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We have lost Kundan forever!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 15, 2012

We are trying to cope with the grief of Iqbal sir and Madan sir’s death. Unfortunately, Last night I have again got a bad news from Ajit that we have lost a loving brother, Kundan.  I honestly don’t know how we could remain sane during this time of grief. We are torn, we are shattered.  I am all gone! Yeah, I am all gone!!!

Ajit’s last words for him quoted below.

It is heart humiliating and shocking news…..12.06.12 was one of worst day of JNV family when we lost the charming and smiling gem of our batch KUNDAN KUMAR, 1997-2002 batch, JNV Barun . Passed out from IT-BHU, he was working in JSPL at Angul, Orissa. He met with an accident in a bike to bike head on collision about 11:30 pm, in Angul area, Orissa.

Why and how dare you to leave us so early, in the blooming stage of life…we need you at every moment and at all stages of life, why have you punished us, was there any shortcomings in our affection. You always used to mix happiness with your ever smile and charming personality in harder moment of our life. I can still remember the harder moment in preparation of JEE, lighter moment in alumni meet, cheerful moment in get together of our batch mates and invaluable moments of my school. I think God was jealous with our friendship but I am promising that you were an important organ of my life and will be the same always, no one can weaken the bond between us .You will remain inseparable from my remembrance and an important part of every en joyful moment of life. You will remain same in our heart, in our eye and in our life. I pray to GOD that your soul will rest peacefully always and I wish his family has enough courage n strength to cope this unrecoverable loss.

Kundan was there with me whenever I asked him to do something, he came and did it without saying anything. Be it career counseling or organizing events for our navodaya family. Now he’s just gone…In every moment whenever we will meet in Get Together, we will definitely have his place vacant. God, this is what you really want it, a silent tear? Please don’t do this to us…

May god rest his soul in peace!


25 Responses to “We have lost Kundan forever!”

  1. tarun said

    di ye kay ho rha hai? kiski najar lag gyi jnv ko :(:(

  2. @Tarun,

    I don’t know…I am afraid of the incidents happening with our family..

  3. sukirti said

    may his soul rest in peace .
    but for sure , kisi ki toh nazar lagi hai humari choti si family ko 😦

  4. Ajit Kumar said

    I have lost a brother, a comrade, a true friend, a good adviser and many more by this happening .. m upset , broken and lost literally. ….

    M praying this only …bhai tum jahan bhi raho khush rahna … muskurate rahna hamesha ki tarah….!!!

  5. sudhakar pandey said

    Pata ni kiski buri nazar hamari khushiyon par pad gai ha,Pahle Iqbal sir Madan sir or fir ek bhai ko v hmse chhin liya.Bhagwan unki aatma ko shanti pradan karen.

  6. Ajit Kumar said

    going through our memories
    that’s always what I do
    coz that’s all you’ve left me
    just memories of you

    looking at your pictures
    just makes me smile
    coz looking at you
    makes my life worthwhile

    in my dreams, I wish
    that you’re always there
    we’ll never be apart
    we’ll be together forever

    but now I must accept
    that now, you are gone
    but in my heart
    you’re still remain same♥

    In loving memories of my best friend Kundan Kumar….!!!

    ……….By Kumar Vishwajeet Narayan, jnv batchmate 1997-2002, JNV Barun,Aurangabad (Bihar)

  7. I can not even imagine the intensity of pain you and your fraternity might be feeling but I can only be sad about the recurring catastrophies.Nevertheless I would like to say that such events come like thunder and return if a rocking support of a big family is there.In my course of life I have matured continuously by loosing bosoms and beloved without whom I could not imagine even a moment!Perhaps this is what life is!At this hour now your role becomes still more crucial as you have keep intact all your fraternity members and pray for departed ones.Its now a time to ressisst the course of misfortunes with sheer bond of unity and love and deep prayers.My deep and profound condolence for departed souls and wish all my best to your community.With blessings
    Dr Vishwas Saxena

  8. naina said

    om bhuh om bhuvah om saha om triyambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushti vardhanam urvaruk amib vandanat mrityormokchhe yamamratat.

  9. saurabh prasoon said

    god just listen me whatever u want to do u have done bt plz one request 4m our beloved family plz keep his soul in a peaceful atmosphere …

  10. Abhishek kr singh said

    may his soul rest in peace..not a good time for navodya family

  11. sarita rout said

    bloody year needs more prayers to keep us alive, safe and lively.

  12. Really Hurting….. Another shocking news

  13. god unki aatma ko shanti de

  14. Navodaya Murali said

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Its so bad to lose good people.

    We miss you Kundan bhai….

    Navodaya Murali



  16. Niraj said

    It’s really sad. I met him during alumni meet. This is really really sad! I don’t have words for the same. LOST?

  17. Amit Sah said

    What is going on with our navodya family………..
    God bless his soul n give strength to his family to bear this loss…….

  18. why dis bad things r happening again n again to our navodaya family …. 😦 ..
    already we r in shock nd nw dis news shattered all of us ..
    may his soul rest in peace ….

  19. Its very much upsetting/shocking for us. Exactly I can’t say about the accidents taking place like this but we ppl must be careful while travelling by small/smaller vehicles. We can’t change anybody’s fate but definitely can alleviate/share the grief & sorrow.

  20. tarun said

    kundan bhaiya
    plzzzzzzzzzzz come back……. really missing all the moments wtever we had at iit kanpur. 😦 😦 u such a bold n brave guy. plzzzzzzzzzz come back……. 😦

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  22. This is really sad to hear. We have lost two good people from navodaya family.
    May their soul rest in peace

  23. Shubhangi said

    itz really sad …may his soul rest in peace…

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  25. […] am so depressed by the news of death one after another.  When I received this bad news from Naina on my mobile in evening, I couldn’t quite believe and […]

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