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Practice before you preach!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 25, 2013

Some people tend to talk about their Upbringings and Education. Undoubtedly, upbringing is important and it helps a lot in our behavior. You may continue to talk about your upbringing; however, no upbringing is perfect, there is always room for improvement! In short, please educate yourself before preaching others. You don’t have to be a classroom teacher or formal educator to educate yourself.  Think deeply!

Actually, I think that the so called elite upbringing and education does not “make you capable of talking and insulting other people who aren’t like you.” Let me say this as plainly as I can that if somebody is not like you, it does not mean that he/she is below you! (Here I emphasize people with dual standards are better explained with the saying: “Elephant who has two set of teeth-one to show off and the other to chew with.”)

No matter what your upbringing is, the essence of education is: to have it and use it!

The second false assumption is that all so called good city upbringing provide a set of education and behavior. Nevertheless, one’s upbringing is not a genuine explanation for their behavior versus an excuse not to take responsibility for their wrong actions. Education knows no bound whether you acquire it from a renowned institutes or a big city like Delhi vis-a-vis from a school in a village. Deep down, No matter what your upbringing is, the essence of education is: to have it and use it!


6 Responses to “Practice before you preach!”

  1. good analysis done.

  2. yes indeed. A correct action and speech doesnot come our frm convert education or being part of some prestige college.But its more depended on parents upbringing and the environment given by the family.a villager teaching ethic to his children are much btr to some urban elite person who has no knowledge of ethic.

  3. Well said.

    I too want to practice in what I believe even without preaching, but have failed on many occasions. Also what I believe personally is preaching shouldn’t be confused with suggesting. Most of the time (even when we are considered a good person)we do know about our wrong doings but are unable to stop ourselves. A smoker knows that smoking is a bad habit, and even if he is unable to stop, he should discourage others and share the negatives and the problems he is experiencing and his suggestions should be welcomed.

  4. rohit said

    लंबे समय के बाद रेवा अपने सहज प्रवाह में नजर आई …..एकदम दुरुस्त लिखा है….

  5. Lopa Sarkar said

    “No matter what your upbringing is, the essence of education is: to have it and use it!”

    Well-said Rewa.

  6. Ranjeeta said

    Well done Arunima, we are proud of you!!

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