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Introspection rather than blind following would be the cure for corruption!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 30, 2011

Does corruption mean only bribing a government employee to get things done? It also means paying someone for a favor, using fake certificates to get a job, showing false proofs/fabricated bills including those of rent and medical bills to reduce income tax, billing the client a much higher price than what is actually spent, to get passport on time, to get driving license, to traffic police …?

Who are not corrupted in India? We, the majority of Indians are corrupt!! Actually, we do not want to understand how and why we Indians are corrupt. For me, corruption is like ‘dowry system’ in India! Where does the fight against corruption start? In fact our daily life has become a part of corruption…and we know shouting only.  Almost everybody is corrupt here in India, from sadhu- saints to so called civilized people and from rich to poor people. I feel that the ratio is like high position high corruption.

Millions of people give bribe to bribe-taker in holy places like Tirupati Balaji, vaishno devi, sabri malai etc. and if you are a relative of bureaucrat or closest to a politician, then you are fortunate enough to get a ‘darshan’ of god as quickly as possible. Some of them use their corrupt and diplomatic mind to get their work done. Everybody has questions that will our politicians change? No one question themselves that “will I change myself?”

I am sure, the majority of aam aadmi are not fully aware of Lokpal bill. And they even don’t understand that what, which all points are there in LOKPAL BILL!  I do whole heartily support Anna Hazare but it doesn’t mean I support Ramdev Baba, BJP or RSS etc.! However, I suggest “media, NGO, corporate world, trusts jinke under rahkar dher sare so called sadhu -mahatma log corruption kar rahe hain and all the sectors from top to bottom” need to be included in Jan Lokpal bill…

Last week, on Friday, one of my colleagues was searching auto to go to bank. Auto wala simply asked ‘Meter charge + 20rs extra’ as usual. He got angry and said, “sharm nahi aati tumhe? Wahan Anna Hazare bhukh hadtaal per baithe hain aur yahan tum 20rs extra mang rahe ho!” It happened in crowded market and public supported him. Then the auto wala agreed with meter charge only and felt guilty. In this way he protested the Autowala in a crowded market.

We, therefore, should change our mindset so that, we don’t encourage others as well as ourselves in acting wrong way in our day to day life. We, the people of India are the only solution for Corruption and we have to start from ourselves not from others.

However, there will be no end to corruption as long as we discontinue doing all such wrong things. We should change our attitude of “getting work done” in a wrong way as soon as possible,  and I know, putting all kinds of activities against corruption into practice need a lot of courage and effort!


5 Responses to “Introspection rather than blind following would be the cure for corruption!”

  1. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    well Rewa, very well said, before uprooting corruption it is very vital to isolate it and locate well.Morever it doesnt require revolution on the contrary it requires retospection!And that too self retrospection.I do not remember but to best of my memory around sixties this phrase came into its being called ” sub chalta hai yaar” this disasterous phase converted the values abiding crowd into shortcut oriented gentry which dazzled& infuriated the pure law abiding folks, forcing them to adopt this new sway of change which blew the nation into the colossal rock of corruption.Today when a web of breech,deviation and disregard for universal aim has not only grappled the nation in corruption but it has also let the countrymen in loneliness.This lonliness is attributed to selfish behaviour attributed to solo and vested interests.So need of the hour is to carryout self correction with continuous retrospection of self.Also desire for the self upliftment which simultaneously uplifts everyone around.NCERT has enlisted 90 values,which are labelled in single words like honesty,truth,punctuality,politeness…………..etc.But now it is our duty to convert each of them into plausible behaviour regimen.And this regimen must be so strong that it induces an enduring impact on the people around forcing them to adopt it.I have taken my first step and welcome all to reinforce me.May I remind you that our every action is a drift to a major move towards change—!
    So my best wishes to the youngster of today who are very cable to bring a desired change.best of luck
    Dr Vishwas Saxena

  2. avijha123inash said

    Very well said writer ji…
    We know everyone is corrupt here. Not here only, everywhere…
    But We have to take at least one step to remove this..
    And Jan lokpal is that step..
    I know it has hell lots of demerits.. But that can be converted into merits..
    I m agree with ur point about NGOs n all..

  3. yup u r right di.these days corruption iz in every corner of our country n in every field too.
    niche se uper tak sabhi ke sabhi corrupt hai.agar log individually thik ho jaye then……….
    shayad janlokpal bil corruption hatane me sahayak ho.hum to kewal hope hi kar sakte hai.
    “there’s will there’s way”
    me too agree wid NGO whenever n whaever u want help i’ll be always dere 4 u di.
    thanking u

  4. Ranjeeta said

    Absolutely brilliant post nd exactly my feelings. The mindset change is required to challenge and minimize corruption. India seriously needs people like Nitish kumar nd Narendra Modi to take charge.

  5. sshashwat said

    Agreed to your view. Nice writeup.

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