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The simplest act of kindness is equivalent to thousand prayers!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on July 11, 2013

Hi Everyone,

A heart-felt thank you to all of you for your kind support and contribution. This brings us back to thanking you all, once again, for the support you have already given us for Sopan. We truly appreciate your support!

Furthermore, Some of you have concerns about the usage of money, whether it is used for the same cause as mentioned. We would like to assure you that the money is not used for any other cause, this is going to Sopan’s account as per his requirement. This has already been discussed with Sopan that we would attach the scanned copy of his bills for your reference. As of now he is undergoing  treatment, the moment he gets some time from it, he would provide us the scanned copies of his treatment bills. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Additionally, please find below the recent update on the second wave of donation.

Donations Received for Sopan in 2nd phase

Below is the summary details of the transaction.

Total Contribution in 2nd phase

I am sure we will soon reach the second wave of target to save a precious life. Hope to see more such support from all of you. I cannot say whether your efforts will be paid back by the almighty in the same way, but I am sure of one thing, it will never go in vain, and double the favor will be done by him for this act of humanity.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ~ John Bunyan

Here are the account details where you can transfer money online or offline.

Our Alumnus, Mr. Sopan Roy, from JNV Katihar is suffering from cancer and his treatment is going on at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. His financial situation is very poor. Attached herewith is the Report. Let’s join hands to support him at this time of dire need. Click on the link to read more: A friend in need is a friend indeed…Are you a true friend?

Name: Rajkishor Rajak

SBI A/c : 10426086232
SBI Branch Code: 11672
SBI Branch Name: Link Road, Mulund Branch, Mumbai

Email id: raajkishor@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9619500732

Note: Please email/call/sms once any amount is transferred, if possible. We will publish details of all such transactions as we have been doing so far.

Your generous support will make a difference!

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A friend in need is a friend indeed…Are you a true friend?

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Let’s join hands, and serve the mankind!!!

Thank you All

Thank You, each and everyone of You!

Please donate to save a life…

3 Responses to “The simplest act of kindness is equivalent to thousand prayers!”

  1. Dear All,

    In addition to the above details, two more people have contributed for Sopan:

    Prakash Kumar 3,000 10-Jul-13 SBI Raj
    Navanit Anand 5,000 12-Jul-13 SBI Raj

    Total: 107630

    Thank you very much for the generous donation! We greatly appreciate it and please not forget what you did for us and we are forever grateful for your kind hearts.


  2. […] The simplest act of kindness is equivalent to thousand prayers! […]

  3. sudhanshu said

    subject: Re: for monetary help for higher education

    sir , good evening
    i want some financial help for higher education , because my family
    condition is so worse that i am not able to complete my higher
    studies , presently i am doing B.TECH in NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND OCEAN
    PRADESH ,INDIA. My annual family income is only 10 thousand , i am a
    very good in acadamic from childhood ,i have topped in JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA ,JETHIAN ,GAYA IN AISSCE- 2012 WITH 90.8%

    ,i have lost my mother ,when i am only 4 year old in 1998 , my father
    is presently on bed due to illness from 1 year ,you can understand my
    condition through this link after translating it in
    English-http://www.jagran.com/bihar/gaya-10518421.html.. SO I NEED
    some financial help .
    my college fees is 2,25,000/ annum , but i have taken education loan
    of 4 lacs so bank is giving 1 lac /year for my studies , but me have
    to pay
    1 ,25,000 from my home to continue my studies ,from my family
    condition it is impossible to pay ,

    so i want a financial help of 1 lakhs/ YEAR to continue my studies
    because i have not paid the fee so my college is going to end my
    studies program.

    you can transfer the amount of 1 lakh on


    > SUDHANSHU ex student jnv jethian gaya

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