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Tuning a loving identity!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on October 30, 2008

It was sunday. I was supposed to go for shopping. Now, since I had to wait for my friend Abhishek to accompany me to the market as I have been told by my maa to get something today for the occasion of ‘Dhanteras’. I had free time until he came, therefore I thought of doing something in order to pass my time. Hence, I started listening to some songs.
Suddenly, I remembered that last week one of my very close friend had told me about a song that is related to my name. He had also given me the link of that video and had asked me to watch it as well. Actually, even before that instance I had already known about that song from one of my school friend Pankaj so I had already listened to that song. But this was the first time that I had got the video link, hence I was pleasantly surprised, as I had never seen the video of that song before, and when I saw the video I found something totally amazing!

And guess what?
Although, the thing is that I don’t know whoever has put this song there on youtube, but he has mentioned the same words there which I have written in a post titled “Meaning of my name” and also the previous tag line of my blog “…words moving like water with a few ripples…”  is mentioned there in the starting of the video!

Hmmm….However, copyright is not allowed, but I am happy to see a few sentences in the video which is copied from my post. This gave me a reason to post that video here in my blog as well. I believe he must have googled the word ‘रेवा’ and must have been directed to my blog, which explains it all!


16 Responses to “Tuning a loving identity!”

  1. The words of that song came 1st or the words of your blog came first. . . . ?Hmmm. . . . Kuchh to gadbad hai. . . .

  2. Hussain said

    kisi ek paas toe jaroor kuch kaam nahi 😉 isilye fully faltu on net 😀

  3. Su said

    nice post rewa. and the title is also good. 🙂

  4. Hussain said

    waise, Narmada ki sundar prakrutik soundaryata ko bohat khoob deekha ya hain aur wo bhi lok geet ke saat…

    apun bhi khush hua 🙂

  5. pankaj kumar said

    great, you finally got the video…

  6. @Abhay,

    Hmmm…dr sahab the name of my blog has come before the song. Tum youtube per upload karne wala date dekho…waise I am happy. Jisne bhi dala hai achha kaam kiya hai 🙂


    Aapne bilkul sahi farmaya hai…aapke paas itna fully faltu time hota hai? Ab kuch kaam bhi kar liya kijiye. 😛 Main to ghar se blogging karti hun…aur waise bhi month ending chal raha hai to office mein bhi free baithna per raha hai. Filhaal abhi yoga class ja rahi hun, aaker baat karti hun. Shukriya aapko ye song achhi lagi 🙂

  7. […] Tuning a loving identity! […]

  8. ruchi said

    Maa Rewa, thaaro paani nirmal , meri rewa tharo hirday nirmal….
    The poet equates the River Rewa (Narmada) to a Mother saying that her water is so pristine and pure;similarly My dear Rewa,your heart is as pure and selfless…
    People may wonder at my sentiments towards Rewa, but believe me folks it is something that never came in a day, but gradually ,with time ,forming its own course and channels like River Rewa herself..Like a river lovingly makes the adjoining land fertile making farming possible ,to grow food for us, the same trait can be seen in Rewa, who selflessly gives her last bit to people around her, who matter to her…But remember folks , this Rewa has also the potential to turn into a Durga-Chandika (Maa Shakti) like a fuming river who can create havoc when disturbed of her natural discourse.
    I think the identity between Rewa and Maa Rewa is quite appropriate ….

  9. Nidhi said

    Amarkanth se nikli O rewa
    jann jann kari rayo thaari sewa
    sewa se sab pawe mewa,
    aso ved puran batayo re

    Cooooollll..dis is amazing,definetely an inspiration.u dont giv up ur original identity.
    oh yeah,u must flow like rewa river!!Follow ur passion,peple will follow u nd few of dem would like to copy u.my hearty wishes r wid u.

  10. Hussain said

    Hello Di

    aapne sahi kaha apun ke paas utna time kaha ki hum ghar se bhi blogging karre 😉 isiliye office mein hi kuch faltu time beeta laete hain 🙂

    waise, isi faaltu time mein humne kuch khoj nikaala hain …

    Narmada – a Sanskrit word means ‘One who endows with bliss’

    Rewa – is a Sanskrit word meaning a new beginning.

  11. Ami said

    i luv this song n ur name too 🙂

  12. Tarun said

    great song, this is the first time I listen this song and came to know the meaning of your name too 🙂

  13. mehek said

    waah what a strrange coincidence:):),but the video is nice:),late diwali wishes rews,hope ur best firend cold fever has gone away by now:):),tk good rest also ,lots luv

  14. @Mehek,

    In fact I was surprised to see the video for the first time. I too liked it. I am trying to get well soon. Thanks dear!


    Hmmm…since school time whenever people heared my name for the first time, they use to ask me it’s meaning. So I have put the meaning of my name on my blog! Thank you for reading the post.

  15. Amit said


    Everflow, live up to your name! Your Name is a beautiful. This is for the first time I have watched the video.

  16. Hi Ami, thanku thanku 🙂 I know I have to make a call to you. Sorry for late.

    Hi Amit, hmmm…shukriya for liking my name and I will try my best to follow your words. Thanks a lot!

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