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तुम निर्बाध हो, प्रवाह हो

Posted by Rewa Smriti on July 18, 2017

I am posting one of the most beautiful poem I’ve ever read. This is written by one of my very good friend, a navodayan Anurag Ranjan. He is one of my favorite poet of this era. I enjoy reading his each and every poem. His Poetrylike music, draws a picture of things or emotions to which we can relate and we can feel that again through poetry.

दिल और दिमाग के पेच में उलझी हुई
नहीं नहीं ये तो तुम हो ही नहीं सकती
तुम निर्बाध हो, प्रवाह हो
और उससे भी बड़ी बात
कि तुम मेरी लेखनी की
पहली नायिका हो
सच में!
मैं आज भी वहीं हूं
और वहीं रहना भी चाहता हूं
जहां तुम में मेरी मां दिखी थी
वह लगाव आज भी जस का तस है
सभी रिश्ते-नातों के बीच
मैं जानता हूं सबकुछ,
शायद तुम को तुमसे ज्यादा
तुम छुपा भी नहीं सकती मुझसे
तुम तो आदर्श हो, प्रेरणा हो
सोच हो, साधना हो
और इसी कसौटी पर ही
नायिका सूत्रधार बनी रहेगी
मेरी हर रचना में
अपनी लेखनी से
तुम्हें अमर करने की चाह
बस यूं ही
जो शाब्दीक भी नहीं, भाषीक भी नहीं!


2 Responses to “तुम निर्बाध हो, प्रवाह हो”

  1. dr vishwas saxena said

    I am one of the firsthand witness of early stanzas which were created around 2009 i believe—–I never thought that I shall be again commenting on this —-the poem has a canvas with projections ——-the technical fervor of yayawaree is already applauded and established attribute—-but now in this poem i see a prudent consistency of appreciation—-at times the intensity of devotion is so powerful that the situations emerge with changing scenarios again and again. I feel this poem will never end and stanza in accordance to various changes of life shall emerge again and again—I take delight in watching this divine projection—I am sure many more can view it—it will be little less to appreciate this poem—-it is vital to witness the divinity appearing —–beyond this poems comment I have something to say—–at times man commits error in locating true benefactor —–with best wishes to both poet and person portrayed i conclude

  2. its beautiful…
    plz do follow my site,if u like it.

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