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Let’s join hands, and serve the mankind!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 13, 2013

Please find attached the details of donations received till now. Just to present complete details, we have mentioned the donors‘ names as well after seeking the permission of the donors.  We cannot stop to express our admiration and gratitude for all your support. Thank you all for your enormous contributions made for Sopan. Thank you!!!

 donation details for Sopan

Total Contribution

Dear Raj,

Thanks for all your efforts in taking care of Sopan so well. In spite of your busy schedule, you have spared time to do whatever was needed. You visit him as per your convenience, and if by some chance you cannot make it, you check the status of treatment with Sopan over the phone, that would also suffice. I truly appreciate your efforts of managing everything alone there.

@ Asmit,

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to take Sopan around. He was very happy and grateful.

That’s what I appreciate about Navodaya Alumni… We all come together when anyone of us is in dire need. It reminds me of the famous story “The three Musketeers” – One for All and All for One! Though they were only three, but we all together always make this happen…

Love you all … !!!

Friends, I have come to know that some of our friends have been calling Sopan and asking him about the expected expenditure again and again. I feel that such things dishonour our younger brother at this juncture of life. I request all such friends to please spare our brother, and refer all such concerns to Raj and me. We will furnish all the details.

Some friends have also been insisting to give the story of Sopan in media. I think, rather than suggesting such measures, we need to come forward and contribute for the treatment. Publicizing his case in media would be against his consent as communicated by Sopan himself. If anything happens in our own family, do we go to the media? JNV is also our family, and we will give it a full try to help our brother get well with our own help and support.

Some friends have also been asking to form a society for such work. I appeal to all our family members that getting Sopan treated is our first priority, and if we can do it simply by our meagre contributions, it will be a victory for all of us.

Here are the account details where you can transfer money online or offline.

Our Alumnus, Mr. Sopan Roy, from JNV Katihar is suffering from cancer and his treatment is going on at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. His financial situation is very poor. Attached herewith is the Report. Let’s join hands to support him at this time of dire need. Click on the link to read more: A friend in need is a friend indeed…Are you a true friend?

Name: Rajkishor Rajak

SBI A/c : 10426086232
SBI Branch Code: 11672
SBI Branch Name: Link Road, Mulund Branch, Mumbai

Email id: raajkishor@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9619500732

Note: Please email/call/sms once any amount is transferred, if possible. We will publish details of all such transactions as we have been doing so far.

So please join hands, and serve the mankind (without any fuss please!)


21 Responses to “Let’s join hands, and serve the mankind!!!”

  1. Ranjeeta said

    There will always be some obstacle you will have to overcome but, no matter what. If you are there always for others, then in time of need, someone will be there for you.

  2. sukirti said

    dear bhaiya(s) and didi(s)

    we are all aware of sopan da’s medical condition, as for me he’s very much special. He was my teacher for sometime , it was very unfortunate to hear such news about him. Dada chinta korben naa.. amara shobay tomar side ee achi 🙂
    but referring to the last few stanzas i must say some didi(s) and bhaiya(s) have gone completely out of their minds, please forgive me but i really want to say that money is required for dada’s treatment but calling him directly asking to help him was not a good idea.Every person has his/her self respect. He is already aware of the fact that all the members of navodaya family are contributing for his treatment, and you people have made him feel bad by calling him and asking him about the help. Help karni hi thi toh jata kar ya bata kar kyun kar rahe ho, bina bataye help karke dikhao. And one more stupid thing is going to media … what the hell. we all know how media will come up with this news, he’s undergoing treatment for cancer, if anyone of you is a medical student or even aware of stages of treatment of cancer then you should understand that dada needs to take rest. Can you even imagine how much uncomfortable it will be for him and his family having cameras around them, reporters asking questions.. kya hua hai.. kab hua.. kaise hua and blah blah blah. relatives and friends kam hai jo ab puri duniya ko batate phirenge woh log.
    and one more thing, we all have registered ourselves in an open forum of JNV Alumni.. if you are not aware then m gonna simply ask rewa di to put the URL of that link in this post, i request you guys to register yourselves there. Its my request that please give up the idea of forming another societies , we all are a family , please lets stick together, its not a competition that who’s is more capable. Our super seniors are more mature, they are like milestones, they have faced everything and they know what is good and bad. And as i and people say about me.. MAIN REWA DI KI DARLING SISTER HOON, and trust me i am very much proud of her, whatever she does i am always going to be on her side. Now i would like to conclude with my favorite quote ..”TOGETHER WE STAND , DIVIDE WE FALL” hope you all understood ki main utne der se kya bak bak kar rahi hn 😛 apni choti behen ki yeh ek request maan lo aap sab… lets stick together 🙂

    and dada this one is for you ” korbo. lorbo , jeetbo re ” 😀

    Love you all

  3. sukirti said

    dear bhaiya(s) and didi(s) .. this is our website’s URL address kindly register yourself here . registration procedure is very simple.
    All you have to do is give your personal details and u’ll be registered .. and this website is 100% authentic .. kindly register yourselves here . thank you 🙂 and this is applicable for my darling junior bhai and behen also. 🙂

  4. @Sukirti urf Mini,

    Loved to read your wonderful comments rather than reading the main post. I admire your guts for putting it across in simple but yet straightforward language!!! I feel your beautiful mind in these comments and loved reading them again and again…it’s an eye opener for all those who really love navodaya and navodayans! am Proud of you sweetheart!

    And of course, you are my darling sister…Love you and mmmuuuaaahhh! 🙂

  5. kumardh said

    Dear Sukriti,
    I understand your feelings and completely agree with all of your points. We are always here to help our Navodaya family. We have seen this in past also in many cases. See, there are some people who always create issues and we have to sort out those issues. In past many people tried to create separate group for their own benefits but that was limited to only few, so they were not able to proceed with. Now most of us are proceeding with only one group that is jnvalumni.com. So don’t worry, we are a family and we are together forever!

  6. Ranjeet kr Jaiswal said

    dear sukriti
    Your thought are similar to mine and I appreciate that .Its better to have one jnvalumni.com rather than having many small association.

  7. Shweta Jha said

    Well I have being going through certain mails of my family members (alumni), who on some pretext trying to misinterpret each and every thing what so ever. So it is and humble request to stop misinterpreting and making fuss on each and everything.
    I was trying to activate my connections to help Soupan in the best possible way I could in my personal capacity (which I might have done to anyone, whether form JNV or not, hardly matters) , but it seems it has created big time misunderstanding somewhere, god only knows why and how. As a prudent person, I’ll ask you all not to react but prudently respond, for the time being I can only smell reactions. If helping someone is a problem, then I am sorry, I am totally out of it, and you are absolutely free to handle it as you want.

    If people can think so small then I pity their education level and knowledge, please start thinking big. There is a mail which says some alumni are trying to highlight Soupan’s case in media (kidding or what), media is just to be used to promote and cover our area of function to make our family strong and bring all together, shame on your thinking. And if they are really afraid of media involvement then there is something fishy going on, and if it is not so, then you should appreciate our efforts.

    So friends take care of the family in the best possible way you thing as I know you all have good thinking brains.

    Take care and stop making fuss.

  8. @Shweta,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Do some self-introspection when you are calm again…!

  9. Dear Shweta,
    No one is expecting these kind of words from any “navodayans”. So please dont mis-use your right to speak .

    I request you all please dont take it seriously, Its someone’s personal thought and limited to themselves, and so far as the transparency is concern, it is very clear in front of us. and if anybody has any doubt, they can check and ask

  10. Gour Hari said

    Dear All,

    I am sad looking at this verbal war. I wished that this go unnoticed, but it is very much visible. This is nothing but ego as well as disagreement between different opinions. Please leave this ego. As far as difference in opinion is concerned, it can be sorted out and we can use different ideas complementarily. I don’t want to be a preacher here. Preaching more offensive than anything else. My point is that our main motto to help Sopan should not go defeated here. So please consider my point it in good faith.

    Confession: I am not in much touch with my JNV family but I am eagerly waiting for this. I am busy in some assignment and as soon as it is accomplished, I will join you people.

    P.S: Disagreement in opinion is good. Please do not push to level of conflict. I am pretty sure that when He(Sopan) will be healthy again and join us in this type of discussion, he will be very happy knowing that we were even fighting(in light vein) to help him and join the gang to do the same. WE ARE NOT A FAMILY, WE ARE A GANG. 🙂

  11. Lopa Sarkar said

    Hi Shweta,
    There always is another way to say something without using the harsh words. Your language is too harsh and I suspect you don’t really know what you are talking about. “Look at your word choice,” you may need to work on your writing style.
    To be honest, it is not the language of ‘educated’ people anywhere, and it could not be.

    Rewa, keep doing what you do and the best of luck to you. Take care and keep it up!

  12. Dear All,

    I heard that there are still some confusion and misunderstanding. If there is no solution then, please sideline it.

    Though, everyone has their own choice. There are few suggestions from my side.

    1. If you don’t know Sopan personally, please do not call him. It will not do any good to him. We all are sympathetic towards him and want to help him. But, he needs personal care and friendly talk. Anyone who does not know him personally and will call him, it will be a constant reminder of the pains he is suffering from. If you feel that you are very empathetic towards him and he will feel happy after talking to you then please call him. Yes, if somehow you are in contact with any of his school days friends, encourage them to talk to him. This will make him feel good.

    3. There is already one channel working and that is through the account of Rajkishor. He is doing commendable job from his side and also carrying some of our burden, which otherwise, we are obliged to do. So please stick with this channel.

    4. Instead of showing my concurrence to any view, I would appreciate Rewa di and Rajkishor and thank them for their sheer commitment. Everyone please help them in helping our friend and brother.

    Take care!!!.


  13. Vivekanand said

    first of all i would like to thank you all for this kind and Noble initiative. it is my humble request you to all don’t make this thing as issue. As i know every big thing starts from small initiatives, so big thing can’t take place suddenly, so dear freind you are wrong in that saying that avoid this thing and think big. atleast we should appreciate the efforts rather than criticizing it . regarding Media i haave always one observation media is not interested in any social cause they know only how to raise the TRP because neither they are social refromer nor any social compaigner . they do the Socail inititaives as CSR is mandatory so making tax figure low, Dear no one has fear in goin media but whenever we are sensationalising the Emotional issue first we have to see the iimpact we are not western we are Indians we are strongly rooted with emotions, and before questioning any one ability knowledge education level we should try to counter any initiative with valid argument. but unfortunately i couldn’t find any merit in your comments so dear Shweta if you really want to do things bigger then don’t wait just start and don’t comment on others what others are doing whatver you want to do do in your way and i don’t think any way will stop you, just don’t hurt any one sentiment and don’t try to be person of the scene.

    May be as i am associated with Social and Rural cause impact assessment i always try to encourage such thing because in India we rarely find who have noble things in mind , we as Indian only think big but whenever its time to go in action we don’t do anything.

    sorry dear if my post has hurt any one but it is my genuine concern, if you cant support any noble thing then let others to do please don’t criticise and before makign any comment think so many times. thanks and reagrds


  14. Vivekanand said

    Hi All,

    It is irony that for a Noble cause which is related to our younger one needs also convincing. I thought people will come forward voluntarily wihtout any argument and help in this. but really i hurt after seeing the comments related to personal offence.

    As UNDP Associate we always have seen in other countries they never ask and argue in these matters just they understand the essence of the initiative and help as much as they can do. But here i have seen so much big talks raher than genuine concern, if some one has taken lead then its our prime duty as human to support at best. and dear belive me you would be happy and smile after this because just think if you have made one person smile in your life then your reason to being human has fulfilled.
    so join hands and support them at your fulll potential
    thanks and regards

  15. Vivekanand said

    Dear all
    For this effort i have just two sentence first is solution and later part is problem

    Ek tinka se sanwarne chale the ye jahaan
    har shaksh thaa padeshan tinka ka ek maajra paar
    hamaari hasti hin aisi ki hamne
    is tink se hin sara aasaman aur jahan bana dala !!!!!

    parvaat ki uchaiyon ko dekha,samnadar ki gahrayon ko dekha
    phool ke ars is nazuk fars pe bikharein us talk dekha
    titli ke paron ko bhi kambakht chhalte dekha
    kamobas is zindgi mein logon ke paas gham hin itna ki
    unhe is chhoti se umr mein ta umr duniya ka gham dekha

  16. sonu said

    its a gud thing that our jnv guys n grls r cuming ahead…i really proud of u…i feel lucky to have a such family.

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  18. ASHISH SARKAR said

    @Shweta Jha:
    ye baat galat hai, aapko aise nhi kehna chaiye….I mean, ek navodayan se aisa asha nhi kiya jata hai……bahut kharab laga…… ab to language hi nhi mil rha hai express karne ke liye………. ek JNV alumni ho kar bhi aise post…….strange….

  19. Richa said

    Hey JNVKatihar Team
    Actions really do speak louder than words! You guys are doing great. keep on with the good work!!

    Hi Rewa
    There are some people who always disturb someone who is doing something, and that is just rude. Seriously such people don’t know their limits!!

    I tell you Avoiding and ignoring them is the best way to handle such people.

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  21. […] Let’s join hands, and serve the mankind!!! […]

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