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A new initiative by Navodaya Family!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on December 29, 2009

Last month, we had a Regional Science Congress for Navodaya Vidyalayas of south India at IIT Madras. With few alumni, I was very much happy to coordinate for this event for our navodaya children. We got a chance to speak with students, teachers and principals on the occasion. On the last day of the Congress, I could share some of my thoughts with Nageshwar Rao sir, the Deputy Commissioner of NVS Hyderabad regarding the need for value education in Navodaya Vidyalayas. I had been thinking of organizing a workshop for principals and teachers at JNVs since last year. Some reference in this regard can be drawn from the link: Let’s work for Value Education!

Last week, a Jeevan Vidya workshop was organised at IIIT Hyderabad from 20th to 27th. On 22nd, I was talking to one of our alumni from Hyderabad when I suddenly remembered that he could attend this workshop. When I requested, he appeared more than ready to attend it. Today, he told me that he attended the workshop since 23rd to the concluding day. He also appeared quite happy and enthused by the workshop. He showed his willingness to take this opportunity to other alumni, principals, teachers and students of JNV. So much is his enthu that he is attending the next workshop starting tomorrow at the same place. Just to add that this next workshop, like every year, will be organised for about 200 new entrants at IIIT Hyderabad and will be one of the four parallel workshops, one in Telugu, one in English and two in Hindi.

With all this at the background, I called Rao sir today morning. He was on his way to office but still he could spare time to talk to me. I proposed to organize one such workshop in April in Hyderabad JNV. He readily agreed to it. I informed Murali about this and he has agreed to help in organizing this workshop. I must thank Rao sir for his ever-readiness and vigor in going for any new initiative that could prove useful for Navodaya family. At the same time, I thank Murali for being so much sincere in such activities.

To conclude, let me express my joy to say that I am supported in all such efforts by my husband, Kumar Sambhav. Though he is not a Navodayan, he is always by my side in my JNV involvements.

22 Responses to “A new initiative by Navodaya Family!”

  1. Raj said

    we are proud of you didi…. i m short of words for your praise and at the same time also feel ashamed of not being so supportive and responsive towards your noble job.
    Keep this going….

    Hail Rewa didi….

    cheers !!

  2. Holy~Devil said

    Nice and great effort !
    Congrats and thanks !

  3. Surya Prakash said

    Dear Ms. Rewa Smriti,

    Nice mailing you.

    As you are already aware, the staff of NVS is working without GPF-cum-Pension Scheme.For those who joined after 1.1.2004, the New Pension Scheme is however mandatory. But for those who joined prior to that and are still serving in NVS, the GPF-cum-Pension Scheme (also called CCS pension Scheme 1972) should be made applicable at par with their counterparts in KVS, CTSA, CBSE, IGNOU etc.

    We have been fighting hard for this purpose. As you know, we have also observed a one day token strike on 16th November 2009 and we are in news all over the media. The Pension file of Samiti is presently with the Finance Minister, as informed by reliable sources. In case any of NVS alumni is in a good position to liaise with Ms. Sushma Nath, Secretary Expenditure in Finance Ministry or any other appropriate official in the Finance Ministry who can prevail upon Pranab Mukherjee, things will turn in our favour in no time.

    We met Rahul, Kapil, Pranab, Mamata and a hell lot of others, but everybody is a politician and will make only promises, since they dont cost anything. In case you can not find any suitable person to prevail upon Pranab Mukherjee to get the pension file signed, you may kindly request the other NVS alumni as per data available with you, to write individually to Rahul and Pranab, explaining them the value of NVS in present society, as a result of which you are in this position as on date. In case you can arrange to send individual letters to Rahul and Pranab through atleast 200-300 alumni, that would help in exerting more pressure on the Finance Ministry. That will be the real Gurudakshina which you can pay to your teachers. In case of any further assistance or clarification, kindly get back to me. I believe that none of us is stronger than all of us.

    With best wishes,

    Surya Prakash

  4. alex4 said

    …If you can do this, “THIS” can do wonders…just if u can make people interested once… and hence always…
    What I understood from Jeevan Vidya is “living consciously”.. AS far as I am concerned I UNDERSTAND the formula H2O (jv) with all the possible bonds, still I am thirsty.. with all the possibilities.. and I even can’t make my close ones understand what is H2O.. or JV..
    U start From whwere u r, I will try from where I am.. may b we will meet somewhere in the way..


  5. Ashish Katkar said

    Good work…

    we are proud of you…..


  6. alex4 said

    Surya Prakash Sahab…
    explain few things plz..
    What I heard that retirement money that staffs will get who joined b4 1.1.2004 is going to b much more than the other similar institutes.. If u can mention exact facts and figures, that will be really helpfull..

  7. First I would like to congratulate you for this great initiative.

    I learnt – when you work to improve the lives of others, you indirectly elevate your own life in the process. I think our world is in the midst of great change. People are realizing that they are here for a purpose and that they have been given special gifts (mental ability) that will aid them to realize it.

    “Here, we have an example.”

    Wish you all the very best for your all endeavors for a noble cause.

  8. Manoj Maurya said

    Hi Rewa,
    As always, we all are proud of you. Keep up the good work.


  9. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for mentioning the golden words: “MAKE SURE “U R DRUNK ENOUGH B4 MAKING OTHERS AWARE OF THEIR THIRST””
    I see lot of sense in it…but i think you will never feel that u had enough…the science and arts of living is like champagne…the more you drink the thirstier you feel…

  10. Santhosh I C said

    As always grt work…

    To suryaprakash,
    Please provide us with the details of the content to be written to Pranab or whosoever, we gladly do that SIR.

  11. Ajit Barnwal said

    gr8 work didi..
    congrats & thanx…!!!
    May i know the details of the workshop..what was the content of the activity!!!

  12. Md Imtiyaz Alam said

    Hi rewa..!
    Good Job and Conrates. Keep it up.

  13. Surya Prakash said

    To Mr. Alex and Santosh IC


    For all further details regarding the employees of NVS wo are elgible for the GPF-cum-Pension Scheme and the financial liability of the Government, please contact Shri VL Balasubramanian, Principal Navodaya Kasaragod (Kerala) on 09447275766. He is the President of the Joint Action Committee of Navodaya Employees. His email id is babybalan06@yahoo.com. He is a thorough gentleman and highly helpful officer. You can also take the help of Shri PK Sharma, Assistant commissioner of Navodaya Hqrs., New Delhi on 09868523256. Thank You very much for the interest shown in this connection.

    I am sure that discrimination is being done by the Finance Ministry despite clearcut recommendation by the YN Chaturvedi Committee, Parliamentary Standing Committees no. 154, 184 and 198, which strongly recommended GPF-cum-Pension Scheme to NVS employees who joined prior to 1.1.2004, at par with their counterparts in similar educational organisations under the Ministry of HRD.

    Surya Prakash

  14. Kiran said

    You are truly doing good work. keep on moving!!

  15. sarvesh said

    Its really nice effort.
    We will be always there if u need.
    Happy New Year to all NAVODAYANS.

  16. @Alex4,

    Thanks for your comment. It’s a well thought and put comment.
    Understanding does not mean having info about the formula H2O, but rather taking water to quench the thirst of yours and your related ones. Unless something can be translated to living to fulfill your needs, it’s only a borrowed info, and no achievement in itself. And I do appreciate the importance of the last line. I am on my way to it.

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words.


  17. Nidhi said

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

  18. credit fix said

    credit fix…

    I was just browsing through and thought I would say hi!…

  19. Alex4 said

    Happy New Year All

    Exactly Abhishek…

    what you tried to say is right…
    just the understanding..
    the science and arts of living is not like champagne..
    but the Living is… being is… more you are… more you want to be.. I can understand.. may be you too… and others who had really lived the life… even if moments have given the glimpses..will really understand…
    its easy to enjoy the art… but truly difficult to have your dear once in the way with you..simply because ” YOU CAN’T MAKE A BLIND BY BIRTH UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF COLOR”. they have got to see something.. thats the qualification needed..

    for Rewa…

    You are the golden lamp…
    like the magnet in the centre..
    We are Fatinga’s…
    atleast I M
    so I choose to go alone…

    To Surya Prakash…

    Sure we understand the importance of your thread….
    Staffs from jnv are different from other educational instituition as they have to be there like on 24 hrs call basis..
    they have to fullfill dual responsibilities…
    e.g. is like housemasters….
    I appreciate your efforts..
    and m more than ready to help in all possible ways…

  20. pushpesh said

    this is really a very nice job…
    keep it up……..

  21. Dinanath said

    Nice work…

    I support it….

  22. kaifeeanwer said

    ok, now I understand your point and invitation about the value education. You have already started this initiative. This is exactly the one which I have talked. I appreciate that your team has performed a great job. I also read on AINAA.

    Please mail me more details at kaifeeanwer@gmail.com about Jeevan Vidya. At first I want to learn it and implement in my life. Then sure, I will organize it many education institutes, corporates, social organization and communities.

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