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Principles or Rules?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 30, 2013

I found a nice video and thought of sharing it with you.

It depicts the correlation between principles and rules. My pick from the video is that both these go hand in hand, the only thing is, one needs to priorities them based on the existing circumstances. Please share your thoughts as well… 🙂


5 Responses to “Principles or Rules?”

  1. Roshni said

    People who don’t have principle tend to make rules for others and exceptions for themselves.

  2. Mitali said

    Nice video. Principles leave a room for us to learn to make choices that turn us in the direction we want to go. Rules are always based upon principles.

  3. Ranjeeta said

    Good one. A rule can be a principle but a principle may not be rule. There are circumstances when principles can conflict with Rules. Everything we do in life is a choice. I can not compromise my principles but I can break the rule if it doesn’t give me a choice to live.

  4. Nidhi said

    Interesting. 🙂
    Rules r basd upn principles.i live wid my own principles.
    In d case of rules,u cn decide wich rules to follow nd which to break.
    Rules cant b enforced.

  5. Admirer said

    Thanks for sharing. And really interesting conversation. Principle is what define you… Rules just makes you socially acceptable…

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