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Please donate to save a life…

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 18, 2013

Dear All,

We are grateful to everyone who felt for Sopan, and helped him at this juncture of his life…

Please be informed that on (10th June, 2013), an amount of INR 10,000 has been transferred to Sopan Roy‘s bank account through online banking using NEFT facility. Same has been confirmed by Sopan over the phone.

The first wave of donation is over. Our journey so far was blessed by God in our endeavor to save the life of Sopan Roy. The contribution made by you all in First Wave is Rs 65,030 for his cancer treatment till now. Last contribution was received on 13th May’13. To present complete details, we have mentioned the donors’ name as well after seeking the permission from the donors.

Donations Received for Sopan

And the money we have transferred to him for his treatment Rs 57,530, till last week in first wave. Below is the summary details of the transaction:

Total Contribution

It is now time for the second wave of donation. As discussed with Sopan on Saturday over the phone, the immediate requirement is Rs 20,000 within a month and additional INR 20,000 within 2 months. So we target 20K for short term (by 15th July 2013) and another 20K by 30th August’13. Please join hands, and serve the mankind. Here are the account details where you can transfer money online or offline.

Our Alumnus, Mr. Sopan Roy, from JNV Katihar is suffering from cancer and his treatment is going on at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. His financial situation is very poor. Attached herewith is the Report. Let’s join hands to support him at this time of dire need. Click on the link to read more: A friend in need is a friend indeed…Are you a true friend?

Name: Rajkishor Rajak

SBI A/c : 10426086232
SBI Branch Code: 11672
SBI Branch Name: Link Road, Mulund Branch, Mumbai

Email id: raajkishor@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9619500732

Note: Please email/call/sms once any amount is transferred, if possible. We will publish details of all such transactions as we have been doing so far.

Friends! Unexpectedness is a superpower. Cancer cannot take away hope and we must never lose our hope. As our hope is well-founded in our faith that we believe with all our hearts! We need to come together again with all our prayers and his blessings for more contributions to make Sopan’s journey of life longer. As you all know that we are trying to save a life, which is in the grave clutches of cancer, this would be a great contribution from our side to humanity. If we can save one life by contributing a meager amount of money, nothing would be like that. By doing this, time will fill us in million folds.

donations help

Let’s hold each other’s hands to show generosity by contributing as per our capacity. No matter how big or small, donations are what enable us to save lives.

Also if you can involve people other than yourself, it would be a great help…

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Let’s join hands, and serve the mankind!!!

Thank you All

Thank You, each and everyone of You!


9 Responses to “Please donate to save a life…”

  1. shantakt said

    Ok didi, I will donate.

  2. Dear All,

    The recent update on donation!

    1st donation in 2nd wave from Undisclosed Donator2(2nd time) – 3000 on 21st June’13!

    Net Balance-10,500
    Total Contribution- 68,030

    Thank you so much UD2. Sometimes, words aren’t just enough to express how you feel.


  3. Dear All,

    2nd time from Rinku Kumar- 1,100 on 22nd of June’13.

    Net Balance- 11,600
    Total Contribution- 69,130

    We have no words to express our gratitude for you Rinku.


  4. Dear All,

    We want to give you a quick update on second wave of donation.

    Undisclosed Donator2(2nd time) – 3,000 on 21st June’13
    Rinku Kumar(2nd time) – 1,100 on 22nd June’13.
    Shivendu Shekhar- 10,000 on 25th June’13
    Deovrata Paswan – 1,000 on 25th June’13
    Amit Kumar- 5,000 on 25th June’13

    Net Balance – 12,600
    Donation Deposited to SOPAN’s Bank a/c on 25 June 2013 – 15,000
    Total Contribution – 85,130

    Thank you very much for the generous donation! We greatly appreciate it and please not forget what you did for us and we are forever grateful for your kind hearts.

    Dear Prakash,

    Thank you so much for all your kind help and support. During a time like this we realize how much our family and friends really mean to us. Thanks for your efforts, it is really appreciated!


  5. Dear All,

    To add to above names on second wave of donation.

    Sudhir Kumar Teotia – 2,500 on 26th June’13
    Gyan Vikas – 2,000 on 26th June’13

    Net Balance – 17,100
    Donation Deposited to SOPAN’s Bank a/c on 25 June 2013 – 15,000
    Total Contribution – 89,630

    Thank you very much for the generous donation and support. We are forever grateful for your kind hearts.


  6. An Alumnus said

    Dear All,

    The recent update on donation!

    Mukesh Kumar – 3,000 on 28th June’13

    Net Balance – 17,100
    Donation Deposited to SOPAN’s Bank a/c on 28 June 2013 -18,000
    Total Contribution – 92,630

    Mukesh, thanks a lot for your kind contribution to the furthering of our mission.

    Thanks and Regards,
    JNVK Alumnus

  7. […] Please donate to save a life… […]

  8. […] Please donate to save a life… […]

  9. sudhanshu said

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