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ABCD in JNV!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 13, 2011

At Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, ABCD stands for ‘Always Being Caring and Directing in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya!’

We spent seven golden years of our life at Navodaya Vidyalayas. All the memories are still afresh and so vibrant in our minds. Those were the years when our life got shaped and our vision in life was set. However, how many of us think that getting admission to JNV was the turning pointing in our lives?

What we miss most from those seven years? I know all of us miss that place where we grew up reading, playing, dancing, fighting between friends and standing in queue for our food, the morning PT in winter season and for assembly activities singing long Navodaya prayer. Sometime, someone played a prank and whole class together stood out of the classroom as punishment… 😉 Let us share the most unforgettable moments of our stay in navodaya which we miss now and we eagerly want to get back…?

Playing all day long in those playgrounds, dancing on the stage,  bathroom singing, sometimes junior ki tang khichai, preparation of saraswati puja, playing teachers role in teachers day and mess duty, inter school cluster meets for games, shocking and pleasant winning moments, Exhibitions, Art and Cultural meets…Or throwing stones and breaking the windows of classrooms.  I am sure some guys might be missing the war for kheer and of course smart navodaya girls. Isn’t it…?? 😛 😆

How can we forget being fed curd and sweets by teachers just before going for board exams? Wow, there are so many wonderful moments to think of! And, mainly are you missing the best or funny teaching style of any Sir or Madam? Or any of your favorite teachers? If you want to mention the name of the teacher, please mention it. Also, not to forget, sometimes we used to pull our teachers’ leg or mimic them! 🙂

And the last bell of the last day in school that brings tears to eyes! What else??? I am sure you must be holding yourself to tell. Here is the chance to come forward and share your thoughts and moments about your unforgettable experience in the navodaya that held you in its arms for seven years like a mother holds her child in her womb.

Always Being Caring and Directing in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya!’


96 Responses to “ABCD in JNV!!!”

  1. Jyotsna Kumari said

    I seriously miss kho-kho playground, the game I learnt on the very first day of navodaya and till date I remember all the rules and skills required to be a good runner 🙂 i wish i can play kho kho again but at all places I find playground for everything but Kho-kho, many people dont even know about it 😦

  2. vikas said

    Being the first batch of school, we [our batch] always gets special attention from our teachers. I still remember my first day in Navodaya. How our then teachers welcomed us in school. They cared us like parents. our principal madam was so kind. on the very first day, few students got bitten by honeybee and principal madam cured them like a Mom with so kindness and love.

  3. tarun said

    really di……… miss it …………so muchhhhhhhhhh……….

  4. Satyajeet said

    I miss most the songs from pravina..

    “Ye sama, sama hai ye pyaar ka, kisi ke intezaar ka, dil na chura le kahi mausam bahaar ka, ye sama”

    my God.. you have to listen her to believe it..

    and still manage to play all the games thoda thoda,though not a dedicated sportsperson, but nowhere i get that kind of atmosphere. Yes… I always want her sing it just once more.. 🙂

    I also miss songs from naresh, santoshi, mahaendar and rachna from my class.

  5. vikas said

    On a Lighter Note…Satyajit ji…kya baat hai ..bahut gaana yaad aa raha hai Pravina ji ka. Sama hai ye pyaar ka….

    Waise vo sama aisa hi tha..pyaar ka..aur chuttiyon ke intezaar ka ..:)

  6. @JK, you reminded me of my favorite game. I too miss kabaddi and kho-kho play ground. I was the catcher so used to catch raiders’ legs. Pakad kar girane mein maza aata tha.hehehe 😆

    And I also learnt to play kho-kho in my school. I always was one of the 1st runner in kho-kho from my team so chasers ko daurane mein bhi maza aata tha. Really missing my favorite game now. 😦

  7. I always miss “Puri and Chhola” & “Pulav”
    I never find such breakfast anywhere……

    Whenevr I go my home , I used to go to navodaya on sunday(Puri & Chhola) or wednesday(Pulav).

  8. @Vikas sir, I feel in every school, the student from 1st batch was the best as they were the most disciplined! And I think Punctuality, discipline and leadership was the key strengths and we juniors used to follow them. They were all caring and loving.

    @Satyajeet, are you sure uska name ‘Pravina’ hi tha na? Kahin koi ‘Sama’ to nahi thee? 😉


  9. mehek said

    oh such a nice longform of ABCD and it was great reading everyones sweet memories at navodayan.rews wish u happy makar sankranti.

  10. mehek said

    haa haa most naughty thing,u guys out there used to broke classroom windows,didnt u all get punished for it? ye koi teacher se chupnewali baat tho nahi thi? those days wont come back,but wish al those flowery memories be there in ur minds.

  11. hi di, good evening,
    upper padhwa kar aapne puri navodya life remind kara di.after reading it, i became emotionl n my eyes have full of tears. y? i dont know?if u have ans of it plz tell me? remind isliye bola kyuki us life ko mai kabhi ek pal ke liye v nahi bhula paya.really that was a golden,unforgotteble etc. life.uksa example v de sakta hu kyuki mai jab v ghar jata hu to 5-6 bar jnv jata hu.waha jakar mai sochta kash wahi samay wahi frnds fir se aa jaye.but its not possible.ha aap chahe to ho sakta hai plz di GT karwa dijiye.i m very excited to my old frnd n senior di n bhaya.ab mai aapse kis unforgottable k bat karu mere liye to navodya hi unforgottable hai.

  12. urwashi said

    I too miss my jnv muzaffarpur and ranchi a lot..

  13. Amit Kumar 1st batch 1988 said

    hi sis
    as a school no 1……i miss a lot of things. i remembered, when i was in korha project school kapil bhaiya me amitesh and sujeet all goes for swimming in nearest….after that i never swimed…when was in kolasi, i was fav to mishra sir and khalil sir and both always involved me in all activity…..i miss this. i miss shruti dance pallo latkage…….my nurse…..she always gave me vicks tube….. my frnd pranav . over all first batch who gave 10th exam in four set and kaushal sir wife bless me all 67 student with curd and sweet in new spoon and plate……unforgettable.

  14. @amit bhaya: WOW!! bhaya ye jankar achha laga ki sabse frst batch ke first student aap hai aur aapne apna felling share kiya…….mai aapse milna v chahata hu…..jab gt hoga to aap jarur ayega…….
    bhaya jab aaplog kodha se kolasi aaye the to aas pass to pura viran hoga……aur shuru me aaplogo ki sankhya v kam thi to dar lagta tha kya…….ya koi to aise naughty type bhaya honge jo bhut ki kahaniya sunakar daraten honge…kuch aise hi yaden share kariye agar hai to …..ya koi aur v interesting ho to use v plz….

  15. This is a great post. i will bookmark this page for reference. Keep it up and hope to read more of you soon.

    Beginner Violin

  16. Vibhu said

    Hi, Miss the time when we were used to sit in groups and play pranks targeting single person///////miss Pulao chola ofcourse/////a lot of things else//Thanks To Rewa Di for this initiative 🙂

  17. Kumari Ruby said

    It is really difficult to choose one, from day first to the last everyday was special. How can I forget Sunday’s breakfast ‘DAHI CHUDA’. Birauli had no Sir or Mam we had Mataji,Shrimanji and Pradhanji and Bhaiji and bhenji.

  18. @Ruby di,

    I guess you might be familiar with our Hindi Madam, Mrs. Nisha Tiwari.

    I was in class 7th when she got transferred from JNV Samastipur to JNVKatihar. She preferred to be called ‘Mataji’ with same feeling and we started calling her ‘Mataji’! However, she was a Hindi teacher but she was also known as one of the best kathak dance teacher or dancer, I ever saw in navodaya family.


  19. Arshad said

    really missing jnv

  20. Furkan Ahmad bin israr said

    i don’t know what was that …. a school or my family
    today i may lose something tomorrow i can get anything
    i can never lose and ever get that’s one that my navodaya
    i miss every moment which i have spent in JNV
    and i proud it that i m a JNVian

  21. sukirti said

    hello di….u made me speechless……….u know..its really feels awesome when we go back in memories of your school days….woh december ki thand wali subah mein uth ke PET attend karna…then bhag-2 ke class aana……april mein chup ke aam ke ped se aam ki keriyaan todna…..and the best was that you mentioned above..teachers ki mimicry karna…..main ab bhi JNV ke utne hi close hoon….aap sab se thodi jyada close….maine toh apni puri life udhar hi bitani hai…..thnx to mum…..so i could see the changes jo ab aa rahe hai…..and ab jab koi bhi school ko dekhta hai..toh review kuch aisa hota hai..”wow…!!!! its hard to imagine to maintain and school like this in rural area….jahan pe students ka all round development ho raha hai..” ….. i know u will ask about funny incident that happened wid me in school…but lemme tell u di…ab jab woh funny events bhi yaad aate hai toh aankhein gili kar jate hai….
    so as a conclusion i would like to say that…..”NAVODAYA ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXX…!!!!”

  22. I MISS MY SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My school …. JNV KATIHAR……MERI JAAN ! nothing like it in the whole world !

    I miss my school big time ! Come on…everyone does! Don’t tell me u don’t miss ur school days…u have to b crazy to say NO ! I miss school like hell man !! i reeaaaaalllllly do…wish I could turn back time…but sadly I cant…so all that I can do right now is feel nostalgic 🙂

    ahhh…Rewa di’s post reminded me of the good old days ! it makes me really senti…well, normally m not a very senti guy, but the moment I read tht post I knew I wanted to cry 😦

    It reminded me of everything in school…the play grounds, the teachers, the school bus, the class rooms, the M.P hall, the stair, the stage(most), the prayer(preyar me v oriya,marathi,group songs n the most jnv’s song)…seemed like each n everything has a story to tell…everything reminds me of something or the other ! so many memories brought out in the mind in so little time…its just fabulous, the feeling is something I just cant describe…I’d give anything to go back in time…oh I simply love my school !

    I could actually visualize everything happening in front of me ! it was all so clear ! the matches tht I played for school, plays in which I acted on school day, the pangaas that I had taken, all the hootings, all the screaming n shouting, all the cheating I had done in the exams, all that fun…everything was right there…right in front of me !

    It seems saari yaadein taazaa ho gayi …. seems like everything happened just yesterday…WISH I could go back to school…back to the LIFE in school, back to the best place in the world….if only wishes came true, I’d be the happiest person on earth !!

    There is soooo much to write …so much to say, so much to express ….but words really cant express the feelings…I don’t know what I am saying…I am too senti at the moment thinking about the past…makes me smile, makes me cry, make me laugh, makes me dance…its been just perfect…there’s nothing I wanna change !!

    All the years that I spent in the school were like some roller coaster ride…wish I could do it over n over again…love u my school n will always do so…my school is something which was, which is, n which always will b close to my heart !

    I love my school…I love it more than anyone can imagine…more than words can express…more than anything else…

    ROLL NO:1227

  23. @Sukriti

    Hmmm…ab bata rahe ho ki aam ki keriyaan todti thee. Principal sir se daant nahi padti thee? Fir to ab tumlogon ko GT mein bhi nahi bulaya jayega warna pata nahi kya kya tod daloge…. Just kidding. 😉

  24. sukirti said

    well sirf aam ki keriyaan todi hoti toh chalta….magar humne toh bahut kuch toda hai school mein..including apne haanth pair…,..and ek baari toh sar bhi phoda hai….. well i just remember ki ek baar shart laga ke hum log 9th “A” ke attic pe utre the n uss waqt bio sir udhar se aate dikhe …god main toh upar bhi nahi aa pa rahi thi…n lastly mujhko niche kudna para tha..n GUESS WAT..mujhko mum ne hi pakda..n phir toh jo dhulai hui thi meri…at that time i was in std 6th…..n that was last time jab usne mujhko mara ho…..after that toh phir..har ek din ek new panga…….but i really my time there…..JNV Katihar…..for me its best….!!!!

  25. @Mehek,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Nahi teacher ke sath – sath Principal sir tak baat turat pahunch jati thee and Window breaking expertise used to get restricted for 15 days or about a month from school as a punishment. It was a tough punishment. 😦


  26. sukirti said

    @mehek di n rewa di…

    ab rules mein thode changes kiye gaye hai..instead of restricting students ab fine system impose hua hai….. and its much better….. kyun ki fine money ko kafi achche tarike se utilize kiya ja raha hai…
    money ko kaise aur kahan use karna hai yeh teachers n parents milke decide karte hai….n i think its really good….!!!!!

  27. I miss …eating in dinning hall… sitting at location from where I could watch/observe the girls I liked. You see I was too shy when I was in JNV.

  28. Aparajita Singh said

    Hey All;

    What all can I say about life in JNVK….. It was awesome… I remember all those days, everything about it.
    It was magical… my bed, my tin box, my book shelf, my plate, uniforms, my roll number(324)….. teachers, houses, field, classroom, main hall, music room, art class, lab, library, mess, dance performances,…everything….
    I remember all our prayers, pledges, daily routine, etc.. every small n big stuff…bcoz..these all small n big, important n “faltu” stuff, everything…is part of me now..whatever I am today…JNVK is the base..
    Cant thank God enough for making JNVK a part of my life…May God bless all of you… 🙂

  29. TARUN said

    really di………… in jnv, everything is so wonderful n wowest moments 4 all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think, nothing is better than novadaya’s life yet for me. i miss it so much di………there is lot of things, which attracted me like morning thought, quiz contest n lot of current updates. i still continue it on facebook like quiz contest ” ARE YOU SMARTER THAN FIVE GRADER”, this idea is come from there.
    pt bell, running, breakfast, assembly, thought , news, quiz, classes, launch, remedial, playground, reporting, study n dinner good night wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……… all is so crystal clear in my mind.
    i miss each moments of my life whatever spent in jnv.
    one of the most unforgettable moments for me is, when i was selected for school captain . this was wowwest for me really.
    i proudly say ” I AM NOVADHAYAN”……………….hammii navodgaya ho……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. vikas said

    surajborkar said
    January 17, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    “I miss …eating in dinning hall… sitting at location from where I could watch/observe the girls I liked. You see I was too shy when I was in JNV.”

    Borkar Sahab…kaun kaun si girl dekhi aur kya kya observe kiya aapne..kaun si girl kitna khati hai aur kaise khati hai. yeh sab dekh kar fianlly kaun si girl pasand aayi aapko. zara share to karein pls. 🙂

  31. Ashutosh Kumar said

    Dear all Navodayans

    I am very much thankfull to almighty god, for getting a chance to spend some of my important time of life in navodaya as well as to my sweet sis Rewa. Only due to her (and some of like minded people) efforts now we are able to share our memories of great time which we spent at NVS.

    Last night Rewa requested me to share some of events/memories/incident/prank whatever you like to share in this blog. i have lots of thins to share but right now I am going to share one of my funniest experience at NVS, Katihar. The incidence was happened when we were in class 6/7 and it was maths class. Sir (I forgot the name of the sir) was teaching angles, traingles etc. One of our friend Pankaj Dutta (most funny and notorious guy of our class) was trying his hand on home made guitar. Suddenly sound of the guitar was erruted and fallen into ears of everyone present in the class. Sir asked about the sound (music in terms of Pankaj) and the lecture, he told that sir i was very much attentive and you can ask any question. Then

    Sir: “Tell me Pankaj to draw a traingle what the things were needed?”
    Pankaj started thinking, mean while whole class was sure that something funny will come out…..
    and the answer was…….
    Pankaj: “Sir for drawing a traingle we need Chalk, duster and scale”

    the whole class was errupted with a laughter and sir was also.

    So friends n Rewa how was it. I think this will enough for this time.
    Very soon I will come with another story…….

    with lots of regards n cheers

  32. @Vikas Bhai…
    I have habbit of observing people in general and girls in particular. Ab to Kuch yaad nahi…kaun kaun si ladakiya thi…aur main kya observer karta tha..sab kuchh ek khawab jaise ho gaya hai..ab to bus ehsaas hi hai ….lekin haan aapne to meri nas (bole to nerve) perfect pakad li! 😉
    … Main to ji bus honest ban raha tha….So you see I m honest also! 😉

  33. @Aparajita,

    Do you remember your very first dance performance on the song “ha kothe upar kothari main uspe rail chala dungi” on the stage at school? It was a nice performance and I still remember! I remember your memorable classical dance performances. You were one of the best dancers of the school.

    By the way, could you recall your most memorable performance?

    Hmmm…I once again would like to watch your dance on the stage of our JNV! I hope you won’t say ‘No’.

    with love.

  34. @Suraj,

    Borkarji we can understand your feelings very well. I know sitting at a particular location you were counting something that how many chapattis they have taken. 😛 Or fir kuan si bandi pratham aayi. Isn’t it? 😉


  35. hi every one,
    jaisa ki mini di uper likhi hai ki o log aam(tikole)todanti thi….sari ladkiya todati thi….bechare humlog chah kar v nahi tod sakte the….unlogon ke pass plus point ye tha ki o log road ke side se hi jate the….ha to humlog ek kam to kar hi sakte the…….chor-2 chillana…..aur khuda kasam ki aisa sunhara mauka nahi chhodte the….kyuki jalan v hoti thi……..
    aur ek bat humlog garmiyon me pani laate to the nahi….aur jaisa ki aaplog jante hi hai ki acadmic ka pani kitana achha hai……..garmi ke din ..pyas to lagne hii the….to break me jab ladkiyan bahar jatin thi to humlog unka pani pi lete the…..yaha tak o log pani bachane ke liye glucose dal kar late the……par humlog to thahre thoda……..samagh hi rahe hai ki kya kahna chahte hai….use v nahi chhodte the……..aisi bahut sari sararte hotin thi…..ahh i really miss jnv!!!!!

    @rewa di: achha punishment diye hai mini di…….sach me o tod fodd jayada karti hai…..mai unhe achhi tarah se janta hu…..

  36. Ashwani kumar said

    Hi All,

    I want to live my JNV Life again.
    I cant’t forget a single moment of my life spent in JNV.

    I miss my school Alot.
    JNV Paprola

  37. Bincy said

    I studied in JNV, Pathanamthitta, Kerala and JNV Jhansi –
    Both the schools have a mighty role in what I am now. It helped shaping my character. The most important thing I learned from the school is treating everybody as equal. It taught as to see another person irrespective of caste/state as our own people.
    We were some 28 girls in the class, and if one gets a chocolate, she will cut it with a small blade and divide it into twenty eight pieces and would share that among all of us. We shared everything.
    When we were in 8th std, there was a papaya tree near senior girls’ hostel and some of those didis (chechi in malayalam) were plucking papayas. One of the fruits which fell on the ground was lying hidden in the grass. Didis didn’t it and my friend saw it. She took it and brought to our hostel and shared with all of us. It tasted like nectar. Papaya is not such a great fruit, but when shared among all of us and when we were eating together, it tasted really good. The sharing nature is the best thing I learned from my school.

  38. I miss Navodaya life. I want to share an Interesting Incident which I share with my friends often..

    In navodaya we have CCA program on every Saturday and student only have to carry the chairs for the teachers and put them back to staff room…When I was in 7th class my music Teacher Mr. Sanjay Bhatta asked a YELLOW PAINT guy to put the chair back but he ignored him and disappeared in the crowd .After the program he searched the guy wearing YELLOW PAINT and coincidentally i was also wearing the same color paint…He caught me and without asking anything started slapping..I could not understand what is the matter and i was so little to argue.
    2-3 day later I argued with him for beating me but he said -“Mere hatho se jo bhi ladaka bina karan punish hota he wo ek din bahut bada aadami banata he”…Thanks Sir I am still waiting for that day!!!

    Lot more to share!!
    Navodaya Cheers!!

  39. mahendra malviya said

    balram hume bhi bata deta yaar…..hum bhi bhatt sir se maar khane ko teyar the.
    its true dude dat he never slapped me dats y m here….hehehe
    really missed a lot u n all navodians.

  40. Piyush said

    Wow wow nice to listen those old gold days 🙂

    I too have many thing to share which I am missing very badly since then.

    The thing missed mostly are our own game called king (-was played with a ball madeup of papers in the socks) on the terrace of hostel withought knowledge of house master, the “spartan moves” to other side of boudry at midnight to near by village for snackes (bread pakoda) and when I was in rajasthan for migration we used to climb boundry when it used to be remedial time (4 pm) so the folk will go to class n we will go to farms to have corn, cherry and cucumber, the ‘loot-haamla’ on evening fruit, the most famouse ‘poha’ of breakfast from mess.

    Other things were cutting and collection of photos from library magazines and consequently getting punishment like watering the plants whole day…………
    Those real running exercise after morning PT for booking the bathroom. Those day as a junior were more funny and adventurous- cooking on the fire from the gardens of teachers n so n so…..

    The ‘akhada’ fight and then troublesome time to remove the sand from hair, ears ….the volley ball competion with teachers, wow used to be awesome…..

    Apart from few thing above those Golden days gave us so many things to miss whole life n we will for sure.

  41. Prerna Kumari said

    Hello Juniors & Namaste Seniors,

    It’s really been a part of JNV and I never forget my first step of academic life in JNV.Whatever till today we got,it is nothing but inspired from JNV.

    Thanks & Regards,

  42. Lalji said

    Give me some sunshine
    Give me some rain
    Give me another chance
    I wanna Novodian once again

    Lalji Khada
    JNV Kutch-Porbandar

  43. sunder said

    hi every one my name is sunder lal n i mis play ground of navodaya n some tang khichai of my pt teacher. and i want to go back in navodaya atleast one weak so that we enjoy again. and those 7 years were most enjoyadle for me………………………… and i mis all kho kho players…………

  44. kundan said

    thanks rewa d………. wat d thing we miss most assembly in morning……..now v dont get a feeling dat a new day has started. then evening i always miss….which we all used to b in playground….n during study hour playing in hostel, making fun of others, keep ourselves busy for nothing……… i luv all those moment… iwish if i could b dr again…..

  45. avnish kumar said

    hi didi
    sorry for late attendence.please make my attendence.
    i have nothing to say only i have to listen.

  46. Rajbardhan (328) said

    Just I read the comment of Satyajeet. It is really nostalgic.Today many of us have comfort of modern life. Days in Navoadaya were far better than today. Kahin Bhali thi katuk nibori is shahri kanak katori ki maida se.

    Holi in group of 50-100 student was great celebration. Allmost all boys of my batch was having first crush in Navaodaya only. Albeit we are not knowing meaning of crush at that time. Most of us are married now. Still some time we remember and laugh at those funny moments.

  47. Umesh said

    Hi Rewa DIdi and all Navodayans…
    several time I tried to post something on this blog but for some reason I didn’t. When I saw this post today I couldn’t resist myself….. because its a topic which is most important in my life…
    sahi kahun to Navodaya ne hi mujhe sb kuchh diya aur agar maine wo 7 golden years wahan spent nhi kiye hote to sayad aaj main wahan nhi hota jahan hun…. so first of all thanks to all my frnds there and the whole navodaya family for making my life wonderful.

    hmmm… jahan tk memories ki bat hai to I can say every day spent at navodaya is a moment to cherish…… It is not something to describe but something to experience something to live. whenever I go back to the school, it seems like it is just a few days back when I was there…studying at branch of mango trees, taking lunch/breakfast/dinner with my frnds (in the same plate :P) outside the dining hall…..

    wo bhi kya din the… ghar se aaye khane ko chheen jhapat ke khana…. ek bar to hd hi ho gyi..wen we were in class X, ek new tradition chal gya tha… jiske ghar se khane ko aaya hai uske hisse ka chhodkr baki uske aane se pehle khatm kr dena hai 😛 (jb wo apne parents ko chhodne gate tk jata tha)…
    oh aur wo bandiya tadna…. bahar baith kr khate hi isliye the…takiaati jati bandiyon ko sahi se tada jaye… aur sunday… us din to hmlog suru se lkr last tk wahin baithe rehte the …. kyunki us din ladkiyan school dress chhodkr other dresses me aaya krti thi aur hm use fashion show kaha krte the :))
    aur han “Piya milan chauraha” (I m sure hr navodaya me girls hostel ke samne ek place hota hoga jahan class hours ke bad ladke ladkiyan milte honge…… and most probably hr jagah naam hi yahi hota hoga.. :P)in short hm use PMC kehte the aur ise hi istemaal krte the….. jaise koi nhi main ja rha hun “PMC” pr aa jana….
    aur sbse mst..when we were in VI, hmare yahan VI hostel ek lamba sa hall hua krta tha jo ab nilgiri house ban gya hai, raat ko sabhi mil ke rote the… ek saath gole bana kr baithkr……aur actually wo ek series hota tha…pehle ek roya fir use chup karane ke chakkar me dusra…..aur akhir sare ke sare…. ab hansi aati hai lkin lgta hai kash wo moments fir se jeene ko mil jayen….kash us time koi camera hota ho in sb moments ko capture kr pata…… actually that was the first moment to build this unbreakable bond. are haan aam ke tikole todne me to main mahir tha….. actually main ustime kuchh jyada hi chhota tha (height me) aur ped pr chadhne me bhi utna hi mahir… so I used to pluck those mangoes which no one was able to… actually April ke time me mera lunch aur evening ka breakfast wahi hota tha….. 😛
    aur han… sbse mst…. sunday ko dress dhulna aur monday ko wahi pehen ke khelna…. differentiate krna muskil hota tha ki ye dhulne se pehle wali halat hai dhulne ke bad wali…. 😀

    Aur bhi bahut sare moments hain lkin abhi nhi…..is thread ke aur aage badhne ke baad jarur share karunga……(nhi to itna lamba koi jhel nhi payega. :P)

  48. Dear All,

    I hope we all are really enjoying reading all the comments on this blog. Thank you so much for sharing the feelings here and I am sure we all are eagerly waiting to read more!


    Hmmm…bachcha, I would definitely not let you sit and read others…Wake up from idle! Chalo share your shaitanigiri which you have done in school days. Mujhe malum hai shaitani karne mein tum peeche to nahi hi hoge. So, “Chhupe Rustam” you are trying to move away but you can’t till I am here 😉


    Meri nazar ‘PMC’ per padi to maine socha something related to Patna medical college hoga, but after reading about ‘Piya milan chauraha’, I can’t stop my laughing. 😆


  49. Subha said

    Hi All,

    I felt really nostalgic about my JNV days(JNV palakkad and JNV Jhalawar)while i was going through the posts. JNV life has taught many things and helped me to be what I am today.


  50. sarita said

    hi everyone,

    all ur responses are huge, from all corner of the land..u did something amazing rewa, all are falling in luv with the same old love of their life…..i remembered, i kept migrating throughout those seven years in three schools. by the time i could understand where I am, i got a new place in life to accommodate in. one thing unforgetable is the people I came across, they are still there in my life. some were quite special whom I have lost in last few years, they are no more in contact.

    Lifes good, base years started from basement…..

  51. sukirti said

    @rewa di…
    jaisa ki mere pyare se, nenhe se, bhoondu se..chote bhai jitendra ne mention kiya hai…ki woh girls ke bottle se break mein chori karke pani pita tha….beta jitu ..yeh batana zara…ki kahin, kabhi, kisi roz…tune jhutha pani toh nahi piya tha naa????
    aur ek baat batana jara…..kin kin ladkiyon ke bottle ka pani piya tha tune……kuch naam mujhko yaad hai..: mamta, monica, darakshan, shrinkhala, bhawna, rupam n frnzzzzz….??
    bata zara..kaun thi woh bottle wali ladki.??

  52. @rewa di,
    jaisa ki uper wali commnt se pata kar saktin hai ki meri izzat me 4 chand lag gayi hai………thik hai jab ye pole khul hi gayi hai to meli pyali chhi mini di ko ye bat bata du aapne to meri khichai kar hi di par aap satark rahiyega.ab aapki bari hai…………
    waise ha ye bat sach hai ki mai girls ka pani pita tha aur durbhagya wash ye ghatna v ghati ki maine jutha pani pi li thi waise maine to apni sec me jo v girls pani lati thi unsabka piya hu par ha jutha ek hi ka bhawna priyam nam ki ek classmate thi usi ka maine piya tha……..ha us bar se maine ladkiyon pani pina
    chhod diya………..hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii meri izzzattttttttttt

  53. Dr Prabhat Vaghamshi said

    After reading main artical n all of yours comments. i feel JNVS remain same in any damp corner of the India….Its nice to recall all those memories….. 🙂 Thank you, Rewa….
    with regars,
    Prabhat (Alumni, JNV Porbandar-Gujarat)

  54. @Rewa…you are right but not exactly…kaun dhudh and breakfst double leta hai…kaun junior girls ko daraakar rakhta hai..yeh sab observe kartaa thaa ji main..

  55. TARUN said

    haann jitu tune ne sahi kiya chori kr k pani piya.. magne se toh deti nhi ydi deti v toh phir pure class se comment sunna parta, ye toh chor ydi koe ladkiya library mam ko bol deti toh kya hota payareeeeeee……… watt lag jati teri…….ha ha ha ahaha hhh…….library mam bhagoooo…….so terrified look……

  56. @tarun bhaya,
    thank u bhaya…..ek aaphi hai jo meri feelings ko samghe………….aur ha ye bat to ekdam sahi bole mangane se to deti nahi aur deti v to ladkon ki comment……………comment me v kya suniye…”oye jitendra kya bat hai aajkal bahut payas lag rahi hai tughe. aur sale pani to bahut sari ladkiyan lati hai tune usi se kyu manga…..kya bat hai…hmmmmmm……ab bata v de…..sharma kyu raha hai………” aise comment sun sun kar kan pak jate. usame v agar ye bat libray mam ko pata chal jati to…………….GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD v mughe nahi bacha paten.

  57. anu said

    @ rewa di,
    di u r absolutely right…//

  58. dr.mandakini said

    dnt knw wer to start n wer to end….bt i realy miss that days.,..d days which turned my life…feel klucky to b a part of d school….

  59. @Tarun & Jitu,

    Why are you so much scared of Library mam? Hmmm…school mein badmashi karte the na? Jo badmashi karta hai use pakka dar lagta hai. 😉 😛

    Let me tell you about Library Mam…when we met her in GT(get-together), at that time you know what she was talking about? She was telling about a brilliant girl who was the topper of her class but couldn’t continue her further study after plus two just because of monetary problem. She knew about her later that she got married. Mam still wanted us to help her as she was well aware of her situation. You know when she was in JNV, she didn’t go to home in most of the festivals like Eid/Bakrid etc. and then mam herself used to cook wonderful dishes for her to eat. She may be tough on the outside but is quite soft and emotional from inside! Hmmm… you are too young to understand and feel the true essence of inner feelings my little brothers.

    I would appreciate Rajvardhan’s words here as he mentioned above in his comment…”Kahin Bhali thi katuk nibori is shahri kanak katori ki maida se”…It’s true!


  60. @rewa di
    nahi mai ye nahi kah raha hu ki mam bahut krur sawbhaw ki thi.mam mughe bahut pyar karti thi……..
    4 exmpl jab v koi science ki achhi book aati thi ya magjine to sabse pahle mughe inform karti thi.
    ek bar ki bat hai mai bahar dhoop me padh raha tha to ek ladka mughe aa kar bola jitendra bhaya aapko library mem bula rahi hai.waha humlog bahut sare dost group me baithe the to sare dosto ne kaha aj to tu gaya bete…..waise 2mne kya galti ki hai………abe yad kar kisi ladki ko kuch bola hai kya……aisi kai sawalo ke bauchhar mere doston ne mere upper kar di. ab mughe khud samagh me nahi aa rha tha ki maine galti kya ki hai.meri to halat ek dam kharab mai pichhale 5-6 dino ki baten yad kiye ja rha tha ki koi galti to nahi kiya na!!!!!!!!yahi sochte sochte mai mam ke pass pahucha!!!!!!!!
    mam ke pas pahucha to mam boli jitendra yaha aao…………….ab to meri halat aur tight ho gayi…..us wqt to mughe apni galti par galti yad aa rahe the. mai soch rha tha ki mam akhir kaun sa galti ke liye dantengi. tabhi ek magjin mughe de kar bolin ye padho…………………….
    n u know usame kya thi………………….
    usame do president(ab ye yad nahi ki o dono ek hi countary ke the ya nahi) ke jiwani ke bare me diya hua tha……to aap bolengi isame kaun si badi bat hai……badi bat hai aur ye hai ki un dono presidet ke sare event janm se lekar mrityu tak ek hi the. jaise dono ki mrityu same tarike se hui etc…..
    tab jakar meri sans me sans aayi……waise v unhe thoda bahut sakt hona bhi chahiye……………..kyuki ladkiyan bahut shaitan hotin hai.

  61. Ami said

    Lovely written Rewa Di.
    After long time came down to read the blog and its your first.
    Enjoyed it to an extent. Keep writing like this.

  62. TARUN said

    @rewi di
    sorry di me ye nhi bol rha hu ki mam bahut rude thi….bas me bahut darta tha. but aap ne jesa uper likha hai really so heart touching. sorry mam………….

  63. sukirti said

    @REWA DI…
    gud mrng..:)
    i know aap sab mum ko kitna pyaar karte ho n uski kitni respect karte ho….!!!
    but sometimes it really hurts jab students yeh kehte hai ” naa baba naa…..mam ke samne kaun jayega…woh toh sidhe katne ke liye daurti hai”…most of time students come to me n say ” di, aap mam se baat karo naa…hum log jayenge toh mam dantengi..”..for them..guyzz…every time jab main tumhare msgs ya problems batane mum ke pass gayi hoon….uss time pe mujhko itni zor ki jhad pari hai ….. mum ka kehna hai” why r u saying me all these things let them come to me..n share their problems..”..!!!!
    i know woh thodi nahi bahut strict hai..but rude nahi hai…aur yeh main isliye nahi keh rahi coz i m her daughter….yeh reviews mujhko mere frnz se miley hai….!!!! anyways…
    talking about that girl student jinke bare mein rewa di ne upar mention kiya hai…..unka naam reshma khatoon hai….i dont where is she presently..but what i heard 3 years back was that..she left her studies just because her parents wanted her to get married…..i remember her very well….she was one of my maths teacher…….unhone ne mere andar maths ko leke curiosity jagai thi…… she was a brilliant student..n…n was more or less like a daughter to my mum…..i still remember the day she was leaving school….how much both of them cried….woh mum ko chod hi nahi rahi thi….. she assured mum that she will continue her studies..but after 3 months news came that she that she got married….n couldn’t study further….i was shocked…coz she was the topper of her batch..!!!!!
    wat i want to say ….isn’t there any means by which we could help students like her (i.e., who really good at studies….but couldn’t continue there further studies)..to carry on their studies….!!!!!

  64. Quazi Naiyyer said

    i miss each n every activity done by us there. evening assembly, class bunking, going out without taking permission, fighting with friends , playing n of course cultural activities, n so on n on……

  65. @Jitu, Tarun and Sukriti,

    I would love to hear from you – Was there a teacher that really inspired you? Anything like their hard work, teaching style, love and dedication to students? Who was your favorite teacher in school and what made him/her so special? Hmmm…No worries and no sorry! Share this.

    Sukriti, I am really sorry about Reshma. Every student should have an opportunity to reach his or her individual potential. I know it’s difficult for a poor student to continue his/her studies. We should surely help the students who couldn’t continue their studies because of some reasons. We will discuss about it in Alumni Meet.

    with love.

  66. TARUN said

    @rewa di

  67. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Proud-to-be-a-navodian/196414600375542

    i have shared these beutiful memories over my facebook page

  68. Rahul Albela said

    Jnv k baare mae kuch agar likhunga ,share karunga bahut kam hoga shayad shabd bhi kam pad jaen magar smiritiyan , sankalp aur ehsaas kabhi nahi kam honge.. It is like a lost girlfiend whom I always miss, rembember, whose memories always linger in my mind. It is always motivation inspiration a worth missing a worth remembering. esi ne sab diya dost , maksad , samvedna, sincerity, hard work, discipline aur wo sab jo mujhe ek behtar ensaan bana sakta tha aur banata hai ….ya bahut had tak banaya hai.har tarah ki tujjhataon(trivial) se upar uthana yahin sikha maine, yahi manavta ka path padha maine ,,, yahi I learned basic value of human life.. It is the most important, most eventful part of my life. yahin I realized myself. Etna jarur kahunga ki aj jo bhi hun usme JNV ka sabse bada yogdaan hai……….. I salute it…

  69. Rahul Albela said


  70. i like it ABCD in JNV!!! « Turning the register… it being so that im your rss reader

  71. bhagat Singh said

    dear its very difficult for me to mention one thing which i can not forget…what i can say i have not forget any single moment of those seven years.

  72. Many things come to my mind!! Many people can think that I was a serious student over there minding only studies and no fun. Well the reality is just opposite.

    Just to quote few things :

    1) We made moustaches on two of our friends who were sleeping before the dinner time. Both were told separately that the other guy had moustache painted on his face, so he didnt have to laugh at his face. well both guys saw each other, but didnt tell. Principal sir was inspecting the mess that day. He saw both of them and asked them to wash their faces.

    2) We wrote a letter to a guy from a girl he wanted to get in touch with. It took him 7 days before he realized that the letter was a fake and we were the pranksters!!!

    3) In class six Hindi text book,there was a story called “Dabli babu”. It was a very heart touching sensitive story about a person who smiles despite all adversaries in his life like his only son’s death. Well for us Dabli babu was a name we gave to people who took sweets, milk or other items to be served only once at mess multiple times. One of my friend was caught red handed while trying to get his third glass of milk by our House master. When he was asked why he did that, he came up with the cutesest answer I hacve ever heard.

    He said.. Sir Mujhe Potassium ki kami hai. Doctor ne mujhe kaha hai jyada dhoodh peene ke liye!!!

    4) One of our Hindi teacher ( I wont take names) was our favourite one to pull legs. One day he quoted one line from RamCharit manas.

    A naughty student asked : ” Sir aapne likhi hai”?
    teacher came up with the legendary reply :

    Haan ji.. Kabhi kabhi likh leta hoon!!! ( believe me he thought we were dumb enough to know that Lines were by Tulsidas not him.)


  73. Vipin Mishra said

    Dear Navdaya,s Friends
    1st I will thans 2 Rewa for making this site. Because navodya ka her student jinka milna ya contect karna mushkil hai bo 1 doosre se shairing kark mil sakte h.
    baise to mai aplogo k navodaya ka nahi hoon .
    lekin mai shahjahanpur(U.P) k j.n.v ka hoon
    last me mai ye kahna chahta hoon ki 2004 k 10th bacth se contect karna chahta hoon.
    mainly Priyana se jo Parita , Neha Pooja Vyas ,hitesh jala govind baghsiya k bath ka tha.
    Thanks & Regards

  74. .

  75. @Shekhar Suman,

    He said.. Sir Mujhe Potassium ki kami hai. Doctor ne mujhe kaha hai jyada dhoodh peene ke liye!!!

    Hehehe 😆 😆

    जस नाम तस गुण so I call you “Baadshah”! Hmmm…ye dot kiske liye or kisliye? I know the name of that hindi sir. 🙂 Oh my god! Fake letter that too from a girl side…aise aise kaam bhi karte the tumlog? Dar nahi lagta tha?? Ok, ab raaj ki baat batao ki wo bandi koun thee Baadshah jiske taraf se tum sabne fake letter likha tha? 😉

    I know tumhare paas aise dher sare incidents honge. Please apne pocket se aur mast wale real story nikalo. Waise pata hai Shekhar girls hostel mein kuch names hame tumhare class friends ke through kafi sunne ko milte the… 🙂


    All navodayans are welcome here. It’s enough that you belong to navodaya family. Thanks a lot and do share your memories with us.


  76. @Rewa di.. Kahani ke samast patra aur ghatnaayein vaastvik hain.. Parantu pahchhan chhupaane ke liye naam ujagar nahin kiye gaye hain!!

    But Sure I can tell you two more stories from my childhood at JNVK.

    5) A girl who was senior to our batch had a very sweet voice. This lady was bit plumb and fat. I wont be very incorrct If I say she was one of the most fat ladies around. Now a boy from batch junior to us, was diametrically opposite to her. I mean this guy did not weigh more than 40 kgs. One of the thinnest guy in the school. This guy is getting late for some class and rushing towards classroom in a hurry, almost running. That fat lady is also coming from opposite direction busy talking to her friend. they didnt see each other. result.. Head on collision!! the 40 kg guy lying above the fat lady. both too stunned to act!! too shocked to utter a word. After a long pause of time finally the girl says ” Ab Hato Bhi” 🙂 Needless to say the guy had a tough time following few months getting teased “Ab Hato Bhi” !!

    2) A boy from my class had a crush on one of our lady teacher. Its quite normal for the adloscent boys to have a crush on lady teachers. So this guy always talks to us that maam smiled at me today. I talked to maam today. maam this maam that. One day the teacher asks the boy to carry a bundle of notebooks to her residence. And this guy is so happy. He goes at teachers place carrying the notebooks. Comes back to us with all stories.. maam ne mujhe baithne ko kaha.. maam ne mujhe sharbat bana ke diya.. maam this.. maam that.. so he spent around 10 mins with the maam and told us the story for almost an hour. Then we notices that this guys trousers fly was open!!! Which means he was talking to the teacher for the whole time with his zip showing more than he wanted to show.. 🙂

  77. satyam swaraj said


    I TOLD U TO EVERY NAVODAYANS MAINE SMALL abcdefg bhi navodaya ke playground se hi sikha hu. mere kahne ka matlab mera ghar jnv begusarai ke pass hi tha. so from childhood maine apne hath me bat pakarkar cricket khelna navodaya me hi sikha hu, eventhough cycle bhi chalana..

    so everyone can feel that how much i miss the navodaya life ..

    one thing i want to say that, sayad aap log yakin kare .. mujhe jnv katihar me mere her ek batchmate ko ek “SMIRTI CHINHA ” mila tha jisme likha hain “JNV REMEMBERS YOU”.



  78. avnish kuamr said

    Sabse pahle didi ko mera pranam aur sabhi ko namaskar
    Der se class mein pahuchne ke liye main apna kan pakadta hoon,par kya karoon meri cycle ne hmein dhokha de diya.
    Chaliye main bhi sari galtiyon ka ikrarnama kar hi dalta hoon……………..
    jab main 7th class tak tha to main ek kaphi inactive tha bas apne kam se matlab rakha tha kyonki gaon se ekaek waha pahuchne ke baad sab mujhe ulta ulta lagta tha,par apne gaon mein main hmesa “MOST WANTED”list mein rahta tha for shitani ,jab main navodaya ke class 8 mein gaya to main apne puri tarah form mein aaya.
    aur sab taraph se mera “CHAHUMUKHI VIKAS ” chahe to padhai mein ,ya khel mein ya phir badmashi mein.
    wo girl’s hostel mein balti se holi ke din rang phekna,ladkiyon ko satana,as pas ke ped par se aam ,amrud aur bel todna……………..kaise bhul sakta hoon.ye srae gun aisa nhi ki yaha akar mere ander aye e sab guno ka main bachpan se dhani tha par kuch samay se “OUT OF FORM HO GAYA THA”………….

  79. manish kumar barnwal said

    I really missed the navodaya. whenever I come across a navodayan student a sense of happiness comes in mind..and, very thankful to our teachers for treating us as a parents more than as a teacher..

  80. Satyajeet said

    @Rjbardhan !!

    Whenever i think about jnv supaul, i find him shouting and laughing and dancing like Dabang in “DABANG”. Humlog use kheer chidhate the..

    He was having the loudest voice and was the best speaker from JNV Supaul. His aura was such that till now i can’t say no to him, no body probably, whatever it is. such a principled human being…

    uske bina hamare batch ka jikra adhura hai.. aur hamare batch ke bina JNV Supaul ka..

    Suman & Rajbardhan, suman rajbardhan.. suman…. rajbardhan… sunate sunate kisi ke kan nahi pakte the…. 🙂 aur kisse 😉 to itne hai.. ki mai likhu to koi padhega nahi 🙂

    and best thing about him is he have maintained same personna… my best regards to him.

  81. Satyajeet said

    Aur mai chhapak ho gaya..

    Niru di..
    she was my own sister and was 2 class senior to me..

    ab mai aapko bata du ki maine jnv me aap sabse jyada time bitaya hai..

    Aap 6thvin class me gaye the… mai teesri class se wahi tha…

    Ab bhi jab ghar jaata hu.. ek trip ho hi jata hai..

    My father is “PT Sir” in JNV Banka now..

    Wo kya huaa ki sare students ghar chale gaye the.. mai 8vi class me tha us samay, aur bas naya naya cycle chalana sikha hi tha.. Chalana sikha tha thoda bahut, chadhna utarna nahi.

    to baarish ka mausam tha.. sadak ke dusri taraf gaddhe me pani bhara huaa tha.. papa khana khane mess gaye hue the.. aur hame cycle mil gayi..

    bas nirudi ko bola pichhe se pakar kar rakhna..
    Aur mai cycle par chadha..
    aur abhi shuru hi kiya tha …
    ki mess me se papa aate dekhe…
    mijaj ke thode buland hai..
    hulogo ka mare dar ke bura hal..
    nirudi cycle chhod ke bhagi..
    aur cycle nirudi ke opposite direction me bhagi..
    laga jaise pani ke andar rajni kant ho.. aur cycle chal pari..

    mere dono pair upar.. haath bhi upar.. aur cycle pani me… chalti rahi.. tab tak..
    jab tak ki mai chhapak nahi ho gaya.. 🙂

    phir meri kya durgati hui hogi.. ye to aapko malum par hi gaya hoga.. 🙂 😉

  82. Satyajeet said

    Aur ha …

    ye koi pahli aur aakhir baar is tarah ki ghatna ghati ho aisi baat nahi..
    Mai aur nirudi football khel rahe the…
    koi dikkat nahi… but assembly hall me khel rahe the…
    upar se open tha… so ek shot mar diya…
    charo taraf diwar tha.. khula aasman tha khambha tha… paaya tha…
    but ball kahi nahi lagi.. 🙂
    lagi to sali chemistry store room ka ek chhota sa ventilation window tha… wahi jake lagi.. 🙂
    yaha tak to thik hai..
    hamara mare dar ke bura haal…
    ab kanch ke tukde socha hata deta hu..
    taki abhi turant kisi ka dhyan na jaye…
    ventilation upar tha.. meri height chhoti…
    nirudi ko bole utha ke rakhna.. unhone uthaya bhi…
    par tabhi, papa aa gaye..
    aur mujhe bich majhdhar me hawa me latka huaa chhod nirudi bhag gayi..
    papa bole.. are waha latak ke kya kar raha hai…
    Mai bola.. Papa, kisi ne kanch tod diya khidki ka, saf kar deta hu, nahi to kisi ke pair me lag jayega.. WAHH….. 🙂 phir jo hua wo itihas hai.. 😉

  83. @Satyajeet urf Pintu mahoday,

    Hud hud dabang dabanag dabang…waise I liked this movie 🙂

    Suno…tum khud ko sir se jyada smart kyun samajh rahe the? Shukar karo ki wo Niru di thee…agar main rahti to tumhe dhakke markar gadhdhe mein girakar bhagti 😛


  84. Satyajeet said

    Nashukre se yaad aaya, Rewa..

    mujhe tumse hamesha se yahi ummid hai.. ha ha ha

  85. 4th Idiot !! said

    This will be a endless story… time passing and i’ve come across many people from different corners of India.. but i never a met a person who has also heard of “How can we forget being fed curd and sweets by teachers just before going for board exams?”.. This happens only in Navodaya..
    Im not sure of nowadays Novodaya if it still happens there!! but I really cherish those moments..

  86. Pawan singh songs…

    […]ABCD in JNV!!! « Turning the wheel…[…]…

  87. Ratnam gupta said

    A subsequent in d q….
    once in intermediate ,folowing d other studnt of d clas, i n one more good guy reached to mess at 7th period.there was space over d back gate of d mess.every one got into mes thru that n came out with full plates.we 2 were seeing d event.n got courage to do d same.now we entered n as soon as we were jumping to come out with full plates (in murga style bcoz smal space was there)vice principal came.how many lines ,angles,triangles were created in our face we know.

  88. Ratnam gupta said

    Hamare kanpur nagar(other navodaya me as a dabang famous tha)me apne clas k kuch studnt match khelne bahar gaye the.vapas ate vakt teacher ne dur se dekh liya.teacher bike se the usi direction me badhe.ladko ne chhupkar bhagna shuru kiya .kuch bhag gaye aur ek do jab nhi bhag paye to ek gaddhe k pas(jisme pani bhara tha)pant kholkar ,khopadi niche karke position lekar baith gaye.teacher bechare ab kar bhi kya sakte the.vapas laut gaye.

  89. smita kapadekar said

    I really miss my navodaya..
    And i want to become a part of this…
    I miss each and every movement of the school ….
    and my teachers, friends, and co -workers….
    they remember me or not ?
    any way …
    blessing all them good future….

  90. Dheeraj Songara said

    I’m missing my navodaya days and all activities as well as my teachers of JNV BARMER. Navodaya prayer ‘हमीँ नवोदय हो’ so great and motivational. Navodya life ko sabdo me vykt krna possible nahi h.

  91. ankita said

    i really miss those awesum moments dat i spend wid my frnzzz….

  92. […] ankita on ABCD in JNV!!! […]

  93. Neeraj Kumar said

    Really missing the time spent in my school JNV Muzaffarpur.

  94. akkiprity said

    Mising everything of jnvk……

  95. Komal said

    The feeling for Navodaya… I can say that I can not describe in words. While reading the lines of this page I was totally went back of my time which I spent in the garden of Navodaya..that stage of mp hall, the long road which we used to cover from our dormetry to classroom with the crowd..loud voice of drum pits and the reedm of the Navodayan in the assembly time…those classes of Pankaj sir and Vandana mam… those long night talks with the besties and self made “Horlicks wala” cake for b’day girl… Wait for parents day and the preparation of exam on the last night under the moon light😊 many more things which is now only in the memory❤

  96. Nirmaan said

    “I really like your writing style, good post!”

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