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Brutality lies in the eyes of men!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on December 19, 2012

Why women feel guilty and men just don’t care… That is ironical!

In every corner of India, it is absolute jokers who represent our society of onlookers.

Yes, we are a nation of onlookers. We talk big and make revolutionary statements “Enough is enough” but we never take action when it actually is required. We like to talk as it does not cost us anything, but we forget that somebody is paying a hard cost with life and dignity even without doing anything. Nobody thinks about the rape victims, what they go through when they are raped and what impact would be there on their lives after it. We conveniently show our middle finger and go on with true hibernation.  Aren’t we in real sense a nation of onlookers?

Why every time women are blamed of everything, be it clothes or behavior? Why don’t people look at the good values instilled in men, which make them worse than animals. Which society says that clothing controls values so much that a crime like rape becomes right? There is nothing wrong in the clothes that women choose to wear. As it is said – “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, the same way- “Brutality also lies in the eyes of men, which just needs a prey to pounce on!

A tiger never hunts down a tiger, but a deer, which is considerably weak. There is no justification to the statement that women should change themselves or their sense of dressing, even if they do so, in no way it justifies that kids in the age group 2-5 years are also raped whereas nothing is being done to stop the rapist and change the values which says that we cannot change men’s temperament. For a proof of men’s brutality, do see the attached video.


17 Responses to “Brutality lies in the eyes of men!!!”

  1. Lopa Sarkar said

    Shame on us. This type of shameful acts take place in many places in India. Rapists should be given capital punishment.
    God Bless her. May she recover from injury soon!!

  2. shruty said

    very good Rewa. I appreciate what u hv written. Please work on it to really show the result.

  3. rohit said

    Not easy to say anything for me, not because I am onlookers.. There is lot of reasons, due to that almost whole society turned into onlookers. Its shocked me, more shoking news for me that when the victime and her friend was lying on road, people around there was just wathing. Even when police personal asked them for help, noone came,

  4. Ranjeeta said


  5. Shradha Singh said

    Great post. Men should feel guilty for not feeling guilty. It’s a shame.
    We have to stop talking about who gets raped and talk about who rapes. Rapists should be punished in a way that in future people should fear to commit such crime. Their internal organs should be cut off and let them die of their of death.

  6. Nidhi said

    Brutality has crossed all its limits!!
    u rape, d world wil rape u!!
    tell evry bas$%rds dis nd den hang dem to death.or send dem to Saudi Arabia for justice.

  7. Kiran said

    Well said; Brutality also lies in the eyes of men.
    I don’t understand why police covers the faces of the rapists with cloths after they are caught. Everyone must see and know who are these animals. public has right to see these bastards.

  8. Richa said

    NO UNDER THE TABLE DEALS.Case is very crystal clear..just hang them up or handover the rapists to the public.they will beat those devils to death.

  9. Mridula Milan said

    Rape is inevitable if we don’t punish it. Just hit where it hurts most. All men must be taught not to cross the limits.

  10. ram naresh said

    rape is more than murder.. . .. . i feel guilty why i m male . . . . . . . i have go at india gate for protest many days. . . . i have seen boys r there eveteases the girls . . . . so shame.. . i feel guilty.

  11. Niharika Choudhary said

    Yup di
    i agree wid u everyone blame on grls. Ppl mak so many rules 4 grl. whn i see our law den we get wh do mistk get punishment bt whn accident related to grl den y ppl blame 2 grl, y in dis case victim get punishment. Everyone sy grl change boyz mind bt in our socity many thng dat attract us bt hum wo nahi karte h we do control on ourself. Tho boy grls ko dekha q nahi control karte…..

    Ma frnd also tld grls r wrng whn i skd him u do drugs he sy no mane kha karne ka man tho karta hoga tab he sy ya karta h bt cöntrol kar leta hu den i sy grl ko dekha kar apni stupid flng ko control karo den he sy jitne m drugs aati h utne m 10 grl mil jayegi ab eshj mentality ke boyz v h 2dy i knw…..

    Tab tho byz ke liya hi rule höne chaye. Unhe stop karna chaye…

  12. Simran choudhary said

    Yeah well said…..
    everyone just blame on girls….
    sm boys sy grls gv d opportunity through d frnshp,
    dn i ask hw d frnshp,
    they tld if grls nt stp her frnd touch whn he touch her hand dat mean she iz dats type grl.

    aare frndsp ki v wrng meaning ye lena lage tho inka kya ho sakta h ye boyz tab apni sis nd mom ke touch ko v wrng view m leta honge

  13. Bindu said

    She was a gutsy woman admirable for her spirit to survive! The six rapists were soon arrested but what next? still waiting for the result??..Those who say her dress was wrong, her using mobile was wrong, her time to go out was wrong..now what do they have to say..She was born was wrong?

    Well said Niharika. The problem is something that not enough folks are speaking openly about. Rape and eve-teasing is a biggest problem in India and they put the blame on the woman (wat are you doing alone at night? Why are you wearing such reveling clothes?). Rape aur molesting ki sirf ek hi saza hona chaiye and that is death on the public place.

  14. Rajeev said

    “I want only one thing. I want to see those animals hanged,” http://www.siasat.com/english/news/delhi-gang-rape-victim%E2%80%99s-mother-wants-culprits-hanged

    When mother wants to see those animals hanged, they should be hanged.

    Indian government should take necessary actions to give her justice and should make some changes in law so that this shameful act should not be repeated in future. Nothing less than capital punishment for those bas——

    May god provide strength to her family. She was a hero who didn’t surrender easily even to death.

  15. vivekanand said

    Women is the creator of this world as we know the entire universe has been created from aadi shakti, so women should now be in action as Durga chandi because no one can stand in front of the strength of women but its unfortunate always women shows the lack of physical prowess, it should not be, rather than this when ever any heinous crime against women happens women should take cation own self then you can dominate , otherwise these western agenda like candle march cant solve this problem because candle march has now turned to be gossip place and all so called revolution has turned in to rubbish due to show off, only women can bring the real revolution by their own action.

  16. […] Brutality lies in the eyes of men!!! […]

  17. I won’t say dat women are the only one who take part in creation. Men and Women are equally important to create a ethical and civilized society. Dats is wat natural balance is about, both shuld b equal, isn’t it . I hear many stupid ignorant netas commenting on ancient India. Do dey little know dat Ancient India has given women liberty and equality in education, upbringing and also in religious ceremony. Their was no gender baisness in Ancient vedic India . But today we have Degraded ourselves in to medieval era . Men are brought up wid a believe to b superior.. Society ve always taught men are powerful and conquer.But honestly tell me in such blunderful act is it only men to be blame , NO. Most of the mothers are proud when dey have baby boy and we knw it is true . Please don’t deny it, Giving dem freedom to do watever dey want to do whether der educations, der desires and y not mothers r blinded by der pride to have a son. When a families have 2 daughters most vl opt to have 3rd chance just 4 a boy or abortions . Who are doing such madness is it man or woman? If husband family is forcing for such traditions u may find the mother-in-law, the sister-in-laws are taking equally participation in such brutal act. I would say men can rape women physical but women can rape another woman mentally by not supporting her kind and supporting males in der insenstive act. Our country has strong culture which talks about equality for women . We are born in a culture where gargi, Rani Laxmibai and Indira Gandhi was born. Durga and Kali symbolizes power and higher consciousness. It is not alienate 2 us. Rape vl stop when women vl start respecting another women. Can we protest or disagree Just for one time when our husband or boyfriend calls a girl slut by judging her clothes. By educating our future generation about the true glory of being a human where Girls are Consciousness and Boys are guardian of dat consciousness which hold the key of civilized society.

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