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The driving spirit!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on October 24, 2008

In modern times of cut-throat competitions, its necessary that aspirants start planning for it at right stage. For competitions like IIT-JEE changing pattern of exams demands strategic planning and its execution with most sincerity. In this video, (Navodayan + IIT)ians are discussing some important points for cracking such competition through careful planning.

This is for +2 students. If you are preparing for IIT-JEE, then have a look at this video. Moreover, if you find any question, you are most welcome to ask here by writing a comment. Also if anybody is interested to send this video to their respective JNVs, schools or to their children, brothers and sisters, they are most welcome to download the video. And if any Navodayan brothers and sisters are preparing for engineering exam and want the CD of this video, let me know. Now, let’s watch and hear what Kamlesh and Sushil have to share about it!.

If you have a dream…’Go get it’. Now its time to “Plan, Prepare, Practice and Perform…!”


4 Responses to “The driving spirit!”

  1. He. . . He. . . One copy for me please. . . Are mere lie nahi. . . . For my children. . .For days to be. . . Ok. . . . At least they should enjoy in early life. . . .

  2. @Abhay, dr ji aapke liye to pakka ek copy karke rakh dungi…lekin tab bhejungi jab time aayega or uske liye abhi tumhe kafi sirhiyon se gujarna parega. hehehe 😉

  3. Hooda said

    send this video to me also. gud one

  4. @Hooda, try to download this video by yourself. Thanks for writing a comment here.

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