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Call for Contributors: Jobs for Navodayans!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 11, 2018

Dear All,

I am writing to introduce you to our newest initiative – AINAA Jobs for Navodayans. The need for such a networking service has been felt for a long time. The overall objective of this service will be to regularly monitor and share job opportunities in companies/ organisations/ networks where Navodayans are working or have a strong hold. It aims to leverage the collective network capital of Navodaya’s Alumni.

To achieve this, we plan to form a core group of contributors from various sectors. We would like to call upon Alumni working in IT, electronics, engineering, management, consulting and advisory firms, e-commerce, human resource management, financial and banking sector, NBFCs, social entrepreneurs, non-profits etc. to come forward and nominate themselves as AINAA Job Contributor. We will get in touch with those who are interested in contributing towards this.

The role of contributors will be to identify job options and subsequently share the same on this group and our WhatsApp Network. An exclusive group for contributors has been formed to ensure smooth coordination and moderation of job postings.

I sincerely believe that such a service will not only strengthen our Alumni network but would also help fresh graduates from Navodaya who are looking for a new job or those who even want a job change. Therefore, let’s build on Navodaya’s collective network capital.

Thanks, and regards

Tej Prakash Yadav
AINAA Jobs Team!


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