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AINAA: an ethical journey without controversy!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 14, 2018

Dear All

In light of the recent event of circulation of a video made by a fellow Navodayan conveying disappointment about another organisation and its working methods, AINAA wants to clarify that it has not been done on our behalf. We are in no way associated with the making and circulation of the mentioned video. AINAA’s name has been used in the video without permission.

AINAA was formed in 2004 as the first alumni association of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. It was registered in 2009 by the same name. In this journey we have joined hands with alumni from every state, worked on many causes – relating to alumni, current students, teachers and on other social issues. We strictly adhere to our motive of helping students, alumni and teachers. AINAA has never been associated itself with conflicts and controversies. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with integrity even in adverse situations. AINAA’s work speaks for itself and we don’t engage in petty politics, within and outside the organisation.

We have contacted the maker of the video to convey our displeasure over the use of the name AINAA. We take no responsibility for the actions, legal or otherwise, emerging from this video for the maker. We don’t associate ourselves with the views expressed. The name and logo of AINAA are registered properties and the use of the same without affiliation and permission of AINAA can invite consequences for the user.

AINAA was, and always will be open to the dedicated Navodayan who want to contribute in a positive and ethical manner.

On behalf of AINAA Team
Shweta Sharma


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