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Invaluable values…!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 28, 2013

In a tête-à-tête I came across the below remark and somehow it made me smile on people’s narrow-mindedness that too when they claim that they don’t know the person about whom the below was commented.

“Unke school mein yehi sikhaate hain kya”

It somehow urged me to thank them to appreciate (though negatively) that schools teach some good values. If talked about teachings in the schools, it would take infinite number of books to be filled; however, here I would like to quote my own example just to give few glimpses of values and teachings that any school would give to its students.

My most valuable school experiences weren’t only academic. They were all about people—social skills, respect, dedication, empathy, standing for one’s right, being responsible and realizing one’s own potential. On the one hand, in the classroom, I learned that doing my best counted far more than academic ability.  On the other hand, on the sports field, I learned about winning and losing graciously. Winning never meant that I should be arrogant and losing never meant that I would feel insulted. And in both the situations we were loved, hugged and encouraged by our teachers. I personally feel-

No matter what you do for a living, no matter how old you are, and regardless of where you grew up, You will ONLY understand what I do ONLY if you were “raised” by a Teacher!!!(not only by parents).

My school has also taught me to believe in my existence, stay firm on my words and raise my voice if I find something is going wrong.

Respecting does not mean to be quite and listen to any crap and accepting mistakes does not mean that you are weak. My schooling surely taught to apologize if I am wrong and forgive if somebody realizes his/her mistake. Of course, what I have not been taught in school is to be arrogant, to interfere in others’ life without their consent, behaving selfishly and not being responsible.

I would like to ask a question here, I always wondered that how would people think that they give respect to their school or values they learnt for that matter, if they do not respect others’ schooling?

After knowing such mindsets, I feel proud of what my teachers taught me! I somehow feel to quote what my teachers would say me in those schooling days. In fact, I recently talked to my chemistry teacher, Ali sir (He is a principal, posted at JNV Murshidabad, WB now), he was repeating same thing: “My children are living within four boundary walls but I wish their thinking should be beyond these boundary walls. They must think far beyond such limited walls as they have all the qualities and capabilities”.

Remembering such words, I feel that I really learnt some values from my teachers and feel sad for people who did not learn the values given by their teachers.

I somehow remembered a song… “Sab ganda hai par dhandha hai yeh…”  Enjoy!!! 🙂


19 Responses to “Invaluable values…!!!”

  1. Chitra said

    Honestly I grew up in a very competitive environment where every thing was consider to b challenge. From academic to sports. And u won’t believe even the schools. If some one is frm a school wid less popularity he/she was seen in very lowly status. Dis article enlightened me wid the true value of school and edu. It is very bless to b frm a school where teachers teaches bout equality and humbleness . I ve seen teachers who teaches in some popular branded schools and der mind r saturated wid arrogance and yes it do reflect in der students too. It is imp. For both teachers and students to realize dat school is plce where we learn true wisdom both academic to philosophical. I personal believe its a duty of a teachers to make the student realize about the true meaning of schul.

  2. Lopa Sarkar said

    A deeply jealous person can never acknowledge that you actually have earned or even deserve the good things. Such people will always try to put down others just to feel superior to others. They will try to put down other’s parents, teachers, school. I am sure most of us have faced such people before. In life I have faced such people and now I learnt to deal with them.

  3. Dr.Ranjeeta said

    I learned a lot of things in school. Those days are unforgettable. The teachers used to tell us to never judge others!

    We evaluate and judge other people, our normal habit is to ignore our own action. I don’t like people interfering in my life. At times, its okay if we face them once or twice, but there are times when such people appear during every stage of our life, where we have to deal with them. These bothering people could be our colleagues, friends, family members or just anyone!! Nonetheless, we have to put a fine line between helping and interfering.

    I admire what you do, so do it. 🙂

  4. sukirti said

    To the person who said this line ” unke school mein yeh sikhaya hai ” , dear miss/mr/mrs.. i don’t know what you learnt during your school days, but my principal (Late Mr. Iqbal Ahmed) taught me not to judge anyone, look at yourself. It is easy to judge someone else’s action but i bet that you really don’t know Rewa di. If you would have known her the way we do, yeh line aap kabhi bolte hi ni. And one more thing i am also from the very SAME SCHOOL in which she studied, and humare school mein bht aisi baatein sikhayi jati hai jo ki shayad aur school mein ni batayi jati hai. So agar aapko kabhi bhi acchi baatein seekhni hai, please contact us, shayad aapki thinking change ho jaye and aap bhi “BOUNDARY” ke bahar sochne lago 🙂

    Hami Navodaya Hon… 🙂

  5. Dear Rewa,
    I always find in you a true spirit of humility. As a matter of fact human mind is the most powerful satellite.It is also very intelligently tuned as per the wishes of the individual who uses it very shrewdly to explain the things in their own way. The Nature provided everything in the universe, It is the individual’s choice that what type of things s/he receives and transmits to her/his heart and then shares in the society.Ye toh aastha aur biswas hi hai jisse insaan paththaron mein bhi Bhagwan ko Dhundh lete hain aur aise bhi insaanon ki kami nahin jo Bhagwan toh kya janam dene waale parents ka bhi ahsaan nahin nahin maante. Phir ye logon ki hi to ingratitude aur negative approach hamen aur achche kaam karne ki prerna detey hain.Please read these lines; ” HO AGAR KHUDNIGAR-O-KHUDGAR-O-KHUDGIR KHUDI, YE BHI MUMKIN HAI KI TU MAUT SE BHI MAR NA SAKEY”( that is if your ego is self-observing, self-building and self-examining; it is just possible that you do not die.)

  6. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    Well we were fortunate to have good education and schooling. Nevertheless now a days a phase has come when teaching has changed into a profession than a service,And thus curriculum is transacted and values remain less focussed and blame goes on school—! I like a quote from Mark Twain saying” I shall not allow my schooling interfere my education !”
    Secondly in todays world education is changing into an enterprise and the end products are not humans but human resource worth marketable.!
    One of our visionary president Dr Zakir Hussain once inaugurating school quoted that
    ” I have inaugurated a building I hope a school runs here.!”
    As value are never taught they are caught all that we can do is lets share our treasure of values to coming generation and keep the torch burning.All the best



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  7. Antra said

    I agree with you in ur each n every words..
    I also share the same feelings as you..emotions were so nicely described..
    All i would like to say..’this is what we are’ n
    this is what we r being taught in school..not to insult others schooling or parenting.


    I do not want to compare my Schooling with other’s schools or educational institutions, but from very beginning of our education life our teachers taught us about moral science and values. I still remember (actually can’t forget, I will remember till my last breath) those situations when I was distracted from my track just before Higher Secondary final exam and Ali sir (Honorable Principal of JNV Murshidabad, West Bengal) lead me to the way of my track and also taught me how to stand in life. He taught me how to respect peoples and how to realize for mistake and feel apologize for the same.

    and To the person who said this line “unke school mein yeh sikhaya hai”…. I am totally disagree with you. You should do some self-reflection. I want you to learn to respect others and be responsible.

    Well said Antra, this is what we are and this is what we are being taught in our schools…not to insult others schooling or parenting.

  9. Renuka said

    Dear Diii..

    I don’t know why people say so, Me too faced this lot of time, & heard talking people as you mentioned above “yehi sikhaya hai tmare school me && lot of things like as well” But all who blame & ping something alike, they are already very clear that as per our culture & moral understanding, A school is always to grow up best in a child, A school will never ever teach you indiscipline like go and abuse others. Sometimes i noticed, when people start comparing a childhood mistake with the teaching system of school, nobody can understand. Parents & Teachers are enormous part of a student’s success & discpline, everybody knows, and A school always do the really hard work of raising children with selfless love and patience and sacrifice that make children grow up relatively happy and well adjusted, self-respecting and self-disciplined, intelligent and ethical. It was my experience i came up with, as per my schooling. Relating a mistake with school system is stupidity, i dnt think is fine.. In case if people still keep blaming schools, i guess they’re raising a feeling of insecurity towards that school and jealous of our school system, they must understand that a mistake could be happen anytime,anywhere & by anybody, why do people forget their own schooling, where in same manner another next person is criticizing.

  10. Ranit Sarkar said

    Well said ashish bro. Ali Sir is great

  11. Akhand pratap said

    प्रिय पाठको, आप सभी को मेरा नमस्कार..

    सर्वप्रथम मैं आप लोगो को अवगत करना चाहूंगा के मैं हिंदी में अपना विचार प्रस्तुत कर रहा हूँ ताकि उन पाठको को पढ़ने में आसानी हो जाये जो लोग मेरी तरह इंग्लिश पढ़ने में थोडा असहज महसूस करते है..या कई प्रयासो के उपरांत भी कुछ संवादो का अर्थ नहीं समझ पाते है..

    सुनने में बहुत अजीब लगता है ये प्रश्न ” “उनके स्कूल में यही सिखाया जाता है क्या..?”
    बड़ी ही दयनीय स्थिति में वह व्यक्ति होगा जो इस तरह के बेतुके प्रश्न को पूछता होगा.. शब्दो के अभाव में वह व्यक्ति खुद को सही साबित करने एवं खुद को सबसे अच्छा साबित करने हेतु अपना अंतिम प्रयास स्वरुप यह प्रश्न पूछ बैठता है..

    हमें हमारे स्कूल ने क्या सिखाया है, ये तो केवल हम लोग ही जानते है.. वह व्यक्ति तो एक मुर्ख मात्र बन के रह जाता है जब हम गर्व से सोचते है के हमें हमारे स्कूल (मेरा स्कूल जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय माती कानपूर देहात उत्तर प्रदेश है ) ने समाज को एक नजर से देखना सिखाया है .. बिना कोई जाति भेद के एक साथ रहना सिखाया है..

    मेरे अंदर बड़ा ही दयाभाव उत्पन्न होता है उस व्यक्ति के प्रति जो ये प्रश्न पूछकर जानने का इक्ष्छुक होता है आखिरकार हमें हमारे स्कूल ने क्या सिखाया है…?

    शायद वह व्यक्ति रिश्तों को समझने में असक्षम होगा. जब चार दोस्त बिना जाति भेद जाने एक ही थाली में इस तरह भोजन खाते है जैसे मॉं ने अपने चार बच्चो को एक ही थाली में भोजन देकर कहा है कि कोई कम ज्यादा नही बराबर ही खाएगा और वो चारो माँ की बात सुने बिना बस अपनों जुगाड़ में लग जाते है .. उस क्षण का आनंद केवल हम जानते हैं.. क्यूँकि हमें हमारे स्कूल ने एक साथ भोजन करना सिखाया है.. ये सिखाया है कि भोजन जाति भेद या अमीर गरीब देखकर पेट की भूख नहीं मिटाता हैं.

    हमें हमारे स्कूल ने रिश्तो की एहमियत सिखायी है कि रिश्ते शक्ल और सूरत का दीदार नहीं मागते, वो तो बस पावन रिश्ते में प्यार का एक एहसास मागते है.. बिना देखे ही भाई बहन या मित्र होने का प्रमाण देते है.

    मैं अंत में केवल इतना कहना चाहूँगा कि व्यक्ति इस तरह के गैर जिम्मेदाराना प्रश्न पूछकर खुद को शर्मिंदा होने से दूर रखे तो ही उनके लिए बेहतर होगा वरना मेरे अलावा मेरे कई और भाई या बहन या मित्र आपको जवाब देने में सक्षम है..

    ज्यादा न कहकर यहीं विराम दूंगा वरना कहने को इतने है कि ब्लॉग भी कम पड़ जाएगा..

    अंत में रेवा दीदी को धन्यवाद् देना चाहूँगा कि उन्होंने मुझे और हम सब को अपने विचार प्रस्तुत करने का माध्यम प्रदान किया..

    आपका शुभचिंतक..
    अखंड प्रताप

  12. Sudhir Tevatia said

    Rewa di की बातों से पूर्णतः सहमत

    देश भर में फैले नवोदय विद्यालयों ने अपने छात्रों को सदैव सामाजिक सद्भाव, सहिष्णुता, पारस्परिक प्रेम और देश तथा समाज के प्रति अपने कर्त्तव्यों को बखूबी निभाना सिखाया जाता है। अपने कार्य और दायित्वों के प्रति पूर्ण समर्पण हमारे विद्यालय में हमें सीखने को मिला है। स्वयं में परम विश्वास और गलत को गलत एवं सही को सही कहने की हिम्मत रखना हमारे विद्यालय ने सिखाया है।

    “उनके स्कूल में यही सिखाते हैं क्या” ऐसे बेतुके प्रश्न करने वाले महानुभावों से मेरा यही कहना है कि हाँ, हमें यही सब हमारे विद्यालयों में सिखाया जाता है जो उपरोक्त पंक्तियों में वर्णित है। हमें गर्व है कि हम भारतीय नवोदय हैं

  13. Shikhar Singh said

    Very good written article. It will be valuable to anybody who respect their own school, parents and own home!, including myself. Keep doing what you are doing – can’t wait to read more such posts.

  14. Nidhi said

    “Unke school mein yehi sikhaate hain kya!” – tusi bade majakiya ho…padhle itihas,ya tanne ye v batana padega 🙂

    sometime peple r jealous of othrs education n personality.de search fr some reason to demean Others.dey r those who r showering deir frustrations on others.these jealous peple can never touch you. whenever a woman is smart,successful, happy or in any way shape or form desirable, others(negative people) feel d need to belittle her, spit negativity towards her, and try to bring her down. keep ur positive energy on track.

  15. Nidhi said

    “Unke school mein yehi sikhaate hain kya”

    kash mereko pata chale ki ye kisne kaha hai.anyway.
    well,jinne aisa kaha hai uske liye….didn’t U learn anything from your teacher?
    upbrining n education ki lambi-2 bate karte hen….very funny 😆
    Oh Really!!!educated minds really do not talk like that… 😛

  16. Nidhi said

    waise Character Matters!!Jinke apne ghar sheeshe ke hon woh doosron par pathar nai phenka karte.
    d answer to such person our school atleast teaches us to nt to blame ny other school.
    nd bevkoof,kuchh bolne se pehle soch liya karo.

    “No matter what you do for a living, no matter how old you are, and regardless of where you grew up, You will ONLY understand what I do ONLY if you were “raised” by a Teacher!!!(not only by parents).”

    A beautiful thought.
    I am there for u.luv u Always. 🙂

  17. Jitendra Kumar said

    ye to nahi pata hi ye comment “Unke school mein yehi sikhaate hain kya” kisne kiye/ki. jo v ho hum unko yahi batana chahate hai ki humare school me bahut kuchh sikhaya jata hai. aur vishwash na ho to jaisa ki sukriti di boli hai ki u can contact us then u’ll know what we learnt?? we learnt not only bookies things we learnt how to be practicle? how to stand for others?? etc etc
    aur rahi bat comment ki to agar aap hume jante to ye commnt na karte. hum v usi school se padhe hai jaha se rewa di.and i know my school and her very very very…. well. so mai aapko kahna chahta ki aapni thinking capacity ka dayra badhaye……

    @suki mom……. cool down mate. hahhahahaha 😀

  18. rohit said

    रीवा जी ये कमेंट उन लोगो पर है जो किसी के एकाध वाक्य से उसके स्कूल या उसके परिवार पर कमेंट कर देते हैं। दूसरा उन लोगो पर कमेंट है जो एक ही चीज से किसी को जज कर लेते हैं।

    वैसे ये एक वाक्य कि उसके स्कूल में क्या यही सिखाया जाता है… कहने वाला खुद उस स्कूल की इज्जत का कचरा करता है जिसका वो स्टूडेंट है। मगर एक शख्स किसी स्कूल का पूरा प्रतिनिधित्व नहीं करता…औऱ कोई ये दावा नहीं कर सकता कि उसके स्कूल के नाम का कचरा करने वाला कोई न कोई स्टूडेंट दुनिया में कहीं भी मौजूद नहीं होगा। ये भी सच है कि टीचर बिरले होते हैं जो अच्छा न सिखाते हों…अब ये तो अपनी अपनी क्षमता है कि हम कितनी सीख ले पाते हैं औऱ उसमें से भी कितनी सीख को जिंदगी में अपना सकते हैं।

  19. He bhagwaan, jisne bhi kaha ho ab 2-4 janmo tak kisi ke school ka naam bhi nahi lega 😮 , aur kisi ke muh se school suna bhi to uske dil ki dhadkane badh jayengi.. halaanki wo apne maksad me kamyab raha (chot jitni gahri ho, gussa bhi utna hi tej aata hai), but pakistan agar kashmir jeet le aur karaanchi haar jaay to use uski jeet kahenge ya haar 🙂 But mujhe lagta hai ye jumla ” school me yahi sikhaya jaata hai kya” yu bhi kaha gaya ho sakta hai, aur hamne bhi kai baar suni, bachkani baato ke liye, but kabhi itna dhyan nahi diya, aap use ansuni na kar paaye matlab aur bhi khunnas hoga shayad kisi aur baat ka jo jayaj hi hoga, but ab maaf bhi kar do, yaha uski band bajaana aisa hai jaise kisi goonge ki band bajai jaa rahi ho aur bechara apni safai me kuchh kahna chah raha ho, But goonga to goonga thahra 🙂 🙂

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