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A regional children’s science congress!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on October 27, 2009

A Regional children’s Science Congress was planned by deputy commissioner V Nageshwar Rao sir this year for NVS Hyderabad region. After discussion with him over phone in the month of july, we sought the help of few IIT Kanpur & IIT Madras faculty in this regard. Thanks to the motivation by Rao sir that NVS Hyderabad principals showed readiness and enthusiasm. They met faculty and administration at IIT Madras and the dates and venue were fixed. Participation is expected to be over 150, atleast 100 studends and 30 science teachers from various JNVs have already confirmed for the event. Subsequently, a tentative program was finalized which I am appending here.

Tentative day-wise programme


10.00am to 11.30am : Inaugural Session. His Excellency, Dr. Abdul Kalam,Ex-President of India. Prof. Anand, Director, IIT, Chennai.
11.30am – 11.45am : Tea Break
11.45am – 01.00pm : Dr. Kesavan, Asst. Professor,Dept. of Bio-technology IIT, Chennai.Topic – Application of Bio – technology in Medicine.
01.00pm – 02.00pm : Lunch
02.00pm – 05.00pm : Visit to Labs in IIT, Chennai Physics/Chemistry/Bio-technology.
05.00pm – 05.30pm : Tea Break
05.30pm – 07.30pm : Visit to Library, IIT, Chennai (Dr. Harish Chandra, Librarian, IIT, Chennai)


10.00am to 10.15am : Dr. Mishra, Asst. Professor,Dept. of Physical Chemistry. Topic – Science as Career
10.15am – 11.30am : Dr. Santha Kumar,Dean, Academics, IIT, Chennai. Topic – Air Plane and How the Fly
11.30am – 11.45am : Tea Break
11.45am – 01.00pm : Dr. T.S. Natarajan, Prof. Dept. of Physics, IIT Chennai. Topic – Learning Physics through activity.
01.00pm – 02.00pm : Lunch
03.00pm – 06.00pm : Visit to Science and Technology Park
06.00pm – 08.00pm : Planetary and Observatory Session


9.00am-10.30pm : Dr.M.S. Swaminathan. Hon’ble Rajya Sabha Member (or) Head of the Dept. M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation Chennai.
10.30am-10.45am : Tea break
10.45am-12.00noon : Dr.Hema A Murthy, Prof. Dept of Computer science. IIT, Chennai. Topic: ICT for education in Indian context
12.00noon-1.15pm : Dr.Arvind Krishnamurthy. Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai.
1.15pm-2.00pm : Lunch
2.00pm-3.00p : Interaction with Students by Scientist CLRI Chennai.
3.00pm-5.00pm : Visit to CLRI, Chennai.
7.00pm-9.00pm : Quiz by Alumni.


9.00am- 6.00 pm : Visit to Kalpakkam
9.00am – 01.00pm : BHAVANI Project, Kalpakkam
01.00pm – 02.00pm : Lunch
02.00pm – 05.00pm : MAPS Project, Kalpakkam
07.00pm – 08.00pm : Paper presentation by students.


9.00am – 01.00pm : Visit to M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai.
01.00pm – 02.00pm : Lunch
02.00pm – 03.00pm : Interaction with Alumni.
03.00pm – 05.30pm : Valedictory Function. Dr. Vishwanath, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai

There are a few sessions to be conducted by JNV alumni for which we need to get ready and assure its presence at IITM on the given dates. The sessions include quiz, paper presentation, interaction with students and career counseling. I will be participating in the sessions too. I invite all the navodayans those who wish to join us for the same. Additionally, we want such navodayans who are willing to do something for navodaya.

Few of us alumni had a meeting and discussed the ideas yesterday. The quiz will have 8 rounds and 9 groups of the students, and each round of ten minutes. Each group will have maximum four students with at least one girl student. Instructions for each round will be given before starting the round. Please suggest for some more rounds.

* Rapid fire
* Choice based
* Silly points
* Movies and Fun rounds

You may kindly send us some questions for quiz based on science and technology by this Sunday. You may also send a list of few great books to be presented to students. The books can be related to multi-dimensional aspects facilitating an all round accompalishment of students, eg. Science, Technology, Indian Culture and History, Economy, Polity, Adolacent fiction/non-fiction/Biography by good Indian/International writers. CDs too to be given on Science & Technology (documentaries). Prizes will be given to winner so suggestions for prizes are welcome too. Please get in touch with us writing a message here.

If you can not make it and would want to contribute to the event, contributions can be made to Trishul, SBI Bank account no 10620885653, Branch, IIT Madras. Make sure you add ‘JNV Regional Science Congress’ in the remarks column.

Dear readers, waiting for your prompt response. Thank you!



29 Responses to “A regional children’s science congress!”

  1. su said

    A brief history of time by Stephen Hawking

    Six easy pieces by Richard Fehynman

  2. Jaya said

    Here are couple of suggestions for purchase of books for the students http://prathambooks.org/books_ar1.htm

    Pratham Books is a non-profit with the aim to encourage reading amongst youngsters. Their books are available in English and large number of Indian Languages and they are very good quality books. They are designed to be interesting to their target audience.

    http://www.arvindguptatoys.com/ – Arvind Gupta has done a lot for work in the field of Science education for kids. Someone will need to contact them to identify the books suitable for Navodaya students.

  3. nidhi said

    d schedule looks gr8. hre r some books/authors I think a children sud read.

    1.The Art of Teaching Art to Children: In School and At Home by Nancy Beal.

    2.Malgudi Days by RK Narayan

  4. ruchi said

    Great thinking Rewa!!An all round accomplishment for the youth is important for the personality development of youth which in turn is complementary to their career graph!! Here is a list that I could come up with…


    * Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam by A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Arun Tiwari; by K. Bhushan, G. Katyal; A.P.H. Pub. Corp, 2002.
    * Scientist to President by Abdul A.P.J. Kalam; Gyan Publishing House, 2003.
    * Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam; Penguin Books, 2003.
    * India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Y.S. Rajan; Penguin Books India, 2003.
    * India-my-dream by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam; Excel Books, 2004.
    * Envisioning an Empowered Nation: Technology for Societal Transformation by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam; TATA McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd, 2004.
    * Guiding Souls: Dialogues on the Purpose of Life by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Arun K Tiwari; Ocean Books, 2005.
    * Children Ask Kalam by A.P.J Abdul Kalam; Pearson Education
    * Eternal Quest: Life and Times of Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam by S. Chandra; Pentagon Publishers, 2002.
    * President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam by R. K. Pruthi; Anmol Publications, 2002.
    * A. P. J. Abdul Kalam: The Visionary of India’ by K. Bhushan, G. Katyal; A.P.H. Pub. Corp, 2002.
    * A little Dream’ (documentary film) by P. Dhanapal; Minveli Media Works Private Limited, 2008.[17]
    * The Kalam Effect: My Years with the President by P.M. Nair; Harper Collins, 2008.

    These are the books written by Mahatma Gandhi ::

    * An Autobiography – The Story Of My Experiments With Truth
    * Hind Swaraj Or Indian Home Rule
    * Key To Health

    These are Compilations of Mahatma Gandhi’s Writings

    * A Gandhi Anthology – Part I
    * A Gandhi Anthology – Part II
    * All Men Are Brothers
    * Constructive Programme – Its Meaning And Place
    * Epigrams From Gandhi
    * Ethical Religion
    * From Yeravda Mandir (Ashram Observances)
    * Mohan Mala (A Gandhian Rosary)
    * My Views on Education
    * Selected Letters
    * Selections From Gandhi
    * The Gita According To Gandhi
    * The Mind Of Mahatma Gandhi
    * The Moral Basis Of Vegetarianism
    * The Teaching Of The Gita
    * The Words Of Gandhi
    * Towards New Education
    * Trusteeship
    * Character & Nation Building
    * Discourses On Gita
    * Gandhiji Expects
    * India Of My Dream
    * Industrial And Agrarian Life And Relations
    * Key To Health
    * My God
    * My Religion
    * Truth is God
    * Nature Cure
    * Panchayat Raj
    * Pathway To God
    * Prayer
    * Ramanama
    * Satyagraha In South Africa
    * Self Restraint Vs. Self Indulgence
    * The Essence of Hinduism
    * The Law And The Lawyers
    * The Message Of Gita
    * The Way To Communal Harmony
    * Truth Is God
    * Village Industries
    * Village Swaraj

    “I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills” Gandhi.


    * The Discovery of India
    * Glimpses of World History
    * An Autobiography
    * Toward freedom; the autobiography of Jawaharlal Nehru
    * Letters from a Father to His Daughter
    * India’s freedom;: [essays, letters, and speeches] (Unwin books)
    * Nehru on Gandhi
    * Nehru on world history
    * India fölfedezése
    * Nehru, the first sixty years; presenting in his own words the development…
    * Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru: Volume 1 (Selected Works of Jawaharlal…
    * The story of the world: A brief account of the early days of the earth as…
    * India’s quest: Being letters on Indian history from ‘Glimpses of world…
    * Verdens historie 3 (Glimpses of World History 3)


    * The Road Ahead-Bill Gates
    * Business @ The Speed of Thought -Bill Gates
    * Inside Out-Bill Gates



    1. Swami and Friends (1935, Hamish Hamilton)
    2. The Bachelor of Arts (1937, Thomas Nelson)
    3. The Dark Room (1938, Eyre)
    4. The English Teacher (1945, Eyre)
    5. Mr. Sampath (1948, Eyre)
    6. The Financial Expert (1952, Methuen)
    7. Waiting for the Mahatma (1955, Methuen)
    8. The Guide (1958, Methuen)
    9. The Man-Eater of Malgudi (1961, Viking)
    10. The Vendor of Sweets (1967, The Bodley Head)
    11. The Painter of Signs (1977, Heinemann)
    12. A Tiger for Malgudi (1983, Heinemann)
    13. Talkative Man (1986, Heinemann)
    14. The World of Nagaraj (1990, Heinemann)
    15. Grandmother’s Tale (1992, Indian Thought Publications)


    1. Next Sunday (1960, Indian Thought Publications)
    2. My Dateless Diary (1960, Indian Thought Publications)
    3. My Days (1974, Viking)
    4. Reluctant Guru (1974, Orient Paperbacks)
    5. The Emerald Route (1980, Indian Thought Publications)
    6. A Writer’s Nightmare (1988, Penguin Books)


    1. Gods, Demons and Others (1964, Viking)
    2. The Ramayana (1973, Chatto & Windus)
    3. The Mahabharata (1978, Heinemann)

    Short story collections

    1. Malgudi Days (1942, Indian Thought Publications)
    2. An Astrologer’s Day and Other Stories (1947, Indian Thought Publications)
    3. Lawley Road and Other Stories (1956, Indian Thought Publications)
    4. A Horse and Two Goats (1970)

    Few good Indian Writers for adolacent readers

    * Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay
    * Sanjeev Chattopadhyay
    * Shashi Deshpande
    * Sunil Gangopadhyay
    * Santhini Govindan
    * Prabha Kiran Jain
    * Bimal Kar
    * Saniyasnain Khan
    * Leela Majumdar
    * Samaresh Majumdar
    * Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumder
    * Premendra Mitra
    * Dhan Gopal Mukerji
    * Suroopa Mukherjee
    * Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay
    * Leela Nambudiripad
    * T. V. Padma
    * Manjula Padmanabhan
    * Satyajit Ray
    * Sukumar Ray
    * Upendrakishore Ray
    * Sri K Sabha
    * Bhisham Sahni
    * Shailesh Matiyani
    * Shreekumar Varma
    * Vandana Singh

  5. Trishul said

    Hi rewa,
    the books by arvind gupta would be great for such a congress..possibly we can think of procuring at least one series…if you have more information on any of those series please do post it here..

  6. abhi said

    There are some books which can help i think:

    1)”The greatest miracle in the world” by Og Mandino.

    2)”Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean hill.

    3)”Rich dad poor dad” by Robert kioyaski.

    Though these books are for anyone.but if you get the chance to read during student life,then awesome!!

  7. Piyush said

    Hi all
    Nice to see you all.

    I have some suggestion regarding quiz rounds apart from above mentioned.
    We can have more round like
    > Pass on round
    here the question will be passed on to next team if the first team can not answer to in a fixed time duration( around 45 second) but the point gain by next team will be 50%.

    >50:50 round
    Here 4 options can be provided if team finds it difficult they can use 50:50 so that two wrong options will be removed and hence they will have to choose among two remaining answers.Here also we can apply 50% point reduction on use of 50:50.

    >Compete among you round
    Here team itself will ask question to other team like team 1 to team 2 and team 2 to team 3 … so on….
    what we can do is to inform then in advance and get questions(3 to 4 in number) from each team before the quiz then on behalf of team quiz master can ask the question.

    Anyone has more in mind please give your inputs.

    Thank you
    Piyush kapopara
    IIT madras

  8. tultul said

    Contact pitara@eklavya.in for a collection of carefully selected books for children that promote creativity, reading, independent thinking and reflection. This is the non-profit education store run by Eklavya, an organisation working in the field of education in MP for over 25 years.

  9. nidhi said

    1.The Art of Teaching Art to Children: In School and At Home by Nancy Beal.

    a skul library mst hav dis book fr teachers.

  10. Rony K. Roy said


    I like to suggest one great book.

    “The Selfish gene” by Richard Dawkins.

    ” The Selfish Gene ” was first published in 1976 .
    In 2006, a 30th anniversary edition got published.

    Some interesting lines from this book goes as….

    “They are in you and me;
    they created us, body and mind;and their
    preservation is the ultimate rationale for our existence.
    They have come a long way, those replicators.
    Now they go by the name of genes,
    and we are their survival machines.”

    Author : Richard Dawkins
    Subject(s) : Evolutionary biology
    Publisher : Oxford University Press
    Publication date : 1976
    Pages : 224
    ISBN : ISBN 019857519X
    OCLC Number : 2681149

    I shall give a copy on the coming Sunday meeting.

  11. piyush said

    I am agree with Rony
    It is a very good book.

  12. amit said

    Dear All,

    Today, we had a disussion within a small group of some 8 people here at IIT Madras.

    We seek to invite your suggestions on as what can be given as the Prizes for the winners of the quiz competition.

    Suggestions which we discussed about are:
    1. Scientific Calulator.
    2. Scinetific Watch.
    3. Parker Pen.

    ………………….please suggest.

  13. piyush said

    one more suggestion for winner prize is back bag like laptop bag.

  14. piyush said

    The white tiger by Aravind Adiga

  15. Today, we few alumni again had a meeting scheduled at 10:30am @IITM. We have discussed our plans and distributed our responsibilities for better coordination.

    Thank you so much to Trishul, Piyush, Muthu, Rony for wonderful lunch. I really enjoyed it. 🙂

    Thanks to Amit sir, Shubha, Shanker, Abhishek for joining us. Amit sir, kindly send the snaps to us by mail so that we can see it.


  16. Trishul said

    The following people have contributed for the congress as on 01/11/10

    S.No Name Amount

    1 Amit 1000
    2 Shubha 1000
    3 Trishul 1000

    As we require funds for purchasing books and DVDs for the event, i request all the navodayans (alumni) to contribute generously to the event..for details please contact rewa smriti


  17. nidhi said

    d quiz consists of 8 rounds in total.can u tel us d nam of difrnt rounds.hw mny quests do u need fr quiz?

  18. piyush said

    JNV Regional Children’s Science Congress, IIT Madras, Chennai. 3rd to 7th Nov 2009.

    Quiz on 5th Nov 2009.

    In total there will be 9 group of students from each cluster and 8 rounds of question. For correct Answer they gets 10 points.

    Rounds :

    1. Normal Quiz Round
    Here each group will be asked 2 questions. time limit to answer is 30 sec.

    2. Its you Choice Round
    Here they will be to pick up the chit from box which will be having question written.
    1 Question to each team, time 30 sec

    3. Compete among yourself Round
    here Each team will submit the question to quiz master the team A’s que will be asked to Team B ans so on…
    1 Que to each team, time 30 sec

    4 Rapid fire Round
    Here each team is expected to give maximum answers within 2 min to the maximum of 5 questions.
    Question will be asked continuously to a team for 2 min. If they dont now answer to a Que they can ask for next question.

    5. 50:50 Round
    here que will be multiple choice type with 4 options. if they are not able to decide the correct answer they can opt to use 50:50, so 2 wrong answer will be removed.
    then they have to choose from remaining 2 option.
    On opting 50:50 they will loose 50% point so they will get 5 points.
    1 que to each team time 30 sec, 15 sec more if they opt 50:50

    6. Pass on Round
    Here if team is not able to answer the Que it will pass on to the next team ans so on…
    Answering pass on Que will reward they 5 point extra.
    1 Que to each team, time 30 sec, 10 sec after pass on.

    7. Our Alma Round
    here question will be related to Navodaya
    1 Que to each team, time 30 sec

    8. Visual Round
    team will be shown either picture or some song/movie on display without audio they have to identify it either what it is/lyrics/name of movie
    1 Que to each team, time 30 sec

    We got some questions and more are welcome. Rewa Di you are requested to collect question related to Navodaya.
    Shanker please collect question for visual round.

    Suggestion are most welcome …

  19. Ranjeeta said

    The coordination and the determination of your team will make difference and give the children a wonderful platform. I am sure children are going to enjoy it. Keep the energy going guys.

  20. Saran said

    I wish a great success for the coming event. Looks very interesting…good initiative..

    – Saran, alumni of JNV, Udupi and IITM

  21. Navodayans@ iitm.. said


    I’m sure…We all had a memorable day. .
    In the morning, we were searching mighty navodayans(alumni), whom we met last Sunday as we decided to flock together at 9 am.
    Trishul bhai, Muthukumar and Piyush were shining in formals.. Amit sir came in professional style. Shankar.. Shekhar and Sriharsha came in their iit-m identity-dress mode…
    Before the inaugural function, we had nice interaction with NVS officials and principals in front of ICSR building.
    We started ringing Rewa didi..and Shubha chechi to join us.
    Entry into the ICSR hall made us to introduce ourselves to NVS officials and Principals infront of the whole gathering….. then our eyes were catching the wonderful audience (talented navodayans of the present time)
    Inaugural session, lighted up with Navodaya prayer song made us walk through the memory lane… to those mighty days.. Felt so nice…
    Then followed the distinguished speech of iit-m Director, Dr. M.S. Anand, IGCAR Director Dr. Baldev Raj and our NVS DC Rao Sir. Mind got enlightened by thier motivating thoughts.
    After the break, Dr. Kesavan, Asst. Professor,Dept. of Bio-technology IIT, Chennai, presented an ideal lecture on the topic – Application of Bio – technology in medicine.
    Meanwhile alumni interacted with our navodaya officials and teachers and moved towards the himalayan ranges (for lunch) with good integrity.
    We didn’t feel regionalism or any borders in our minds… just the spirit of Navodaya kept us moving… with our Amit bhai and Rewa didi..
    I felt amazed about the energizing bond, that got created among all of us in such a short span of time..
    We took responsibilities on the further move to get needed things in hand (Books,gifts) and to guide on the students reaching the department.
    Students splitted in three groups with teachers roamed around in campus to conquer the depts of Chemistry, physics and biotechnology..
    Trishul bhai took the lead to solve on the formalities at biotech entrance and made a smooth run….Trishul, Piyush, Muthukumar and Rony explained the biotech aspects at b.tech lab.
    Navodaya teachers dissected out the biotech explanations to greater depths to make it interesting and reachable to students..
    Curious minds wandered through the tech aspects and trigggered certain shots..then and their…
    One 9th standard student asked Piyush…. “The disadvantage of biotechnology in the aspects of medical diagnostics.”
    Sessions were so elaborative and time was the limitation. We felt so energetic to deal on lab visit program in most effective way.
    Rewa didi spent time on net @ DCF, biotech dept in search of good books and quiz questions, planning things ahead. later we joined back at 6pm towards Tata book house to get the books in hand. selected 12 books.
    Later more Navodaya alumni joined at Gurunath at 7.30pm and made bigger group.. Had comfortable and tasty supper in the Himalaya and gathered together in lawn.
    Trivandrum Navodaya prinicipal initiated the talk and alumni introduced their own backgroud to the students and answered few questions, that came across the session.
    Alumni ranged from 1995 to 2009. it was a nice coordination among all of us…Session was so lively with excitement and fun.. Spent about 45min together as Navodaya family and got really amazed on the thought and made us realized… the togetherness we do share … and…and what Navodaya means for all of us…humi navodaya ho…


  22. Raj said

    gr8 !!

  23. Trishul said

    Hi all,
    here is the contribution summary towards regional congress as on 05-11-09

    S.No Name JNV Amount
    1 Rewa smriti Katihar 1250
    2 Amit Hatta 1000
    3 Shubha Palakkad 1000
    4 Trishul Nizamsagar 1000
    5 Piyush Porbandar 1000
    6 Muthukumar Pondichery 1000
    7 Rony Kollam 1000
    8 Sanjeev Aurangabad 500
    9 Satish sekhar East godavari 1000
    10 Ullas Shimoga 1000

    Total 9750


  24. IIT director M. S. Ananth on Tuesday called for allowing into Tamil Nadu the Navodaya schools of the Union HRD ministry so that the poor children from rural areas could reap the benefits of high-quality education.”I hear that Tamil Nadu does not have Navodaya schools. There are many benefits in this system and we wish that the government starts these institutions here,” Prof Ananth said, inaugurating the five-day `Regional Children’s Science Congress’ of Navodaya students from across the southern states, barring Tamil Nadu.


  25. ramesh said

    what about the schedule of today’s alumni interaction…!!
    please inform

  26. Rony K. Roy said

    By the way…the science congress got over…
    So here everything ends…?
    Just only a “Hi” wud remain if we meet again in campus ..? Hop it won’t be so..
    The question asked towards the aulumni in the interactive session should meke us think to sketch out future plans…
    That great responsibilty vested upon us must not rest in peace..
    If we dont have enough grattitude towards our navodaya system.. I’m sure ,its too bad… Keeping just an emotional attachment or some proud feeling cannot make any goodness to our navodaya family. We must contribute well. Apart from these race for career heights, we must do our commitments to our navodayan family.
    This alumni platform should be a new begining…
    This navodayan bond that we do share shud empower the system to deliver its mission to its fullest. We do have two options.. 1.We can ignore our repsonsibilty and just praise on that we got some mighty experience.
    2. Work it out.. what is realy needed from us to the navodayan family. If we forget our basement, whatever built over over it wont persist forever..
    Looking forward to meet U all navodayans, before this past week moments fades away from minds…
    So Nxt meeting….?

  27. Anil Chorppath said

    I agree with Rony.. we should continue this platform for alumni

    These r some snap shots of the congress.


  28. […] A regional children’s science congress! […]

  29. Salim Ali said

    Excellent..Keep up the good work.

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