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Very Shameful Event…

Posted by Rewa Smriti on September 21, 2014

Dear Navodayans.. I am posting this on behalf of Rewa di – Sukirti ( JNVK 2002-2007 batch). Something very bad or shall I say worst happened in our home , our JNVK. Most of you mustn’t have heard of it, so this blog is being written to inform you and asking you of help. We need your sincere help to get everything back on track in JNVK. But there is a bitter truth that all of us need to know. Thus i am sharing this status update of our Respected Ali sir. Read it, and please join hands to save our home like school. “- Sukirti

A shameful event. Upon getting to know through facebook and from some of my teacher friends from here I rang up to one of the most dedicated teacher with whom I worked there Mrs. Sunita Ghosh, Librarian Madam. The brief story she could share with me in her choked voice shook me from within. Worst, simply darindagi of a group of students. In the book of civilized society they are not deserving to be known as human beings. They don’t deserve to be called the students. JNVs spread all over India provide the facility to the students that is beyond the imagination from a country like ours where millions of people are deprived of their basic livelihoods Students fail to realize it and we the elders as the part of NVS employees and parents also measurably failed to educate them. Successful alumni should come forward to address the issues of such violent unrests that erupt often in many JNVs. The divisive roles and indifferent attitude of most of the or some of the employees are also responsible for such violent and shameful events.The policy makers also turned their deaf ears by posting employees mostly in their comfortable place for years without carrying out routine transfer. When I recall my own transfer from that place only to adjust the people of the approach and pairavi with a note reading ” Since Mr M A Ali completed his mandatory tenure of FIVE years in one place , he is transferred on Administrative Ground”( to one of the most disturbed JNV, NAWADA, Bihar). Then also many of the teachers completed more than FIVE years and now in many JNVs employees are doing many private and illegal business because of their unchallenged tenure of posting for 20-20 years in one place. As Principal I again became the victim of conspiracy of those people at JNV Darbhanga ( Bihar). I left that place for better cause but those people are still there. Many including that JNV got disturbed many times but our authorities also don’t address the real problem. Students can be very easily controlled and peaceful atmosphere can be always maintained but the real problem creators are the employees who remain unpunished and these are the people who lives with all dishonor and play with the career of students who at that age do not understand. These people also bring bad name to the institution and also make the lives of some devoted employees very pathetic to even live in such a situation. I appeal to my good students to look into the matter to give a better and long term solution to the problems of JNV Katihar. A good institution makes and shapes the destiny of generations.

“Respected sir, thank you so much. I am feeling very bad and not getting word to say anything. I remember your each word but couldn’t work upon that due to some personal reason and circumstances. I am going to work upon this. Such people need to be punished whoever they are. So, my dear navodaya friends who are willing to work on this, please join the hands together…” – Regards.Rewa Smriti


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