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RIP Jyoti! she has donated her eyes to the world!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 18, 2018

Dear All,

Our beloved sister Jyoti (JNV Vaishali) passed away just an hour back. Its very painful to lose someone. But while leaving us, she left her everlasting impression in our hearts by donating her eyes to the world.

jyoti no more

ज्योति जाते जाते अपनी आखों की ज्योति दे गयी…

We will always remember her for her fighting spirit.  She is the first Navodayan to do this. She has set an example for all of us to live for others. She has truly followed our moto of ‘giving back to the society’.  We now feel more committed to live for our cause and upto the expectation of upcoming Navodayans.

Serving others is “our Culture”, caring for others is in “our Nerves” and living for others is “our Mission!”



2 Responses to “RIP Jyoti! she has donated her eyes to the world!!”

  1. Ashish said

    Rest in Peace Jyoti di…… You’ll alive forever in our 💓…Bhagwan aapki aatma ko shanti pradan kare…. Om Shanti…!!!

  2. VIKAS MITTAL said

    Very Sad of hearing her demise. Only brave like her can set the example of such great donation.

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