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Rights in democracy!…Is it the ‘Right Time’…?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 14, 2013

We were taught in the school the definition of democracy: – “government of the people, by the people, for the people” and we keep listening about our rights. In today’s world people are well aware of their rights. Gone are the days when adjustments were made to accept “wrong” things, but now we see many examples where in people express what they want and they stand for it.

The teaching and non-teaching staff of over 590 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNV) in the country is on an indefinite strike since Wednesday.  And more than 3000 JNVians are there at Jantar Mantar today.

I appreciate our teachers for standing up for their rights, and I believe it would inspire the students of Navodaya to learn more about democracy and at times the NEED to question the authority. We value our teachers, just as they value the education of all the students. We, the JNV Alumni, always honor and respect our teachers for the extraordinary work they do to build our future.

I support that teachers have the right to raise their voice and bring up their genuine concerns as before being a teacher, they are people having responsibility of their families. I understand that the teachers went on a strike for their genuine reasons, which I myself respect.  School is important, so are teachers’ rights and these rights should not be denied to anyone.

However, I would say that this is not the right time to go on a strike as 12th class students have their board exams and their future depends on it. This is the time they need their teachers’ support and guidance more. I would request them to understand that while they are on strike, students are at great loss, which in turn is denying students their right to education. My point is that this strike might not solve everything, but would leave a lot of anger, grievances and disappointment for both, teachers as well as students.

Notably, if we speak in numbers, it would be more than 4000 class 12th students who would be affected by this strike. With due respect, I would request all my teachers to find a solution as soon as possible as somebody is waiting for their support and guidance to build future.

On a positive note I got the information in the morning that class 12th students wouldn’t get affected by any means. All the required arrangements have been made for them.


7 Responses to “Rights in democracy!…Is it the ‘Right Time’…?”

  1. kumardh said

    Didi, I am 100% agree with you. It should be during summer vacations and during this time frame they will also get lot of support from us as well as students of JNV. Due to their strike the future of board class students are in trouble. They will not be able to perform in their board exams.

  2. pradeep said

    Di u r right, i think its not right time for strike 10th and 12th class students need teachers ,this strike will affect all student future so teachers have to think about students and stop this strike ASAP and if the will strike during summer vacation JNV alumni will help them in all possible way .

  3. Jagvir said

    Its a matter of conflict of interests!! For one, its an appropriate time to create pressure on the Govt,/ JNV samiti.. while for the other its torturous ..as its an exam time…..but the matter is …how much is it justifiable to put a group of people into hardship for no fault of theirs…like harassment of patients during Doctor’s strike… of passengers during transporters strikes….etc..! with due regards to our teachers..they have to find out some other innovative ways to put pressure so that their demands are considered!!!!

  4. POOJA said

    ya diii u r ri8… this strike will mainly affect the 10th n 12th cls student. this is not ri8 time for strike. teachers should have to stop this.. they should try to find other solution for own rights.

  5. Respected Rewa Didi
    i will accepted your proposal….its time care the students of class 10th & 12th .teacher should be try to choose alternate solution till the exam of board class will over . .we have need to help our jnvions students at that time because they are going to fight with his board exams.the teacher will be go on strike after exam are over….
    The gov./JNV SAMITIhave to accept the demand of teacher otherwise the teacher will go on strike on unlimited time…..

  6. Ranjeeta said

    You know, if there are no violence in the streets, the government won’t listen.

  7. Lopa Sarkar said

    This is the wrong time to go on strike when both students and parents are under pressure at this time. I’m glad the strike is over but it’s sad that every day there is a nationwide bandh or strike in India.

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