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Vote for Kaushalendra Indian Obama!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 13, 2008

Our Navodaya gives Indian Hero!!!

A Navodayan and an IIM-A topper plus gold medalist, Kaushalendra is nominated for PEPSI MTV youth Icon year 2008! This award has been given to Rahul Dravid, Shahrukh khan, M S dhoni and orkut in previous years.

You can vote for him using the following format: SMS Icon<space>KK to 56882

His company KNIDS GREEN PVT. LTD. has been nominated for the TATA NEN Hottest startups awards 2008 for the project “Samriddhii”. His project has been categorized under agriculture and agribusiness. You can also review and track the ranking of his startup here.

There are two options available to vote him.

1) Through SMS. You can SMS HOT501 TO 56767.

2) Through hottestsratup website- To vote through this you should follow steps mentioned below.

a)You have to first sign up http://www.hotteststartups.in/
The registration button is given on the right side of home page of http://www.hotteststartups.in/
b) Then you have to log in.
c) Then you have to click on View & Vote button or please copy & paste the following links, and write Kaushlendra or KNIDS Green in search by keywords.
d) Then view search results will show our startup name and detail. And you can then vote by clicking on Vote for this startup.

I request to all of my readers, friends, and my beloved navodaya family members to Vote for Kaushalendra an Indian Obama! If you have any problem while voting him, you can drop a message writing here. Your vote is not for him…..but for our family. Thank you very much!

Thank you Kaushal for calling me. You know, I was very much happy after talking to you. Keep it up brother!


20 Responses to “Vote for Kaushalendra Indian Obama!”

  1. My good wishes are with you dear Kaushalendra. . . .
    Hami navodaya hon. . . . . .

  2. A N Ramachandra said

    I am much pleased to see this scene. I hope we could make some difference in the society. Out efforts are rewarded.


  3. Suraj said

    Kaushalendra is Inspiration for urban youth in India….who wants to die as an American and for Rural youth who struggle to live as an Indian.

  4. Abhishek said

    My best wishes for him…

  5. Tanweer said

    You compelled to me to write this sher for you……

    Khudi ko kar buland itna k har taqdeer se pehle
    khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya he…

    God bless you Kaushelendra and your Samriddhi. I would feel privileged If I join your movement…

  6. Tanweer said

    One more sher for you………..
    Nahien Tera Nasheman Qasr-e-Sultani Kay Gunbad Par;
    Tu Shaheen Hay Basera Kar Paharon Ki Chhattanon Par.
    Allama Iqbal

  7. ramesh said



  8. anupam said

    All the best Sir!

  9. ranjan said

    great brother..i wish i could become…

  10. Nidhi said

    Na hai kinaara aage badhte jaana hai. ALL D V BEST!

  11. Hi,

    My good wishes are with you dear Kaushalendra. . . .I want to meet you, we are proud at you….

  12. Amit said

    May god bless you and bring you success in all the way.

  13. Kiran said

    You are amazing. keep up the great work!

  14. I heartly congratulate Kaushalendra Bhaiya…. He is really a inspiration for all of Young navodayans…

  15. mehhekk said

    ye bahut badi upalabdhi hai,hum jarur vote karenge rews,infactkar rahe hai abhi.

  16. roushan said

    Its great. I am going to vote for him

  17. Ajay Raj said

    Best of luck dear

  18. Congrats ! I am always touched with success of Navodaya Vidalayas and their students as we have association with the NVS by providing Internet connectivity to 200 NVS schools.

  19. NEERAJ K said

    its a great effort to develop rural and backward bihar, keep it up dear kausalendra ji. best wishes from NEERAJ

  20. Shailesh said

    All the best sir. I am sre now people will talk about navodiyans like IITans. Rajeev gandhi dream is coming true now.

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