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Leading the society barefooted!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 5, 2012

Sanjit ‘Bunker’ Roy left his privileged, highly-educated family and went to dig wells in the villages of India. He says that he was exposed to the knowledge and most extraordinary skills that the poor possess in the villages only.

Some outstanding points from his talk:

  • Who is professional? “A professional is someone who is a combination of competence, confidence and belief. What to define as a professional? A tradition midwife is a professional. A traditional bone setter is a professional.” Roy explained.
  • If you ask any solar engineer in the world, ‘Can anyone make this in a village?’ They say it’s technically impossible. And if I say a grandmother is making it who is illiterate, he can’t believe it, it’s beyond his comprehension,” says Roy.
  • He says, “Men are un-trainable. Men are restless, men are ambitious, Men are compulsively mobile and men all want a certificate”. Why? Because, “they want to leave the village and go to city looking for a job.
  • And when he talks about the illiterate women, he says, women are much more intelligent than men. These women know more about practical installation, fabrication, repair and maintenance than any paper qualified certified solar engineer after five years study,” Roy said proudly.
  • How to train these illiterate women? His answer is “SIGN” language!
  • “You don’t have to look for solutions from outside,” he urged. “Look for solutions within and listen to people, they have the solution in front you. The all over the world, don’t even worry, don’t listen World Bank, Listen to the people on the ground”.
  • Gandhi coming back to his mind and he ended up with a quotation of Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.”

All I can say is that Mr. Bunker Roy gives us the tool to help ourselves. All we need is the determination, clarity and commitment. We can then motivate the common people of the society and change it from a self-centered one to a people-oriented one.


6 Responses to “Leading the society barefooted!”

  1. Ritu Bhattacharya said

    Great post! I can’t describe my feelings after watching video. Truly inspirational and motivating..I remember the saying ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention.’ The heroic examples set by these women, whose bravery and determination enabled them to move beyond discrimination. Women are Vessels of Wisdom and once they understand how to access this divine power, they will pour it out and transform the world. This is a great example of women’s empowerment all over the world.

    Kind regards, Ritu.

  2. Ranjeeta said

    Hi Rewa

    A beautiful inspirational video!
    Indian education system needs to be reformed so that it could incorporate value based education. School has become an industry rather than a value system. The schools are behind making their names rather than providing value education to the children.

    I think, first we should know that why are we studying? Education system should be learning-centric rather than exam-centric.

  3. a said


  4. Sanjay said

    Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring video Rewa!

  5. balram88 said

    Really inspiring video!!

  6. Dear All,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!


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