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My Silent Resolution!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on September 20, 2012

I began practicing yoga on 3rd January 2011 and now I am a regular participant at Swami Vivekananda yoga Anusandhana Samsthan, Bangalore.  I want to share how pleased I am with my yoga practice. I have been a sports person and have played in school, college and am still playing after getting on job. I was a child who could skip the food for playing.

For two years, I had stopped all these activities in Chennai. I started suffering with back pain and leg muscle pulls. I had been under-weight for a long period of my life, hence I couldn’t donate my blood till 2008. But after that (2008-10), I started gaining weight like anything. Some people started commenting on my body and physical appearance…Anyway, they have all the rights to do so. However, it is one of the most foolish things to do. 🙂

My parents and sisters have also been practicing yoga for a long time but I never realised the need for it. They were not worried about my physical appearance but were worried about my health. My loving family members encouraged me for yoga. I thought it was a high time for me to take out some time for myself. I felt, I have to get my life back in control. And I resolved to go for yoga class regularly!

Before writing more about my yoga practice, I would like to mention here something about yoga.  As we all know that Yoga is a science that deals with body, breath, mind, soul, and ultimately, the universe itself. It controls monkey minds and helps you to know the known and unknown parts of life. The regular practice of yoga also helps you to liberate yourself from sorrow and boosts your ability to feel what’s going on inside your body and mind. Once you understand the fundamental principles of Yoga science and why Yoga science should be practiced, it will become easy for you to practice.

Let me tell you that after coming to Bangalore, I joined with little expectation but I found it extremely good, and felt better after a few days of practice. Initially, my body lacked flexibility, and some of the postures were beyond imagination. But now I find my body flexible in many ways, and I can do almost all the postures. The muscular pains and use of medicines have simply vanished. Recently, I visited a doctor for general body check-up and the reports suggested that everything was normal. I love to practice yoga because when I do it, I find that the whole ambiance helps me balance myself in every posture while energizing and calming the mind. Since I have been taking classes here, I have felt the changes in my body and mind. These days, if I do not do yoga for a day, I feel I am missing something.

Now coming to my weight. Before joining yoga class my weight reached to almost 56 Kgs. After joining the class, I decided not to check my weight for a year. I checked my weight only in Feb 2012 and I was surprised. I was 44Kgs and had lost almost 12 kgs in a year, and I am still the same. However, I didn’t go for any dieting, instead I started to take proper healthy food. But occasionally, I dined outside 🙂

I especially love my yoga teachers (Farzin Mam and Lav Kumar sir), and the way they not only guide the practice flawlessly through verbal instruction, but also take the time to adjust their students and encourage each individual to be mindful of reaching his/her own personal best. Additionally, they are very patient with beginners as I was sometime back and take time to explain the different postures while emphasizing the need to take things at our own pace.

Mam will always share a joke when we feel just like releasing any posture so that we could sustain the posture longer. She would often count down during postures, and then include fractions in the count to our desperation (5,4,3,2 and a half, 2 and a quarter,2…). And  if somebody would like to correct her, she will simply smile to say that she forgot the count. 😉 Sir will always say that he is going to teach a ‘wonderful‘ posture and help each ‘ma’ do it correctly while uttering ‘you can do it, you can do it‘. He has even named me ‘smiley queen‘ though he bears a wider smile on his face all the time.

I am not only learning yoga from them but I have learned many other things too. I appreciate both of my Yog gurus. They do not charge for yoga class, but we pay a small amount regularly which goes for social cause to SVYK. They do free service with full of dedication for their students. This class is scheduled to run for an hour but almost everyday we practice for more than one and a half hours. Only dedicated people can do such a great service to society.

To practice yoga was my silent resolution for 2011. I didn’t reveal it anywhere but rather decided: “Do It First, Then Talk About It”. And this is what I have been taught by my parents since childhood. I know, I have set a very simple resolution, but nevertheless, I personally feel that “if you want to achieve something, keep it to yourself and make it work slowly and surely“.

At the end, I would like to thank Yogi Patanjali, who first designed the yoga technique for the well-being of the whole humanity.


14 Responses to “My Silent Resolution!”

  1. David said

    “Do it first, then talk about it” – excellent practice. Excellent post. Thank you.

  2. rohit said

    या मेरे भगवान ये नदी अचानक कहां गायब हो जाती है…..फिर अचानक ही प्रगट होती है…नाम रीवा है तो क्या नर्मदा नदी की तरह ही अचानक गायब हो जाना और प्रगट होना शुरु किया है.। वैसे 56 किलो होता होगा ज्यादा पर अपने लिए नहीं है। अपन तो वैसे बी 52 किलो पर टिके हुए कई दिनों से। बस प्यारी तोंद कभी खुशी के मारे फुल कर कुप्पा हो जाती है तो कभी नाराज होकर थोड़ा सिकुड़ जाती है। पर कमबख्त अंदर होने का नाम ही नहीं ले रह है। वैसे योगा करने का कोई सेंटर नहीं है नजदीक औऱ दूर जाने की हमें आदत नहीं है..हां अवारगी करते हुए जाने कहा-कहां चले जाते हैं पता ही नही चलता। खैर आप मेरे ब्लाग पर आती ही नहीं कितनी गलत बात है। पलाश भी नराज होगा ब्लाग पर न आने से..हां नहीं तो..। वैसे आप कोरियन भाषा सीख रही थीं ना?

  3. Lopa Sarkar said

    Excellent and want to read such more posts in near future. I really enjoyed this article. It is always nice when you read something that is not only informative but motivating.

    We don’t have any right to judge people on the basis of physical appearance.

  4. prince said


  5. Darren said

    Very descriptive post, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?

  6. Ranjeeta said

    Awesome lady!! great effort!!
    Making resolutions is the easy part, sticking to it to make it work is the hardest part. I want you to be successful and enjoy the same benefits in every area of your life.

  7. Nidhi said

    Tuuuusssssi greattttt hooooo..!!!!!again an inspiring post.
    i luv da secret theme nd assuming u’re nt keeping ny more secrets frm ur readers 😯

  8. badaltey rang said

    Dear Rewa
    It is inspiring to know that yoga has affected in such positive ways..
    It will be great if you could drop a general link to SVYK (if any) for our benefit..
    Keep performing 😀

  9. Rishabh said

    Great post. I am checking continuously this blog and I’m inspired!

  10. Shankar said

    Actions really do speak louder than words 🙂

  11. Gitanjali Gitu said

    I was discussing about this few days ago with my hubby! i’m inspired to start yoga practice but have no idea where to start.

  12. shubh said

    Nice post rewa. In banglaore i visited yss center in domlur. they teach kriya yoga

  13. Richa said

    WOW! I like this!!

  14. Shankar said

    If you truly want to change your life, you must first change your mind and your actions. You have made my day by this awesome post.

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