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Let’s strengthen each other by joining our hands…!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on September 25, 2015

Dear Navodayans,

We are able to see that there are many navodayans who are trying to work for our lovely navodaya and alumni. It is very nice to see this. But at the same time, I would like to mention that we need to stand together in this effort. We have spent seven bright golden years of our life at Navodaya, and we used to sing a prayer that said: हम स्वराज्य की रिचा नवल, भारत की नवलय हों; नव सूर्योदय, नव चंद्रोदय, हमी नवोदय हों!! And certainly this was not meant to live a life where we feel divided with our own brothers and sisters.

We are not working for power or position here, but rather for a noble cause. If anybody has any political agenda, I think this is not the right venue for this purpose. We need to work selflessly for our brothers and sisters, and then only we can make a sustainable contribution for the Navodayans. We can imbibe only those qualities in our juniors which we are able to live up to ourselves. We are the guides for our juniors, and hence we need to be very responsible in our efforts. We certainly do not want a family (I am talking of JNV family) where people stand divided, but rather where people are working harmoniously. Hence, ensuring harmony is the baseline of all such efforts that we make for the society.

Just give a sincere thought to it, and see if this is something that you would really like to be, whether you will really feel happy being divided. If not, we need to dispel our ego, and join together. Remember that we are setting a trend by our actions. Just think what will happen if our juniors too start working separately? Will we ever be able to fulfill our goal this way? I recall the poem written by one of my lovely sisters, Shweta Sharma, and I find it quite befitting here:

Come on, join hands as it is
Time to rewind the grand old days,
With new energy and enthusiasm
And refreshing charming new ways

We want to listen to
Your plans and ideas bubbling
And you can always tell us about
Something good or even troubling

Great things are shaped by
Steps simple and small
And to make a great deal occur,
We need participation of you all

Together we would bring on
Fun, activities and serious talk
We promise to hold your hand
And be with you in life’s every walk

And we are sure you would do the same
After all we strengthen each other
So let’s join hands and put in efforts
To move the association further

Together we can serve the society
In whatever way we deem fit
Linking the small steps together
And walk hand in hand without conflict

We should stand up and act now
As gone past the time to think
And we have the ability and will
To create magic in a blink

By: Shweta Sharma (JNV Jojawar, Pali)

Can’t we all think this way? And join our hands together. Hami Navoday Hon…!!!



One Response to “Let’s strengthen each other by joining our hands…!!!”

  1. RAMACHANDRA A.N. said

    Dear Ms Rewa, Appreciate the efforts to create a common platform. Regards, AN Ramachandra, Head Administration, Instem, Deptt of BioTechnology, Govt of India Formerly Joint Commissioner (Acad), Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, sms: +919911078433

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