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Making It Count

Resume making/ Job queries/ Interview questions/ Technical clarification/ Internships/ Career and Psychological Counseling!

Dear Friends,

Welcome You! As you know getting job is ultimate aim of most of the youth, so to help you further please help us. We are here because we want to be there for you!

Do use this space to shoot your queries or doubts related to technical or non technical during job hunt process. We have many JNVians who are already in Software/Hardware, Technical/Nontechnical, banking, Language expertise or any domain that you name.

Many times it so happens that we make resume as we think but it may or may not reach recruiters expectation. So make sure, you make your resume in such a way that it gathers recruiter attention. Do take help from others before you submit your resume.

Also, sometime your resume gets selected but you may need reference so that it eases the process, go ahead and ask for references.  We are for you and you can get help from your seniors and friends on the same.

You don’t know ABCD of interview process, you fail to clear it or feel tough to find what’s going on inside, so be prepared before you attend any company. Ask relevant person for the same. Don’t be shy. Let us help you discover the right way for you to find a right place.

Well, now you have cleared your 1st round of interview and you did not understand why you were not shortlisted for next round, so do clarify your doubts with respect to interview process, interview questions, difficulty in concepts, dos and don’ts. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

We understand that choosing the right job can be difficult at times. We offer free consulting for anyone and we have dedicated team members who are ready to assist you with any questions that you might have on Resume making / Job queries/ Interview questions/ Technical clarification!

You may send your resume on: rewa_smritib4u@yahoo.co.in



4 Responses to “Making It Count”

  1. satish said

    Thanks Shwetha and Nagesh, we got your resumes and you can expect further communication from us. we will try to do our best.

  2. arshad said

    hi di, i have sent my resume. thanks for the concern.

  3. satish said

    in my company tellabs, i have 8 requirements for experienced people. you should have 3 yr of minimum experience and I am looking for networking resume, testing experience in networking domain. people with networking background, certifications are added advantage. so if any of you looking to make your carrier in mobility, mobile routers, send me your profile. I will refer you in my company. do hurry up …. spread this to ur friends.

  4. Ashu said


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