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A Tribute to B.K.Jaiswal Sir!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 19, 2012

I am so depressed by the news of death one after another.  When I received this bad news from Naina on my mobile in evening, I couldn’t quite believe and called to confirm with our Ali sir. He said: it hurts to hear but it’s true. Then I just received this e-mail from Abhishek which I am putting here. This is really sad and a great loss indeed to all of us.

Another Tragedy! Another Loss!

B.K. Jaiswal, PGT Biology, JNV Purnea, Bihar lost his life in a car accident today.

He was a teacher, a friend and a great person. I was still in school (2004) when he joined as TGT biology. It didn’t take long when he was named as favourite by students as a teacher and inspiration in their diaries. He was lovable, smart with great personality. Soon his wife Neelam madam joined as PGT chemistry and the duo took over students’ heart.

Even after leaving school whenever I went to school it was an honour for me to go to them and take their blessings. He was One of my favourite teacher, a mentor, a guide, a coach and an inspiring person.

Today he was going to Motihari, Bihar where his car met with an accident with a truck and his soul left his body.

RIP Jaiswal sir!! You will be missed by many hearts for ever!

Abhishek Kumar Mishra
University of Brighton
(Electrical And Electronics Engineering)

May God rest his soul in peace!

We all pray God to give enough strength to his wife Neelam mam and grant patience to his family members to endure this untimely loss!


12 Responses to “A Tribute to B.K.Jaiswal Sir!”

  1. sudhakar pandey said

    Bhagawan unki aatma ko shanti den.Di ye kya ho raha hai Aakhir kiski buri nazar hamare pariwar ko lag gai hai?

  2. Bad Days For our Navodaya Family Continues……. Really depressing NEWS…

  3. saurabh prasoon said

    may his soul rest in peace…!!!!! heyy god what u r doing with our family…plz ab to maf kr doooo plz…..

  4. […] A Tribute to B.K.Jaiswal Sir! […]

  5. amitsah said

    Oh Dammmm…………………………..Shocking News. What is going on with our Navodaya Family
    God Bless His Soul n give Strength to his family….

  6. supreet kaur said

    I met Mr Jaiswal on a training to purnea , indeed a soul looked upon by all students , saw him mentoring students through out the day and students gathering around him every time he passed by .
    God bless his soul and give strength to his family

  7. sumit said

    This is very sad news for all JNV bcoz JNV lost own Tallented Teacher & Principal.

  8. Nidhi said

    May almighty rst his soul in peace.

  9. Good evening all navodaya family agle saal mein aapke navodaya mein aa raha houn ..

  10. VIPUL RAAT said

    ……. no, our navodaya will realy miss him,what a great person we lost….sir…

  11. Dr.B.K.Jaiswal said

    hi this is Dr.B.K.Jaiswal…… May be i am also join nvs………..m unki kami to puri nai kar sakta but kuchh had tak kosis jarur karunga…………….

  12. Archana said

    I came to know about his sad demise from his daughter when i called up to talk to Sir… It was really shocking… After that, i could not gather enough courage to talk to ma’am. He always used to say, ” Archana, whenever you come home, do give me a call. I want my students to meet you once.” Alas! i could not make it during his stay and i’ll regret it forever. A kind, knowledgeable yet down to earth person Sir was. He always motivated the students to ask questions and somehow i feel that its his inspiration that played a substantial role in making me whatever I am today.
    RIP Sir! You will be deeply remembered within our hearts!

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