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…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

Golden Glow!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 30, 2014

A few months ago I was going to my home town. I was looking out of the window sitting on the lower berth in my compartment. It was a little dark in the afternoon with rain falling. I could see the beautiful sceneries that were visible from the window. I looked at those lively glowing crops. At a glance, I grasped, the way crops were heavily influenced to dance with wind on the rhythm of the breeze, as if they are trained by rain.

A few moments later, the feeling was enormous and my thoughts were being reflected in the beautiful song played by somebody, “मिट्टी की है जो ख़ुश्बू, तू कैसे भुलायेगा ….” sounds floated on the breeze. It took me on a short drive to my memory land. My heart was chirping in a tremendous way. It isn’t often that we look at certain places, listen to certain tunes and certain rhythms as belonging to a certain time to remember those moments. Sometimes nature is just trying to teach us, if we would only listen. Yes, sometimes it is!

The seven long years in school hostel…pump-pa-pump! 🙂 The school campus has boundary walls on all four sides, surrounded by green trees and the green banana plants. One can see the beautiful sceneries next to boundary wall especially in spring. A little further behind, the wheat crop turns from green to golden yellow in color. It seems like the slow wind revealing the secrets, and eventually a little movement of leaf trying to convey something to me. For a few periods the difference on color was an act in response on recognizing them. All it captured my attention exactly like how the law of attraction works. Nevertheless, it was a full practical understanding of the Law of Attraction!

Life is full of change. From one year to the next and often from one day to the next. I remembered how I occasionally used to sit there on the roof of the hostel building with my friends and watching the lovely village behind the school in winters. Yet every morning, the long grass offered an unexpected surprise especially in December, in the midst of wintry weather and when we friends even couldn’t see each other due to fog.  Being up early, we could see the dew covered ground all across the grassy carpet as if millions of diamonds were thrown onto the ground to welcome us. An exquisite beauty lies hidden between the grass and dewdrops if we could only take the time to notice.  It’s indeed, a gift and a delightful kiss of winter waves for an early riser…!

It was the treasured phase of my life. The best part was the oneness with nature. I loved seeing sunrise and sunset there every morning and evening, standing there in the vast field and watching sun retiring behind the trees; it was simply beautiful to look at.  It was like thousands of butterflies flying around me, especially, in the evening in the playground during sunset.  It was then, with some sense of excitement, its real life, real love, make me feel like I am special every day! If there is any way to ‘know’ love – any sort of way to describe or define it. Love, at least to me, includes so many things that I don’t even know where or how to begin. At that time, I never felt the real meaning of serenity.

Everything that has flashed in my mind does not find expressions in words. That phase of my life has given me so much inspiration throughout the years of my stay there. Time and again, it taught me how to improve my life by driving me to be kinder and more understanding, changing the way I see myself and the world; making me question and even strengthen my will power and values.  And to add, the waves of emotions, they kept on telling me that “Always trust yourself and your own feelings. Life is yours; you live it your way…!” Honestly, it taught me more about myself than any other person did and in return I can only say that I will always love that intimacy with the nature…

Coming back to the present from the memory lane, a few minutes later, realizing that now the years have passed.  It will always be there in my memories.  Life has taught me so much where I have come across all emotions, in shaping the person I am today. It is almost 15 years now…still those memories are fresh in the mind and bring tear to my eyes that keep rolling silently and speak a thousand unsaid words…

वक़्त का ये परिंदा रुका है कहाँ, मैं था पागल जो इसको बुलाता रहा


2 Responses to “Golden Glow!”

  1. So innocent thoughts.. loved reading it, enjoyed thoroughly.. and thought about the moments I failed to live my dream in.. though it’s ur moments I wanted as mine, not mine, (in childhood).. 🙂

  2. Lopa Sarkar said

    Great post, perfectly expressed with the emotional dips and dives of a true feelings.
    For some people, emotions are always twinkling close to the surface and feelings pour out easily when they write…. your writing makes me feel kind of like I want to cry. I just miss my schooldays. Today these moments have become sweet memories of our life. These moments are so beautiful that they make our eyes wet with a smile when we recall it.

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