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A navodayan on the way to transform India!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 6, 2009

Back at home, not only is she improving her family’s crop yield, but she returns when she can too help in the fields. She also spends time with her uncle, the only other member of her family with a formal education. To read more click on the link From Rural Village to Global Village.

Let’s see where Radha represents all girls like radha, and changing the life of rural children in India from a remote village to the global village of the 21st century. She belongs to a village nearby Bhilwara in Rajasthan.

We are a little far from the real result, but we have a start! Let us create more Radha….

Note: I feel it is a nice documentary if I exclude think.com promo. 🙂


28 Responses to “A navodayan on the way to transform India!”

  1. AJIT BARNWAL said

    Good inspirational live documentary ….showing an example what we can contribute for our family and country from our childhood…!!
    yeah think beyond the view of promotion of think.com.. 🙂

  2. Really its amazing and wonderful………. Navodaya the mission is successful by transforming the life of young rural talented children.
    Dear jnvians now its our turn to to do for the SYSTEM/SOCIETY/COUNTRY like our little sister RADHA………

  3. Diksha said

    She is a role model who gives hope and inspiration to others!

  4. Dileep Bhaskar said

    Very Good dear
    keep it up

  5. Navodaya Murali said

    Its a real story, we have many more to come up in to reality and definately the India will be happy with each Navodayan Activity aiming towards a better India. Our efforts will be always towards making the Navodaya aims in to reality.

    Thank You,

    Best Wishes,
    Navodaya Murali
    98495 95220

  6. This is a nice video to see…… The good thing is that, most of the people in this country now understands the importance of education and parents feel proud to send their children for study…we must have more nos. of Navodaya vidyalayas or kind of Navodaya vidyalayas to reach to the all children of rural India.
    As I mentioned in one of my post earlier that we need to acknowledge the dialectical relationship of both ‘quality for equality’ and ‘equality for quality (Common school system)’, Government must ensure that every child in this country have access of equal and quality education.
    I believe that exhaustive network of Navodaya vidyalayas across the country can make it reality.

    Note: I don’t mean that government should run and control the primary and secondary education but government must participate assertively and at the same time government must regulate the system to ensure the equal and quality education across the country.

  7. I am proud of students like Radha. I am proud to be associated with this wonderful system.

  8. Soumya Mandi said

    Nice work di… feels great to see people contributing to their society and inspiring others.

  9. Kalicharan said

    A touching case is created by our sister Radha.

    People of India have now started to see through the eyes of the visionary who founded this schooling system of grooming such rural talents. Its a time of paying back. And to do so, one does not have to think very big and much far. They say, ‘charity begins at home.’

    Radha, you will be dearly remembered ever after.

  10. Manoj Maurya said

    This is incredible, I am proud to be a Navodayan because of such people.

  11. Kiran said

    It’s admirable!!

  12. GIRIJESH SEN said

    Very good effort to motivate people to think about this…………its very nice………….

    with best wishes who has done this

    ..Girijesh sen
    JNV Basti (1994-2000 batch)

  13. mehek said

    very much inspirational post,she is realy a role model.

  14. Good work !!!

  15. nidhi said

    jnv family sud b extremly proud of d work she hs done to raise d awarenes fr her vilage childrn,d future of india.
    THANKs to her teacher.

  16. nishath said

    iam very proud about this radha she having self confidence that she can change her village and another main thing is she always thank to her uncle and teacher. so all the best for ur future.

  17. P Ravi said

    Many such Radha s are produced through Navodaya which are not known to the world. Navodayans are the true sample of India representing every block our country which may not be the case in any other system. Its time to showcase the product of Navodaya to Nation and also recognise the service rendered by the teachers. Let us join together. Good Luck.

  18. Great, I didn’t heard about this topic up to the present. Thankz!

  19. Ranjeeta said

    I feel proud of Radha.

    I believe that even if the whole thing fails and only 10% of these kids get a good education that will be better than nothing. Gaining and Mastering the knowledge is necessary but what is more important is how to apply it and how to create more knowledge.

  20. नवोदय मात्र संस्था भर नहीं है.नवोदय एक विचार है.हमारी धारणा है.उससे भी ज्यादा हमारे जीवन के स्वर्णकाल की कर्मभूमि है.नवोदय सर्वोदय का सूत्रपात करता है.

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  22. Very Nice…very much inspirational. i was visited JNV Bilwara in 7 th StaNDRED during our Reginal Games . very very good vedio……

  23. Shanta said

    Since childhood I have been dreaming to unite India to make it again Bharat by breaking social, regional, communal, economic and political boundaries (by including Pakistan and Bangladesh)based on cultural unity. I tried on small scale as per my capacity. Now I got a tool and the perfect tool and that is Sewa. Serve your fellow Indians, focus on the welfare of Kisan and Majdoor. Whenever I am looking people like Radha, thats consolidate my feeling and I start believing that the dark period of our country is about to end.

    One should not fall in propaganda, but speak in action. Believe on action and not on words.

    Thanks Rewa didi to popularise such girls. She will inspire thousands throughout the ages. We all should have to move back in our own village to rebuild it rather getting trapped in the web of luxurious and false life.

  24. Janice Smith said

    Please, keep up the good work and continue to post topics like this. I am really fan of your site!

  25. good morning friends politely i want to know what navodayans can do to support anna hajare’s movement
    sorry it is our movement against corruption suggest me plz
    s.k. shashi@sify.com at facebook

  26. Hi Shashikant,

    You can read here. http://navodayans.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/a-rally-to-support-jan-lokpal-bill-headed-by-navodayans-in-patna/


  27. whoah this blog is excellent i love reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You know, a lot of people are searching around for this info, you can help them greatly.

  28. Shikha said

    This is the difference between Navodaya and other schools 🙂

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