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We think, decide and act together!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 28, 2017

Dear All,

We JNVK alumni are organizing medical camp for flood affected areas in various places of our district Katihar. Our coordinators right from the first batch to the recent batch are involved in this team work. The end to end workflow goes from planning to implementing the programs to fulfill our core objective. However we do keep analysing and evaluating ourselves from time to time in order to improve our team spirit and efficiency.

We work as team  where entire JNVK family is involved in playing an important role in this worst situation. The food packaging is being done by our lovely students under the guidance of our teachers at JNVK campus as advised by DM sir.


Medicines are being donated by our own alumni, Amit Chaudhary bhaiya, Abhinav bhaiya, and Alok bhaiya who are also coordinating with people who can make things possible at ground level. We have received medicines for upcoming 10 camps. We are playing double entry role under the guidance of our BigB Dr. Rahul Bhaiya who is guiding us from Singapore.

Our brothers and sisters on the ground who make things happen positively are to be appreciated more than anything else because it would not have been possible without them. The coordination between us enables smoother movement towards our target. We are trying to cover all the  flood affected areas and its going on well, kudos to our heroes Reza Bhaiya and Ranjeet bhaiya. Seeing us, other organizations have also come to conduct medical camps in the same area the next day. Chauki, kadwa block is one of the example of it, where more than 250 people turned up in a day. Samaili is another example of it.

at chauki

Donations and Funds part is being taken care of by Rajkishor and others. All our recent batch coordinators are spreading the message in social media so that we can get donation from all the corners.

Let’s sing together to show up that Hami Navoday Hon… !


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Let’s Get-Together at JNV Katihar!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 25, 2017

Dear Navodayans,

We are going to organize a Get Together @JNVKatihar, Bihar on 23rd, 24th and 25th in the month of December 2017. This is decided after having the discussion with DM of Katihar.

Most important, this is exclusively for JNVK Alumni. As we all know that we are working/living/studying in various places of India. By hosting this meet at our lovely campus, our aim will be twofold: First, to know each other and propose for future plan through our mutual discussion. Secondly, to make this event a memorable event via our interaction as we know for the development of any action, interaction is very important.

It will be a meet for three days. We will publish the objectives of this meet soon. The chief guests and guests, who are going to interact and motivate the alumni, will not be a surprise this time. All the JNVK alumni are invited for this meeting. Think, Decide and kindly confirm your availability so that we can PROCEED accordingly. We want to know roughly how many of alumni will gather for the event so that we can make better arrangements.

Dear friends, we can’t return what navodaya has given us but at least we can try to give back to the society as much as possible by participating in this event. Our little effort can shape the future of those growing navodayans. We request everybody to please feel free to put your ideas/views in order to make this event memorable and successful and also to carry forward the torch of responsible JNV alumni and students.

For any further query or assistance, please feel free to write us on: jnv.ainaa@gmail.com

Or you may kindly call any one of us:

Pranay Punj[9771162090], Rewa Smriti[9650855809], Ranjeet Jaiswal[8083003800], Rajkishor,[9619500732], Reza [8051347292], Sourabh[9618303034] Abhilesh[8296776624], Gaurav[07070032627]

 Let’s get – together to motivate each others!!!


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What kind of education can be imparted by a person who cannot even watch his own behavior?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 3, 2017

It’s been 6 years now, we have lost Iqbal sir and since then JNVK has changed so much. Over time, his loss became more acute for JNV Katihar. Within few year, result went down. Forget result, Navodaya is more than this! Not only result, if truth be told, the whole school environment and morality is deteriorating day by day which is unfavorable for a residential school culture.

Few months back when I heard some indigestible news about unethical actions from few of my juniors that disturbed me a lot and I couldn’t stop myself to visit the place, where I have spent golden days of my life.

It is highly unethical and immoral! Any principal or higher authority of any school, be it new or old for the campus, having the administrative powers of entire school, should be more responsible towards his/her action. They must have ethics and moral values by virtue. Nevertheless, nowadays, the people who are newly posted in school to lead the administration are lacking the moral value and character. It is sad that,they are not aware of residential school culture and its values.

Most administrators spend a most of their time dealing with school discipline and behavior. It seems few spiritless people have joined educational institution and have their own axe to grind as they don’t have any other options. Such people will never be able to impart a quality education to students when they themselves don’t know what they are doing. When you don’t have a moral value to play in front of children/students, you don’t deserve such a dignified place for your unethical activity.  We respect and value our teachers and it’s not honor that one can “demand” for, but something that has to be “earned”!!!

What kind of education can be imparted by such a person who cannot even watch his own behavior???? Misuse of powers at such a position should be acted upon very strictly by higher authorities. But I don’t know why they are unable to act accordingly.

Schools are the ideal places to inculcate values in our children, including how to build ‘CHARACTER’ and make good choices down the road. There are some people who may have some goodness in them, they have a certain code of morals and values that they live by, and this keeps them “grounded”.

I strongly feel that the culture of a school determines the frequency of successful students. Any School would always be interested in three kinds of outcomes: “Skills” to be able to do something, “knowledge” to be able to differentiate between right and wrong, and “Character” to develop good habits and virtue.  Most importantly, it’s about promoting ethics, values, and behavior in building a positive and productive person.  It’s everything we do that influences the kind of human beings we become.

This is ironical that some pathetic people are there to build character of the students.

I always believed and followed “Don’t respect person or position, Respect BEHAVIOUR!” I will forgive anything you do in your life, because it doesn’t matter to me. However, if any of your action leaves negative impact on the campus, we the alumni of Navodaya will be shameful for such people/administration/higher authority. We always make sure that they hear our say and will do whatever we can to make things right.”

We have decided not to hide anything so that other people get benefit of it and raise their voice against immoral acts.

Hami Navoday Hon…

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Please help Suresh defeat cancer!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on December 19, 2016

Dear Friends,

Our brother is in real need today for his treatment. And he depends on us at this moment of his life. I will request you earnestly to donate for this cause. Whatever be the amount donated by you, it counts for him. We all know: It takes drop by drop to fill a pitcher. So, do not hesitate over the amount contributed. Be it big or small, it will go with your feelings for your brother and help him recover.

Our brothers and sisters at Delhi can also donate blood to him. His blood group is A+. Those who are in NCR/Delhi and willing to donate blood to Suresh, kindly contact us. We will be grateful to them.

We are approaching our JNV Alumni groups, family and friends to help raise the minimum required amount of Rupees 9,50,000. At the same time, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been supporting this cause : Please help suresh to fight cancer.

Some donations have come to the account of Rajkishor while some of have donated through other channels including Milap. The details of contribution made to Raj’s account and summary of donation are given below:



For contribution, the account details are:

Name: Rajkishor Rajak

SBI A/c: 10426086232
SBI Branch Code: 11672
SBI Branch Name: Link Road, Mulund Branch, Mumbai

Email id: raajkishor@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9619500732

Note: Please email/call/sms once any amount is transferred, if possible. We will publish details of all such transactions as we have been doing so far.

We are also accepting cheque that is to be issued in favour of Director, AIIMS, New Delhi and please contact Manish Kumar (mobile no 9582218868) to handover cheques.


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Kindly contribute to save a family…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 17, 2016

Dear All,

I would like to mention about one of our brothers named Rupesh Kumar from J.N.V Katihar of 2008-2015 batch. He was preparing for IIT JEE, and qualified for NIT last year. But he dropped it and is preparing for IIT JEE again. He has been a sincere and laborious student throughout.

The economic background of Rupesh is not good. His elder brother (whose monthly income is about 5.5 Thousand) has been the only source of income to his family, and most of his income was dedicated to Rupesh’s study (about 4 Thousand per month). Very unfortunately, last Saturday Rupesh’s brother met with a major accident in which his head was badly damaged and thigh fractured. He is currently admitted in PARAMOUNT Hospital PVT, Siliguri. A Major operation has been done and still the treatment is continuing, while he is still unconscious. The expenditure per day at the hospital is about 30 thousand rupees, and until now huge money has been spent. So it is not possible to save a family from this worst situation without our economic support. To help, we on behalf of AINAA, would like to request you to please come forward and help the family financially as much as you can. We all would be very much grateful for this kind act.

For contribution, the account details are:

Name: Rajkishor Rajak

SBI A/c: 10426086232
SBI Branch Code: 11672
SBI Branch Name: Link Road, Mulund Branch, Mumbai

Email id: raajkishor@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9619500732

Note: Please email/call/sms once any amount is transferred, if possible. We will publish details of all such transactions as we have been doing so far.



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Suggest the month for Get Together@JNV Katihar in 2012!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on July 9, 2012

Dear All,

The Navodaya story needs no introduction. Neither does one need to quantify the extraordinary efforts that this institution has been putting to provide a platform of growth for innumerable rural youth across India. Those who have had the fortune of transiting from childhood to adolescence in this cradle, cherish the time spent there as one of the best years of their life. Time unfolds another year but memories keep you ever near…

Many times it’s our actions, not just our words that really speak what our heart feels.  I am sure many of us fondly call Navodaya as our second family. Let us not forget our responsibilities and duties towards this family.  It’s high time we put in efforts to contribute to its betterment, so that many more like us can cherish similar or better experiences, for many more years to come.

Many of us have already been giving so much back to the Navodaya family and have been contributing in various ways to this society. Furthering the same efforts, we are planning for a Get-Together at JNV Katihar, Bihar. It is being planned as a two day event. We need each one of you, so we request everybody to come forward and kindly suggest months /dates for Get-Together so that we can ensure maximum turnaround.

Let us all brainstorm to zero down a best set activities to be conducted in two days to ensure that we have sufficient interaction with the administration/students to understand the challenges that they face and discuss among ourselves to dwell on how and where can we make ourselves useful for them. While, doing all this, let’s also keep scope for ourselves to live those lovely days once again.

We would appreciate if you could all pour your ideas regarding anything and everything about this event. Let us spend enough time and chalk out the most effective plan. We value your opinion and would appreciate your kind feedback and support in whatever form.

Please also login to http://www.jnvalumni.com/


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Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 18, 2012

Here is some content of an email that  I have received from Abhijit. I am sharing his poem below.

Hi Di,

It was 6th may when i was with Iqbal sir and Aarti mam in the same coach in seemanchal express while coming to Delhi from katihar and as you know I was one among the fortunate to go for many sports tour with Madan sir. I am speechless….I don’t know what to write ……some time its better to be silent but if something comes to my mind after the accident, it is all about shattering faith in almighty …..and then today I got another news regarding one more navodayan, Kundan is no more. I can not stop myself and I have written something…a poem on behalf of navodaya parivar….its actually my anger against GOD.

वेदना पर वेदना की
मार बढती जा रही है
लथपथ नयन,संवेदना की
धार बढती जा रही है

सोचता किसको मैं कोसूं
भाग्य को या वक़्त को
या की मिथ्या है जगत
अभिव्यंजना “अनुरक्त” को

जो बना सकते धरा को
स्वर्ग, उनको छीनता है
है नहीं देवत्व, भगवन
ये तुम्हारी दीनता है

यह तुम्हारा प्रेम है तो
प्रेम अपने पास रख ले
और जमी पे आ अभी
मेरे गम का स्वाद चख ले

हिल गया हूँ प्रेम की इस
वेदना की मार से
डर गया हूँ इस जगत में
हे प्रभु तेरे प्यार से

है अगर निस्वार्थ तू तो
क्यूँ नहीं ये सोचता है
और मेरे नीड़ से त्रिन त्रिन
भला क्यों नोचता है

सेकड़ो के वे नयन थे
और थे खुद राह भी
भोगी होगा तू प्रभु
हम अगणित के आह की

है तेरी बिगड़ी जो दृष्टि
नवोदय परिवार पे
हम भी करते है विनय
हे प्रभु बड़े प्यार से

जो गए तेरे गगन पे
तुम उन्ही से सीख लेना
और जितनी भी जरूरत
ज्ञान की सब भीख लेना

मेरे इस छोटे से घर से
क्यों मोतियों को लूटता है
तेरे हर इस कृत्य पर
विश्वास तुझपर टूटता है

भक्त है तेरे प्रभु हम
और ये मेरा अधिकार भी है
तू जहाँ का है खुदा
वो मेरा संसार भी है

बंद कर दे “प्रेम वर्षा”
“जल” से भी हम जल रहे हैं
तू नहीं समझेगा, कितने
पीड़ में हम चल रहे हैं!

This above poem is a tribute to our beloved Iqbal sir and Madan sir and a dear friend Kundan.

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The great Principal and Motivator, Iqbal Ahmad sir is no more!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 11, 2012

It’s a bad day for entire navodaya family, especially for the alumni, students, teachers and staffs of JNV katihar. It is heart breaking and shocking news for us. We have lost a great soul, our loving principal, Mr. Iqbal Ahmad.  He is expired today around 6:00pm. He met with a road accident while he was going to Ranchi.

The fact success and failure of a school depends upon the principal and he was a vardaan for JNV katihar.  He was not only a good administrator but was also a kind heart person. He taught us biology when we were there and his wife Aarti mam was our English teacher. May god give her enough strength and courage to bear this great irreparable loss and pain.

Iqbal sir was a visionary with a golden heart, was always there for everyone.  He was honored for his dedication to teaching, his inspiring work and so humble in his way.  More than a Principal he was a great teacher, a mentor, a guide and the motivator….We will miss you sir! I can’t write anything more about him now as I am unable to accept that he is no more.

The message quoted below is written by our Ali sir who is also a principal now.

Bhai Iqbal Ahmad Sb; Why did you leave us so early and so quickly?You did not like us to be with you for many a long days to come?You were so dear to us and are still dear to us and will remain dear to us forever. But perhaps you are and definitely you are more dearer to the Almighty Who snatched such a good person , a good colleague, a good friend …..from us and called nearer to Him only.My days with you as competing teachers , as rival Housemasters ,an ideal and successful Organizer, as a caring brother all flashes together in my memory.Your smiling face brings stream of tears in my eyes and my vision gets blurred . I’m failing to concentrate.You promised me only a few days back to visit my Vidyalaya after Principals’ Conference to catch the train from here only, but instead you left for your Heavenly Abode so quickly.I used to enjoy to see you receiving many Prizes for your best achievements only due to your sincerity and dedication.All became a matter of past in a moment and that by an accident only? Oh Almighty! “Tujhse kya shiqayat karen aur kaise karen bas ye elteja sun le ke tu hamare aziz-o- yaar ko Ba hifazat rakhna”(Amen)!

I just got to know that we have lost our PET teacher Madan sir in same incident.

May their souls rest in PEACE…..You will be always remembered in loving memory by all of us. Forever…

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