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…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

Meaning of the name!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 2, 2007

As there are many people asked me the meaning of my name, so I would like to write the meaning of my name here.  Actually my Maa chose ‘Rewa’(रेवा) and Papa chose ‘Smriti’(स्मृति). So put together my full name is Rewa Smriti (रेवा स्मृति).

* Literary the word ‘Rewa’ is a ‘Sanskrit’ word meaning “A New Beginning”. ‘Rewa’ is the old name of “River Narmada”(नर्मदा नदी), which is mentioned in the Puranas (ancient books). It emerges from Amarkanth.Rewa’ is also“a type of fish”.

* The word ‘Smriti’ means ‘rememberance’, ‘a memoir’, ‘memory or collection’.

नर्मदा नदी के आस-पास का क्षेत्र “रेवा खंड” के नाम से जाना जाता है! मेरे घर में ‘सत्यनारायण भगवान’ की पूजा होती है और पूजा में मंत्रों के साथ- साथ कथा पढ़ी जाती है. सत्य (satya) means the ‘Truth’ and नारायण (Narayana) is the ‘Absolute’, the almighty god of all creation. मेरी माँ मुझे बताई है कि सत्यनारायण भगवान जी के कथा – पूजा पुस्तक का शीर्षक नाम “रेवा खण्डे प्रथमो अध्याय एवम् रेवा खण्डे द्वितीयो अध्याय” है! ‘रेवा’ संगीत में पूर्वी अंग की एक रागिनी जिसे कुछ लोग दीपक राग की पत्नी मानते हैं!

‘Rewa Smriti’ a unique name identifies with “A memoir of the River”…..Rivers always keep flowing, creating their own way….Never stop….and I identify myself with both these names.  🙂

I feel, I flow and I exist!


52 Responses to “Meaning of the name!”

  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    Beautiful name…..

    Keep Smiling

  2. ahahhahahaha
    achhi bat hai..nam ka matlab bata diya aapne
    main bhi bata deta hoon

    ARUN=rising SUN
    so collecting all means”combination of briliance,light and preservance”..sahi kaha na..????

  3. Nishat said

    rewa is the pure name like the water in river bcos water has its purity.the perfect name smriti means the yadasht(remember) that i always remember my friend.

    I dont know the meaning of my name. Can anybody tell me the meaning of my name “NISHAT FATHIMA”?

  4. roushan said

    Nishat is an Arabic word which means Liveliness, Energy, spring, Gladness or HAPPINESS
    Fatima is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is “baby’s nurse”. Also possibly “one who abstains”. The name of the favorite daughter of the prophet Muhammad; one of the four “perfect women” mentioned in the Koran.

  5. thanks a lot roushan. i have seen it after a long time. i am very happy of knowing the meaning of my name 🙂

    rewa told me that u only can tell me the meaning of my name. roushan tell me, it is ur hobby r what that u r searching the meaning of names.

  6. Surabhi said

    my beautiful name means – fragrance..! 🙂

  7. Kamlesh said

    My name “Kamlesh Prajapati” stands for “Lord of Lotus” (Vishnu) + “Bramha” (for Prajapati). My name embodies Bramha and Vishnu…how great,
    Is’nt it?


  8. Adi said

    Pata nahi … Naam ke meaning se kya anter padta hai>>>>>>
    Kya pata padta bhi hoga?
    Waise bhi mera itna common naam hai ki, sabko pata hoga … agar thodi-bahut bhi hindi aati hai to>>>>
    Jisko nahi aati , I can’t help….

    Hehehehehehehe… ADITYA

  9. Surabhi said

    Hey Bramha and Vishnu ke avatar..

    It is great..! happy..? 😉

  10. Kamlesh said

    Yup..I am happy. By virtue of being a fragrance you have to be very close to Lords of Lotus and Life as they symbolize an aura of attractive and magnetic fragrance.


  11. Surabhi said

    ha ha ha..! Till now, I just thought.. fragrance is attached with flowers..! Since when it has to be close to Lords of flowers (Lotus – to be specific..)? wink wink.. 😉

  12. Gone are the days when lotus, fragrance and everything like that were the topic of interests.Now comes the day of the king.Hail “lord of the kings” (VEERENDRA). King loves sincere sacrifices and true devotion.so.. all u need to say is “hail veerendra..hail”

  13. ritesh said

    ritesh means riti ke iswar……. KAAMDEV.

  14. Hey,

    Interestingly, we though some casual discussion came to know that Rewa is not only an Indian noun meaning “A New Beginning”. However, it is a Tibetan noun (Hope) which has similar meaning with the Indian language.

    Basically, it could be the reason that Sanskrit language is being practised in both the countries, so there is always some similarities between the two languages of Tibet and India.

    The famous Tibetan Album produced by Penpa Tsering (pentse) also has its title as REWA, meaning HOPE.

  15. Roushan said

    My name is Roushan and i dont know its meaning. I saw someone who has same name as mine. can you please share it with me. thanks a lot

  16. Surabhi said

    Roushan means ‘to lighten up’. It is derived from the word ‘Roshni’ that means light.

  17. Kamlesh said

    You are so intelligent surabhi. Your head is really lightened up.

  18. Surabhi said

    and what abt urs ‘lord of lotus’? 😉 will urs ever be lightened up..?

  19. Kamlesh said

    By virtue being lord, I have the responsibility to lighten up. I am the giver not the reciever.

  20. Surabhi said

    he he he..!! u first lighten up urself and then talk abt giving..!! 😉

  21. Kamlesh said

    hehehhehe….Suraj tale andhera hota hai ye bh nahi pata hai aapko..lighten yourself.

  22. Surabhi said

    sooraj tale toh nahin but haan diye tale andhera hota hai..!! sooraj tale kya hota hai.. yeh tum dekh kar aaye ho kya..?

  23. Kamlesh said

    Hey Bhagwan..Suraj tale jane ke pehle aankhe foot jayegi fir to andhera hi andhera hoga. Zara door ka aur detail me sochiye.

  24. Surabhi said

    hmm.. mere bahut saare dushman hain zamane mein.. esliye.. better hai ki main kuch na bolun.. 😦

  25. mehhekk said

    very interesting,sweet gals sweet name god bless u

  26. Preksha said

    my name is preksha i want to know what is the meaning of my name

  27. Suraj said


    PREKSHA means……”view” or “beautiful view”.

    View-> Viewer (Usually on Indian TV-media say- “DARSHAK”-which is wrong…because DARSHAK means “one who shows/exhibits”.

    Note: Meaning for the word “PREKSHA” and related statements mentioned above might NOT appear right as those are purely based not on NOT only HINDI but also other indian laguages.

  28. Hey everybody said

    Roushan means to lustre..its unlike roshan ..which means brightness..i just wanna know whether these names roshan and Roushan are pronunced either way? Pls tel me

  29. Hey everybody said

    My name is Roushan bava well Roushan means to lustre..its unlike roshan ..which means brightness..i just wanna know whether these names roshan and Roushan are pronunced either way? Pls tel me

  30. kahte hai ki naam mein kya rakha hai.
    lekin yahan to bahut kuchh rakha hai.
    chalo sabko apne naam ka arth to maloom chalne lage
    bahut achchhe.
    rewa badhai ki patra hai.

  31. roshan bhai

    chalne ko dono chalega , chalega hi nahi balki daudega.lekin asali to hoga raushan. aisa hai ki hindi ka o aur au dono urdu ya arbi mein ek se likhe jate hai. bus usi ke karan koi roshan to koi raushan. waise urdu wale ise raushan hi pukarenge. hindi dictionary mein roshan aur raushan dono hai and both have same meaning illuminated.
    you might have heard a hindi song
    raushan ho gayi sari mahfil
    here singer pronounce raushan
    aur chhodo na bhai nam mein kya rakha hai.
    ankh ka andha nam nayansukh

  32. fatima ji
    aur nishat ka matlab heaven, jannat

  33. Howard B said


    Gotta love yahoo, very cool site. All the best….

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  35. Wow. . . . 2day i knew the various meaning of your name. . . . . . Nice. Ati sundar. . . . . Aap hamesa isi pawitrata ke sath bahti rahen. . . . .

  36. Kiran said

    Humm..Kiran means Ray of light. 🙂

  37. GinaT said

    just wandered by….

    Gotta love yahoo, very cool stuff. Thank you….

  38. […] Meaning of the name! ” Turning the wheel… […]

  39. Ambika said

    Your name as well as its meaning is very beautiful.. Keep your thoughts the same..

  40. alok pandey said

    I like everyone who want to no me

  41. Jeetendra said

    Best name


  42. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    a good choice by the parents and now your duty is to keep yourself true to your name never ever bring floods in your course but leave a fertile delta at the place you leave!hope you understand what I mean to say.So rewa keep on raving and bring prosperity to whoesoever you can,I suggest start from your village.Bon Voyage and best of luck
    Dr Vishwas saxena

  43. Rewa said

    well, my name is rewa too 😛 and it means in arabic “pouring rain” … in addition… some friends told me that it means “SWIFT” in jappan … and now i know another meaning for my name and its a new beginning 😀 cool…

  44. Ma. Girish B Hiremath said

    Hi Rewa

    I am inspired by your dedication to your attitude towards everything…

    Hats of to you..

    I am alumni of JNV Dharwad….. NOw in FINAL year of BE,…. i am interested in joining AINAA coordinators club.

  45. Theijeshwar Sugumar said

    can anybody tell me the meaning of my name jeya bharathie

  46. I am really enjoying the theme/design of your website. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility issues? A handful of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox. Do you have any tips to help fix this problem?

  47. mrugaja said

    what is the meaning of my name mrugaja?

  48. Rewa said

    My name is Rewagauree- my father wanted Rewa and mummy wanted Gauree so mixed it ..

  49. Rina said

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this site. I am hoping the same high-grade web site post from you in the upcoming as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own web site now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a great example of it.

  50. Saisweta said

    Plz tell d meaning of “Saisweta”…I want to know d meaning of my name.

  51. I Just twitted this post and I will probablybe checking back again. Excellent

  52. Mayank said

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. It was a great read.

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