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I wanted to see him legally hanged!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 11, 2013

Delhi gang-rape case: main accused Ram Singh commits suicide in Tihar Jail!

Delhi gang-rape case accused commits ‘suicide’

Ram Singh, the prime accused in the December 16 gang-rape of a 23-year-old girl here, allegedly committed suicide in a high-security cell in Tihar Jail early this morning.

According to prison authorities, the 33-year-old accused hanged himself with the help of his clothes from the grills of his cell in Jail No 3 at around 5 a.m. Courtesy : The Hindu 

Suicidal reasons are usually associated with Guilt feelings or some kind of a torture…  right?  I am surprised! A man who was not even feeling guilty of his brutal crime, has committed  suicide, that too in Tihar jail. How he was able to commit suicide?

Anyway,  I really wanted to see him legally hanged!!!


3 Responses to “I wanted to see him legally hanged!”

  1. Ranjeeta said

    He is gone. I’m satisfied!!
    We can find so many Ram sing like this culprits in our society..because they don’t bother about law and order. This is why our nation is in such a bad state.

  2. rohit said

    रीवा कहीं न कहीं झोल है…एक आदमी आठ फीट तक रस्सी कैसे बांध सका..जबकि उसका हाथ जख्मी था…अन्य कैदियों ने उसकी पिटाई लगाई थी या नहीं ..नहीं मालूम.क्योंकि उसके शरीर पर चोटों के निशान थे..।ऐसे ही कई सवाल हैं….जिनका उत्तर जानना जरुरी है। क्योंकि अपराधी के कानूनी रुप से दंडित होने पर ही समाज में सही संदेश जाता है कि अपराधी को उसके किए की सजा मिलती ही है।

  3. Nidhi said

    Even i wanted him to b hanged publicly.
    Justice is finally served though in an unexpected way!!!!!
    he deserved d death penalty fr his crime.i think he wud hav felt guilty abt d incident bt he didn’t.

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