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What kind of education can be imparted by a person who cannot even watch his own behavior?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 3, 2017

It’s been 6 years now, we have lost Iqbal sir and since then JNVK has changed so much. Over time, his loss became more acute for JNV Katihar. Within few year, result went down. Forget result, Navodaya is more than this! Not only result, if truth be told, the whole school environment and morality is deteriorating day by day which is unfavorable for a residential school culture.

Few months back when I heard some indigestible news about unethical actions from few of my juniors that disturbed me a lot and I couldn’t stop myself to visit the place, where I have spent golden days of my life.

It is highly unethical and immoral! Any principal or higher authority of any school, be it new or old for the campus, having the administrative powers of entire school, should be more responsible towards his/her action. They must have ethics and moral values by virtue. Nevertheless, nowadays, the people who are newly posted in school to lead the administration are lacking the moral value and character. It is sad that,they are not aware of residential school culture and its values.

Most administrators spend a most of their time dealing with school discipline and behavior. It seems few spiritless people have joined educational institution and have their own axe to grind as they don’t have any other options. Such people will never be able to impart a quality education to students when they themselves don’t know what they are doing. When you don’t have a moral value to play in front of children/students, you don’t deserve such a dignified place for your unethical activity.  We respect and value our teachers and it’s not honor that one can “demand” for, but something that has to be “earned”!!!

What kind of education can be imparted by such a person who cannot even watch his own behavior???? Misuse of powers at such a position should be acted upon very strictly by higher authorities. But I don’t know why they are unable to act accordingly.

Schools are the ideal places to inculcate values in our children, including how to build ‘CHARACTER’ and make good choices down the road. There are some people who may have some goodness in them, they have a certain code of morals and values that they live by, and this keeps them “grounded”.

I strongly feel that the culture of a school determines the frequency of successful students. Any School would always be interested in three kinds of outcomes: “Skills” to be able to do something, “knowledge” to be able to differentiate between right and wrong, and “Character” to develop good habits and virtue.  Most importantly, it’s about promoting ethics, values, and behavior in building a positive and productive person.  It’s everything we do that influences the kind of human beings we become.

This is ironical that some pathetic people are there to build character of the students.

I always believed and followed “Don’t respect person or position, Respect BEHAVIOUR!” I will forgive anything you do in your life, because it doesn’t matter to me. However, if any of your action leaves negative impact on the campus, we the alumni of Navodaya will be shameful for such people/administration/higher authority. We always make sure that they hear our say and will do whatever we can to make things right.”

We have decided not to hide anything so that other people get benefit of it and raise their voice against immoral acts.

Hami Navoday Hon…


10 Responses to “What kind of education can be imparted by a person who cannot even watch his own behavior?”

  1. Abhilesh said

    He deserve termination without any pension..bcz wherever samiti transfer him students of that Navodaya will suffer..i have never ever seen principal like him..yukkk

  2. “Teacher speaking has great impact on students, teacher unspoken has even greater impact”
    I think your writing is going to address such deviation. It is the time when alumni has to act to restore old glory.

  3. akkiprity said

    As a alumni of jnv ktr is nt right to say our school is bad .but condition of school is now very poor. Bcz of prsnt pricipal..
    Things r doing by Students of jnvk in prvs dys
    Is tell everything about prsnt pricipal.
    May be students r nt rght 100% bt also studnts r not wrng 100%.
    School r nt going r8 way . .
    Change the pricipal . Nd gv pricipal like lt.iqbal sr .. …..

  4. akkiprity said

    Lote of reasons to blame prsnt principal.for this cndition of skul.
    Behaviour with studnts nd parents.
    No any action regarding any problems of students.
    Students r not allowed to meet principal fr any problems.
    Never visit the class room nd hostals.
    That’s my eye seen things in jnvk with prsnt principal .

  5. Md Sabir Alam said

    Di. I just went through your article. It’s well articulate and powerful.
    It drives our point in the most polite way possible.

    Though i personally don’t know anything about the incumbent principal , neither have i met him, through your article and feedbacks from my friends and Juniors i am compelled to believe the person must be terribly selfish and incompetent for such a prestigious and influential position.

    I hope the NVS takes the matter as serious as it really is as the career and future of a the current and batches would be greatly influenced by the person leading them. It’s necessary to oust people like these from such vital posts.

  6. Renuka singh said

    Its a very shameful to heard such type of news.. The better option is to terminate the Principal. The jnv culture is rooted in every navodayan student and if any authority destroys it in malafide intention. Its better to terminate it… I appreciate that person who saw the problm and try to stand against him.. I belong to other jnv but its a big problm and we all navodayans should stand together against it..

  7. Dr.Arjun paswan said

    Respected administrative authority of JNVS what have been goingon in JNV Katihar are too viral in news as well as all sources of communication even then proper actions are not taking place .How the JNVK will come on the track you know better .kindly apply all legal actions to control the situation .culprit principal and teachers must be transfered at least .find out the notorious students also and get the affidevit to co operate to run the institution if needed warn them too.please do not late to take action .Hope for the positive response for future’s hope

  8. अखण्ड प्रताप ज.न.वि. कानपुर देहात . उ.प्र. said

    इतनी भयावह स्थिति वो भी हम सबके उस मंदिर में जहाँ हमने अपने जीवन के सबसे बहुमूल्य पलों को बिताया है ।
    निंदनीय है कि हम सबका मार्गदर्शन करने वाले ही मार्ग भ्रमित करने वाले हो गए हैं ।
    नवोदय संभाग के प्रशासनिक विभाग को इस गंभीर समस्या का जल्द से जल्द ही निदान करना चाहिए क्योंकि ये न सिर्फ केवल एक आवासीय विद्यालय की बात है बल्कि एक ऐसे संस्थान जो कि देश का सर्वोच्च संस्थानों में से एक है उसके भविष्य एवं वहाँ के पैदा होने वाले देश के होनहार भविष्य की बात हैं ।
    इस तरह की सूचना हमेशा ही मन मे एक टीस पैदा कर देती है कि अगर हम सबको उज्ज्वल भविष्य देने वाले शिक्षक भी ऐसे ही होते तो क्या होता ?

  9. Renuka said

    Not all but few teachers are doing kind of politics in the school, they used to forget they are the lighting candle of students, inspiration among students. NVS must take some action regarding this, this kind of actions are awful and might kill the hope of students from humanity. Hope our voice may strengthen the JNV environment.

  10. kumardh said

    This is the worst case I have ever heard about any JNV. I appreciate the patience of students and parents of JNV K that they are doing a silent protest. If it was in any JNV in UP then students either burnt the principal house or beaten him up.

    They should not play with the future of the students at least for those who students who are more into study than politics . I have heard about many JNVs where students plays more politics than Teachers.

    Hope this issue get resolve soon and everything become normal.

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