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Tab Chuppi Todo…

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 5, 2017

Dear All,

I feel being silent sometimes is the best possible solution or say golden practice at times when an argument is going nowhere. But there are so many women who are suffering in silence. Please understand that remaining silent is not at all a solution of suffering.

I am posting a poem which is written by one of my loving junior Shweta from JNV Katihar, Bihar. The title of her poem “Chuppi Todo” encourages women to raise your voice against the violence.


6 Responses to “Tab Chuppi Todo…”

  1. Anushka said

    Inspiring. please encourage women.

    Rewa, women are getting harassed a lot in urban areas. One in every six women in the city is tortured by her husband. My own sister is a victim of violence by her own husband during her pregnancy also. from the date of marriage. it has happened many times, even during pregnancy it has happened 5 times. they wanted baby boy but she couldn’t give boy for that she has been tortured to the extreme extent by her husband and in laws. they wanted their son to divorce her and get married with another woman. she couldn’t open her mouth for long time, later we got to know about her worst situation and she was suffering in hell. we took her back to our house and now she is happy.

    You read this: https://www.thequint.com/india/2015/08/19/my-husband-was-abusive-throughout-our-marriage-aarti-thapar

    • Dats really inhuman n pathetic.. Now it’s high time. If people won’t speak for themselves, no one can help them. They have to speak out. It’s very true dat “Bad things doesn’t happen because of violence of bad people only, it happens because of silence of good people too.”

  2. rohit said

    रीवा खुद तुम्हारे ब्लॉग पर तो लंबी चुप्पी छाई हुई है….उसे तोड़ो तो कोई बात करें..

    वैसे श्वेता सिंह की कविता सही बात कहती है…..पर मैं इसपर एक बात कहना चाहूंगा, कि शुरूआत में ही, जो आपको पंसद न हो, उसे ‘न’ कहना सीखें, अगर न कहना ही सीख लिया, तो कई तरह कि परेशानियाों से बचा जा सकता है। अक्सर एक न के बाद हर कोई अपने कदमों को रोक लेता है।

    • Hi Rohit,

      First of all, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to write me. How are you? I was actually busy in something so I couldn’t get time to write a blog post. Now, I am back and also thank you for keeping me motivated. Ab blog per chuppi nahi rahegi. 🙂

      Well, you are very right Women must try and – just say NO! Women have a hard time saying ‘no’. Because Saying no can feel like a huge risk but then we have to take risk at certain things. As women, we have to learn to feel extremely comfortable with the word ‘no’. The word ‘no’ is the most positive term we will ever understand because the moment you say “NO”… You are going to sort out so many more problems.


  3. Gaurav Kumar Roy said

    Best One

  4. Chanchala said

    Di by listening dis I hv no words to say but Han one thing I jst want to say I can feel dis poem becz I m a girl.

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