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Nothing could stop him!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 30, 2008

जिनके हौसले बुलंद होते हें उन्हें हर मंज़िल आसान प्रतीत होता है, कुछ ऐसा ही हमारे कौशेलन्द्र के साथ है!

Kaushlendra an IIM topper belongs to our Navodaya family set a great and green example infront of us. He has completed his schooling from Navodaya Vidyalaya, Nawada, Bihar. He cracked the CAT and moved to IIM, Ahemdabad. He was born to a vegetable farmer’s family in a village Ahmad Nagar of a distt. Nalanda in central Bihar.

A topper from one of India’s finest B-school has turned into a vegetable vendor, but of course there is more here than that meets the eye.

After being at the top of his management class at IIM – Ahmedabad, Kaushlendra should have been sitting in an air conditioned cabin pulling a hefty salary at a multi-national company. Instead, he stands in the sweltering heat of Patna – selling vegetables.

Kaushlendra reacts to his profession says, “Every one seems to be migrating from here, I wanted to do something for my people.”

Click on the link to read more about IIM-A topper turns vegetable vendor

Success never comes in a day it is continuous activity to grow ladder up and up. So we should not get nervous by some obstacle which comes on the way to success. Rather we should find a solution for the problem and continue our efforts.

We met in AINAA GT @ JNV katihar, Bihar in december, 2007. He is interested in social work. Also we had talked on phone and when I knew about his work I felt a real navodayan spirit who rose up from the roots and serving back to the same roots!

Kaushalendra, we are proud of you!


55 Responses to “Nothing could stop him!”

  1. Anupam said

    Marvellous…. I call this a new rise (navodaya). This decision can be taken only by those who understand and know exactly what they want to do in life. May God give him strength to do good for the people!

  2. Ashutosh said

    very much courageous step that I have ever heard………
    keep it up buddy

  3. Hey Anupam, kuch khas hai navodayan mein isliye to kuch bhi kar dikhata hai…gaon ki mitti ki khushboo door door tak fail hi jati hai!

    @Ashu bhaiya, yes! indeed a great and courageous step taken by a navodaya bravo!

  4. Anupam said

    Yup, I am waiting for the day when these efforts will bring the revolution and our culture will be to live for others.

  5. @Anupam, have faith that day will come soon! We just need to move positive and constructive way. After all hami navoday hon! 🙂

  6. kaushlendra said

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their compliments and well wishes.

    I do need a help from you people. We have recently started free home delivery of vegetables, fruits and groceries.

    Home Delivery number is 9334412648.

    I request everybody here to please pass this number to your family members/ friends or anybody who lives in Patna. and please ask them to book a order on mobile atleast once. They will come back because i am confident that they will be satisfied with our product and service level.

    A little help can do miracle.

    Hoping for the best.


    ” hami navodaya hon”

  7. Hi Kaushalendra, first of all welcome you @ my small blog world. Hmmm….you are doing a great job…keep doing. People will surely help you.

    Thanks for coming and leaving your kind words here!

  8. Nidhi said

    The simple truth is,he has chosen benevolent action.Peple knw how to talk bt no action.The real man takes action.I am so proud of u. Best of luck.

  9. Shyam Vinod Meena said

    Itz great… I have an opinion that days are not far away when Navoday people will shape this Golden Bird…we all come from the backward families and know what is the meaning of responsibilities.It always helps us to grow as a CITIZEN rather than merely an individual which is the finest beauty.lets spread our wings to all difficult areas……Best wishes to all Navodians..
    S Vinod

  10. mamta said

    @ kushalendra,

    congrates for such a brave step…..mera man kar raha hi apko kuch gift bheju…aap apna add jaroor bhjna mujhe….

    In business i just get ideas magar implement karte time pe samne bahut sari resposibility a jati hi….I admit its my fault….

    Anyway just wanted to give u another idea tht WHY DONT U HELP FARMER TO TRANSPORT IT TO CITIES LIKE DELHI PUNE N BANAGLORE….(directly not through vendors)


    aur ha m apka no save kar liya hi…kisi jarooratmand kko dungi…

  11. HNS Rao said

    Dear kushalendra,
    All Great successes have a modest begining.Wish you goodluck in making your visions of tomorrow a reality.

  12. Adi said

    Wishing you all the best for innovative concept in business….
    Its really nice to see some one from Navodaya family is so innovative and daring specially when you took to start business in BIHAR….


  13. Sanju said

    If kaushalendra is on board (Bihar) as well as on ground, he can do a lot along with the serving the People by providing fresh veggies, since he posses the enormous skills and capability to scale himself a bigger level.

    There must be some raw data lying somewhere in govt office (Ministry of agri, Bihar) reg the production of the crops and vegetables. We are good producer of agricultural products. Our human resource is mostly contributing in this sector. But Farmers lacks market to sell the product in right price. Many cases vegetables like Potato/Tomato are getting rotten in the field due to over production and lesser demand.

    Streamlining the production of vegetables so that it reaches well to the consumers is one thing probably no one can do better than kaushalendra (in today’s scenario). The things required to do will be:
    – Get the data about production of vegetables in different sector of Bihar.
    – Consumptions will be uniform through out the state as we have similar food habits. Locate the places where the production of few veggies are comparatively less.
    – Locate the nearest possible place where it is getting produced more so that transportation will be easy.
    – Establish the model of supply/chain management.

    – Process the potato so that it can be preserved for long time even after season. The villagers are having lots of methods to do it. Only thing required is – it has to be marketed.
    – Process the tomato into tomato sauce or a dry powder that can be used to prepare tomato soups in hotels.

    Am I writing too much which is bouncing over u :). But tell me about it – ho’z this idea?

  14. abhayart said

    Dear friends. . .

    Me very late. . . 1st congratulation to Kaushalendra. . . You are bravo. . . My well wishes to you and for days to be. .

    “Kaun kahta hai asma me surakh ho nahi sakta,tabiet se ek patthar to uchhal kar dekho. . ”

    you are inspiration for newer generations. . .

    Ya i will give the no to my relatives at pat. . . Wada raha. . .

  15. Kaushlendra said

    thanks a lot to everybody for their appreciations and advices.
    It is good to see that people are giving this idea a thought. It means our idea will click and make an impact in Bihar.

    please feel free to ask me anything and

    My address is

    Rajiv Ranjan Wali Gali
    Kali Mandir Road
    Hanuman Nagar
    Patna – 20
    Contact no. – 9304446443

    thnx a lot again


  16. anmmch said

    Ok Kaushalendra jee,
    i must meet you. . At Pat. just in near future. . .

  17. Manoj Maurya said

    Hi Kaushlendra,
    I read about you few days back but I didn’t know that you are from Navodaya till I read this blog of Rewa. No work is small but there are some works, for which to do, one needs to have a big heart and you have that. I wish you all the best in your new venture.
    Manoj Maurya

  18. Shafi! said

    First congratulation to Kaushalendra.
    You are bravo!!
    You are inspiration for newer generations.
    My well wishes to you and for days to be.
    Wishing you all the best for innovative concept in business


  19. Amit said

    A Man of Inspiration.
    Nothing can stop the man with the right attitude from achieving his goal.
    we definitely need a brave person like you in Bihar.

  20. mehek said

    hausle ho buland to manzil mil hi jati hai,rews aapke navodayan ki baat nirali,aapke dost bhi safal rahe,badhai

  21. Imityaz said

    Congrates Kaushlendra…! Its really tough to take such decesion..Who and how u got this inspiration..Plz do share at anmolimtiyaz@gmail.com

  22. dr tanaji said

    hi grt step indeed. i am sure nothing is going to stop u. all the best to u.


  23. Imityaz said

    Great work done Rewa..U too the strong condidate for being apraised…Its u only who try to keep all navodayan in one single string..!

  24. roushan said

    लक्ष्मण रेखा के दास तटों तक जाकर फिर आते हैं
    वर्जित समुद्र मे नाव लिए स्वाधीन वीर ही जाते हैं

    प्रिय कौशलेंद्र,
    सही शिक्षा इंसान को तमाम झूठी ज़ंजीरों से मुक्त करती है, ये अपने दिखा दिया. अपने कौशल का उपयोग अपने बनाए रास्तों पर चलने में करके आपने तमाम लोगों को प्रेरणा दी है कि वो भी बने बनाए रास्तों पर चलने क़ी जगह उड़ान क़ी तैयारी करें.
    हम सब आपकी सफलता और आपकी सफल उड़ान क़ी कामना करते हैं

  25. Hi Kaushlendra,

    This comment have been sent to me for you and for whole navodaya family. I hope you will be happy to read it.

    Dear Rewa,

    Congratulation on the success of another of your alumni. Hope they keep rising in life. Our best wishes with them. I think Navodaya system deserves accoladed and appreciation for the amount of hard work they put in for shaping/ moulding the lives of so many young lives.

    Thanks for sharing the good news with us ( CII-Shiksha).

    Best Regards,
    Narinder Bhatia

    This is also for you.

    Heartiest congratulations to the NVS family.

    -Kamlesh Mittal

  26. Hi All,

    It’s great to read all of you here, thanks for your kind words and affection! I am sure kaushlendra will get inspired to do more and more for our society!

    I hope soon Kaushlendra will be supplying fresh vegetables for navodaya children! Kaushal, keep it up.


  27. Kali said

    Hats off to you Kaushalendra.
    You are a brave soul, brother. I will tell about you to my children and make them remember you.

    My best wishes and regards.


  28. Kunal said

    Sanju bhai..kya suggestion diya hai….ekdam mast hai…will definitely work….Aur Kaushal Sir….your work would be a milestone…we can give appreciations in terms of words only, but they can not compare with the heartfelt unsaid unknown feelings of gratitude and celebrations that the smiles of the hungry farmers whom you would give them recognition and a good income and the relief of old people who have no one to buy vegetables to, would express….and those smiles are worth hundreds of lives and need I say you have done it all in a single life….could a feeling of ‘jealous and awe’ be suppressed from normal but very selfish souls like me….Good luck and best wishes sir….on a lighter note…have you not already committed a big mistake by making your address public!!!!

  29. Kishor Wadhe said

    Bold and brave decision for Indian society and Horsekick to those who sing the glory of being out of India.

    All the best Kaushalendra.

  30. Rajesh said

    Great Work!!
    WIsh Him Good Luck!

  31. mehek said

    that was anice article link rews,hmmm great steps ur friend has taken,hope he opens his chains all over india as he has predicted.

  32. Humi Navodaya ho…..re-vibrated in the ears….

    Kaushalendra, I guess you are not doing any social service there. But you are implementing some Mega Business plan starting from the micro level, working with larger mass – called as Aam Aadmi..Best of luck dear..

    Thanks Rewa for the info…

  33. Jitender Singh said

    Kaushlendra reacts to his profession says, “Every one seems to be migrating from here, I wanted to do something for my people.”
    Great Kaushlendra you are proud of the nation as well as of Navodaya. People like you are very few in our country who think the way you think. Hats off to people like you.

    Jitender Singh

  34. Bachchan ji ki ek poem dal rahi hun jo ham ncert ki hindi text book mein padh chuke hein!

    अग्नि पथ!

    अग्नि पथ! अग्नि पथ! अग्नि पथ!

    वृक्ष हों भले खड़े,
    हो घने, हो बड़े,
    एक पत्र-छॉंह भी मॉंग मत, मॉंग मत, मॉंग मत!
    अग्नि पथ! अग्नि पथ! अग्नि पथ!

    तू न थकेगा कभी!
    तू न थमेगा कभी!
    तू न मुड़ेगा कभी!-कर शपथ! कर शपथ! कर शपथ!

    यह महान दृश्‍य है-
    चल रहा मनुष्‍य है
    अश्रु-श्‍वेद-रक्‍त से लथपथ, लथपथ, लथपथ!
    अग्नि पथ! अग्नि पथ! अग्नि पथ!

    रचनाकार: हरिवंशराय बच्चन

  35. arindam said

    its really an appreciating and innovative move…………

  36. rachna said

    great story

  37. Surya said

    After MISHRA from IIT…now KAUSHLENDRA from IIM…..REAL torch bearers and LEADING from the BOTTOM of rural India to build a MODERN India.


  38. scientistjha said

    Something very different!

  39. Rewa di,
    kaushalendra is really a great example in front of us.
    One who neglected the luxuary an opted for social service, getting great knowledge from IIM.

    A person with a IIM education, ofcourse would have some great vision to accomplishe.

    To fulfill a big dream, we should begin from the root and i hope, he opted for that, which one can never attain on working oh higher profie directly.

    Surely one day he is going to bring down a great change, the place from where he started his work.

    Salute to him and his vision

  40. himanshu said

    inspiring stuff……….we are proud of u kaushalendra

  41. Hi, his efforts are really appreciable.No doubt, Bihar has produced enough talents but very few think to utilise their talen to improve the condition of their native place.
    Bravo to Kaushalendra.We are proud of you.

  42. Anonymous said

    hii kaushalendra… it’s really a different way nd m certain that u type people can make d bihar a leading state nd india a developed country …nd i m centpercent wid u in this pious work ,may god give u success nd strength

  43. Vivekanand said

    Hi all,

    Now IIM can proud to be legacy of Kellog Business School , Harward and Wharton, any B school known for his alumnus, what alma matters do and what they perform. In earlier days IIM has just Produced CEOs and ever best CEOs strategist, but a few entrepreneur. For Every mile stone a person has to take bold and brave initiative, its actaul proud for IIM including entire Indian B school and Govt intiative specially JNV known for Excellence and last but not least all well wisher including parents which made feel really extravagant step by other foreign B school like INSEAD France, Entrepeneurial Skill we always talk whenver we deliver lectures in B School. Being IIM topper and turning in unorganised retails ector which ahs just 3% organised is you can say entering in the tough and challenging market, but if you would see the future prospects of Indian re tail sector thats aninomous very good and Walmart Starbucks every world class Gaint put up their money in Indian retail, so how do you achieve this thing, because creating a Market space in Indian Market is somehow easy but sustaining that postion is some how great

    All the Best dude, from a Researchers Side, its Bold and brave initiaive and admirable step on market rposepctive take every step boldly act according to world Investment and Economic Climate and Prove yourself as Indian Enterpreneur like as Most vusionary of Indian Business Mr D.B. Ambani.

    Again for any query and Help from World Research Desk i would be helpful, From the researchers Desk god bless you !!!

    Thanks And Regards
    Senior Consultant
    United Nations Development Programme
    An Autonomus Body of UNO
    Economic & Rural Research
    SAARC Region
    Lodhi Estate
    Coutnry Office India New Delhi

  44. dpu said

    Ok, I am really proud of you Kaushalendra that you are taking this intiative to help people in Patna. I am from Patna myself and I am a Navodayan as well. best of luck with everything.

  45. Anand Murti said


  46. Ajit barnwal said

    hi all
    1st to congrats to kaushlendra bhaiya..for his gr8 & brave step…
    i hav heard dis news 1st on tv dat make me proud by his innovative step….after knowng dat he belongs to our navodaya family dat gave me unbounded pleasure ..
    we r proud of u…!!!!!!

  47. gaurav kumar said

    hi all
    congrats kauslendra bhaiya… maine times now par ye news dekha…this is an exemplry act
    jo main kahna chahta hoon wo to bakiyon ne kah hin diya

    we navodayan once again pledge to serve this great nation to the max of our strength, without any selfishness..

  48. nikhil said

    @ Kaushlendra

    greeeeaaaaaattt yaar…
    Even i can sugest ideas on same lines to mek my people independant yaar…..sahi hai..!!

  49. vishwajit said

    hi bro,
    first, Congrates to u for ur grand success
    may god full-fill ur all dreams cm true….
    all the best!!

  50. Very nice!!

  51. […] Navodayan and an IIM topper plus gold medalist, Kaushalendra is nominated for PEPSI MTV youth Icon yr 2008! This award has been given to Rahul dravid, […]

  52. Really proud of …

  53. sameer said

    hi navodayans we all miss mr. pritam kr. he is still alive in every navodayans soul.

  54. sabir said

    mr. arindam pankaj sir dept. of science. he is really a rocking teacher.

  55. DIWAKAR KUMAR said

    hai boss very nice strategy u select for ur organisation.
    i m from bihar nd belonging from agriculture famile.righ noe im
    in profetional course(mba).i want to be apart of ur organisation
    so i would like also to contribute my effort with u.

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