub screams ‘Jab khila nahi sakte to paida kyun karte ho!?

The entire story highlights the true condition of women, who are often treated as burdens in a male-dominated society. It brings the actual subject that ‘raises questions, challenges the age-old traditionsthat do not provide liberty to woman to right of freedom in choosing life-partner, refusing reproduction, gaining education or working independently. The social status of women in India, Pakistan, and in the neighbour countries is same.

On the whole, ‘Bol’ is a story that ‘dares to bare’ the dilemma of a rigid society’. I strongly believe that you cannot beat a person like Hakim! Nevertheless, such kinds of people are called impossible for a reason and have an endless supply of arguments to support their so called religious fundamentalist thoughts.  Last, but certainly not the least, I feel, these fundamentalists (religious, ethnic, political, ideological, etc.) who hold rigidly to their beliefs, are now afraid and feel ‘lost’ their identity, beliefs and regid practices.

Bol, ke lab azaad hain tere
Bol, yeh thoda waqt bohot hai
Jism-o-zaban ki maut se pehle
Bol, ke sach zinda hai ab tak
Bol, jo kuchh kehna hai keh le
~ Faiz Ahmed Faiz

I thank Avinash for suggesting this movie to me!


38 Responses to “Bol – Break the silence!”

  1. Preeti said

    Well written, Rewa! I am now motivated to watch this movie too. Seems very interesting.

  2. avitheversatile said

    Super Like !!!!
    I think the way u have described is more interesting than Movie..
    Will suggest u few more movies .. but at right time.. 🙂

  3. Rewa Kheta said

    Movies discription is never interesting; however this one is exception. The way everyone is getting motivated to watch the movie is amazing. Like the actor says in the video “Aapki kahani sunkar ek ghar bhi agar badla to kitni ladkiyo ki zindagi badal jayegi” same way I would like to say Rewa, tumhara blog padh kar kitne log apni soch badlenge. Its high time kuch mat rakho apne man mein bol do apne BOL


  4. well said DI….
    amazing description of movie and well coordinated with reality of our society…keep it up…:)

  5. Rachna said

    i also liked it

  6. Superb, very good

  7. Holy~Devil said

    This movie is almost a sequel to .The cast are mostly western educated,pained at the plight of their mother country.They represent a class who thinks about ways to change their backyard. Inequality to women is prevalent around the world in every corner,somewhere less,somewhere in ugliest possible form.This movie will send chill to your spine and stir your conscience.Without being insensitive to Muslims,I must say they have least respect for women,they follow archaic customs,whip the women for asking freedom.I hope their world see a sea of change sooner !


  8. Holy~Devil said

    almost a sequel to [Khuda ke liye]

  9. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    I usually do not see new movies but by the vivid description of plot given by you I could understand the essence of the issue raised.As a matter of fact owing to a hurried campaign of educating masses we have spread literacy but we have heavily failed in creating educated!
    Also our system of education has failed to ‘inculcate values and address social issues’.There are esculating figures of NGO’s,SMO’s,and many other socially active agency earning their livelihood on the name of gender sensitization.Yet the issues stand with same tormenting intensity! The root cause of all these maladies lie in the fact that by media,TV,Press,IT and films we have aped an attire which is depicted and shredded the one which is needed and was our original one.A uniform style of living is a good result but the issues still stand.In yester decades there was a startification of segments of society and they lived the ethos of that segment.But now being educated they have adopted a metro look irrespective of their geographical disposition.When masses belonged to a segment they considered adoption of urban ethos and hence were under social control.A village farmer irrespective of being rich lead his life in ethinic style only having a joint family system,societal fear and religious code for conduct.In such a times such instances did occured but with sporadic occurence and were targetted with social condemntion and hatred to check its reccurence for years.Now with todays set up we have definitely become urbanite but our criminal instincts still are the same and this urbanisation has set them free——-! the result is lack of social and societal control.Friends when we have totally tranformed&challenged the age old marriage institution with living relationship how we would be conscious about women rights? i fear In coming times man would eat food for hunger,enter in relationship for lust and kill for satisfaction—-
    Such movies are really eye openers and alarm———Congrats fot posting this blog and doing a good social duty to ignite thoughts among todays virtuous generation to bring a positive social change.All the best
    D rVishwas

  10. avitheversatile said

    Mazak mazak me bahut comment ho gaye.. 🙂

  11. sukirti said

    i m downloading it….will give my further cmnts after watching dis movie….n s far ur writing is concerned , i m n always be one of ur biggest fan.
    talking abt the condition of women in today’s situation..there’s a Zainub in each n everyone of us…but we are too scared to figure it out . yeah we are scared though “a little bit” ,about how people around us are going to talk when we do something like that…n everyone of us knows that if 25% population will stand there by our side when we do something like zainub did there are still those 75% who will keep on talking behind us n saying “wat the hell does she thinks about herself. she thinks that she could change the whole world ” n blah blah blah.N plz dnt take it personally but those 75% might include some of our family members also. I am so assured that the day we will conquer this fear of ours we wouldn’t even need women reservation or any stuff like…cuz those people out there they will accept us as we are. no one could ever harass or could let u down or precisely saying demoralize us in our work field. now i m waiting for this to happen. infact me n a friend of mine are trying hard for it. but thing is that this male dominated world is not ready to accept it so easily.

  12. taru said

    ok di i m going to watch….

  13. avnish said

    It deals with how our culture defines women, how women define themselves, the emphasis on desirability and attractiveness on the one hand, and traditional dictates of quiet, pleasant and unobtrusive behaviour on the other.
    After reading this well versed description of heart-touching movie “BOL” ,i remember some lines:
    Aurat ki kya hasti hai,
    cheez wo kitni sasti hai!
    kahi wo dil ki rani hai,
    kahi bas ek kahani hai!
    kitni bebas dikhti hai,
    jab bajar mein bikti hai!
    neer nayan se barse hai wo,
    muskan ke tarse hai!
    khusiyon ko tarasti hai,
    Aurat ki kya hasti hai!

  14. Nidhi said

    Well written!!!!i still havn’t watched d movie bt a pretty cut throat article.dis is wat actually hapns in our society.
    ‘Mard hain na, jahan lajawab huye wahan hath chalne lage. Kash main khuda hoti, main her mard se ek bachcha janwati!’
    Waah waah waah….I liked it.
    ‘there’s a Zainub in each n everyone of us…but we are too scared to figure it out’ . very true SUKRITI!

  15. arshad said

    superb di……….it seems to be a gud movie….i ll watch it 2night

  16. taru said

    The movie ends showing Zainub’s family struggling for their bread and butter starts a food service outside their house gradually turning the house into a cafe raising their living standard. They also take care of the their youngest sister who they saved from her father’s brutality……….

  17. avitheversatile said

    Title is really good .. 🙂

  18. sshashwat said

    Yes, have heard good reviews abt the movie. Jaldi hi dekh bhi lenge 🙂

  19. I wish there was a like button for the comments posted on this blog, superlike Sukriti. You have a amazing thought process and as per the conversation I had with Rewa, I can feel you are a person with beautiful heart. Hope Rewa and I can meet you in future. Hats off to your courage.

  20. Suraj said

    This is pakistani take on pakistani society! I dont care what that is…when I have my own… may be similar but its is mine and this is movie is crap as its made with intention of winning crappy awards. Watch your back ..not this movie!

  21. sukirti said

    @day dreamer…
    i dnt know who u r … but seems lyk we can be very good frnz…..rewa di is like motivation for me n all grlz lyk me.
    my mum always says me.” luk at rewa. try to be like her. she is so simple but her thinking makes her very special for all of us”..
    thnx for the appreciation mam…me too luking frwd to meet u in future.:)

  22. sukirti said

    @suraj sir
    do u have any evidence to prove that this dsn’t happens in our country ?????
    its about each n every women around the world…..toh kya hua agar isko kisi pakistani director ne direct kiya hai, isme pakistani artists ne perform kiya hai n iske locations pakistan ke hai.
    to be very frank agar yeh same movie Danny Boyle ne banayi hoti like he did in “slumdog millionaire” then u .. yes u sir..would have been the first person to rush to the ticket counter of any multiplex in ur city even if the movie went round n round around pakistani society n pakistani people n appreciated it like hell ” OMG kya movie banayi hai yaar..phadu hai.. puri sachai samne rakh di..sach mein yaar ladkiyo ke saath kitni zyadati hoti hai” n so n so n so….its my kind request to u if couldn’t stand for a cause then plz don’t stop others to stand for it…:)
    we r not forcing anyone for this…..if anyone is willing to join us then u r most welcome n for those who dnt want to come wid us THANKS for even reading this blog..:)

  23. Satyajeet said

    Majority of people who can read this post are wise enough to get indulge in this kind of brutality towards womanhood. Long ago there should have been some law in place to decide the maximum number of children one can have (irrespective of gender). That law should have been universal as ultimately humanity suffers. I will watch the movie at the first chance.

    Thanks rewa and all.

  24. pooja hansda said

    i’ve never seen dis movie,
    bt aftr reading ur description felt like i already have seen it.
    such a nice stry revealing d 2rth of a women thnx 2 shoaib mansoor nd thnx 2 u di 4 sharing ur feelings with us.

  25. rohit said

    फिल्म देखी नहीं है अभी तक……रिव्यू पर अच्छे हैं…..पर जब कोई पाकिस्तानी फिल्म देखता हूं तो तुलना करके ही देख पाता हूं..दोनो देश की परिस्थितयां अलग हैं…सो बोल में उठाए सवाल सार्वभौमिक हैं या नहीं ये जानने के लिए फिल्म को तो देखना ही होगा…

  26. Suraj said

    1. Thank you very much for finding my comment worth of your notice and feedback.
    2. I politely reject your request. Ref- from your comment. “It’s my kind request to u if couldn’t stand for a cause then plz don’t stop others to stand for it.” I am surprise that found a “cause” through this Pakistani movie.
    3. You don’t own this blog, so you thanking readers of this blog -makes complete non sense. You however can certainly comment on blog or comments on the blog.
    4. Not sure if you are female or male, educated or uneducated … Pakistani or indian when you compare British Danny with Pakistanis. I don’t care anyways!
    5. I never said shit like what captured in BOL doesnt happen in India. I’m saying Indian situation is even worse and hence this Pakistani movie may have content similar to what we have in India, but we don’t need this to realize Indian plight. Hence I don’t care about BOL -the movie.
    6. I watched slumdog.. even before it’s release in the market in one of film festival in USA. Mentioning this just to let you know how I give my take on any movies… Anyways that’s not relevant…
    6. Calm down and be on the ground before judging what people are saying here on this blog.
    If you understand what I mentioned above then you are welcome on the blog and if you don’t, then also you are welcome on the blog.

  27. badalterang said

    Dear Rewa, I have always appreciated your posts. This one is also no exception 🙂 So congratulations for the great job over the review of BOL.
    I admire the courage with which you raise sensitive and taboo issues. These issues need to be out on the public forums for people to get a reality check. It also helps us readers to do an introspection of ourselves and relieve us from similar toxins from our within as well as around us.
    It is your honest and sincere approach towards the subjects, that rightfully subjects you with such an immense readership.
    I hope you keep up the HONEST and UNBIASED work like this for our future benefit!
    Last but not least, Thanks for sharing Faiz Sahab ‘s words
    बोल, के लब आज़ाद हैं तेरे, बोल, यह थोड़ा वक़्त बोहोत है
    जिस्म-ओ-ज़बान की मौत से पहले,बोल, के सच ज़िंदा है अब तक
    बोल, जो कुच्छ कहना है कह ले
    Your huge Admirer

  28. mehek said

    after reading the post movie seems very interesting and the way u have narrated it,story movies in front of eyes.will definetly watch it sometime later.i had liked ayesha takiya’s role in dor very much.

  29. […] Now Why can't we chant gayatri mantra?Do women need reservation?ABCD in JNV!!!BlogrollBol – Break the silence!For Navodayansबयां-ए-दिल अर्ज़ है…!Your attitude, not aptitude, […]

  30. satish said

    Rewaji 🙂 movie dekh liye yehi pe …. aapne aise narrate kiya jaise movie direct kar rahi ho 🙂 good going !!! weekend will watch movie

  31. @Mr. Invisible,

    I can feel the essence of your classic smile which you have put just after ‘JI’…and I am sure, you know pretty well the result of that smile 🙂


  32. satish said

    hehehe … ji mera classic smile ko aap jald hi samj lete ho 🙂

  33. satish said

    I happen to go through some lines written by other friends, it says your involvement in the blog. well now, blogs will be written by someone and as part of comment, people( readers) will put there take on that subject according to there thinking and there perception. that means when you try to involve yourself in that blog topic, definitely u will think on that at-least for while, that’s where blog serve its purpose. and when someone writes comments, its as good as that blog belongs to you except few copy rights. now I should say those who have tried to take your own time on this blog, which made you think, which made you accept or reject, you have became co authors of this blog too.

    on other hand let me share you small case, you know JNV was made as part to help students from village, so i am sure those who studies JNV are from village, if not you were in village once. so you grow up with your sisters, mom and society. so most of time in male dominated society ( till date) its more likely that girls do experience lot of difference in treatment from society when compared to boys. and I am sure you all might have witnessed lot similar what was depicted in movie BOL. so to understand this movie, you need a heart which understand the people, which has feelings, which has emotions. so the one who has got his own feelings and emotions, they do understand the message irrespective of who made the movie. every movie is made for money. anything given free of cost is not entertained, so in return they do have profit motto but along with that a wonderful message, It might have happened in different country, neighbors of us might have directed it. now you can sit and watch at problem of your neighbors until it comes in your home, then you can think of to react. now this problem what BOL tried to explain is already in your home, I shud really appreciate SuKirthi the way she thought at it, the way she responded, I am sure she has such great heart that she can even feel the pain of others. she tried to think on it with heart and mind instead of thinking it as a movie which was made for money. that really makes you stand above your age.

    now I finish of my schoolings in village, will go for studies in college in some city, i happen to learn lot which i did not learn in past. eventually i may get some job in US based MNC ultimately working for US. in the end i may end up in US for some years, now what I do , I start to compare the things of US with India. so eventually I start to feel that US is much better, advanced and I am at right place, i can do anything. sometimes i develop such ego that i even cant take something ( even though it is good )which is written for me by the one who is just younger to me, i dont care what she/he want to say with that message, what all i need is , did i made up my point whatever the point is. this blog has a good message to convey for antisocial thing. now its up to us to stand by that message or end up with hurting others.

    @Sukirthi, you are right, if we cant come up with thinking like the way rewaji did, we dont have rights to pull legs of others. there is a saying which i learnt in JNV, “” Help ever Hurt never”” . I appreciate your take on this.

  34. sukirti said

    @satish bhaiya….
    thnx for ur appreciation n support…. i wish everyone could have understood us the way u did…. but anyways…cant help wid everyone’s thought n way they think……
    once again thnk u very much bhaiya… 😀
    n bhaiya my name is SUKIRTI not SUKIRTHI… 🙂

  35. satish said

    @Sukirti, aage se aise galati nahi karunga 🙂 aage se naam copy paste kiya karunga 😛 hehehe

  36. kriti said

    You touched my heart! It hurt all over.
    Please be like Zainub, break the silence and put an end to this cycle of cruelty and injustice against women.

  37. Bilal said

    It is just a movie.
    Fictious story.
    And before every thing
    a conspiracy about ISLAM
    I totally condem all cumments n what ever the story is.
    Laanat aise muslimano pe jinhon ne pese ki lalach me zara bhr bhe apne sache mazhab k about nahe socha is film ko banaty hue.
    Qayamat k din kis mon se hisaab denge aur apne RASOOL S.AW.W k samne khry honge.
    Astag firrullah.
    N for all non muslims
    there is nothing any bad image tht had been depicted in the movie about ISLAAM.

  38. Venugopal said

    Woah! It’s simple, yet effective. I must say you’ve done a great job with this. Additionally, you blog is extremely good. Exceptional Blog!

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